Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1533


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There is such a good thing as Beast God’s remnant, so it is natural to make the best use of it.

Imperial Space Clan battleship’s space science and technology and other aspects are compared to, and the other aspects are simply…, scum!

The flight speed is definitely not fast, it is not a bit worse than the Meteor Grade Assault Ship of the Douluo Federation. Really want to accelerate, simple, space jump, space jump that consumes a lot of space category energy, it can naturally accelerate. The design concept is like this.

At this time, the Thirty-Three Sky Wings Battleship is hanging from afar, silently following the battleship. Ding Zhuohan stayed on the Thirty-Three Sky Wings Battleship and was responsible for driving. With the invisible system of the Thirty-Three Sky Wings Battleship, it is not easy for the dragon-horse Federation’s battleship to discover it. Unless it is Super God Rank powerhouse scanning with divine consciousness when the distance is close.

After staying in Heavenly Dragon Star for a long time, I commanded the battleship again, and this time it was a larger-scale battleship. Lan Xuanyu was still somewhat excited. This long-lost feeling is really pretty good.

According to the order of the Heavenly Dragon Society, their destination for this trip is near an asteroid closer to the sky and the stars. In order to avoid beating the grass to scare the snake, the number of battleships mobilized for the first time is not too much. But for the Heavenly Dragon club, more than eight Dragon Knights have already been dispatched. The other Dragon Knights stayed at Heavenly Dragon Star to avoid the Crimson Domain suddenly attacking Heavenly Dragon Star.

Heavenly Horse Star is the same, sending more than 40% of the battle strength into preparation.

The eight-armed gods Demon Race and the Mantis clan, which are strong fighting races, have come out in full force and have already made Okay preparations in secret. They are the kind of existence that can live without a fixed place, as long as they have the resources to feed them, they can stay there forever. So it’s the same everywhere.

The location of the sky and stars is indeed quite good. Lan Xuanyu researched star maps. This Planet can almost be said to be the center of the whole Dragon-Horse Galaxy. This center is the three-dimensional center. The location is perfect, so Tianhexing’s commercial network can radiate to the whole galaxy and become the largest business race.

The period of Tianhe Prime Minister has gone back, and Dragon Knight will follow and charge Tianyang core auction fees. That can’t be solved with a little bit of money and resources. It also requires certain means to collect it.

These things are not what Lan Xuanyu needs to care about. He just needs to wait to see if the war will come.

The process of battleship flight is still as long and boring as usual. Lan Xuanyu did not use space jump to accelerate the approach. Space Source Crystal is better to save some, which is used in the key period. You know, the reason why the Imperial Space Clan battleship is known as one of the most powerful battleships of the dragon-horse Federation is because it can continuously space teleportation and get out of the battlefield at critical moments. All that is needed is the consumption of a large amount of Space Source Crystal energy. So this kind of battleship, whose attack power is not so outstanding, will occupy such an important position.

It took five days for the battleship to get close to the destination of this trip. At the same distance, Lan Xuanyu has discovered that more than 300 battleships have gathered in the shadow of the back of the asteroid.

Among these battleships, there are two kinds of battleships that are more conspicuous, or the most conspicuous.

One is a purple-black battleship with an ellipse. At first glance, this battleship is not an outstanding existence. The only advantage is that it is large. Very big. Its length is more than three kilometers away, it is as big as mankind’s Dragon King Grade Frigate, and it is wider and taller.

The shocking thing is that this battleship is equipped with the most propellers Lan Xuanyu has ever seen. The main thruster of the tail section is composed of sixteen thrusters. At the waist of the battleship, there are twenty-four such thrusters around the battleship.

How much energy does such a huge battleship and so many propellers consume during the flight? It is absolutely astronomical. Moreover, in this battleship, he has not seen any Weapon System.

For this, while surprised, Lan Xuanyu called Lan Bo over.

“Marshal Lanbo, what battleship is that?” He pointed to the battleship that had been enlarged by him on the screen.

Lan Bo said: “That is the Demon Transport Ship of the Eight-Armed Demon Race. This ship should be the flagship. The ordinary Demon Transport Ship is about one-tenth of its size. The linear acceleration is our dragon- Horse Federation is the best.”

“The Demon Race of the Eight-Armed God? Transport Ship? In other words, such a large-scale battleship is just for transportation?” Lan Xuanyu said in surprise.

Lanbo nodded, said: “Yes. The eight-armed god Demon Race has strong confidence in their fighting strength. They are confident that no weapon is as powerful as their own. This is also the direction of the eight-armed god Demon Race cultivation. They reject any science and technology and only believe in themselves. This has also caused them to be so powerful today. If it hadn’t been for the formerly suffered a big loss under the powerful battleship attack of the Human Douluo Federation, they would even reject science and technology even more. “

Lan Xuanyu understands, co-authoring such a big battleship is to send the eight-armed god Demon Race to the designated place, and then fleshy body fights.

He couldn’t think of anything other than the word “outside”. It really deserves to be considered the existence of gods and demons!

“Where is that over there?” He pointed to another type of battleship. The appearances of these battleships are similar, but they are rectangular. How to say they are a bit like a longer version of the coffin. The size is not as big as the Transport Ship of the God and Demon, and the length of each ship is about five hundred meters, which is a bit larger than the general Meteor Grade Assault Ship, but it is not at the level of battleship. But the number is extremely large. Among all 300 search battleships, more than 150 ships are of this type. Put together, the number is quite amazing.

Be aware that the number of Meteor Grade Assault Ships of a Universe Fleet of the Douluo Federation is nothing more than dozens, less than one hundred. These 150 large-scale Meteor Grade Assault Ship level battleships are gathered together, and they look neatly lined up and look the same. Lan Xuanyu had never seen the period during the war with them last time.

Lan Bo said: “That? That is the landing ship of the Mantis clan. The short distance sprint is very strong, especially good at contact combat.”

“What is contact combat?” Lan Xuanyu curiously asked. For him, Blue Wave at present is like a treasure trove. This familiar level for Dragon-horse Federation all kinds of battleships is far from being compared to him, and it is just convenient for him to understand these battleships. Before the dragon-horse Federation has completely improved its battleship, it is important to understand these previous battleships.

Lan Bo said: “The battleships of different races are made according to the characteristics of their own races. The praying mantis are good at close combat, and the combat distance is much shorter than that of the Demon Race. Very huge. Looking at so many landing ships, there are probably more than half a million Mantis fighters on them. This type of Mantis landing ship can directly log on to the planet to fight. The appearance of this design can make them in the shortest time The mantid warriors complete landing. If they are fighting in the universe, they can sprint in a short time, allowing the battleship to quickly approach the enemy battleship for landing operations.”

Lan Xuanyu dumbfounded said: “Board warfare!” Isn’t this unique in naval warfare? The praying mantis played a battle in space and really won. Can this thing be approached? If you encounter the battleship of the Douluo Federation, you can kill one ship without the aircraft carrier, the battleship main cannon!

It’s no wonder that during the period of the last war, we didn’t see a battleship like the praying mantis. It didn’t make any sense. Formerly suffered a loss in the hands of Douluo Federation. Are you ready to land on Tianhexing at any time this time?