Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1535


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Lan Xuanyu was secretly nodded, and Zhong Zhichang’s arrangement was exactly according to his plan.

Tianhexing does not lack resources, nor does it lack fighters. They must also have a lot of hidden power. This time placing the battlefield on the sky and the stars, it must also be in order to hook out their hidden power. However, Tianhe still lacks Top Rank powerhouse. There is no Top Rank powerhouse in charge, once the Crimson Realm will attack by beheading. Tianhe clan may collapse in a short time. Therefore, according to Lan Xuanyu’s plan, at the beginning of the war, Early-Stage must have a reasonable reason to let powerhouse help out and help Tianhe Clan withstand the first wave. Withstand the first wave, there is a great opportunity to continue the battlefield in the sky and stars.

Zhong Zhichang can go to the town in person, naturally, it is the safest. As a Top Rank Super God Rank powerhouse, even the Crimson Mother of the God King half-step wants to stay behind him is not an easy thing.

“I can’t do it! Don’t ask me for directing this kind of thing. Fighting is okay.” The eight-armed god Demon King without the slightest hesitation refused. He is really not good at this, even though he is already an eight-armed god. The demons have the most brain, and they don’t like to use their brains.

He not only vetoed himself, but as soon as he raised his head, he looked towards the Golden Mantis King opposite him, “Mantis, you are not good either.”

The Golden Mantis King originally wanted to shirk, but he was furious when he said that, “Why can’t I? You mean I’m stupid?”

“Yes! Aren’t you stupid? Your ability lies in your paws.” Eight-armed Demon King said with a cold laugh.

“Then you try?” King Mantis is about to slap the table and stand up.

“Enough for both of you.” Zhong Zhichang coldly shouted, and the powerful divine consciousness flashed away. The divine consciousness fluctuation that burst out at that moment caused the entire battleship to tremble slightly.

The eight-armed god Demon King and the Golden Mantis King were shocked. At that moment, even they felt the powerful oppression power. This guy’s divine consciousness is really very powerful.

Zhong Zhichang indifferently said: “I didn’t intend to trouble the two at first. I invite you to come today in the hope that you can see the commander who will replace me next. Also, I hope that after the next war begins, Able to follow orders.”

The eight-armed god Demon King said: “Well, who is it? Li Jingyang’s over there?”

Li Jingyang is the name of Heavenly Horse chief seat. As he spoke, he already looked towards the Heavenly Horse’s Knight beside him.

The Heavenly Horse’s Knight hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Neither can I. I am not good at this. I can guarantee that Heavenly Horse Clan will obey the arrangement. You can announce the second seat. Naturally we are Trustworthy.”

Gold Mantis King said: “Our mantis clan is okay, I’m afraid that some guys with muscles in their heads won’t listen.”

The eight-armed god Demon King snorted, “My children listen to me. If you don’t have a good time, let’s find a place when you look back.”

Dragon Knight of Dawn Zhong Zhichang directly ignored these two, then cast his gaze to the top position, “Blue, come here.”

Lan Xuanyu froze for a moment, then looked towards Zhong Zhichang in surprise, “second seat, me?” He pointed to himself. What does this mean?

“Well, it’s you. You originally made the battle plan this time. We just help you improve it based on the situation. No one knows the plan better than you when I am away. I also believe that you Have this ability to arrange everything.”

As soon as this remark came out, all eyes of the audience immediately focused on Lan Xuanyu. These are all Super God Rank powerhouses, more than ten people! Suddenly, Lan Xuanyu felt a lot of pressure.

Be aware that, apart from the eight-armed god Demon King and the Golden Mantis King outside, either Dragon Knight or Heavenly Horse’s Knight is present. Heavenly Horse’s Knight is also the top ranked one.

Although he and Bai Xiuxiu have been promoted to God Rank, they are really nothing in front of these big guys!

Lan Xuanyu stood up, came to Zhong Zhichang’s side, and whispered: “Second seat, but I the words of the lowly carry little weight. This…” He really didn’t expect, Zhong Zhichang actually did. It is incredible to give him the command here. With so many Super God Rank powerhouses, even if he takes away some of the Dragon Knight from Dragon Clan, there are still a dozen Super Gods who can listen to him? Moreover, this power is so great that it can almost determine many key situations on the battlefield.

Zhong Zhichang lightly smiled and said: “The key period is to dare to bear the burden. Both chief seat and I believe that you can. This is also the decision after my discussion with chief seat. You propose the plan, and you are also responsible Carry out the plan. This is also an exercise for you. God Demon King and Mantis King. If you have any objections, you can raise it at present.”

Heavenly Horse’s Knight basically listens to him, at present he sits here. Dragon Clan and Heavenly Horse Clan are the same qi, connected branch. However, at this time, the Heavenly Horse’s Knight also looked surprised. They also didn’t expect that Dragon Clan unexpectedly launched Lan Xuanyu. This natural talent is obvious to all. He will beat the rookies in the future rookie tournament, and also killed that many eight-armed younger generation powerhouse. However, “she” is still too young after all. at present, not even Dragon Knight! “She” presides over the command here, this is really a bit…

The more surprising situation is still to come. The eight-armed god Demon King looked towards Lan Xuanyu with scorching eyes. He is huge, sitting in this Conference Hall, obviously with powerful oppression power.

“I agree. This girl is fine. Among the younger generation of you Dragon Clan, my favorite and most admired is this girl. Consider considering being my daughter-in-law. I’m that many son, you can choose whatever you want.

Lan Xuanyu’s mouth twitched, and there was no sound.

Golden Mantis King curl one’s lip, said: “What you admire the most, is clearly to convince you. You muscular barbarians, that’s all that bullies the soft and fears the hard.”

The eight-armed god Demon King is coldly snorted, “You know what a fart. This is strength. With ability, you let your unscrupulous children and grandchildren come. I will let one of my son take the shot, and you can send ten. They are looking for teeth everywhere.”

“You fart!” King Mantis wanted to slap the table and stand up again.

But the cold gaze of Dragon Knight of Dawn came.

Gold Mantis King said: “I also agree, but I have a condition.”

Zhong Zhichang brows slightly wrinkle, said: “What conditions?”

Gold Mantis King laughed and said: “My eldest son is out. This is about to begin the war. As a commander, I think the safety of the blue girl is very important. Let him be a guard for the blue girl. I Eldest son will be my heir from now on, the next generation of the Golden Mantis King. This has been decided and the whole family agrees. With him, Lan’s order is in our mantis family, so it is!”

Lan Xuanyu looked towards this man in surprise, who said that the King of Mantis is stupid? There is no silly patriarch of these big clans. Arrange his eldest son by my side. What is it for? Soak me?

Am I poisonous? Are you one by one all up? At this time, Lan Xuanyu had 10,000 giant dragons roaring past. If it weren’t for it, he really wanted to beat fiercely, who was planning to soak himself.

The eyes of the eight-armed god Demon King widened in an instant, “You wishful thinking. You guy definitely didn’t hold your fart. I don’t agree!”

Gold Mantis King said disdainfully: “Did I ask you? You interrupted something. Are you the head of Dragon Clan? Are you the chairman of Federation? Can you decide? You can’t just open your mouth.”

What else did the eight-armed god Demon King say, but Zhong Zhichang raised his hand to make a false press, “Don’t bother you two. God Demon King, don’t you have a son too? This method is also good for the Mantis King. It’s easy to command the soldiers below. Why don’t you call your son too, and help Lan with the eldest son of the Mantis King.”

The eight-armed god Demon King turned his eyes a few times and said, “It’s okay. Just let my youngest son come. My youngest son is also Crown Prince and can represent me.”