Unconventional Legend Chapter 1160

There are too many people in the family... and if you call the wrong one, you will be beaten. Little Fatty has almost grown up in the long-term beating and scolding before, and now it can be confirmed that he will not admit wrong, but With this tone, still coping with difficulties.

"I'm back? Let's talk about it, what's the matter?"

"That's it, the left boss provided the details of the five people, which was sent by Wang Family The name and identity information of the five people in Phoenix City......"

You Xiaoxia said excitedly: "Maybe our family can catch the big fish this time and finish this work......"

"en? Five people's name and identity information? Are you sure it is accurate?"


"Which five people?"

"Respectively ……"

"The information is passed on to me, I will send someone to do things right away!"

"Ah, the left boss said, the situation may not be as simple as imagined, and there may be no changes, because Through some things, he discovered that behind Wang Family, it was very likely that Star Sect, a member of Shaman Alliance, was engaged in the action, and Northern Dipper Southern Dipper was involved in all... It will be very pessimistic. Not only will it be difficult for us to make a rash move, but it is possible to lose the army, and it may also cause troubles and shock evils. The gain is not worth the loss..."

"Understand, Zuo Xiaoduo this child is indeed Heaven. Reaching, even the Shaman Alliance Star Sect line was dug out by him. He said it well and considered it thoughtful. As expected, my You Family can't take it lightly in this campaign. I must be thoughtfully arranged before I can finish my job."< /p>

"If these people are caught this time, I am afraid that the Wang Family will really be over. Once the Wang Family falls, the Beijing forces will inevitably usher in a new layout reshuffle. And this blank space left by the Wang Family Big cake..."

Everyone is looking thoughtful.

Old Ancestor white eyebrow Xuan Dong said softly: "Xiangdong, Xiangxi, it’s up to you to walk this time. The seven of you will take their guard teams and the Tian No. 1 team. In addition, bring some of the juniors, go out together, and get some experience."

"This time...three hundred people will be dispatched."


You Xiangdong and You Xiangxi brother and the others stood up, saluted, and went out.

Each of these are the great grandfather of You Xiaoxia, and all of them are first-class high-rank practitioners.

You Xiangdong, You Xiangxi, You Xiangnan, You Xiangbei, You Xiangzhong; it was originally determined that the names of East, South, West, North and Centre were exactly the same, but the fertility was too vigorous, and they all went out. So there are You Xiangshan, You Xiangshui, You Xiangyun, etc... more than a dozen.

Now after so many years, there are more than 20 brothers of their generation, and eleven of them are still alive. They have all been sent out this time.

With their own strength, plus their respective guards, and the Clan Tian No. 1 team, the overall strength is already quite large. Don’t say it’s just against five flying cultivators, it’s another five. First name, ten more are nothing difficult!

You Xiaoxia hearing this is full of joy.

In his opinion, this family has dispatched so many human battle strengths. This battle is stable and nothing difficult. If such a strong force goes out, it still can’t be taken, and the five Wang Family Flying can’t be captured. ……You Family I'm afraid it will become a huge joke.

The reason why a full 300 people were dispatched on this trip, Old Ancestor's meaning is obvious, and it aims to experience the children of clan.

Eleven people and a dozen juniors walked out of the hall, and the hall suddenly became much empty.

You Xiaoxia is also sighed in relief.

It seems that I won’t criticize me today...

"If there is nothing wrong with me, I have other things to work on, so I will leave..." You Xiaoxia wanted to slip away. go.

Although You Xiaoxia has the identity of the future Family Head and his status is naturally respected, this is undeniable, but it is also undeniable that he is not a Family Head yet, and he has another one that is closer to reality. The identity of ——You Family junior, and everyone in this clan hall has the qualifications to press oneself on the ground and spank, plus the ability to not fight back.

Well, if you don’t have to, you have to pose yourself consciously, and you have to shout after you finish.

"Hold on."

An old man rolled his eyes: "There are so many of us, so much fanfare, so solemnly waiting for you for so long, naturally there is still business to be done. , What are you eager to leave?!"

"Great Grandfather, please say."

"You are the future head of the You Family appointed by Old Ancestor, and now your age is also It's not too small. The marriage major event needs to be settled as soon as possible. This is the current top priority and cannot be taken lightly."

Great Grandfather said slowly: "We carefully screened and selected each family. A girl of the right age, there are so few people who can be selected. Look at the one that meets you, and then let you father, find someone, arrange for you to meet, and see if you can get together."

< p>"Blind date...blind date?" You Xiaoxia stared wide-eyed.

What age are you now, are you still on a blind date?

I, You Xiaoxia...My handsome and righteous incarnation of You Xiaoxia actually needs a blind date, who should I look down on...

