Unconventional Legend Chapter 1157

"I believe that more than 90% of these posts are led and promoted by the Wang Family. This is... a counter-current trick to put them to death and live! As long as such calls form a wave ...To the level that directly shakes the status of Lone Goose Heavenly King...it will inevitably be subject to official suppression!"

"Wang Family is Wang Family, even if the descendants of Wang Family commit all kinds of crimes, What's the reason for Heavenly King Wang's feat of sacrifice, Wang Family and War God's clan are never one and two, two and one, the two seem to be inseparable, but in the bones are entirely different. If they are the descendants of thousands of years later The mistakes made by future generations, on the contrary, have to be borne by the heroic ancestors who sacrificed for continent thousands of years ago. Not only are they unreasonable, they are even more absurd..."

"And so intensified, until a certain time, For example, the moment when the official comes to stop it, it will inevitably arouse everyone's reflection and even disgust, and once this kind of reflection and disgust has formed a scale, it will be our turn to be unlucky."

"That sentence, Wang Family and War God's clan, one in two, two in one, were treated as one before, and now if they form a counterattack, they will thoroughly bless the glory of War God's clan and go upstream."

"Once the top management takes action, they will defend Heavenly King Wang's War God position with the greatest strength. The Wang Family will also wait for the opportunity to counterattack strongly!"

"At that time, it is equal to one side A god was launched to play the opposite stage. Even if Old Principal is famous, no matter how popular it is, how can it be the opponent of the continent hero Lone Goose Heavenly King..."

"At that time, it will fail. The side of the party will only sink completely, and the Old Principal will also be nailed to the pillar of shame under their counter-attack. I can even imagine that it only needs a sentence like "An ordinary old woman, who has taught for several years," Actually want to mention on equal terms with War God? Actually want to replace War God with it? How ridiculous!'It is enough to reverse the response!"

"Heavenly King Wang's sacrifice created the entire continent And He Yuanyue taught a few students...just This? Replace Heavenly King Wang? "

"Wang Family is indeed the Wannian Aristocratic Family. They found the most suitable entry point and counterattack point! "

Zuo Xiaoduo's face fell into an unprecedented gloom.

"Now I need guidance, and I can no longer get entangled in the topic of War God's clan. "

Li Chenglong sighed then said: "Now the mountain cry out and sea howl heaven falls and earth rends on the Internet, guide easier said than done. "

Zuo Xiaoduo thought for a while, suddenly frowned, said solemnly: "There may be no way!" "

Just do what you say, I quickly boarded oneself’s online account, quickly compiled a post, and posted it.

As soon as You Xiaoxia and Li Chenglong saw the title of the post, Almost scared to pee.

"Boss! What are you trying to do, quickly delete it......"

"Left boss......you you you......"

Zuo Xiaoduo unperturbed, said: "It's okay, I already thought about it."

Zuo Xiaoduo unperturbed comprehensive. "

The muscles on their faces twitched, and cold sweat fell on their foreheads.

Only because...the title of this post is like this.

"Shocked ! ! Heaven Patrolling Throne of the famous continent, in the bones, turned out to be such a person! (Why did the young girl live on the street? Why did my son become waste? Why did the eighty-year-old woman cry bitterly every night? Why did the three million sows roar in the sky late at night? ... Everything, this article is willing to take the world’s worst for you Come!)"

The title is marked in red and bold!

This topic is really shocking!

After sending out, there is not enough time for ten breaths , There were 7,000 hits, and then, in just one minute, the hits directly exceeded 500,000, and then it soared all the way...

Post content——

"I am fortunate to have seen Lord Throne in person. Lord Throne is humorous, dignified and solemn. He is a dear and respectable elder. The experience of interacting with Throne will come one by one in the following posts. .

Only at the beginning of this post, I want to remind everyone: Wang Family is wrong and cannot be forgiven; Wang Family is sinful and overwhelming... But all this is the same as Lone Goose thousands of years ago. Heavenly King has nothing to do.

Heavenly King sacrificed heroically and died thousands of years. He was born in clan and enjoyed the shadow of War God's clan. He is reasonable and has both human and righteousness. It is also the treatment that the world should have for heroes. However, after ten thousand years, the current Wang Family is so notorious. There is an essential difference between the two. Mentioning on equal terms between the current Wang Family and Heavenly King Wang is the biggest insult to Heavenly King Wang! We scold the current Wang Family, yes, too good, because they should be scolded, they must be scolded, they should be scolded loudly, scolded by thousands of people, but when you scold, can you not bring the word War God two, let alone Insult our hero.

The most straightforward sentence, Wang Family and War God, that are two different things, how can they be confused! We should look at the problem dialectically, look at the essence, look at the truth..."

The whole post started with a few sentences in total, and the matter has been perfectly clear, pointing to current malpractices, and referring to the key point.

The final signature is: Glistening Cat.

