Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1534


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Lan Xuanyu asked Lan Bo about some other battleships, and he has a certain understanding of these battleships. I have to say that these Dragon-Horse Galaxy battleships are not only unique, but also have many whimsical places, very, very racially. No wonder Heavenly Dragon chief seat and Heavenly Horse chief seat impatient want to integrate the whole galaxy, collectively create battleship, and rebuild the battleship system. In such a separate way, these battleships are simply impossible even if they want to cooperate! The difference between battleships is too big.

He could see the three hundred battleships in front of him. The reason they looked neater was because of the small number of races. Among the battleships currently concentrated, the most important ones are the landing ships of the Mantis tribe, the Transport Ship of the eight-armed gods and demons, and the battleships of Dragon Clan and Heavenly Horse Clan.

Dragon Clan sent a total of 20 battleships. The size of battleship is approximately the level of battleship. It is not as big as the Transport Ship, but from the perspective of its size, it feels like a transport type.

And then he was asking about Lan Bo’s period, and Lan Bo’s explanation was the same. In fact, Dragon Clan’s combat method is no different from the eight-armed gods and demons. Their most powerful fighting strength is never battleship, but Dragon Knight!

This time, you should be able to see what the appearance of the Dragon Knight battle of genuine is. Thinking of this, Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help but look at Bai Xiuxiu. They haven’t spared time to cultivate Dragon Knight’s tactics. Lan Xuanyu was not in a hurry either, because this tactic requires Bai Xiuxiu to act as his mount dragon, Bai Xiuxiu would be a little bit resistant, and he himself felt uncomfortable, so he was delayed. This time, if the cooperation between Dragon Knight and mount dragon can really increase greatly, then consider practicing.

Heavenly Horse Clan’s battleship is relatively the best-looking, and the white battleship has a streamline-type beauty. It is also visually judged that weapons and equipment might be stronger. Thirty-five Heavenly Horse Clan battleships should be genuine with space battle strength.

However, Lan Xuanyu did not despise the dragon-horse Federation battleship in his heart. The reason why people’s battleships have such a myriad situation, in the final analysis, the most important thing is because the dragon-horse Federation people’s various races are strong. !

People’s perception is also correct, the strength of a Dragon Knight, Super God Rank powerhouse. Even if it is not as good as the Human Federation’s Aircraft Carrier, it is not inferior to the existence of Dragon King Grade Frigate level. Flexibility must be above it.

Eighteen Dragon Knights, that is equivalent to eighteenth Dragon King Grade Frigate. You can see how strong the fighting strength of the two Super God Rank powerhouses is superimposed this time.

At this moment, the communication resounds, informing Lan Xuanyu to go to the meeting.

Lan Xuanyu left his spaceship and flew in the direction of the Dragon Clan spaceship. Bai Xiuxiu also followed him. Breakthrough God Rank cultivation base, he can fly in the Universe arbitrarily even without using any equipment at present.

even more how, he and Bai Xiuxiu both have Divine Tool level divine dragon armor.

Lan Xuanyu wears a seven-colored divine dragon armor and flies in space, surrounded by Bai Xiuxiu wearing a divine dragon armor. Although the rays of light on the divine dragon armor are converged, it is still eye-catching in space. Lan Xuanyu even felt that flying in front of so many battleships was really like a target.

Dragon Clan’s side, the lower abdomen hatch of the largest battleship opened and took them in. The staff member of Heavenly Dragon Club is already waiting there.

With the divine dragon armor back, Lan Xuanyu and Bai Xiuxiu headed directly to the Conference Hall under the leadership of the staff member.

The length of this battleship is about two kilometers, which is considered Dragon Clan’s flagship this time. When I came to the Conference Hall’s period, when I walked in, I was all acquaintances.

The first seat is the Heavenly Dragon second seat, Dragon Knight of Dawn Zhong Zhichang. Zhong Zhichang’s first place on the left and right sides is the eight-armed god Demon King and the Golden Mantis King. It can be said that the lineup is at its peak.

