Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1424


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The life energy in the air is naturally absorbed by the three major bloodline vortex even in the period when he does not deliberately cultivation, integrated with his body, and becomes a part of his body.

After entering the body, these life energy no longer need to be transformed as before, but directly become part of his bloodline energy. Compressed and absorbed by his Dragon God’s bloodline. Of course, the conversion ratio between life energy and Dragon God’s bloodline energy is extremely low. But he doesn’t seem to be able to cultivation anymore, just to feel the profound truth in the dragon nucleus.

At the same time, with the formation of Seventh Soul Ring, Dark Element Control complete, Golden Dragon King bloodline is also completely fusion with Silver Dragon King bloodline. Lan Xuanyu feels exactly the same.

I am a whole, no matter how different each other, the seven elemental controls complement each other, only need a single thought, it will immediately become the core of all the elements, naturally the elements around the body will become sticky.

Seven elements and the previous compared to seem to be countless times more supple, no matter how they knead, under the control of his divine consciousness, even if the attributes are mutually exclusive, there will be no collision. Water and fire, light and darkness can even be peaceful coexistence. Unless he deliberately controls, otherwise, Seven Great Elements is to live together in harmony.

The blending of elements with each other seems to form a Small World in his around the body naturally, guarding his body.

In this silent insight, Lan Xuanyu gradually has a clear comprehension, which seems to come from what is hidden in the depths of Dragon God’s bloodline, all kinds of strange Divine Ability ability naturally recovered from his divine consciousness stand up. Let him gradually enter the process of perception.

Lan Xuanyu’s meditation is seven days.

Bai Xiuxiu has been sitting next to him for cultivation. The aura not at all on Lan Xuanyu became stronger because of become a God, but softer. By his cultivation, Bai Xiuxiu felt that the dragon force within the body became softer, and she didn’t even need to suppress it deliberately, and the dragon force within the body would not be irritable. trend. This is undoubtedly a great thing for her.

Until Lan Xuanyu wakes up from the meditation, Bai Xiuxiu is still in the meditation. Around her body, there is a layer of lightly seven-colored light halo. It was brought to her by the Dragon God’s bloodline aura on Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu lightly smiled, came behind her, and both hands gently pressed her back, among the pair of eyes, the nine-colored halo ripple. The soft seven-colored light halo naturally integrates with Bai Xiuxiu within the body, noiselessly washing her body like a sea.

This is not only as simple as Dragon God’s bloodline, but also Lan Xuanyu’s understanding of the ultimate truth of heaven and earth, as well as the element balance brought by the integration of Seven Great Elements.

Gradually, Bai Xiuxiu’s charming face has become a piece of crystal, skin surface, seven-colored light halo ripple, and its own aura continues to grow while complementing each other. During the breath, a black and ice-blue energy flow continued to exhale from the nostril, then swallowed in. Up and down, solemn appearance.

The nourishment of Dragon God’s power made her begin the final transformation, everything is changing noiselessly.

At this time, Lan Xuanyu felt more and more that the previous decision was correct, and he should make breakthrough first. After breakthrough, help Bai Xiuxiu complete breakthrough. This has the best effect and can help her complete the overall improvement before the breakthrough.

At this time, the seemingly soft seven-colored dragon force, in fact, already exists like a robbery. It just has the effect of Tempering of Heaven and Earth Tribulation, but it does not have the power of destruction of Heaven and Earth Tribulation. Being able to apply the terrifying energy of these seven attributes to such a soft level, even Dragon Knights are impossible to do. Only Lan Xuanyu has mastered the controller of Seven Great Elements at the same time.

A piece of heavenly spar flew out from Lan Xuanyu and fell around. The rich life energy suddenly rushed towards Lan Xuanyu’s body like a sea of ​​rivers.

Previously, he didn’t absorb the natural spar during the period when he felt his own changes. The main reason was to not be disturbed in the process of understanding and to feel his purest changes. After comprehension, at present is a supplement. His Dragon God energy within the body is not full. After the transcended tribulation is completed, the originally full Dragon God energy is already insufficient at this time. Meridians are no longer originally fixed squatting, but similar to having space compression ability, which can store more energy.

There are a total of twelve celestial spars. The rich life energy almost makes the air in the whole abode turned into a solid state. These life energy are generally sucked into the body by Lan Xuanyu’s whales, digested and absorbed quickly, Turn it into your own energy.

As Long Tianyang said, Tianyang spar is of great benefit to him who has just completed the breakthrough. Such a huge and pure life energy is almost equivalent to the core power of ordinary planet’s Life Source. The life energy contained in these twelve celestial spars is probably more than the combined water of the Eternal Tree inner lake. I have to say that Life Nucleus like Long Tianyang is probably the powerful existence of rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns in whole in the Universe.

Lightly smiling floating at present On his face, Lan Xuanyu feels his own sublimation, within the body Dragon God energy is growing almost at a speed visible to naked eye. After he filtered these life energy, Bai Xiuxiu’s body could accept a part of it.

At the same time, in Bai Xiuxiu within the body, one after another seven-colored crystal bead gradually formed. Such crystal beads were hidden by Lan Xuanyu in various places within the body, hovering silently.

I don’t know how long it has passed. With the noiselessly turning into nothingness of one after another, Lan Xuanyu’s own aura has been completely restrained, just like an ordinary person. But Bai Xiuxiu in front of him is the opposite, around the body, one after another seven-colored lightning glow flickers. The whole body burst into a strange scene with black and blue as the core and surrounded by seven-colored rays of light.

“Xiuxiu, get ready, I will take you to transcended tribulation right away. Remember, no matter what period, must keep the clarity in the spirit and keep my emotions steady at all times. I will always be by your side and guard You, help you transcended tribulation.”

Lan Xuanyu’s divine consciousness resounds in Bai Xiuxiu’s mind, so that she can hear clearly, although she can no longer answer at this time, but with Lan Xuanyu’s voice, her whole body mood becomes extremely stable.

This is completely different from the period of Lan Xuanyu’s previous breakthrough. Lan Xuanyu can only rely on herself during the breakthrough, and she has a backing at present, and her mental stability is even higher than that of Lan Xuanyu before.

The silver light lingers, noiselessly enveloped the two bodies. Lan Xuanyu not at all went to report to the Dragon Knights, but took Bai Xiuxiu and launched teleportation instantly. At the same time, he also released the aura from Bai Xiuxiu.

Dragon Knights simply don’t have to ask. If you feel the unstable energy fluctuation of Bai Xiuxiu, you will immediately understand that this is a sign of a breakthrough.

Light and shadow flicker, Lan Xuanyu and Bai Xiuxiu have quietly arrived on Rising Dragons Platform.

This Rising Dragons Platform, which has just calmed down for a short time, reacted immediately. At Lan Xuanyu under the foot, Rising Dragons Platform trembled slightly, and a cordial mood poured into Lan Xuanyu’s heart almost instantly.

He made the Dragon God’s bloodline of the genuine Dragon God’s bloodline, and naturally got the recognition from the Rising Dragons Platform. He could vaguely feel that although he could not mobilize the whole Rising Dragons Pillar at present, part of the power in the Rising Dragons Pillar He can be mobilized, and he can also begin to feel the category of Dragon God energy in the Rising Dragons Pillar.