Unconventional Legend Chapter 1153

Bai Yunduo hesitated and said, "Although our aptitude is good, Heaven's destiny is not good. If we go forward... we may not be able to reach Peak, but if it is given to new talents , Maybe..."

"Genius? How many geniuses can a continent conceive?"

Lei Changtian went down, indifferently said: "Did you see it? Only in Little Nian 'er In the yard, there are 14 highest geniuses! Also, I heard that Zhou Yunqing of Cloud High Martial is also fortuitous encounter again and again. He even entered Sword Tomb half a year ago. He has not come out yet and is accepting Sword Tomb. The boundless sword intent body tempering inside..."

"Once the body tempering is successful, it will be the prototype of a Sword God... Now Cloud High Martial does almost nothing, even Gu Qianfan's old bastard also dragged his two remaining legs back to the cloud High Martial not far from ten thousand li to participate in the protection of the law."

"He even dispatched a few Nine Heavens Pavilion's Consecrate, a few Imperial Family Consecrate, protect the law together."

"One week of Yunqing, plus the following fourteen, is already 15 peerless genius! The heaven's chosen character of Gedai!"

Lei Changtian said: "If you think about it carefully, how much luck does the continent have so that it can support more geniuses? If they suppress the cultivation base more than ten times, have they ever appeared before?"

"There are so many outbursts suddenly...Don't you think it's just a coincidence?"

"Heavenly Dao has been pregnant for so long before finally having such an outbreak! "

"Before, such geniuses existed in every age, but they existed alone, leading the way, including me and your Master, and even you and Xiaohu Xiaoyu, in fact, they came strictly In the end, they don’t belong to the same era. One or at most two collapsed. How can such a large number of brains appear?"

"After them, do you think you can bring up new geniuses? It's impossible! Wait for their batch to pass. Next, I am afraid that within ten thousand years, a new batch will appear! "

"You don't understand this truth, do you? "

Lei Changtian said seriously.

"I understand, but..."

"Nothing but, you also have a cultivation base close to the Heavenly King series, One step further is the pinnacle of Star Soul Continent. Don't be indecisive like this mother-in-law, okay? ! Even if your Master said afterwards that I did not do the right thing, all the consequences will be borne by me and have nothing to do with you. "

Lei Changtian gently took a deep breath: "Previous dynasties changed and changed... A considerable part of it was the surging of air luck... Only when the son of heaven's destiny appeared, the dynasty changed. Therefore, in ancient times, calling the emperor the Son of Heaven, especially the founding emperor... is really not wrong. "

"These people are experienced and do not die. They can escape even in desperate situations, even in a blessing in disguise; and the people he relies on, no matter how powerful, cannot escape death; he is the only one who seems to always Wandering on the line of life and death, just can't die. "

"Throughout his life, Xu Xu Duoduo's seemingly coincidental incidents all promoted his hegemonic achievements. Do you think that is just a coincidence? For example, when the troops were raised, there was no hope at all, but the general rebelled on the enemy's side. "

"It is clear that a small life is in the hands of the opponent at all times, and in the end, he is still alive and has a Successful Dominance. "

"Even if it is an unpredictable surrender, pretend to be polite, but it will be appreciated and reused by the opponent, unconditional trust..."

"Countless people under the opponent I can see that this person is very dangerous. If you keep it, it is scourge, but the leader will not kill him. Even if the killer is hurt, it is too late. The weather is already here! "

"How many stupid opponents can be such an overlord?" I really can't see it? Are you so confused? Don't know how to look at people's heart, judge the time and the situation? If these monarchs are really so confused, let alone the monarch, they may not even be able to support an ordinary family, they will only be impoverished and put on a green hat early, and the wife will abandon him a long time ago. "

"But this is the leader, but he is magnanimous towards the most dangerous and deadly opponent in his life. "

"What do you think this is?" Is this all coincidence? Are all opponents stupid? Is he oneself smart? Reckless and seek perfection, and endure to survive! "

"Wrong! "

"Shit! "

Lei Changtian said: "This is air luck body protection!" The person with great destiny will definitely not fall before his aura is exhausted! This, if you don't believe it, it won't happen! It is true that the person who succeeds has wisdom, cleverness, strategy, and coincidence. All the above blessings, but if there is not enough luck, it is still difficult to achieve. "

"And as long as we reach the point of ours, this kind of cultivation boundary, as long as we are not forced to dodge the inevitable mortal desperation, we can live the same life as Heaven and Earth, and the same as sun and moon... …But I don’t know where I don’t know, in this world, there really exists a heaven’s will. "

"Heaven's will, that's it! "

"And Xiaoduo and their group of geniuses burst out like this. "

"But where they can go, it's not that we can't be unable to assert, because...the present Heavenly Dao is incomplete. "

Lei Changtian patted Bai Yunduo on the shoulder: "With me in Beijing, you don't have to worry, go back to deal with the matter immediately, and deliver the Spirit Fruit to the people I appointed!" "

"Why do you designate a few of you to take it?" Because you guys are the earlier geniuses before Zuo Xiaoduo and the others, which is the so-called...heaven's favoured person! "

"Only if you take it, it makes sense! "

Bai Yunduo bit his lip and slowly nodded.

