Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1704

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So, Lan Xuanyu feels the period of these memories, like the evolution from the head to the tail with Dragon God Complete.

I want to achieve the Dragon God, who needs to go through the continuous test, just like the Dragon God of FORMERLY, I have passed an overce aga in the difficult gate, never only Energy Breakthrough and evolution can becomplete.

So, when Lan Xuanyu Genuine starts here Cultivation, he will understand how difficult Dragon God is, Dragon God has experienced how hard and pain have eventually created Dragon Clan.

Dragon Clan’s origin, Dragon Clan’s origin, all in His mind, the only thing that does not appear, is the will of Dragon God.

but Lan Xuanyu has been deeply understood by the will of Dragon God Ability, the will of Dragon God, has never dissipated.

Bai Xiuxiu and Jialin are also in the peripheral Cultivation, infiltrated by Dragon God Aura, and their CultiVation Base enhances, or use Rapid Progress to describe.

At this time, Jialin Suddenly in CultiVation opened Pair of Eyes, Looked Towards Air Lan Xuanyu, then look at Bai Xiuxiu in CultiVation, respectful to Lan Xuanyu deep carried out ceremony, then figure The noislessly Vanished. There is only one Divine ConsCISESS branding.

“High Lord, Heavenly Dragon Star Crisis, I am going to pay.”

She has a contract with Heavenly Dragon Chief Seat, when Heavenly Dragon Chief Seat encounters the crisis of Period, she can IMMEDITELY feel. Moreover, the contract between her and Heavenly Dragon Chief Seat is that she is in a disadvantage. If Heavenly Dragon Chief Seat Jiang Qiangqiang is fighting, then she is not dying, and it is also necessary to be hit by the impact of the contract.

Jialin disappeared, Bai Xiuxiu also felt, slowly opened his eyes, some of whom looked at her disappeared place, silently felt her Divine Consciousness Fluctuation, and this was revealed. Color.

Although she has been in CultiVation, but also wakes up, it is also to guard Lan Xuanyu.

Looked Looked Towards Lan Xuanyu sitting in the top of Dragon God, her expression is not for helpful, at this time, the Lan Xuanyu, the body-color Halo flashes, the handsome face became pure, give people a new year a feeling of. And his Bloodline also seems to be constantly changing. Bai Xiuxiu’s own Bloodline is also continuously evolved, and the upgrade speed of Cultivation Base even has a feeling of HAS SEVERAL POINTS OF. According to this speed, it will not be used for a long time, she will also upgrade to the CultiVation Base of Super God Rank Stage.

Jialin’s departure is undoubtedly telling her, the invasion of the deep red domain has arrived, and Heavenly Dragon Star encounters a crisis. Just don’t know how the AT Present Battlefield is. But in this Period, she will never leave, keeping Xuanyu is the most important.

xuanyu, you want Keep IT UP! Must has become a Dragon God in Genuine as soon as they can solve all problems.

lan xuanyu at present is the most needed that when his body complete Complete has changed, Bai Xiuxiu will feel that he has evolved in the direction of Dragon God, but this evolution needs time I am afraid it will be relatively long. It is not a time to be able to COMPLETE.


Golden-Eyed Black Dragon King Battleship.

accompanied by the situation on the battlefield, the emotions of ling zichen have returned to normal. Looking at Tang Wulin, Gu Yueen They are moving with Crimson Mother Wars, and the memories in the mind are constantly emerged.

He is still the Ruler on the battlefield, still mankind’s hopes, and a little difference in 10,000 years AGO. One 10,000 years ago, he is like this, and at present, only rays of light is more embarrassing.

冤家! How can you forget you?

“Pavilion Master, Oh, No, SECT MASTER, what period participates in the battle?” asked whispers around her.

Shrek and Tang SECT eco fleet have not been involved in the battlefield.

ling zichen said solemnly: “Don’t worry, the situation on the AT Present” can still be maintained, even if we add us, it is also impossible to reverse the battle Obtain victory. The deep red domain is almost able to swallow all ENERGY, we join It will only speed up its swallowing. This is not good. We have to wait, the other two universe fleets arrive at Federation. The only opportunity to concentrate all the power, and then completely broke out. You didn’t find the fifth, the first The seven fleets did not open main Cannon and full attack mode? They are also waiting for. Wulin They barely able to entangle Crimson Mother, their Stage Energy is not caught by crimson mothers. Wait until we concentrated all After the power, the outbreak will determine the trend of this war. “

yi zichen suddenly understands. In the state of the AT Present in the Dark Red Domain, they will not change the battle. The top is to make the scene more look, and the speed of the Dark Red Energy will speed up.

I want to fight against deep red domains with existing power, the only way is to break out. Just like the PERIOD, use it before, it has built a strong destruction of Energy, resulting in a powerful destruction, breaking it, giving this part of Top Rank Powerhouse creation opportunity.

This strategy is only a few of the few people, which is the result of several discussion headed by the Federation Military Great General Bai Ling before.

did not even notify Dragon-Horse Federation.

No one knows that there is also a sedation from the Dark Red Domain in Dragon-Horse Federation. Therefore, this broke out will be all COMPLETE by Douluo Federation. As long as the Dragon Clan and Heavenly Horse Clan are not stupid, they will naturally know how to cooperate with that period.

Genuine can threaten the deep red domain, in fact, only Tang Wulin, Gu Yuena and Heavenly Dragon Chief Seat.

and what they need is opportunities, which makes Crimson Mother’s own opportunities.

The ecological fleet has never shot, just waiting for this opportunity, two Douluo Federation Universe Fleet is the first to arrive until Make An All-Out Effort attack, is also waiting for opportunities.

Dark red domain is more powerful than imagination, so for them, the opportunity very Possibly is only once!

ling zichen’s gaze, the direction of the Looked Towards Heavenly Dragon Star, although she has always known the existence of Heavenly Dragon Star, but really coming to this Planet is still the first time.

Her life in Eternal Sky City, of course, can feel, what is the glory of this Planet in front of you. That Life Stage gave birth to such a numerous Dragon Clan Powerhouse, so many super god rank powerhouse. Frankly, she is really envious. If Douluo Planet also has such a life stage, maybe …

The bottom is flashing, but it will quickly recover strong. What can be said, even if you really …, that guy is also impossible likes yourself!

At this time, a Fiery-Red Light Shadow Suddenly From Heavenly Dragon Star is like a meteor, it is almost a few wink of Winks.

The figure of the Fiery-Red is coming out. She only appeared, and she slammed a super god rank’s dark red domain CREATURE, the blazing flame broke out, and a large number of unneatched Energy around. It is a red gold.

The big piece of Golden-Red flame is blooming in her body, wherever it is, even the deep red Creature of Super God Rank is trembled, so that the phagosis effect of deep red domain is being hit. Break out.

But at this time, a pair of cold eyes suddenly saw this direction, Crimson Mother’s scarlet Pair of Eyes gazing, making Jialin’s body. NEXT Instant, the figure of the scarlet is like wearing shatter void, and it is in front of Jialin.

Yes, she is so Appear out of Thin Air, regardless of the other side of the Four Great PowerHouses. Take them away.