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Lan Xuanyu’s heart moved, earnestly said: “I know the painstaking effort of chief seat, and I will definitely try hard. Everything I have is given by Dragon Clan. No matter what happens in the end, I follow the arrangement of chief seat.”

If Black Fear Dragon Knight Luo Lan and Dragon Knight of Dawn Zhong Zhichang are considered to be a party, then this one should have a closer relationship with Heavenly Dragon chief seat, presumably the older Dragon Knight.

He must not only speak for himself, but also speak for Heavenly Dragon chief seat. Heavenly Dragon chief seat This is clearly for Luo Yayuan to tell him that breakthrough Super God Rank is not an absolute condition. The most important thing is to see the hope of building God Realm. As long as there is light, then Dragon Clan will also support him.

Of course, these are just listening, if I really failed to break through the Super God Rank, but I found hope. Then, if Heavenly Dragon chief seat thinks that he can control this hope himself, is it not just a gesture of death to kill himself?

Ten Year’s agreement, for Lan Xuanyu, the most important thing is to give yourself a cushion. For Dragon Clan, Ten Year is nothing, but for human, Ten Year is very long. After transforming into become a God, he is also sure to find a higher breakthrough within the Ten Year. He has many advantages that Dragon Clan does not have. After becoming a God, they can all be developed gradually.

“hong long long!” The thunder tribulation remains the same. At this time, Lan Xuanyu has Luo Yayuan present, so he no longer presses his hands on the Rising Dragons Pillar to feel the situation.

However, just sucking the small group of Dragon God Dragon Marrow, obviously brought him closer to the Rising Dragons Pillar. Although there is no contact, because of the close distance, he can pass the Rising Dragons Pillar. Vaguely feel the situation above.

transcended tribulation Everything went well, and the life energy of those Dragon God energy mixed in Bai Xiuxiu within the body played a great role. Especially the breath of life creation, which can significantly increase Bai Xiuxiu’s recovery speed. The destruction caused by every thunder tribulation is restored by life creation. Bai Xiuxiu has suffered more and more thunder tribulations, and its own transformation is also getting faster and faster. Currently already revealed the Martial Soul Avatar, in the process of absorb thunderbolt, Abyss Ice Demonic Dragon has begun to undergo a full transformation.

Luo Yayuan did not speak, but silently felt the situation on the Rising Dragons Platform, and his divine consciousness could not go up. But his cultivation base is not comparable to that of Lan Xuanyu. The above situation can be judged through the feedback and strength of thunder tribulation.

The seven-colored thunder tribulation is endless. The thunderbolts are as strong as one, and Luo Yayuan’s face gradually shows a surprised look. This seven-colored thunder tribulation is much stronger than he thought! Back then, during the period of transcended tribulation, the thunder tribulation he suffered was only this, and he suffered a very serious injury, and it took a long time to recover.

The period of Lan Xuanyu transcended tribulation that day shocked almost all Dragon Knights. Otherwise, it would not cause the Heavenly Dragon chief seat and Dragon Knight of Dawn to almost diverge.

If it weren’t for the shock of Lan Xuanyu’s breakthrough that day, today’s Bai Xiuxiu’s breakthrough would definitely be the most shocking in the Hundred Year. Seven-colored light halo has already appeared on the Rising Dragons Platform.

The huge Abyss Ice Demonic Dragon avatar has expanded to more than 150 meters in length. On the surface of dark-blue scales, surrounded by seven-colored thunderbolts, Bai Xiuxiu within the body continuously emits large strands of dark-blue aura. The volume of heavenly demon swallowed at this time is also more than a hundred times larger than before. Just behind Abyss Ice Demonic Dragon, constantly absorb Thunder Strength.

The huge life aura is surrounded by Abyss Ice Demonic Dragon around the body, enters her within the body together with Thunder Strength, and is digested and absorbed by her. Every absorb a thunderbolt, her body will swell a bit. More dark-blue energy flow will gush out from the body.

The gushing dark-blue energy flow not only enhances the devouring of heavenly demon, but also takes away the impurities of her within the body, refining in the thunder tribulation.