"As for Dongfang Zhengyang, they...on the surface he is more suitable than Nan Zhengqian, but...he delves into the qi-viewing technique , Has leaked too many heavenly secrets, causing his luck to be quite damaged. This is why, he is no longer the best candidate for taking! If there is a fifth Spirit Fruit, I will not miss him, but unfortunately, there is no such fifth one, or... he does not have this Good Fortune! "

Seeing what Bai Yunduo was hesitating, Lei Changtian directly said the answer from the bottom of his heart.

Then urged: "Are you not going?" "

Bai Yunduo took a deep breath: "I will go now." "

Then bowed respectfully, and went away.

Looking at her going away, Lei Changtian thought for a while, got out the phone, and called Zuo Changlu. A phone call.

This time I spoke more fluently: "Xiaoduo’s brothers received four Reaching Heaven In A Single Bound Fruits and donated them; I entrusted the fruit to Yunduo, and appointed Xiaohu and his wife With Little Fish and Nan Zhengqian, one for each of the four. Yunduo's heart seems to be a little troubled, you can explain to them, how? "

Zuo Changlu did not hesitate: "You did a great job in this matter. Old Cheng is determined. I will finalize the matter with them immediately." "

Hang up the phone, Lei Changtian smiled on his face.

"hehehe......hehe......boss praised me......"

"Great job! Old Cheng Guojue...hahahahaha..."

Lei Changtian’s old face is shining, showing sixteen teeth, and he is extremely happy.

On these eight words, praise is enough. He was happy all year!


Below, Li Chenglong was reading the dossier continuously, constantly checking information, and constantly writing something on a piece of paper......


The eyes are fixed, the brain is constantly turning crazily, reasoning...

Zuo Xiaoduo didn't dare to disturb for a long time, just waiting while drinking tea, waiting for Li Chenglong's following .

Finally, Li Chenglong stopped a series of actions.

Looking up at the sky with a thoughtful look, in oneself's heart, he stroked everything again. muttered: "Not enough. "

"What else is missing?" "

"There is still a lack of... the recent one or two days of all parties' movements. "Li Chenglong said.

"This, must be the most detailed news. "

Zuo Xiaonian quietly said on the side: "I will be responsible for this, and I will give you information as soon as possible." ”

"en. ”

Zuo Xiaoduo and Li Chenglong both agreed. With Zuo Xiaonian's position in the Nine Heavens Pavilion, it should not be troublesome to inquire about these things.< /p>

But before Zuo Xiaonian went out, there was a sound of skimming outside the door.

Immediately someone knocked on the door.

A voice asked; " Is the left boss there? "

It's not You Family Little Fatty, who will be the voice of Family Head You Xiaoxia in the future.

"Come in. "

The current Zuo Xiaoduo is full of confidence. He raised his legs and sat at the door, looking at the courtyard gate with eyes all over.

Hmph, Little Fatty, but Right Path The descendants of Heavenly King...he he he, this is a generational difference to me!

And it is much worse than the older generation!

I can't do it anymore. Allow him to be called oneself big brother, that's arrogant. Even grandfather called grandfather is not enough. It has to be called ancestor or Old Ancestor directly!

After all, oneself’s true generation is related to the left and right. Lu Heavenly King, isn’t that the Old Ancestor!

"Left boss...hehe...Second Elder Brother Li...you are all here..." You Xiaoxia's face is full of flattery, Stick one's head around to look for appeared at the door.

Li Chenglong looked up: "Hey, Little Fatty You. Come in, come in and sit down. "

Zuo Xiaoduo has some faces that are not faces and noses but not noses, and said majesticly: "What are you doing at the door?" Why don't you come in quickly? "

What did this guy call me and Li Chenglong just now, call me the left boss, call me the second brother Li Chenglong... How can this work, shouldn't he call me Ancestor Zuo?

Li Chenglong also has to follow the rise of generation, called the second brother. Isn’t it a mess of generation?

If Li Chenglong is equal to the fatty brother, then Li Chenglong will also be called my ancestor...


Zuo Xiaoduo couldn't help but oneself secretly became happy.

You Xiaoxia scratched her head and said: "There are other people coming with me today..."

"Who? "Zuo Xiaoduo rolled his eyelids.

The silhouette flashed at the gate, and a slim silhouette appeared, with a clear and vulgar appearance, long and curvaceous, just like a deep valley orchid, suddenly appeared in front of the door.

Wearing a blue ordinary dress, he walked in slowly and looked at Zuo Xiaoduo, with a grateful smile on his face: "Great Master Zuo, benefactor, it's me, Mo Xuanyi." Knowing that you are here in the capital, I want to come over and say thank you... I took the liberty to come to visit you, and hope that Great Master Zuo will not blame it. "

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