"I don't want it." You Xiaoxia muttered.

"You dare!" You Xiaoxia's father stood up suddenly, and pulled out the belt in a flash.

"You, you...in front of Old Ancestor...moving thick!..."

You Xiaoxia's face was pale, and the chubby cheeks began to tremble: "You... Physical fitness..."

"I will make you physically fit!"

His father stroked his belt in the air, and made a bang sound around his hands, which had several points of deafening meaning: "Little bastard, I didn't come to be punished!"

You Xiaoxia almost didn't pee on the spot: "Old Ancestor, help..."


The belt whirred and disappeared from You Xiaoxia's father.

Old Ancestor rolled up the belt, took it in his hand and said: "It is reasonable and reasonable, we You Family treat a child, we must convince people with reason whenever you are a little chivalry, but you are just your son, he It is the future Family Head of our You Family!"

You Xiaoxia was nodded again and again, with gratitude and excitement on his face.

Just listen to Old Ancestor paused and said: "It’s not too late to be beaten until you really say it’s irrational. What's going on with the Family Head in the future? The Family Head will still be your son in the future. You, the old man, teach your son for reasons. A few strokes are most reasonable."


You Xiaoxia's chin almost fell off.

Old Ancestor, you are so beautiful, does Lord Heavenly King know?

"We have no intention of interfering with your marriage, but you are no longer an ordinary heir of You Family, but the future Family Head. Clan regards you extremely seriously, and you must also take this responsibility. How can you do whatever you want, especially your marriage major event......"

"We and other clan, Family Head marriages have always followed a principle, that is: marriage! Clan! Marriage and strong alliances must be used to make Clan’s power push forward a small step. Even if it can’t achieve further goals, it’s absolutely impossible to take a half step back."

"This is the body The responsibility of Family Head is also helpless. If you are respected by clan, you have to pay for it!"

"Your marriage is now not only your own business, but it is no longer We are oneself with family matters; your marriage, from the day you became the future Family Head, has been targeted by many families, such as Nian Family, such as Liu Family, such as Dongfang Family, such as Dongfang Family..."

"These clans have daughters of the right age who are waiting for their boudoirs. They want to marry our family. Everyone is a daughter of Family Head."

"In many of the above Among the big clans, no matter which one you choose, the other clans will not say anything, because in the case of a perfect match, whoever chooses is the same. It can only be said to be similar in temperament and in line with the eye."

"But if there are so many big clans, you do not choose anyone, but you choose a commoner daughter without any background..."

"That is the contempt of many big clans!"< /p>

"In the final analysis, this is not your oneself love, you choose whoever you want to choose, but... after you make such a choice, you hit these big clans, all You can understand the face of human beings when you think about it: our noble lady is waiting to marry you, but in the eyes of your You Family, our clans are not as good as the people's home... What a shame it is like a sense of sight!"

"There are all kinds of choices, all aspects of human relations and affair, which are not taken care of, it is troublesome."

"Also, there are so many people in You Family, but you can only choose If you are a Young Family Head, if you are unwilling to make this sacrifice and don’t contribute to Clan, just do whatever oneself wants to do, then why do you enjoy the future Family Head? Your honor, we, You Family, your brothers of your generation, how do you think about this? "

"Some of them are willing to sacrifice for Clan. Many people, as long as they can be a Family Head, even if they want him to marry a sow, he will be happy. Why do I have to follow your personal wishes when I come to you? "

"Why didn't you do the same for clan? "

"In other words, no matter which big clan girl you marry, our You Family will have no trouble. Only if you marry that Shaman Alliance disciple, we will become the target of public criticism. "

"Once you insist on doing this, the situation will evolve. Clan can not go further, but because of your selfishness, the overall strength of You Family will not advance but retreat! "

"Is this something you should do as a family head?" "

"These principles are all in front of you, I hope you can think about it. "

"We are not stubborn and stubborn, after you marry your wife, you can still marry a concubin, a man three wives and four concubines, but wait for nosy, even if you hide her gold and make arrangements In the outer room, how to mix oil in private, you and me, we will not care. "

"But when it comes to marrying him to be a regular wife, absolutely impossible!"

Several Old Masters earnest and well-meant advised.

Speaking of this step, these elders of You Family have already made a big step back. They are earnest, and indeed every sentence is heartfelt, stubborn, and sonorous.

You Xiaoxia sighed Then said, sadly said: "All the problems boil down to one piece, isn't it because of my identity as the future Family Head? As I said earlier, can’t I be a Family Head? "

Little Fatty cried angrily: "I won't be the future Family Head. You can choose another one. From now on, I will get a small courtyard and grow flowers and dogs with Xuanyi... Head office now. "

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