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This is a very clever transcended tribulation method. She is using her heavenly demon to forcibly devour the strikes’ own seven-colored heaven and earth, and after the devouring transformation of the heavenly demon, she incorporates its power into herself , Wash the body, transcended tribulation breaks the boundary.

“Boom——” is another huge seven-colored thunderbolt dropping from the sky.

While the heavenly demon swallows the vortex, a powerful attractive power flashes, and before the thunderbolt will fall on Bai Xiuxiu’s body, it will be absorbed. Suddenly, countless seven-colored lightning glow appeared inside vortex and Bai Xiuxiu. Make her body tremble constantly.

Bai Xiuxiu has a painful look, but his expression is full of firmness. Dark-blue scales emerge on his body, and gloomy’s dragon’s roar is hovering within the body.

Seeing this scene, Lan Xuanyu can’t help but secretly nodded, perhaps, only in the period of in front of yourself, Xiuxiu will show a soft side. In the face of this world, she seemed to have changed back to the Dong Qianqiu she had when she first met.

Neither divine dragon armor nor Battle Armor is used. She is relying on her own strength to fight against the strikes of Heavenly Tribulation. This is what Lan Xuanyu told her a long time ago. Try not to rely on external forces when transcended tribulation, so that you can get the deepest baptism and lay the foundation for yourself.

seven-colored thunder tribulation from the very beginning appeared, which already means. If Bai Xiuxiu can support it, then she must be able to achieve the Super God Rank stage in the future.

Looking at Bai Xiuxiu’s thunder tribulation, Lan Xuanyu’s mood is a bit weird, and compared to himself, this is completely different! This is the genuine thunder tribulation. What I did before was a fake thunder tribulation, right?

Every seven-colored thunder tribulation bears the attack, the aura on Bai Xiuxiu will change a little. This is the process of Transcendent Saint. The transformation from a mortal birth to a God Rank.

With the accumulation of Bai Xiuxiu’s natural talent and the help of Lan Xuanyu’s Dragon God’s bloodline, her transcended tribulation process should have been experienced in the seven-colored heaven and earth as a whole. Each thunder tribulation is more ferocious than the previous one, but the law of Bai Xiuxiu’s fluctuation has also begun to become stronger.

The transcended tribulation state of her at present can be said to be blessed by Heaven, and the body that has been subjected to the soft version of baptism by Lan Xuanyu equivalent to seven elements is much easier to bear the thunder tribulation, and Lan Xuanyu before The pure life energy stored in her within the body.

These life energy melt together with Dragon God energy and become crystal bead within the body in Bai Xiuxiu. This is not to help her transcended tribulation, but to give her enough savings. Every time a thunder tribulation falls, it will damage her cultivation base and body. During this period, a crystal bead will be broken, and the energy stored in it will help Bai Xiuxiu recover quickly. In order to bear the next thunder tribulation.

So, Bai Xiuxiu’s own feeling at this time is that transcended tribulation does not seem to be that difficult.

Although it hurts to be chopped by the seven-colored thunder tribulation, but forbearance came over.

If this is known by the existence of other transcended tribulations, I don’t know what to think about. Crossing the seven-colored period of heaven and earth, which one is not the pain of being cut? The situation of near death is extremely common, Dragon Clan is relatively better, because Dragon Clan itself has a strong body intensity. But being chopped to death is nothing difficult.

Like Bai Xiuxiu, being able to calm transcended tribulation and feel the benefits of thunder tribulation to one’s body baptism in the process of transcended tribulation is simply unique. Compared with Lan Xuanyu’s previous transcended tribulation period, I don’t know how much easier it is.

Lan Xuanyu feels the state of her transcended tribulation at this time, and Lan Xuanyu is also considered relaxed, this state is very good, continue to maintain, Xiuxiu’s transcended tribulation will be stable.

Feeling that Bai Xiuxiu is not a big problem, Lan Xuanyu re-sinks divine consciousness into the Rising Dragons Pillar to feel the Dragon God Dragon Marrow.

