Unconventional Legend Chapter 1154

Zuo Xiaoduo was stunned for an instant, and said in surprise: "It's you...Xuanyi, come in, come in and sit. Why are you with this little fatty who doesn't care about it? "

At the moment when he saw Mo Xuanyi, Zuo Xiaoduo suddenly rose from the bottom of his heart with a sense of sorrow.

Everything that used to be in Phoenix City, like a cloud of smoke, has passed through before my eyes, as if yesterday.

Phoenix City, Xiaojiejie, Ning Family, huge monster Meng Family, Meng Chenyu...Old Principal, Bureau Head Jiang, Teacher Hu...those classmates...

Phase, mischief, the former fengshui, formation...

In an instant, Zuo Xiaoduo was in a daze for him.

The most rare thing in life, after wind and rain in troubled times, I met my old friend in another country.

To speak of which, I didn’t have much contact with Mo Xuanyi before, just strangers coming together by chance, the fate of several sides, a period of cause and effect... But at this moment, Zuo Xiaoduo was born inexplicably A sense of intimacy...

This strange feeling made Zuo Xiaoduo suddenly enthusiastic.

Mo Xuanyi's emotions were the same. He thanked him again, walked into the yard, and then began to take gifts from the space ring.

Sorry and said: "Great Master Zuo, I...I am shallow, I really don’t have any good things in my hands, just a little bit of refreshment, these foods are all made by oneself, these clothes ...I also made it myself...and..."

The two spoke politely and enthusiastically here.

Little Fatty, who was still at the door, was directly dumbfounded.

"You...you know?"

Little Fatty's eyeballs almost flew out, and she looked at Mo Xuanyi and Zuo Xiaoduo in shock and inexplicably, suddenly depressed in her heart. Meaning.

It’s no wonder that when I went to see Mo Xuanyi this time, at first was still coldly opposed.

But when oneself speaking of which went to visit a friend, the peerless genius of Hidden Dragon High Martial, the left boss...Mo Xuanyi suddenly changed his attitude...

Actually laughed at oneself, and even unprecedented, accepted some small gifts from oneself, and then expressed interest, followed oneself to visit this rumored peerless genius, your left boss...

You Xiaoxia immediately felt that oneself was wrapped in the sudden happiness, so dizzy with Mo Xuanyi set off...

The constant fantasy along the way, I can also take it with me now The woman who oneself likes visits the man of the big brother. I am a man with peerless beauty by my side... How do I pretend when the time comes?

This kind of highlight moment, if not unique, is at least unprecedented!

Walking on this road, I have thought about more than 100 various acting cool poses, and when I get to the destination...not to mention all of them don’t apply, what’s more...


The girl around oneself takes the initiative to talk to others, and her attitude is even more affectionate than talking to oneself, much more affectionate.

And what kind of food, clothes made by yourself...what are you doing?

Is this a bit... upside down? !

You Xiaoxia walked in anxiously, and stood between Zuo Xiaoduo and Mo Xuanyi anxiously. On the contrary, they became more and more worried. The more they talked, the warmer they were, whether they would hug you next time. together?

That's absolutely no good...don't do it.

"Left boss...hehe, do you guys know?"

I asked it again, but no one cares, and no one cares what to fear. Just ask again, dumb, embarrassed What, it’s not important, don’t care!

One is the boss of oneself don't dare provoke, the other is oneself woman who likes to add more don't dare provoke...

Will you consider other things... …

"Of course I know."

Zuo Xiaoduo said in amazement: "We are both so obvious, can't you see it? Why do you even ask? Your IQ is terrible!"

"hahaha...I mean, when did you meet?"

"Does this have anything to do with you?" Mo Xuanyi is unwilling .

How did this guy find out his wife had an affair...this tone...

"Are you interrogating me?" Mo Xuanyi frowned.

"no no...Don't dare...I'm just curious...curious...hehehe..." You Xiaoxia laughed dryly.

Mo Xuanyi coldly turned his head and smiled at Zuo Xiaoduo: "Blessed man, let’s ignore him. This is a rich kid, a slick boy; he has been pestering me all this time... It's not bad, it's just being naive to behave, and belie oneself infallible......"

At that moment, You Xiaoxia shut himself down!

I thought I had a good impression of you, but it turned out to be like this......

Your adjectives, you really beat my heart. It's cool...

It turns out that this is the truth!

It turns out that people who look not handsome enough are the original sin!

Left boss, you said you look so handsome and have so much ability. Why do you rely on attractiveness and talent. Who can compete with you? !

Zuo Xiaoduo and Li Chenglong are both human spirits, how can you not see what is going on in this situation...

glance at each other , I saw the meaning in each other's eyes.

"Sit down, sit down."

