Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1701

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A large amount of dark red Creature is destroyed under the horrible Cannon Fire, and it has become a domain that does not die.

MANKIND’S agency, arrived! The universe fleet of Douluo Federation is finally here.

First, two Universe Fleets, under the leadership of Aircraft Carrier, they slowly moved on the Appeared battlefield, and the strong remote Cannon Fire, which made the full invasion of deep red domains. Although they can still be unmanned ENERGY regression, it is no longer possible to overwhelm.

Crimson Mother If you don’t understand what happened to this Period, she is not equipped with the existence of the universe.

“DOULUO FEDERATION is even in combination with you?” Apression in Crimson Mother, Appered is incomparable Rays of Light.

This is indeed because of her expectations. The first is because she has a understanding of Human, but in her opinion, she has reached this stage, it is impossible to fight. Among the Human World, the Stage of Douluo Planet is good, but in the Life Stage, it is the Level of the sky and the stadium. It is more than the day and stars in the total amount of life. How big is this race? What about threat? The only thing that makes it interested, it may be the aura, which is Stay Behind there.

Even more how, Douluo Federation and Dragon-Horse Federation have been in hostility. Your own appearance and existence, there is no threat to Douluo Federation. So, she is indeed unreasonable, why Douluo Federation will be blended with Dragon-Horse Federation.

The last time the Suddenly arrived, launched an attack, so she had to retreat, she is very strange. But because of the thrill of swallowing day and stars at that time, she didn’t think much about the thrill of swallowing the sky and the stars. In her consciousness, Genuine is still Dragon Clan and Heavenly Horse Clan.

But at this moment, Human once again, and she has made her memories last time. Last time she also facing Gu Yuena, just at That Time GUena didn’t seem to be so powerful. Human this time, it is a two universe fleet, but also because of their arrival, the advantage that has been fully rolled is offset.

“You human, just do you want to be destroyed? I have never thought about being swallowedant. Because you are not qualified.” Crimson Mother is cold: “But at present, Tianhe star ending, It will also be your ending. “

Tang Wulin Said Solemnly: “The existence of deep red domain is all enemies of all Creature. This is not divided into races. If you want to swallow our Douluo Federation, then you will overcome us. No matter what, our Will Not NOT Allow you to have a god realm like this. It’s ok, AT present is not lineless, and in the future, Impossible. “

said while he said slowly lifting Right Hand, caught the empty.

The Golden Light suddenly lits up in his in the palm center, as if there is a strange feeling.

That is a kind of mystery, even if Crimson Mother who is already preparing to attack, in the feeling of this AURA, it is not hysterested. It is almost out of mouth and out of sound: “Sea God Trident!”

Golden Light Glittering Tang Wulin is also slightly surprised, some surprised LOOKED TOWARDS CRIMSON MOTHER, at this moment, in his palm, the long Halberd, a golden-yellow-yellow-yellow-yellow-yellow-yellow-yellow-yellow, this gold Trident appears In a moment, WHOLE Space seems to be slightly slightly fluctuation. It is in the instant that it is already fuse together in an instant.

Crimson Mother Complexion changes, watching Tang Wulin’s Expression is full of deepness.

Super Divine Tool, also super Divine Tool! However, this Super Divine Tool in Tang Wulin is different from Heavenly Dragon Chief Seat, Heavenly Horse Chief Seat, and SUPER DIVINE TOOL!

Because, this Sea God Trident, is the super divine Tool used by Genuine God King, which is Genuine in the Got Realm, IMMORTAL Spiritual Qi I don’t know how many years of Dao Accumulation raised. And its FORMERLY owner is even more powerful for god king.

is like the Divine Tool is also different. Some of the values, some or even no one. Super Divine Tool also is also IS SEPARATED by Layers. In any case, the Sea God Trident in Tang Wulin is the existence of Cream of The Crophat.

Seeing the Sea God Trident in Tang Wulin, even if Gu Yuena, the emotions can’t help but feel it. She still remembers that she and Tang Wulin jointly confronted ABYSS ‘Sacred Monarch’s Period. Abyss’ Sacred Monarch strength is obvious to be more powerful than they, but they are barely to resist this Sea God TRIDENT. At the last moment, a SEA GOD TANG SAN Divine Consciousness is forcibly controlling ABYSS ‘Sacred Monarch, which allows the PLANE’s master to shock, and end the big disaster. Also brings to Douluo Planet vitality, let Planet can upgrade.

At this moment, Tang Wulin once again Released Sea God Trident, and then controls this Super Divine Tool, which is undoubtedly shocked.

The golden-eyed Black Dragon King Battleship, which has already been thrown in the dark, seeing this super divine Tool’s ling zichen can’t help but have yourself. She seems to have seen the scene when everyone is fighting together. He, really coming back.

Tang Wulin slowly raised the gold trident in his hand, he can clearly feel the soft Divine Power from Trident, when he, because of the reasons of Cultivation Base, Simply can’t use this Super Divine Tool Might Play out, and at present, he may have begun to have this qualification.

His Pair of Eyes Divine Light The looked Towards Crimson Mother, in The Sky, slowly step out.

Suddenly, the SEA god trident on the hands of the Rays of Light, the soft Golden rays of Light finally lets Hiding the sky and covering the elearth’s Blood-Red for Shrink, the Aura on Tang Wulin is also continuously climbing Under the increase in Gu Yuena, half-step GOD King Stage stabilizes, and the Gloomy Dragon’s Roar is constantly rounded in his around the body.

“Kill -” Tang Wulin Loudly Shouted, actively attacked Crimson Mother.

Crimson Mother Shrink’s pupil is normal, she finally moved, the dark red field under the body quickly detached her body, her Originally was quickly narrowed quickly to the LEVEL of Tang Wulin almost Size. On the month of the month, the Red Light bursts, almost instantly in front of Tang Wulin.

Gold Trident rotates in Tang Wulin hands, drawing the ONE ANOTHER singularly arc, and the ring Ring of Light seems to be irregular echo, covering the body of Crimson Mother.

Crimson Mother Expression, Originally is strong, the body is stopped, and the monthly blade lightning is connected, and the circle is blocked. Ring of Light One After ANOTHER. It is not as strong as in the face of Heavenly Dragon Chief Seat and Heavenly Horse Chief Seat.

Heavenly Dragon Chief Seat and Heavenly Horse Chief Seat also dare not slowly, wraps from both sides while attacking both sides of CRIMSON MOTHER. They were very surprised at this time, because they can obviously feel that Crimson Mother seems to be very taboo to this human. To know, CRIMSON MOTHER can be quasi-god king stage! The Human man’s CultiVation Base is a half-step GOD King Realm, which will not be much weaker than they, but it is to make Crimson Mother have a cautious feeling, she is careful It is never the strength of the opponent, I am afraid it is the SUPER DIVINE TOOL.

Greed color is flashed from Heavenly Dragon Chief Seat, but his attack has not paused, the Dragon Clan Blade of Law, the red gold Xuan Wei in the hands of the CRIMSON MOTHER, the other side, Heavenly Horse Battle Qi is also burst. The force of Three Great Powerhouse, while killing Crimson Mother.

and gu yuena is a man-holding Silver Dragon Spear, uses Silver Dragon Spear to use the Magic Staff, with One’s Own Stregth Increase Three Great PowerHouses to reach a half-step GREAT PowerHOUSES to reach a half-step King Stage, Silver Dragon King core evolution Divine Skill’s traceability She is pushed to Strength of Universe, with their own partners. This period, she is like a Auxiliary Category Soul master, but the increased Might is so huge.