A Heavenly Horse’s Knight, whom Lan Xuanyu has never seen, sits under the head of the eight-armed god Demon King. Although he represents Heavenly Horse Clan, his position in Heavenly Horse Clan is obviously not as high as Zhong Zhichang among Heavenly Dragon Clan.

In addition to the outside, there are many powerhouses in the Conference Hall, almost all of them are from the Super God Rank stage. There are as many as 15.

Lan Xuanyu and Bai Xiuxiu walked in and immediately attracted the attention of many powerhouses. The appearance of the “two beauties” made the whole Conference Hall look a little brighter.

“I have seen the second seat, I have seen you all.” Lan Xuanyu gave a simple salute and took Bai Xiuxiu to sit down at the end.

Although he has already begun to emerge, this kind of battle meeting at the dragon-horse Federation stage can only be the last seat. To have a seat is already a great recognition of his status.

Zhong Zhichang slightly nodded to “she”, and then said: “Okay, everyone is here, we have a meeting.”

The eight-armed god Demon King beside him said: “Did you find any clues? We have been waiting for several days.”

Zhong Zhichang said: “God Demon King, don’t worry. According to our judgment, Crimson Realm will definitely not miss this opportunity. Even if you know it is a trap, you will definitely come. Both chief seats Staying behind in Heavenly Dragon Star and Heavenly Horse Star, they will know this point. For the Crimson Domain, the biggest threat is the two chief seats. If they are not there, even if the sky and stars are arranged, Crimson The domain will not be seen in the eyes.”

The eight-armed god Demon King grinned, “I just hope to come sooner. We have been itchy all over the past few years. I don’t know how many years have not participated in the war. If you don’t fight anymore, it is estimated that my children will Forget the feeling of fighting.”

“Yes. Hurry up and start the war. Impatient.” The one who echoed him is naturally the King Mantis. These two are the most militant beings.

Dragon Knight of Dawn Zhong Zhichang said: “Don’t worry, you two. Our battle plan this time is currently only known to the four clans. Our primary goal is to set the battlefield on the sky and the stars. So, even It’s the Crimson Realm that has begun to take action. We have to wait for the war to fully unfold before participating. One is to completely pull the Tianhe tribe into the water and ask them to ask their allies for help, so as to draw more forces from the Federation into this. In the middle of a war. The other is to entangle the Crimson Realm here, so that they cannot move the battlefield, thus not threatening our simply land.”

The eight-armed god Demon King said: “Well, it’s up to you to do it anyway. However, if the chief seat doesn’t come, what if Crimson Mother appears?”

Zhong Zhichang said with deep meaning: “The period that should appear, the chief seat will naturally appear. Moreover, we are only the first batch. There is support in the future. As long as the war site is established here, it will be fine. It’s arranged.”

“I am calling everyone here today, mainly to assign combat missions. This battle is dominated by our four clans. After the war begins, please restrain the clansman so that you can advance and retreat. Especially the period when the enemy is too strong. , Don’t come up.”

The eight-armed god Demon King’s mouth twitched, and the complexion said weirdly: “This is probably a bit difficult for us. After my children start fighting, I can’t control them. I can control, I’m afraid it is only me. Yourself. So, you use our period and be cautious.”

He wasn’t a refusal, he was telling the truth. The eight-armed gods and demons are cruel in nature and full of desire for destruction. Once the destruction begins, it is not an easy thing to stop.

Gold Mantis King said: “We should be okay. But control takes some time.”

Lan Xuanyu is sitting in the last position and listening, how do these two feel so unreliable! However, because they are a strong race, they can’t do anything about it.

Zhong Zhichang nodded, said: “The same is true of what I want to say. After the war begins, we, Dragon Clan, will take the lead. The reason that we have not been far away from the collection of resources appears on the battlefield, and it will not easily arouse the suspicion of the Crimson Region. .With our joining, it will be easier to entangle each other. I will sit on the side of the sky and the stars myself. The war will pass at first. You will then appear on the battlefield after receiving my signal. But ten Millions can’t be anxious. So, when I’m not in the period, someone needs to preside over the overall situation.”