Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1755


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At this moment, no Dragon Clan can stand in front of the three God Kings. They even made the two God Kings fall with their own power. The remaining three God Kings are also riddled with scars. However, Dragon Clan was defeated after all.

The faces of the three God Kings at this time were also miserable.

There are too many dead Gods. Formerly what a glorious God Dragon Realm domain, at this moment, the remaining God is no longer the one third in the Peak period. Dragon Clan is almost completely wiped out.

Dragon Clan is really too powerful. Without the stage powerhouse above God King, it still led to this ending. You know, although Dragon Clan is powerful, but the number has not been very large. But it can kill that many Gods of various races led by Five Great God Kings, which shows how powerful Dragon Clan is.

By this step, the whole God Realm has been in a huge decline. Although it has not collapsed, it has already reached the edge of collapse.

No one wants to see this happen. The Asura Blood Sword in Asura God’s hands has not been cut down for a long time, but also because he actually doesn’t know the consequences of killing Dragon God, whole God Realm Will it collapse because of this.

However, if you don’t kill Dragon God, once Dragon God recovers a certain strength, then all of their remaining Gods will probably be dead. Even if Dragon God regained his consciousness, his race was almost annihilated!

“Make up your mind.” The evil god urged Asura God with some shortness of breath. Among them, only the Super Divine Tool Asura Blood Sword in the hands of Asura God can kill Dragon God.

Asura God sighed, “Why is this! Dragon God High Lord, I’m sorry.”

He finally stopped hesitating and stepped forward, with Asura Sword in his hand rushing to the Dragon God’s head and cutting it off.

But just as the period when Asura Blood Sword was about to slash the head of Dragon God, suddenly, in front of Dragon God, a nine-colored beam of light suddenly rushed and stood in front of Asura Blood Sword.

The loud bang of “Dang” caused Asura God to step back a few steps, but the nine-colored beam of light flew upside down and landed on Dragon God, which also instantly melted into his body.

“Rising Dragons Pillar?” Asura God looks changes! The complexion of the three major God Kings has changed dramatically. Without any hesitation, they shot almost at the same time, attacking Dragon God.

However, a layer of nine-colored mask emerged from the surface of Dragon God’s body at this time. The nine-colored light halo shines and exudes a dazzling radiance.

Dragon God, who had been in a coma, slowly raised his head.

His expression was a bit at a loss, but when the attack of the three God Kings fell on the period on his body guard, the bloodline of the Dragon God burst into stress, bursting out with bright brilliance, and forcibly blocked the three Gods. King’s full attack.

Next instant, Dragon God has been transformed into a human form again, although he is still riddled with scars, but holding the Rising Dragons Pillar, his own aura continues to rise. The powerful aura of a generation of Supreme God kings is undoubtedly evident.

“It’s over!” Asura God, the God of Good and the God of Evil had the same thoughts in their minds at this time. Dragon God is not only awakening, but also has restored a certain amount of divine power. Holding the Super Divine Tool Rising Dragons Pillar, he will be terrifying.

But just during the period when they thought Dragon God was about to attack them, Dragon God did not. He just stood there, staring blankly at everything around him, feeling everything around him.

“Dead, dead, are all dead?” His divine consciousness fluctuates around the body, and everything that happened before turns into a picture, presenting him around the body.

The scenes are very clear, showing how powerful Dragon God’s divine consciousness is. But at this time, he just stood there stupidly, looking back at what happened formerly.

God fell, God annihilation. This is simply no possibility of resurrection. Even most of Whole God Realm has collapsed.

Dragon God’s body began to tremble, especially when he saw a period in which a Dragon King was killed under his own madness, and saw the period in which Radiant Dragon King and Dark Dragon King chose to die on their own. His body trembled more and more severely.

Dragon Clan, ruined. Dragon Clan is dead!

whole Dragon Clan, it seems that only himself is left. This battle that shouldn’t have occurred, but it is appearing. All endings shouldn’t be like this, they shouldn’t be like this!

The son is dead, and his clansman are also dead.

Dragon Clan even perished to protect him.

All of this is because of me. He didn’t even understand what he was doing wrong.

“Time, space, why are you guys?” Dragon God closed the pair of eyes painfully. His body trembling gradually calmed down.

Asura God, the god of good, and the god of evil stood there, like a criminal waiting for trial. In their hands, they killed a large number of Dragon Clan. At this moment, seeing Dragon God recovery, they had no chance of luck.

The crazy Dragon God is so terrifying, then, after waking up, the Dragon God is holding the Rising Dragons Pillar. What level will it terrifying to? Simply impossible is what they can fight against!

Dragon God’s gaze finally looked towards Asura God.

“High Lord…” Asura God slowly lowered his head, not daring to meet his gaze. It is meaningless to say right or wrong at present. With the strength of Dragon God, even if the surviving body of Whole God Realm is shot together, it is impossible to be his opponent. As long as Dragon God wants, he can reply at an astonishing speed.

Dragon God did not speak, he just slowly raised the Rising Dragons Pillar in his hand.

Shortly afterward, Asura God, the God of Good and the God of Evil were shocked to see, a layer of dazzling nine-colored flames burned from the Dragon God.

The dazzling nine-colored flames erupted, and the blood energy permeated in God Realm began to converge in the direction of crazy moved towards Dragon God. The bloody color is not only blood, but also countless resentments, especially those from Dragon Clan. At this moment, all are absorbed by Dragon God’s Rising Dragons Pillar, and moved towards Dragon God condenses.

In the process of absorbing these blood energy, the surface of the Rising Dragons Pillar gradually became covered with blood, but the blood light of the whole God Realm was gradually disappearing, revealing the devastated remaining God Realm.

The nine-colored flame on Dragon God’s body burned more and more fiercely, God Realm began to tremble slightly, the broken God Realm moved towards the inner converge, a faint trace immortal spiritual qi in the Dragon God burning nine-colored flame Reborn under the stimulus, the God Realm, which is likely to collapse at any time, is firmly established.

“High Lord, you…” Of course the three God Kings can see that at this moment, the nine-colored flames burning on Dragon God are his God King life flames! Dragon God, who was already hit hard, would only deepen his physical trauma.

However, God Realm began to gradually become stable under the powerful force of Dragon God, and all the grievances and blood energy were absorbed thoroughly by him.

All the remaining Gods can see the situation on Dragon God’s side at this moment. Are they not one by one complexion pale?

God Realm was mostly broken, Dragon Clan was annihilated, and almost all of their hands were stained with Dragon Clan’s blood. Although this is also for self-protection. However, in front of such a powerful Supreme God King, any explanation is pale. After all, they killed all the clansman of this God King!

The flames on Dragon God began to fade, and God Realm finally stabilized. The whole God Realm was less than one-tenth as big before, and aura was even less than one-hundredth of originally, but it was finally stabilized. There is no danger of breaking again.

This is the Dragon God, who can still pull strongly against a crazy tide by virtue of one’s own strength. Even if he has been hit hard, he is still as powerful as he is, and he can still do something that the other three God Kings could not do together.