Unconventional Legend Chapter 1159

"In the first round of phoenix vein rushing soul, the opponent arranged for decades, while Wang Family group of dragons seize the vein, Star Sect arranged for hundreds of years. The difference in severity is conceivable. Not to mention, Star Sect is the best at handling details, looking forward everywhere, and the layout is first. Now Wang Family has shown signs of decline, and the manpower going to Phoenix City is almost okay. To ruin the last straw of the Wang Family, they would not ignore the follow-up of this man if they want to make a game."

"If you think about it, Northern Dipper nine, Southern Dipper six are there. ...The battle strength they can instigate...at least in my opinion, it is unimaginable and unusually powerful."

"If you are not completely sure, it would be better to compete with Wu Family, Nian Family, Liu Family, Lu Family, the people of these companies are working together. I have to solemnly reiterate that now we are not just a Wang Family, but also Shaman Alliance Star Sect. It is by no means easy."

Although You Xiaoxia still disagrees in my heart, she still agreed and said: "I remember. I will tell my father when I go back, mobilize the clan peak expert, and set the trip."

"Okay. "

"The names of the few people?"

"The few people are called...Blue Sky Knight Errant Gao Fengliang; with four people, namely Lu Jiashan and Hua Yunting , Wang Shiqi, Wang Shifang...their body shapes are...the weapons are...the ones they are good at are..."

Zuo Xiaoduo added: "Their body shapes and features can only be used as a reference at the moment. , It’s hard to count, you have to pay attention to this section."

"I understand, I understand."

You Xiaoxia kept it in mind and said: "With these information , Things are much easier."

"Anything else?" Zuo Xiaoduo is ready to place the Expulsion Order.

You Xiaoxia who got the news is also with one's heart set on speeding home, for fear of being preempted by others and wanting to go home.

However, Mo Xuanyi is still here, holding hands and talking affectionately with Zuo Xiaonian.

"I have nothing else to do. I will send Xuanyi back soon, and then I will proceed to deal with this matter."

You Xiaoxia said.


Zuo Xiaoduo carefully looked at You Xiaoxia's face, then turned to look at Mo Xuanyi's face, suddenly laughed and said:" Niannian Cat, you and Xuanyi have been talking for so long, why haven't you finished talking? You are so affectionate, I think you are so temperamental, it's better to worship as sisters."

Zuo Xiaonian hearing This is just a moment, and then I saw that Zuo Xiaoduo's eyes seemed to contain deep meaning, his thoughts suddenly moved, and he said leisurely: "I have this intention, I am afraid Xuanyi elder sister will not look down on me."

Mo Xuanyi was very excited and happy. He pursed his mouth and said happily: "Oh, I can't ask for it, why would I be unhappy?"

For Mo Xuanyi, it's really a joy to fall from the sky; Zuo Xiaonian is very popular, she liked it at first glance. Moreover, Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian are among the few people in this world who Mo Xuanyi trusts most.

Now that there is such an opportunity, Mo Xuanyi feels a little sudden, but he is still excited.

So Zuo Xiaonian and Mo Xuanyi became sisters of Jinlan under the witness of everyone.

Mo Xuanyi is several years older, as it should be by rights is an elder sister, and Zuo Xiaonian is a younger sister.

Now it's just two people bowing.

"When my parents come back, I will call you, elder sister, come over and kowtow." Zuo Xiaonian said.

"Okay, when the time comes, I will bring my parents with me." Mo Xuanyi looked happy.

After the worship, the two of them are even more happy, holding each other's hand, only feel that they are getting closer.

Then Mo Xuanyi reluctantly left under the urging of Zuo Xiaoduo and You Xiaoxia.

Looking at the disappearance of You Xiaoxia and Mo Xuanyi silhouette, Zuo Xiaonian looked at Zuo Xiaoduo with bright eyes: "What's the matter?"

"Well, it is indeed a small problem, but The root is to help others and yourself, why not do it." Zuo Xiaoduo laughed.

"humph." Zuo Xiaonian exceptionally intelligent, said: "These two people are affectionate to each other, but ninety-nine percent of the elders of You Family will not accept a daughter-in-law like Xuanyi, even a little girl born like this impossible Being the mother of the Family Head...So, you let me bow to complete Mo Xuanyi?"

"Smart! All in!"

Zuo Xiaoduo looks of Shock, he thought that Zuo Xiaonian could guess a little bit, but he didn't think that what she thought was exactly the same as what oneself thought.

"Elder Sister Xiaonian, you are so smart... You little brain... Oh, it's a roundworm in my stomach. You know what you are thinking when I look at it. Is this The so-called heart is eloquent, and everything shows that we are so good..."

"Look for a fight!"

"hmph, Puppy, why didn’t you just now? Give some medicine pill to sister Xuanyi's parents...her parents should need it now..." Zuo Xiaonian was a little puzzled.

