Unconventional Legend Chapter 1155

Mo Xuanyi has fear on his face and grave expression: "The nine Star Sects of Northern Dipper...I'm afraid this time, all have come to Beijing."

Zuo Xiaoduo frowned, meditated, muttered: "Kill, Destruction, and Wolf...Northern Dipper Nine Star Sect..."

Mo Xuanyi said: "If I guess it’s right, or The Star Lords gathered, and even Star Monarch vividly came... It seems, what a huge action is going to be done..."


Zuo Xiaoduo's face suddenly appeared Gloomy down.

He immediately thought of the Wang Family game, the changes of Heavenly Dao, the viewing qi outside, the Kill, Destruction, and Wolf of Phoenix City at the time, and the Phoenix Vein rushing soul...

At this moment, Zuo Xiaoduo suddenly gave birth to a clear comprehension.

Perhaps, the previously envisaged direction is actually wrong, the wrong kind!

If based on what Mo Xuanyi said, and taking this as the starting point of the structure, it will be a brand new orientation, a brand new direction, and it will never be associated before.

The elites of the Shaman Alliance Northern Dipper Star Sect gather...but a little bit...

"Miss Xuanyi, as you know, Northern Dipper Star Sect is roughly in the Shaman Alliance What status is it?" Zuo Xiaoduo asked.

"Extremely disregarded, the Shaman Alliance has never treated Star Sect up and down...just talk and drink, don't treat Star Sect as a human..." Mo Xuanyi said .

"What? It's not a matter of course? It's even an improper treatment, why is it like this?" Zuo Xiaoduo Li Chenglong and You Xiaoxia were stunned when they heard this.

This situation is different from the guesswork.

In the eyes of those who know about Star Soul Human Race, Shaman Alliance Northern Dipper and Southern Dipper Star Sect are extremely conspiracies. They make decisions and then move easily. They don’t make any moves easily. Once they make a move, it will cause Star Soul Human. Race A turmoil in the interior.

Nine Heavens Pavilion and Bai Yunduo's Supervision Department were set up for this organization, but they still rarely have the upper hand and are quite passive.

Phoenix City Phoenix Vein’s soul-rushing game before, if it weren’t for Zuo Xiaoduo, a metamorphosis that was not calculated by Northern Dipper Star Sect, this game, Phoenix Vein’s soul-rushing game would be great. Lose, lose, lose!

"Well... this cognition among people in the Shaman Alliance is the most universal and even recognized cognition. Shaman Alliance has always believed in the power of respect. For the destiny admired by Star Sect, Set up the game to break the game, destroy the energy and luck, and dismiss it. Secondly... it is because the source of Star Sect's existence is actually part of the inheritance of the ancient Star Monarch, and the position of the ancient Star Monarch... It is...Monster Sovereign."

Mo Xuanyi said readily: "In other words, the actual source of dao lineage of Star Sect is Monster Clan lineage, which has nothing to do with Shaman Clan."


"The real consecrate within Star Sect is also the Heavenly Emperor, the Star Monarch, the ancestral master, and has never been the great witch of Consecrate."

Mo Xuanyi said: "They have different beliefs and different beliefs."

However, how much trust does the Shaman Alliance give to Star Sect?"

"Why does Shaman Clan still keep you Star Sect? Even accept you?"

Li Chenglong is weird Said: "In that case, shouldn't it be best to eliminate these Star Sects as soon as possible?"

"I don't know the root cause of this. After all, I was just the last dísciple of Star Sect. Knowing is very limited."

Mo Xuanyi frowned: "In fact, what I know, this kind of strange and complicated relationship, for example, Star Sect dísciple or Shaman Clan, a general with a little identity. Everyone knows it well."

"Or Shaman Clan keeps Star Sect, what else is there for it?"

Zuo Xiaoduo said: "I think there must be a reason, otherwise , And won’t keep it. After all, it’s a force that originally belonged to Monster Clan."

"But things are getting more and more complicated. This new clue cuts my original network of relationships into pieces. It’s almost a complete reconstruction."

Li Chenglong rubbed the temple, said with a bitter smil e: "And I guess, in this matter...maybe other factors that have emerged now are far more than this. "

"en." Zuo Xiaoduo also knows that the situation is out of control and must be completely overturned. He can't help but feel a little tight in his chest, said solemnly: "It's definitely not all, you will have to work hard next." "

Mo Xuanyi said: "My dear, from now on, I don’t dare to make any rash actions anymore. I know only a limited amount of knowledge, and I guess I’m guessing, and what I give you may not be clues. On the contrary, it may be misleading. Secondly, I was born there, and I don't know when I will be targeted... If possible, I plan to quit Shangjing. "

You Xiaoxia said angrily: "What to withdraw from going to Beijing!" I'm the big thing! What Northern Dipper nine stars? If they dare to trouble you, I will level them all! "

Mo Xuanyi is faintly laughed and doesn't speak.

You Family is undoubtedly big, with the Right Path Heavenly King sitting behind him, or Star Picking Thearch, if both parties With full firepower, Mo Xuanyi also believes that Star Sect can't do You Family, but Star Sect has existed in the cracks for so many years. It has its own way of survival, and is more proficient in life-saving and roundabout methods!

