Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1532


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From the perspective of Soul Master, in fact, he at present is only Seven Rings. But he is already God Rank. This is the power of Dragon God. At Super God Rank, he should be Nine Rings himself. And to break through the limits of Nine Rings is the moment to board the God King.

At this moment, his communications device resounds.

Lan Xuanyu connected to the communication. After a while, he said solemnly: “Okay, I get it.”

Hang up the communication, his pair of eyes instantly became shining, and what should come is finally here. Heavenly Dragon will give the order and the whole army will start!

Three hours later.

In front of the Imperial Space Battleship, 1,300 Blue Sea Clan fighters lined up neatly under the leadership of Marshal Blue Wave and four Blue Sea Clan God Rank generals, staring at the beautiful silhouette in front of them.

Lan Xuanyu still has long hair behind the head, but instead of wearing a skirt, he replaced it with a new set of Blue Sea Clan military uniform.

The clothes made him feel much more comfortable. Although he still has to maintain some female characteristics, it is better than wearing a skirt!

Behind Lan Xuanyu, 33 Sky Wings, plus Yuanen Guangjun, are all dressed in Blue Sea Clan uniforms. At this time, they have gone through Yuanen Guangjun’s makeup technique, coupled with Treasure-Hunting Beast’s illusion transformation, not to mention True God Rank powerhouse, even the Heavenly Dragon chief seat is impossible to recognize here.

Treasure-Hunting Beast is constantly evolving, and its ability at present can temporarily solidify illusion transformation. It only needs to be solidified again every other time, and it can always maintain the characteristics of its illusion transformation, even if it is far away.

Where did these Blue Sea Clan come from behind Lan Xuanyu, Lan Bo not at all asked. In his opinion, this is normal. This should be the partner Sir Lan has cultivated over the years. He can naturally feel that these “clansman” have good strength. In this regard, he is a sincere attractive spectacle. It also became more and more certain that Sir Lan was born in Blue Sea Clan. Otherwise, she would not care for the Blue Sea Clan people so much!

“We are about to set off and enter the battlefield. I didn’t give too much explanation. Just like I said to Marshal Lan Bo that day, after entering space, we are like a drop in the ocean. Any unexpected situation may happen. Yes. I ask you to order and prohibit. No matter what happens, you must obey my orders. And what I will do is to bring all of you back as safely as possible. At the same time, those who bring back are the glory of Blue Sea Clan!”

Blue Sea Clan was solemn, without any response. This made Lan Xuanyu a little surprised, this seems to be different from what he thought! But he soon discovered that although these Blue Sea Clan fighters did not shout slogans, their expressions were agitated, their emotional excitement could not be concealed, and their breathing had become heavy.

Even Marshal Rambo, they have never heard similar words from any Higher Position player. Because in this World, in Heavenly Dragon Star, no Higher Position person has seen Blue Sea Clan as a person. Even if it is another Blue Wave who has become a True God Rank, the most common Low-rank Dragon Clan can slam him at will. The existence of class makes Blue Sea Clan one of the bottom existences in the whole Heavenly Dragon Star world. 1 billion clansman can only be enslaved.

So, when Lan Xuanyu said the period of this remark, they didn’t dare to respond. Yes, it wasn’t that they didn’t want to, but they didn’t dare. But is there really no trace of blood in their hearts? of course not. They are all young adults of the full of vigor! Lan Xuanyu’s words, what moved them the most was not the glory, nor the meaning of strength. But “she” said to bring them back, “she” treats them like a family.

At this moment, in the eyes of these young and middle-aged Blue Sea Clan, the Golden Dragon Princess in front of them is their god, the god they want to protect at all costs, including their own lives. At this brief moment, they finally understood that the Blue Ocean King came here personally yesterday and told them why they should protect the Golden Dragon Princess at all costs. The existence of this person is the hope for the future of Blue Sea Clan!

“Board and set off!” Lan Xuanyu gave an order, and the Blue Sea Clan people boarded the battleship in an orderly manner under the leadership of five God Rank leaders.

Lan Xuanyu took his friends to the battleship. This time, he did not bring plant category Soul Beasts at all. Compared to participating in the war, as much life energy as possible is more meaningful for these plant category Soul Beast.

After boarding the battleship, Lan Xuanyu immediately dispatched them to all important positions of this battleship, and took control of the whole battleship in his own hands. With an order, the Imperial Space Clan battleship began to tremble slightly.

Lan Xuanyu can clearly feel that the intense Space Element fluctuation is gradually emerging on the surface of the battleship.

next instant, the silver light flashes, and the Imperial Space Clan battleship disappears out of thin air.

Everyone feels saw a flash. The world outside has already appeared to change. It was still above the vibrant Heavenly Dragon Star. Next instant, there is already a dark space around it, and below it is That huge planet.

Yes, the Imperial Space Clan battleship was launched not by flying, but by flashing.

Lan Xuanyu had previously figured out the principle of battleship, but it was the first time to drive such a battleship, and there was still a strong sense of shock. Not because of the shock of the instant movement, but because of waste.

Imperial Space Clan, it’s really a waste of energy! You know, besides the energy block outside, this battleship also consumes Space Source Crystal. Yes, it is to consume Space Source Crystal. There is no way to change it. After changing all the designs of this battleship, it is meaningless, and it is difficult to even fly. But Space Source Crystal can be directly used as a power source, how big is the consumption?

Of course, the Heavenly Dragon will be really good to him, and this battleship is equipped with ample Space Source Crystal. But just this flash into space, the Space Attribute energy consumed is huge! It really hurts!

“The protective shield is turned on and moves closer to the designated direction.” Lan Xuanyu gave orders while feeling distressed.

At present, he understood more and more why without Space Insect, Imperial Space Clan was as painful as prepare for there funeral.

Yes, originally their Space Source Crystal is inexhaustible, and they have no roots for others.

Compared to Space Insect, the source of thunder and the mother of electricity are much more intense. It’s not that they can’t give birth to thunder and lightning, but they need immortal spiritual qi. Without immortal spiritual qi, one needs to be in a special environment, just like the planet where they were found.

The two of these two, Lan Xuanyu at present has not tried to communicate, mainly because of too much movement. It is better to communicate with them at the right opportunity.

Imperial Space Clan battleship defense is turned on. Lan Xuanyu thought of an appropriate name for their Defense System, Dipper Turns Stars Move. The defense of the Imperial Space Clan battleship also relies on the space category energy, which can send energy and teleportation from the enemy to a distance. If it is controlled by powerhouse, it can even teleport to the designated location. This design made Lan Xuanyu awe-inspiring, at least the human battleship is far from reaching this level. In terms of space science and technology, Imperial Space Clan is indeed at the forefront of the universe. Therefore, he still loves this battleship very much, and must also bring back the things of this battleship.

It is touching that the system not at all of the Imperial Space Clan battleship has too many encryptions. It is probably because no one in the Dragon-horse Federation will copy their science and technology. Without Space Source Crystal, everything is empty talk.

Lan Xuanyu has sent a guy with the eyes of Heavenly God to research and rubbing, to get results as soon as possible. This result is naturally handed over to Shrek Academy first. The Golden-Eyed Black Dragon King Beast God battleship, which is already under construction, can come in handy. He has Space Insect! How much Power of Space consumes is nothing.