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However, at present, he hasn’t had time to realize these. The most important thing is to help Bai Xiuxiu transcended tribulation.

The sky became gloomy in an instant, and a strong sense of depression dropped from the sky in an instant. Of course, this depression is not at all too strong for Lan Xuanyu. You know, he has already experienced the baptism of the nine-colored Heaven and Earth Destruction Universe before, what else is more terrifying than that of thunder tribulation?

But Bai Xiuxiu felt it immediately, she opened the pair of eyes subconsciously, and a long dark-blue hair behind the head fluttered.

Lan Xuanyu nodded to her, with a look of encouragement on her face.

Bai Xiuxiu saw her at first sight, and her heart suddenly stabilized. Although she was equally excited, excited and even with a trace of fear, this is the moment all cultivation practitioners are looking forward to!

“You can!” Lan Xuanyu earnestly said.

“Yes, I can!” Bai Xiuxiu said without the slightest hesitation, and then she lifts the head and looked into the air.

“hong long long!” In the sky, the thunderbolt rolled. However, when Lan Xuanyu transcended tribulation was compared to that day, the thunderbolt at this time was still much weaker. Lightly colored rays of light began to form in the dark clouds, with four colors of light lingering. This is the four-color elemental thunder tribulation that the overwhelming majority of become a God must face.

Soon, the dark clouds were rendered into four colors and began to expand outward, and the coverage area began to become bigger and bigger.

Stimulated by elemental thunder tribulation, the rays of light on Bai Xiuxiu became stronger and stronger, and the midnight-blue light halo naturally ripple from her, turning into piece by piece black light halo and expanding outward , That is her Heavenly Demon Dance.

Lan Xuanyu’s body flickers and has been noiselessly vanished. He can no longer stay here, otherwise the ultimate truth of heaven and earth will feel his existence, and the descending thunder tribulation will immediately become different.

On the Rising Dragons Platform of Novosibirsk University, there is only one person Bai Xiuxiu left at this moment.

At this moment, the four-colored thunderclouds in the sky suddenly changed. It seems that something broke the four-colored thunderclouds. Next instant, seven-colored rays of light burst out instantly. . A sense of depression that was stronger than previously burst out suddenly.

At this moment, inside Rising Dragons City.

Countless races are already crawling on the ground, and they only have a single thought in their hearts: Why is it here again?

This is just a few Heavens! Another one, still seven colors.

The period of Lan Xuanyu transcended tribulation that day was almost like the end of the world. Although under the guardianship of Dragon Knight, it did not cause any damage to Rising Dragons City, but the spiritual oppression, at present, they have not slowed down. come. This is only a few days! There is another one, and the oppression power is still not low!

Lan Xuanyu is already under the Rising Dragons Platform, looking up at the sky, looking at the seven-colored thunder tribulation flickering rays of light, can’t help furrows the brow.

seven-colored Heaven and Earth Tribulation. This is the one that came up? Does the four-color thunder tribulation go too far? This should be because Xiuxiu until now followed his own cultivation, was affected by his own Dragon God’s bloodline, and his own bloodline evolved.

However, reversed is also a good thing. The stronger the thunder tribulation, the better her natural talent, and the greater the benefits that can be obtained after transcended tribulation. Xiuxiu definitely can!

The seven-colored thunderclouds become more and more vivid, but compared to the Lan Xuanyu transcended tribulation, the situation where the ten thousand li are all covered by colored light is much better. Only the seven-colored thundercloud rays of light lingering around a hundred li, the lighting glow is contained in it.

“Boom——” The first seven-colored thunderbolt dropping from the sky, and instantly strikes on the Rising Dragons Platform.

Lan Xuanyu’s heart shook, and subconsciously raised his hand and pressed it on the Rising Dragons Platform.

Faced with the tribulation of heaven and earth, even his divine consciousness did not dare to explore the past easily, while divine consciousness was destroyed by the thunder tribulation, causing irreparable damage.

However, it’s different with Rising Dragons Platform. His divine consciousness drills directly into the Rising Dragons Platform, and follows the Rising Dragons Platform upwards to check the situation on the Rising Dragons Platform, including being able to interact with Bai at any time Xiuxiu contact.