Bai Xiuxiu The Abyss Ice Demonic Dragon avatar seems to have become more and more pure, dark-blue began to change, transforming to sky-blue, glittering and translucent scales, you can vaguely see the skeleton, meridians and muscles Mark of. It seems that there are countless sky-blue energy circulating in it, and one by one small vortex is formed within the body. The huge attractive power is born in the rotating process, sweeping, inhaling, shredding, and adsorbing the thunderbolt energy brought by that world. . The thunderbolt rolled, but the sky-blue began to become more and more radiance dazzling and brilliant.

Even if you look from below, you can vaguely see that among the seven colors, a cloud of blue-light halo is faintly shining.

Abyss Ice Demonic Dragon’s body is still swelling, and the sky-blue body has become more and more eye-catching. Gradually, the seven-colored thunder tribulation seems to have been adapted to her. The devouring heavenly demon behind has also begun to transform to sky-blue, without the original obscurity, and with a strange law of fluxation.

That is no longer the devouring of darkness, but a pure swallowing, transformation. That is the profound truth of rotating.

The huge dragon body of sky-blue continues to expand, 150 meters, two hundred meters, until two hundred and 20 meters away, it gradually stops growing, and the seven-colored thunderbolt in the sky also gradually subsided at this time .

It’s done!

Lan Xuanyu was overjoyed, but at this moment, he suddenly discovered that the Dark Demon Dragon Knight Luo Yayuan beside him had changed complexion.

The powerful Dragon Knight looked up at the sky, a shock flashed through the pair of eyes, and there was also a trace of fear.

Lan Xuanyu also felt something wrong at next instant, and his face also showed an amazed look. When I looked up, I saw that the thunder tribulation in the sky suddenly changed, and the Baili Thundercloud suddenly collapsed toward the center. Shrinking, the originally seven-colored heaven and earth robbery quickly condensed in the process of this collapse, and the color suddenly became deeper.

Not good!

Lan Xuanyu immediately has feelings, but he can’t do anything in this period. No one dares to fight against Heavenly Might at this moment.

“hong long long! Om——” With a sound of Lan Xuanyu very familiar, formerly imprinted on him in the depth of one’s soul general buzzing resounds, Lan Xuanyu himself burst out seven-colored light halo. , Within the body three nine-colored dragon nucleus rays of light big release.

A brilliant nine-colored thunderbolt dropping from the sky. Go straight to the top of Rising Dragons Platform and drop.

Lan Xuanyu without the slightest hesitation jumped up. Although he knew he should not go at present, what else should and shouldn’t be in this period? there’s nothing about it is something more important than making every effort to rescue Bai Xiuxiu.

Bai Xiuxiu has been cultivation with him, and the two get along day and night, and he knows Bai Xiuxiu best. In his judgment, Bai Xiuxiu has experienced so many seven-colored baptism, which is the limit she can bear, and it is also the limit she will bear. Simply should not appear the nine-colored heaven and earth Destruction Universe. However, he absolutely didn’t expect that at the last moment, there would be a nine-colored Destruction Universe.

This is what Bai Xiuxiu can’t resist anyway. Being struck by such thunder tribulation strikes, she will undoubtedly die, only the result of destroying both body and soul.

No matter how sensible you are, Lan Xuanyu can’t care about anything in this period.

The Dark Demon Dragon Knight Luo Yayuan next to him reacted very quickly and grabbed his body. But at this moment, Lan Xuanyu suddenly nine-colored rays of light big release, an incomparable Dragon’s Might burst out of him. Luo Yayuan only felt that his bloodline had suddenly condensed, and the palm he caught was actually half a minute slower. Next instant, Lan Xuanyu was already in the air.

“Boom——” The nine-colored Heaven and Earth Destruction Universe has fallen abruptly. Lan Xuanyu rushed to the top of Rising Dragons Platform without the slightest hesitation and communicated with Rising Dragons Platform at the same time. Only this Super Divine Tool is in this period. Only a trace might help him save Bai Xiuxiu.

However, when he quickly soared to the period close to the top of the Rising Dragons Platform, he immediately felt the terrifying pressure, which was the mighty power of heaven and earth, full of aura of destruction. The three nine-colored dragon nucleus within the body are rapidly rotating, madly absorbing the energy in it, but Lan Xuanyu, who suppresses it, simply can’t do anything. He just flew to a position flush with the top of the Rising Dragons Platform, The whole body is already solidified there. I watched the nine-colored thunderbolt hit Bai Xiuxiu.