Unconventional Legend Chapter 1156

"I originally knew that sister-in-law is heaven's beloved daughter, that is, didn't expect, it is actually such a heaven's chosen daughter, not just in name only, like a textbook, But also in reality!"

You Xiaoxia is already amazed, and it is estimated that he will have to prostrate oneself in admiration.

Nine-nine Star Soul! How can you be born then?

Zuo Xiaoduo triumphantly: "That's, don't look at whose unfinished wife it is."

"By the way, left boss, how many Star Soul are you? Phoenix City is the first and second, there are people, you are third?"

You Xiaoxia curiously asked.

With the aptitude of the left boss, how can I say it is 96?

It will definitely not become mundane, that's for sure.


Zuo Xiaoduo's face suddenly turned black.

Li Chenglong is thinking about Ning Qingcheng, hearing this suddenly smiled: "Left boss tested Star Soul at the beginning, it is said that it didn't test...hahahaha..."

Zuo Xiaoduo used Looking at Li Chenglong with cannibalistic eyes, gnashing teeth fiercely said: "Just opened your mouth? Do your job!"

Under Zuo Xiaoduo's threat of violence, Li Chenglong laughed Stopped abruptly.

"...I didn't test it?" You Xiaoxia was stunned.

"Cough...it's not untested...the machine broke down..."

Zuo Xiaoduo rolled his eyes and said.

I remember Mother said that it is possible to measure Star Soul by oneself, but Star Soul is weak. If others are raging, oneself’s Star Soul is just a candle in the wind...

In the Star Soul test, there is no data for those below 30; there is no data for oneself.

Zuo Xiaoduo now estimate, if Zuo Xiaonian's is compared, Zuo Xiaonian is ninety-nine, oneself should be...0.5?

"hahahaha..." Zuo Xiaonian unfathomable mystery laughed beside him.

Zuo Xiaoduo has a black line.

You Xiaoxia and Li Chenglong are shrugging their shoulders, and they can’t hold back anymore...

"Talk to business!"

Zuo Xiaoduo frowned, change quickly The topic, said: "Ning Qingcheng is a man born with nine seven stars soul, that luck is not generally strong, Ning Qingcheng appeared in Shangjing at this delicate moment, but I don’t know why?"

"Ning Qingcheng's air luck belongs to Star Soul air luck... Such Star Soul, such a genius aptitude, at this time, suddenly appeared in Shangjing... Before the Ning Family died, where did Ning Qingcheng run? Go?"

Zuo Xiaoduo frowned: "Ning Family is dead...Why is Ning Qingcheng not dead?"

The meaning of this sentence, only Zuo Xiaoduo oneself know.

He understands how horrible the great array of oneself cloth is. According to reason, Ning Family is absolutely impossible and only half of the people survive, but Ning Qingcheng...what's the matter?

Li Chenglong frowned in thought.

Mo Xuanyi and You Xiaoxia are pretending to be thinking, but they are actually full of ignorance and empty.

Both of them know that oneself is impossible to think of...this kind of brainstorming work is not done by oneself.

Zuo Xiaoduo sounds like a question, but in fact it is just talking to himself.

"Is there anyone else with her at the time?"

"There was a man beside me, but I didn't know him."

Mo Xuanyi said "The other thing is, I am actually not sure if I read it wrong...After all, Ning Qingcheng and I have only one side of each other. It is only because of her outstanding beauty that I am deeply impressed, but immortal looks immortal appearance comes out. Each of the girls is beautiful and beautiful, and it is not impossible to misread it......"

Zuo Xiaoduo frowned, said: "I would rather believe it, untrustworthy, and be careful not to make a big mistake. "

Li Chenglong nodded, and then he pulled out an extra thread, and suddenly felt more and more headaches.

"Left boss, Ning Family had an enemy with you at the time...this Ning Qingcheng..."

"I just learned that Shaman Alliance Star Sect is coming, and now Ning Qingcheng has appeared , It's a new line... This... the complexity is soaring in a straight line. I think about it now, and my brain hurts."

"This is no way."

< p>Zuo Xiaoduo said: "At the beginning, Ning Family and Meng Family were destroyed in the hands of several of us, Old Principal... Qin teacher, and me, Niannian Cat, everyone has a share... If Ning Qingcheng The desire for revenge can not only make sense, but even... even if the teacher is famous, you can connect everything together and connect everything."

"Even if it makes sense logically, it is based on Ning Qingcheng’s Strength, cultivation base, resource cost, but how can she provoke Wang Family...what qualifications does she have to participate in this round?"

Li Chenglong pondered hard.

Mo Xuanyi finished speaking and wanted to say goodbye, but Zuo Xiaonian held her to talk. These two beauties, who were supposed to be enemies, sat together and talked affectionately at this moment, making Zuo Xiaoduo sighed.

This Human World thing is really unpredictable...No matter how smart you are, you can't guess any subsequent changes anyway.

In short, everything is so confusing.

Next is You Xiaoxia: "Boss, I also have some news to report."