This is something Dragon Knight can’t do. Rising Dragons Platform will arrange almost all divine consciousness by itself, except for the owner of Dragon God’s bloodline.

When Lan Xuanyu’s divine consciousness just entered the period in the Rising Dragons Platform, he was immediately taken aback. It is not because of the thing of Bai Xiuxiu transcended tribulation, but because, when his divine consciousness enters the Rising Dragons Platform, the first thing he sees is a world of nine-colored rays of light.

Yes, it is an extremely viscous nine-colored world, and the extremely large Dragon God energy is almost instantly fused with affinity and his divine consciousness.


How come there are so many? Lan Xuanyu was a little confused. Although he has always known that the Rising Dragons Platform contains a huge Dragon God energy. I also felt the colorful world formerly before. But at present he has become a God, and the genuine has Dragon God’s bloodline, Rising Dragons Platform does not reject him at all, this can be seen clearly.

When Lan Xuanyu’s divide consciousness has been ascend with wind’s support, ascend ten thousand meters along the Rising Dragons Platform, and feel the period of Bai Xiuxiu transcended tribulation, he has thoroughly understood what is hidden in the Rising Dragons Platform.

In the Super Divine Tool of Dragon Clan known as Rising Dragons Platform and Treasure-Hunting Beast known as Rising Dragons Pillar, the one hidden until now is actually Dragon Marrow. That’s right, it is Dragon Marrow, the Dragon Marrow belonging to Dragon God!

No wonder, it’s no wonder that before I absorb and breakthrough God Rank period, there will be such a huge Dragon God energy to help me. Compared to the Dragon Marrow contained in the Rising Dragons Pillar, it is simply one hair from nine oxen that’s all.

The complete Dragon Marrow, Dragon God What does the complete Dragon Marrow mean?

Before coming to Heavenly Dragon Star, Lan Xuanyu simply didn’t know about Dragon Marrow, but he knew very well at present that it was present in all Dragon Clan skeletons, and it was also the core strength of Dragon Clan genuine. Dragon Crystal and Dragon Marrow, these two are the source of Dragon Clan’s power!

Dragon Crystal stores more divine consciousness, which is the power of will. Dragon Marrow is all the power. He is simply unimaginable. The huge Rising Dragons Pillar, which is ten thousand meters high, is filled with Dragon Marrow. What a Boundless power this is. No wonder even the Heavenly Dragon chief seat can’t shake this Rising Dragons Platform. The energy contained in the Rising Dragons Platform is the genuine God King stage energy!

Lan Xuanyu’s heart trembled slightly. He knew that even if it was Long Tianyang, he probably didn’t know all this. The existence of God King stage, I am afraid only God King stage can genuinely perceive it. But it may not be able to obtain, after all, the formerly Dragon God is so powerful.

It turns out that the combination of Dragon Realm and Heavenly Dragon Star, the benefits of genuine are not in Dragon Realm, but in the Rising Dragons Platform. However, this benefit is not something anyone can obtain.

He finally understood why he had always subconsciously felt that Rising Dragons Platform was the most suitable place for his breakthrough before the breakthrough. Because there is too much Dragon God energy here!

In the period of breakthrough become a God, even if I am struck by the nine-colored Destruction Universe, what I absorb at the moment of becoming a God is only a tiny part of it. This is not because Rising Dragons Pillar is stingy, but because with his own cultivation base at the time, simply cannot absorb much.

Genuine to feel, he can feel how terrifying the energy contained in Dragon God’s Dragon Marrow is. He can’t do anything about it to calculate, but he understands that if he really wants to achieve God King Rank in the future, then the help of these Dragon God’s Dragon Marrow must be the top priority for him.

The most important thing is that I am currently already qualified to mobilize the Dragon Marrow energy in Rising Dragons Pillar. With these Dragon Marrow energy to assist one’s cultivation, the benefits are simply unimaginable. Ten Year’s achievement of Super God Rank is by no means a dream.

The top of Rising Dragons Platform.

Bai Xiuxiu long hair flying upwards, with seven-colored rays of light lingering all over. A huge vortex has already appeared behind it, but the surrounding vortex has been surrounded by seven-colored lightning glow.