If you You Family say to catch a few of them and kill them, it is possible, or even easy to do...

But when it comes to shoveling out the whole, I only I can say that you want to be so beautiful!

What's more, how could You Family be willing to make clan fight so hard because of a woman like me, and then pay a heavy price... I believe, I believe you It’s not empty talk, you will definitely go back to urge this matter, but what you don’t know is that when you speak, it’s time for us to separate.

Because You Clan can use this matter. The distance between each other is completely widened.

If I were the elder of You Clan, I would do it, and I would definitely!

"Xuanyi, thank you! "Zuo Xiaoduo looked at Mo Xuanyi and said earnestly.

"Where did your kindness come from, if you weren't there, how could Xuanyi be today." "

Mo Xuanyi said: "It's a pity, I am destined to be unable to help you more with this matter." "

"no no, your help is enough! Not only is it big enough, but it's enough. "

Zuo Xiaoduo took a deep breath and said: "Your clue is to find me a blind spot in thinking." "

Li Chenglong is nodded vigorously.

The sentence of thinking blind zone is really impossible to be true.

Even if you have reaching heaven and penetrating earth If you don’t know the existence of real enemies, it’s useless.

Mo Xuanyi smiled happily. When others smile, they always bend their eyes and then spread out their faces. , But Mo Xuanyi's nose wrinkled slightly, then his eyes were bent, and there was a bright smile in his eyes, and then the corners of his mouth began to curl...

Zuo Xiaoduo could not help but see the sense of hierarchy. Admiration: Even the order of laughter is different from others, if it is different.

You Xiaoxia who is on the side is just watching it.

It's been such a long time. , It was the first time he discovered that Mo Xuanyi was so beautiful with a smile, and his heart trembled and dazzled for a while...

"Well, there is something else. But I am not so sure. "

"What's the matter? "

Mo Xuanyi said a little hesitantly: "A few days ago...When I was shopping, I saw the immortal appearance immortal looks on the opposite side of a woman walking out from the door... It seems, somewhat Like..."

She bit her lip, hesitated for a moment, and said: "...a bit like Ning Qingcheng. "

"Ning Qingcheng? ! "

Zuo Xiaoduo's eyes became serious, and said: "Is it her?" Are you sure? "

"I'm not sure, I only met her once, and I have seen more pictures of her. After all, her beauty is rare in the world. "

Zuo Xiaoduo couldn't help but ponder.

Li Chenglong asked: "Left boss, why do you ask?" "

Zuo Xiaoduo said: "When testing Star Soul at first, what was your Star Soul aptitude? How much is Long Yusheng? How much is Wan Lixiu? "

Li Chenglong said: "I am Star Soul in eight or nine, Long Yusheng in ninety-two, Wan Lixiu in ninety, Li Changming in eighty-seven, and Yu Moyan the lowest, only seven-nine. "

On one side, Little Fatty You Xiaoxia said: "Left boss, I am Star Soul of Jiu San!" "

Zuo Xiaoduo indifferently said: "Star Soul aptitude is Innate Aptitude. The higher the Star Soul aptitude, the greater the future achievement. This is a kind of heaven's destiny... Do you understand it now? "

"Of course I understand. "

"But do you know, back then...Ning Qingcheng was the soul of nine seven stars!" This is the entire Phoenix City, Ranked 2nd highest in history! And this aptitude, even if compared with everyone in the entire Star Soul Continent and since ancient times, Ning Qingcheng's Star Soul aptitude is still among the best, shocking the world! "

Everyone immediately understood the meaning of Zuo Xiaoduo's words, and they couldn't help but blurt out cred out in surprise: "It's so high? ! "

Especially You Xiaoxia, he originally felt that oneself is high enough.

But not only did not expect higher than oneself, but it was also much higher. You have to know , Even the luck clans like You Family, oneself’s Star Soul aptitude Niu San, is already one of the three firsts among the You Family peers...

Unexpectedly, Mo Xuanyi The name of a girl who was casually spoken, Star Soul aptitude was actually close to full marks!

"Left boss, the soul of nine seven stars is only second! Who is the first? "You Xiaoxia stared wide-eyed: "Phoenix City...... Fengshui is so good?" "

Zuo Xiaoduo snorted, rolled his eyes and said: "The first is your sister-in-law, nine-nine Star Soul! "

"Awesome! so amazing! "

You Xiaoxia was shocked.

Nine-nine Star Soul...... Doesn’t this exist at the end of the legendary aptitude?

This is even better than the perfect Star Soul To be powerful, because the so-called perfect Star Soul aptitude, major clans can use resources to pile up, but they will not deliberately pile up a nine-nine Star Soul!

Soul aptitude is only God’s favor.

How can the perfect Star Soul aptitude formed by other methods be the same.

The so-called perfect Star Soul, although it looks like Going further, but that is not the true meaning of heaven's destiny. The accomplishment of man is not only rare for Good Fortune of Heaven and Earth, but Heavenly Retribution will follow, and future achievements will be inferior to others. /p>

So many big clans gave up after several attempts.

This is heaven's will, not human power can change.

Even if it can The stack is full of Star Soul, only the data is stacked, not the true aptitude.

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