Zuo Xiaoduo handed them to the living room, Li Chenglong made tea, Zuo Xiaoduo intentionally or unconsciously said: "Miss Xuanyi is here in Shangjing. How are the days going? Is it going well?"

"It's okay." Mo Xuanyi flushed with excitement on his face, saying: "Since I arrived in Shangjing, I found one on the surface. Work, oneself secretly opened a small company, oneself invests, secretly conducts, and acts as the boss behind the scenes. The past two years have been exceptionally comfortable and the income is also considerable... I just bought medicine pill for my parents a few days ago, their two elders. My body has recovered a lot..."

"I plan to buy a house in Shangjing in a while...When the conditions get better in the future, I will see if my parents can recover more and repair their bodies. The bottom line... It is not required that the two Seniors can go far on Martial Dao, but I only hope that the two Seniors can live longer, so that I can do my filial piety for a few more years... That’s enough..."

You Xiaoxia scratched her head on one side: "You still opened a company? Why don't I know? I..."

"You are who I am? Why do I have to let you know about my affairs? "Mo Xuanyi said coldly.

But when I turn my head and face Zuo Xiaoduo, I will smile again: "Great Master Zuo’s divine ability is truly magical... everything is true and correct, and so is life. It's getting better and better, Great Master Zuo, you are really a strange person, this world is outstanding."

Li Chenglong laughed haha.

Interesting, really interesting.

Mo Xuanyi seems to speak coldly to Little Fatty, but every word in and out of the words is intended to remind You Xiaoxia: This Great Master Zuo is Deity, and his divine ability is straightforward. If you speak your words, you must...you...don't miss the opportunity!

It seems that there is something really going on between these two people!

Next, under Little Fatty’s faceless and persevering questioning, especially under the pitiful waiting eyes, Mo Xuanyi was full of unwillingness and impatientness, but Still recounted the past vividly, obviously to prove that what oneself said just now is true.

Little Fatty was so happy to hear it, but also a little scared.

"Fortunately, you didn't fight the left boss to the end, or maybe you didn't know where you died..."

Tea has gone through three rounds.

Everyone's emotions are much calmer.

Zuo Xiaoduo looked at You Xiaoxia and said, "Xuanyi is a good girl. If you only want to play the world, you will be rounded and farther away. If you want to live forever, then you have to hurry up. For such a beautiful girl, you are not the only one who pursues you."

Mo Xuanyi blushed and said, "Great Master Zuo! I have nothing to do with him."

You Xiaoxia looked excited and nodded fiercely: "I know! I understand! For sure! I am not playing! Absolutely not! I am sincere! What I want is for a lifetime! I must hurry up! Left boss, don't worry!" /p>

The tone is unusually heavy, heavy, and solemn.

Every word that goes up and down is like swearing.

Mo Xuanyi's face finally softened a little bit, but as soon as he thought of You Xiaoxia's family background, he couldn't help but sighed deeply in his heart.


It is impossible to break!

Clan of Right Path Heavenly King, first under the heavens clan!

Only one item, it is no longer oneself, this ordinary person can climb high!

If it was before, You Xiaoxia was still just a hedonistic son of rich parents in clan, or there was still some hope.

But now, You Xiaoxia has changed, ascending to the skies with a single leap, and becomes the orthodox heir of You Family, the future candidate for Family Head!

Then the identity gap between the two will become even more distant and out of reach.

Oneself’s family background, and oneself’s past...

Anyway, even if everyone on You Clan is crazy, they will never accept oneself Such a woman is the mother of Family Head.

After this time...Let’s find a chance to completely break it, the long-term pain is worse than the short-term pain......

By raising your head while drinking tea, your eyes quickly swept over You Xiaoxia's face, the pain in the back of her eyes flashed past, and she immediately recovered her calm.

fatty, you and I are destined not to be a world person.

A wrong relationship is not allowed at home, not allowed in the country, not used in the world, not allowed to each other, why bother to entangle!

Fortunately, now, neither of you nor I are deeply involved... End it as soon as possible and treat each other well.

After going back this time, I proceeded to sell the company, and then took my parents to live in another place...

From then on, I will keep each other in my memories.

Zuo Xiaoduo looked at You Xiaoxia and Mo Xuanyi calmly, with a strange smile on his face.

Picking up the teapot, pouring the tea, while saying: "Xuanyi, come to me this time, not just come to see me?"

"Well, indeed It’s a bit of discovery, but I don’t know who to tell."1

"What’s the discovery? Is it related to your teacher?"

"Yes..." Mo Xuanyi bit his lower lip, and said, "When I went out recently, I saw a few signs...or a code."

"Marks? Codes?" Zuo Xiaoduo frowned and sat upright. Up the body.

"Yes, it is the mark of Greedy Wolf Sect, the secret code of Army Destruction Sect, and, Seven Kills Sect...all."

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