Zuo Xiaonian stretched his white neck, smiled at Zuo Xiaoduo’s post, and couldn’t help but cocked Zuo Xiaoduo. Thumb: "Xiaoduo, You're quite something! "

The biggest highlight of this post is that it uses the title to fool people in.

The first sentence of the opening is "I am very familiar with Throne." ; This will greatly increase the credibility.

Then it is reasonable, intertwined, and subtle.

The entire network world, who dares to hold Throne? Are you kidding?

So, as long as the people who have seen it, they will naturally think and accept it.

And this main title is really scary!

< p>Almost 10,000% of what you see will be clicked in. Nowadays, there is a national movement on the Internet... As more and more people clicked in, the number of clicks rose steadily, and this post was also quickly liked. Go up...

After arriving, the four words Heaven Patrolling Throne were marked in red and bold on the original basis. At the top, with a shining posture, it strongly occupied the hot search list. First.

This time, more people clicked in.

Within a few minutes, the number of clicks has exceeded 10 million, and then the number of clicks has exceeded 100 million. , 1 billion clicks... rush away...

If someone makes such a post, even if it doesn’t cause serious trouble, there will be many follow-ups.

But Zuo Xiaonian and Zuo Xiaoduo are both aware of oneself.

Oneself two people send, but there are no taboos, no difficulty!

Even if it is more ugly, it is beaten at most Pause the butt...it doesn’t matter.

In view of this, Zuo Xiaonian, who has the same capital, admires it very much, exhibit one's feelings in one's speech. Why didn’t I think about it?

Zuo Xiaoduo This wit can be said to be too powerful.

Zuo Xiaonian both eyes sparkling is all admiration: "Duoduo, you are so amazing, you can think of a way so quickly...you are awesome! Hmm..."

Only then did I see Zuo Xiaoduo's screen name, frowned and said in bewilderment: "What does Glistening Cat... mean? "

"Cough cough. Zuo Xiaoduo coughed, and said face doesn't change: "That's it, shiny cat. "

Zuo Xiaonian became more and more puzzled: "The cat...how could it be so shiny?" "

"Don't you, Niannian Cat, always shine, ice crystals everywhere, drops of glitter. Zuo Xiaoduo flattered: "Meidi is very, very beautiful." "

"You just shine. Zuo Xiaonian's coldly snorted face, said: "You are a shining Lil Puppy!" "

"Yes, I am the brilliant Lil Puppy! Wang Wang..." Zuo Xiaoduo salivated his face.


Zuo Xiaonian's face was cold, and he couldn't help laughing. The net name problem was instantly thrown beyond the topmost clouds.

Even Mo Xuanyi laughed happily.

Looking at the left boss of others, the temperament is really good, especially for oneself wife, almost always catching up with Little Fatty You Xiaoxia is here.

Well, why should I say that I’m catching up with You Xiaoxia? How can I compare him!

"This post on the Internet... Containment effect. "Li Chenglong said.

"How much storm can be set off by just such a post, can it subvert the world and bring the situation back again? "You Xiaoxia really feels unimaginable and unbelievable.

Li Chenglong stared at the screen and said: "The so-called shadow of the tree of names of people, this post hits Lord Throne directly by his real name, otherwise, how could it be so now? Click more, the most important thing is that the official did not come out to deal with this post, and did not even choose to hide it... In the eyes of the world, the official account recognized the authenticity of this post. "

"At least, it is officially admitted that this person is indeed related to Heaven Patrolling Throne. "

"Based on this argument, interested people will naturally take an extra layer of consideration. Correspondingly, this time of Wang Family has prepared a counterattack. Not only does it fail to achieve the expected results, it is difficult to cause too much trouble. It will even be really hard to cheer up, and it will be a complete failure. "

"What if Wang Family hacked this post?" "

"If it could be black, or any action, Wang Family would have done it a long time ago. But so far it is still so strong, always alive, it does not mean that this post is protected... I say that you should understand it? "

Li Chenglong rolls his eyes, he really has no interest in talking to You Xiaoxia.

This is a second pen, right?

This kind of stuff, unexpectedly It will be the established future Family Head candidate for You Family. I really don’t know what You Family’s basic requirements for selecting this family’s Family Head are. The threshold is too low, right?

All netizens in the world can see and think of it.

He can’t see the thing, it’s as blind as his eyes.

Isn’t my brain eaten by a dog?

You Xiaoxia is very wronged, if it weren’t for the author to use my mouth to make you Explain to those incomprehensible Kong Jing, why Lao Tzu behaves so stupid...

Li Chenglong is continuing to think.

You Xiaoxia then reported: "Left boss, I Here is another news... That morning, Wang Family Family Head Wang Han went to Nian Family to visit; but he didn't even enter the door. And Nian Family Family Head Nian Shangqing personally stood at the door, slapped Wang Han and let him go! "

"This matter has been seen by many people; it has now become the most popular anecdote in the newly promoted Shangjing. "

"Is there such a thing?" "

Zuo Xiaoduo and Li Chenglong raised their heads at the same time.


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