The inside of Rising Dragons Pillar is in nine colors. To put it simply, it is more like a long stick, or lance. Straight and slender, the Rising Dragons Platform at the top is more like a piece of rare metal connected to it, which contains a very rich Metal Element, I don’t know where it absorbs it.

For such a huge Dragon Marrow, first get some back to the cultivation? Lan Xuanyu controls his divine consciousness, trying to communicate with Rising Dragons Pillar.

Gradually, a group of nine colors of colloid, noiselessly penetrated into him in the palm center, and penetrated into him in the body.

As soon as the nine-colored colloidal substance entered the body, Lan Xuanyu’s whole body was shocked, almost losing divine consciousness. Hastily interrupted the inhalation of Dragon Marrow.

It’s just a small mass, but when the Dragon God Dragon Marrow entered the body, Lan Xuanyu instantly felt that his body seemed to be burning, and the whole bloodline was boiling. The fierce bloodline fluctuation makes him suddenly become a nine-colored halo around the body.

He hurriedly used divine consciousness to cover up the light halo, and quickly used Dragon God’s power to close his own Dragon God Dragon Marrow within the body, feeling shocked. Just such a small group of Dragon Marrow, in his feeling, is larger than the Dragon God energy stored in his own three nine-colored dragon nucleus. My own bloodline is stimulated, especially the spinal cord is stimulated, and it churns up violently.

Too supplement, this thing is too supplement! So that I have already broken through to God Rank, the body has some appearance that cannot bear it.

at present, he understood why the Rising Dragons Pillar gave him little feedback before. The energy simply of the Dragon God Dragon Marrow in Rising Dragons Pillar was not what he could bear before. Once it was given to him, he would probably just It’s dead.

Good guy, this is really a good thing! Lan Xuanyu just felt that his perception of this World had become different from before. The Dragon Knights who were formerly unattainable in their own eyes seemed to be unattainable.

Light and shadow flickered, and a silhouette appeared out of thin air beside Lan Xuanyu. Before this one came, Lan Xuanyu’s gaze had been moved towards his direction.

The one who came here is Dark Demon Dragon Knight Luo Yayuan who is still ranked above Black Fear Dragon Knight Luo Lan! The first time I saw Lan Xuanyu’s period was in the Rising Dragons Great Competition, which was also on the Rising Dragons Platform.

He also came during the period of Lan Xuanyu transcended tribulation that day.

pupil light casts towards Lan Xuanyu, Luo Yayuan flashes a surprised look in his eyes, and then nodded, “It’s really extraordinary. Your bloodline fluctuation, even I feel a little depressed.”

“I have seen Dark Demon Dragon Knight.” Lan Xuanyu bowed slightly and saluted him.

Luo Yayuan waved his hand and said: “You are welcome. From the day you spent the Great Tribulation, you have been different from other clansman. I have heard about the agreement between you and the chief seat. Ten Year time , You have to hurry up. We all hope to see opportunities in you.”

“Yes.” Lan Xuanyu replied respectfully. Although the status of Dragon Clan must have risen a lot, compared to these powerful Dragon Knights, at present, he is not enough.

Luo Yayuan looked up towards the direction of Rising Dragons Platform, “seven-colored robbery? Is your mount dragon?”

Lan Xuanyu’s mouth twitched. Although this description is correct, if Xiuxiu is required to hear it, I am afraid that I will have a temper with myself.

“Hmm.” He can only be nodded.

Luo Yayuan said with satisfaction: “Yes, the natural talent of your mount dragon is also quite good. Although seven-colored robbery often appears in our Dragon Clan transcended tribulation, it is extremely rare to achieve such intensity. . Her attributes are similar to mine. If she wants to, after the transcended tribulation, she can come to me and I will teach her some dark methods.

Lan Xuanyu happily said: “That’s too Okay, thank you.”

Luo Yayuan took a deep look at him and said: “We are all looking forward to the Ten Year appointment. But in fact, Ten Year time, even if you cannot meet your promise, as long as you can show us hope It’s okay. The chief seat is not to persecute you, but to give you more motivation. For my race, the most important thing is not who stands in the highest position, but the evolution of the whole race, you Can you understand what I mean?”