Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1702

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“Boom -” The monthly blade finally broke the last Ring of Light, and collided with the Sea God Trident in Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin I only think that an incomparable horror Devouring Power seems to be a giant beast to swallow yourself.

The crimson mother of the quasi-god king stage is too powerful, even if the gold trident does not completely remove this power. The power of the phagocytosis has been performed on the extreme.

Tang Wulin is detonating, the armored armor has a dazzling Golden Light, and the Long Yi broke out.

Everything surrounded by Suddenly, but the blood color rays of Light Suddenly is solidified in the air.

Crimson Mother only feels that his dark red Energy in this brief moment is like being banned, or the ORIGINALLY’s emergence is actually stagnant.

Heavenly Dragon Chief Seat and Heavenly Horse Chief Seat Where to let go of this, Dragon Clan Blade of Law and Heavenly Horse Holy Sword are almost simultaneously.

“Ah -” Crimson Mother screamed, the horrible Divine Consciousness instantly shot, the two major chief seats of Vibration were simultaneously bloody blood, and the attack was also weakened.

next instant, Crimson Mother, a circle of Dark-Red Rays of Light, suddenly flying their VIBration. Dragon Clade of Law and Heavenly Horse Holy Sword are just a little trail on her body.

At this time, a group of paint black rays of lights that tang Wulin lit up in the prime TRIDENT tip.

formerly before Ten-Thousand Years, the dragon crowd of Wei Zhen Douluo Continent again in the appeared tang wulin.

forbidden to Wanfa Dragon!

Taking him half a step king CultiVation Base, it is actually limited to Crimson Mother in a short time, giving two major Chief Seat creation opportunities, and the first time Stay Behind has traces. The Ring of Light, which was previously crimson mother cautiously, but also the control of the Tang Wulin Most Powerful’s control Divine Skill unsettled!

This is the powerful Divine Skill of Inheritance in a generation of Supreme God King Sea God Tang San!

tang wulin has not paused. While two Chief Seat were shocked, he Golden Light has been in the extreme, all Golden Light all condensed into the hands Sea god Trident. The surrounding time and space is also solidified in this moment.

Crimson Mother, who just shocked two major chief seats, was still stopped again. Although it is still just a moment, but the brilliant Golden Light has been in the sky, the huge Golden light blade is instantaneous. Already reached her head.

Forbidden time and space! Dragon Crossing 2nd Style.

tang wulin has not used his Self-create Dragon Que to use his self-create, but at this time, it is used in the universe, it is actually a smooth and pleasure of Bloodline, and Suddenly Increases Under the increase of the SEA GOD TRIDENT, the Cultivation Base has an unprecedented force, and the surrounding time and space seems to be in His control.

Crimson Mother pupil is instantly enlarged, but in this period, there is a strange color in her mouth.

“pu”, her body is actually this Divided Into TWO, but Shortly InsterWard is turned into two Dark-Red stream splits, while chasing two CHIEF SEATs are shocked.

“not good!” Tang Wulin Expression stagnant, but in this Period, he will not be able to rescue.

Two Crimson Mother also showed the shadow. Holding the months in the month, Heavenly Dragon Chief Seat and Heavenly Horse Chief Seat.

In this Period, it shows the gap on the CultiVation Base. Heavenly Dragon Chief Seat reluctantly exploding its own red gold, blocking attacks in Dragon Clade of Law. The blood is spray in the mouth, but it is finally against this moment of outbreak.

Heavenly Horse Chief Seat, but the Heavenly Horse Holy Sword in the hands is almost instantly in an instant, and the super god rank defense against the body can not completely block the one of the blades. Forcibly was opened from the chest, and the half of the body was cut.

and the two separate Crimson Mother figures are in front instant. Re-appeal Tang Wulin, the moon blade is down, the blood color blade of Scarlet is directly in front of Tang Wulin.

quasi-god king stage’s Crimson Mother is actually strong!

At this moment, Whether Heavenly Dragon Chief Seat is still Heavenly Horse Chief Seat, it has already understood that at the beginning of the first time in Heaven and the first time, the deep red domain has not swallowed the day and stars. However, the strengths of Crimson Mother have also hidden. At present, she is the exhibition power of Genuine Held Nothing Back. This is also the domain that he dares to lead the deep red in the case of all the strength of Dragon-Horse Federation, and it is also designed to Direct Attack.

At this time, the two major Chief Seats are crazy from the Nine-Colored Rays of Light, which is Silver as the core. Nine-color, Jade Green blooms, the other colors seem to be its own .

Gentle Green Rays of Light brings two major chief seats that is cool and an unbearable mysterious feeling, whether it is the vibration injury of Heavenly Dragon Chief Seat, or Heavenly Horse Chief Seat is opened. Under the green illuminate, it is almost all in an instant, and Battle Strength reaches Peak.

Silver Dragon King’s universe, but not just the increase is so simple! Nine Great Attributes, nine natives, all in it. Concrete with Gu Yuena’s mind.

tang wulin front refers to each of the surrounding, surrounding Suddenly, in invisible, has a strange Energy, Hiding the sky and covering the Earth, presses the past to Crimson Mother, his own body The form is already a violent, like Golden meteor, generally rushed to Crimson Mother.

Crimson Mother hits two major chief seats, and has suffered from Dragon Emperor. At this time, there is no avoidance, and the front of the Dragon Cross of Tang Wulin has been banned. 3rd Style, prohibition of Fan Dragon!

“Boom -” The horrible Energy Wave explosion, Energy Fluctuation in an instant is not inferior to the Full-Power Attack of the previous day and fleet. The Whole universe seems to be Vibration, dramatic impact wave swept all arrounds, and the many Powerhouses on the other side of the battlefield have to hurry.

Dark-Green Rays of Light float AT Present In Tang Wulin, Gu Yuna has appser out of thin air after him, hold him.

Two people Common Origin of Bloodline, is the closest couple, Gu Yuena’s cosmosphere role is naturally the best, Tang Wulin’s injury Significantly improved.

The Crimson Mother in the other is suddenly surging in Vanished, whole deep red, and the two red glow are critadped, and go straight to the universes Fleet of two DOULUO FEDET.

Seeing this scene, Tang Wulin, Gu Yuena couple and two major chief seat can’t help but have it. At the same time, Crimson Mother can take into account the universe fleet, which is really AS Deep As A Prison, Deep and Unmeasurable.

Not only that, the ORIGINALLY and DRAGON CLANs, and several super god ranks in the Heavenly Horse Clan are also bathed in the rarylet Rays of Light, and the figure is instantaneous and the blink is already. Thousands of Terrifying Existes, rushing down the universe fleet of Douluo Federation.

The two major fleets supported by Previos, a seventh fleet of Great General Bai Ling, although his Currently Already became a new generation of military ministers, but it was a command of the seventh fleet. Another fleet is the fifth fleet.

In the face of the attack of the deep red, the two fleets have paid down, the surface of the Aircraft Carrier, the huge masks are instantly protruded, the inside of the mask, the point by one base point is blinking.

Dramatic roar in the Barrier surface resound, the internal lights suddenly shilly flash, and separate the horror Impact.

, even if the two fleets can feel the devouring power from the Energy from the deep red domain, and Forcibly has walked some Devouring Power belonging to Battleship.

The domain of dark red is indeed evolving, and the Ability displayed at this time is different from the last Period. The last time, when it encounters a strong strong Energy attack, there will be no indigestion, and it cannot be swallowed between time. Today, its phagocytosis is much more faster, and there is no case where you can’t swallow. At the same time, the speed of dark red Creature Recovery has also become faster.