"This, we don't need it..." Zuo Xiaoduo said leisurely.


You Xiaoxia sent Mo Xuanyi home as she said, and then returned home quickly.

Along the way, I was constantly thinking about it.

How should I tell clan to send out people? Although Clan supports this matter, if you want to send a large number of people, I am afraid that Clan may not be able to pay such attention.

There was a flood of people in the hall.

There are many elders in You Family, and the elders are all sitting in the hall with their faces sinking into the water. Seeing You Xiaoxia's return, everyone looks more complicated.

Some comfort, some joy, a head headache, and a lot of helplessness.

This product has recently made good friends, which is naturally a good thing. Others may not know the identity of Zuo Xiaoduo, but how can You Clan not guess?

From the right, Heavenly King directly ordered You Xiaoxia to be the future Family Head, and you can see some clues.

When did Heavenly King take care of clan?

Family Head is who, it doesn’t matter who love is or who it is. I haven’t asked about it once in so many years.

It's as if the entire You Family has nothing to do with his Senior...

Normally, I never come back.

Only when the You Family has done something serious while carrying the banner of Heavenly King...Heavenly King will appear, fiercely punished, fiercely beaten, or killed...

Then organize the entire clan in a thunder marvelous way.

The faults of overwhelming majority are thrown to the front line.

Then he Senior let go, and he was faceless for hundreds of thousands of years.

Master Heavenly King is very majestic and solemn, the entire You Family, in front of Master Heavenly King, there is no one who dares to speak...

That kind of invisible imposing manner... Thinking of it, everyone feels...suffocated.

Sir Heavenly King reserved, serious and serious, and very adhere to principles...

And suddenly appeared and opened Jinkou’s fate, Xiaoximi, if there is no considerable reason, how could it be so ?

Furthermore... Xiami's imposing manner is very numerous.

In addition to picking up girls, eating, drinking, eating and waiting to die...that is, when I went to experience last time I made some friends...well, especially the left boss...


Then listen and understand, the left boss, this is clearly the kind of person with background, especially background.

Although Throne-sama has never had any relatives... But Heavenly King Old Ancestor takes it seriously, so there must be something we don’t know...

And Also, the guard came back that night to report that Lord Demon Ancestor reappeared in the world, or the grandfather of the left boss...

Well, Zuo Xiaoduo is the grandson of Lord Demon Ancestor, so he has a deeper identity. Has it been thorough?

You Xiaoxia is really farsighted, insightful, and visionary to be able to associate with him and hug her thighs!

This You Xiaoxia is simply a blessing from heaven.

But the news needs to be kept strictly confidential, and there must not be a slight, bit by bit leak...

And the top leaders of You Family who got the above information are very excited. , At the same time, I am a little bit worried...

Since it is obvious that clan has super thighs, he has a thicker platinum thigh...

Then, in the future, Family Head's love and family will become the top priority.

It happened that this kid...that many girl from a good family didn't care about it, how could he care about the daughter of a commoner!

If it’s just the daughter of a commoner, it’s okay, it’s still acceptable, but this woman also has the identity of a Shaman Alliance Greedy Wolf Sect!

That's a bit unfriendly and hard to accept!

This matter is a matter of standpoint, it is definitely not feasible!

For this matter, You Family invited the Seventh Patriarch, who has not been in the world for many years.

This time, must dispel You Xiaoxia's unrealistic idea, completely extinguish it!

Tell him that love is not the whole of your life.

As long as you become a Family Head, after a well-justified marriage, there will be as many women like this as you want... Now, don't be fascinated by your eyes...

< p>The civilian girl, the girl with the background of Shaman Alliance's faction, cannot enter our You family's house!

If it doesn’t work, you’ll have to quietly dispose of the woman. The position... has always been a taboo of You Family...

To be honest, the elders of You Family are also All didn't expect, this little fatty, which seems to be very slick, is actually a kind of love...No matter how you look at it, it is also a playboy character. How can it become a kind of infatuation?

Who do you want to make sense...

However, before dealing with emotional matters, you must do business first.

Little Fatty walked in and was shocked when he saw so many people.

"Dad, cough...Old Ancestor good, great grandfather good, second wife great grandfather good, third wife great grandfather good, great grandfather good, second great grandfather good...three great grandfather... Four...five six...seven great grandfather good...great grandfather good, great grandfather good, second great grandfather good...four great grandfather good...five...grandfather good, second grandfather good, Third Grandfather Fourth Master ……Nine grandfather is good... the uncle is good... the third uncle, the second uncle, the third uncle, the fourth uncle, the fifth uncle... the seventeenth uncle is good..."

I want to call down fluently in this circle , It really doesn't work without the equivalent qi vein, it's almost a cross talk, and Little Fatty yelled out in one breath, almost never letting it go.

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