"Then you report." With Mo Xuanyi's intelligence, Zuo Xiaoduo's mind Somewhat heavy.

You Xiaoxia coughed and was about to speak, but took out a piece of paper from the space ring, glanced at it, and said: "Recently, the various noises on the Internet have become more and more powerful."

"Every graduate student born in Phoenix City is vocally denouncing Wang Family; there are more than tens of thousands of stories related to He Yuanyue Old Principal on the Internet... all of them are in life Bit by bit, the students wrote based on oneself's memories...Although they are not thrilling, they are all warm and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people!"

"And a company called Handsome Zuo is making every effort to promote this Things, on the one hand, lead the people to give birth to old Principal’s nostalgia, respect, love, admiration, and gratitude from the bottom of their hearts..."

"In addition, Hidden Dragon High Martial With the cloud High Martial, Ancestral Dragon High Martial, Water City, a larger high-level institution, no mathematicians responded one after another, participated in the condemnation, and responded to this matter by writing bit by bit between oneself and the teacher... Streams and rivers converge into the sea. Nowadays, they are not only converging into the sea, they are gradually overwhelming, and they cannot be dealt with..."

"Wang Family's team is powerful, and the means of pushing hands are brilliant enough. , Even more at all costs and money, with strong capital to counterattack strongly, but they always only have the power of one family...Under the impact of the tide of true feelings of the whole people, they can only retreat steadily and resist. "

"Now, the reputation of He Yuanyue Old Principal in Star Soul Continent has gone so far as to..."

You Xiaoxia was silent for a moment, and said: "... moral seal Holy!"

"Moral canonization..."

Zuo Xiaoduo was silent for a while, his eyes flashed.

Zuo Xiaonian and Li Chenglong on one side are also looking thoughtful.

Or, or you can take this opportunity to push Old Principal to the altar and create a human myth...

If you really want to do this, then you have to comply with this Trend, add more strength.

Li Chenglong's lips move sound transmission: "Now that we are at this point, it depends on the meaning of the upper level. The assistance we can provide is not enough to make it happen."

Zuo Xiaoduo The sound transmission responded, saying: "For the upper echelons, the Old Principal who has passed away; because this incident has been promoted to the altar and established a moral model, there are only benefits and no harm... If it can be used to establish a respectable goal for the whole people, for Setting a benchmark in the martial arts career is a good thing that has all benefits but no harm."


"As you said, at this stage, we There is no need to do anything, everything is left to the upper-level operation; if it is driven by our own efforts, it will be too deliberate and fall behind... By the way, I have already passed through a certain channel and delivered the four fruits. In the hands of the upper level, the fruit of this donation alone is a heavy bargaining chip. The upper level will not fail to think about it, and will be more inclined to us."

"The boss divine ability is vast, and the hands and eyes are Heaven. Reaching, I admire it."

"I want you to shoot a horse!...The Handsome Zuo Company only needs to keep the current state and continue."


The two exchanged a few words quickly and settled the matter.

You Xiaoxia is the person who adjusts the eyebrows and eyes. Seeing the two people discussing in the sound transmission mode, she naturally stopped talking; when both of them turned their eyes, they continued to speak.

"The current wave of public opinion on the Internet has shown a one-sided trend. Especially the bad deeds of the Wang Family over the years have also been picked up one by one by many interested people and made public. I think If you want to turn against the wind, it is impossible to break."

"I believe that after a period of time, the fermentation will continue, and the reputation and aura of War God's clan will be lost, and there will be no more."

Li Chenglong listened, suddenly frowned.

"No, this is not the result we want! It must not be the case!"

He suddenly became vigilant: "This momentum must be stopped. We are only targeting Wang Family. We must not criticize War God's clan."

"It's too late."

Zuo Xiaonian lifts the head while swiping his mobile phone, and said: "Now it has begun to target, and The momentum is great."

She handed the phone to Zuo Xiaoduo's hand, and Zuo Xiaoduo randomly swiped it, and saw that all her eyes were all about crusade against War God's clan.

There are countless follow-up posts, popping up like bamboo shoots after a rain.

And the connotation of these posts is all a point.

"Wang Family's descendants are so domineering, what qualification does Wang Feihong have to occupy the name of War God?"

"Wang Feihong is worthy of the title of War God?"

"Such a clan, it can be called a War God!"

"Wang Feihong, the position of Heavenly King at the beginning is also a deception!"

"hehe...War God's clan , This is it?!"

"The descendants are so dirty and dirty, Wang Feihong is in vain as War God!"

"What War God, yuck!"


The more I look at it, the more gloomy Zuo Xiaoduo's face becomes.

Li Chenglong and You Xiaoxia also turned their heads to look at each other. After a while, the three looked at each other, and they all saw an unpleasant color in each other's eyes.

"I also said that Wang Family clan, how could it be so impossible to withstand a single blow, the other party’s killing move turned out to be here, retreating to advance, retreating all the way to the extreme. When it seemed to have the upper hand, I resorted to such a trick!"

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