Unconventional Legend Chapter 1161

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

A bunch of old fogey's angry heads smoked.

As long as we can replace you, do you think we will keep you?

As long as there is a slight possibility, what should you do now! Isn’t the problem that you can’t change it...

Just listen to Little Fatty’s sorrowful words: “I’ve never had any big ambitions since I was born. Xuanyi is together, wife and child are hot on the bed...This Family Head...Where am I for the Family Head material! How about you elders, see who is suitable, can I abdicate in advance and let the virtuous people not work?"

"This is the arrangement of Old Ancestor, how can you say that you don’t do it and you don’t do it?"

"The honor of Family Head is the honor of You Family. Is it because you can’t say or do it in a few words? Do it?"

"But I really like Xuanyi!"

"We didn't say, you can accept that woman, but you can't give her the position of wife!"< /p>

"No way, no way, no way, I will only look for Xuanyi in my life, I don’t want anyone else, my wife can only be her!"

"Good one, if If you have to go your own way, if you have to, then we have to use some thunderous methods!"

"What...thunderous method?" You Xiaoxia look pale.

"Dispose of that folk girl! She has the identity background of Shaman Alliance, who knows if she is a hidden masterpiece of Shaman Alliance!" Father snorted by You Xiaoxia, exhibit one's feelings in one's speech .


You Xiaoxia is extremely sad and angry!

"The good things have been told to you, you can't marry her and be your true wife anyway!"

The backbone of the You Family in the entire hall, everyone has a face The resoluteness, the huge pressure gathered and unified, and pressed towards Little Fatty in the middle.

It's like a group of tigers threatening a poor little bunny fiercely.

Dozens of big Old Hu surrounded a little bunny!

You Xiaoxia shiver coldly.

He knows that the situation is now very clear.

Today, the clan elders are having a showdown with oneself. If oneself persists, it will really kill Mo Xuanyi's life.

But if oneself does not insist, it is equivalent to saying goodbye to Mo Xuanyi forever. With Mo Xuanyi's personality, it is absolutely impossible to accept any identity other than his wife!

This kind of dilemma made Little Fatty cry in despair, "Xuanyi is so cute, so exceptionally intelligent, so cold and vulgar...Who did you not like it? Why did you Do you have to break us apart?"

"Why don’t you like everyone who meets them? Today, she and I went to visit Zuo boss. Elder Sister Zuo fell in love with Xuanyi at a glance. An intimacy... and even offered to join Xuanyi to worship a sister... People like her when they see her, why don't you agree? Can you really not see Xuanyi's?!"

"In any case, it won't work. No way, no..."

Old Ancestor said halfway, suddenly his eyes rounded: "What... Sister-in-law? Become a sister? What are you talking about? What's the matter? What's the matter?"

"Who else can my sister-in-law be, the fiancee of the left boss, Heavenly Maiden Ling Nian Zuo Xiaonian... She has already become sisters with Xuanyi, and will see her parents in a few days. What do you mean? This shows that Xuanyi is really cute. Everyone likes it at first sight..."

Then the whole hall suddenly fell silent.

"Zuo Xiaonian and Mo Xuanyi became sisters? Anything about this? Go to see the parents in a few days? See Zuo Xiaonian's parents?"

Several old man looked up at each other in blank dismay, it is obviously all ears that do not believe in oneself: "Can't it?"

"Why can't it?!"

You Xiaoxia cried. : "Under the witness of me and the left boss, I smashed our heads... What happened to the parents? Of course you have to see the parents when you become a sister. When the left boss’ parents come, I ask Xuanyi and Xuanyi’s parents to have a meal together. Seeing each other, Adoptive Father, stepmother, toast a cup of tea or something... Why can’t you be as reasonable as others? You know how to use your old-fashioned set!"

You Xiaoxia went out and sat down. On the ground, he kicked his legs and wiped his tears and splashed: "It’s so important? Xuanyi kind-hearted, the heart of the cymbidium, the love of everybody, the blossoming of flowers, the car and the car, why are you aiming? What's so great about the daughters of those big clans, in my opinion, they are not as good as Xuanyi's hair! The left boss has known the origin of Xuanyi for a long time. When Xuanyi came to Beijing, it was the left boss who instructed you. The position is simply untenable, all are excuses, excuses for rateless!"

The hall is still silent.

Only You Xiaoxia was kicking her legs and crying, wiping her tears, rounding back and forth on the ground.

After such a long time.

Old Ancestor muttered: "Didn't you say that Mo Xuanyi kept a distance from you? Why did you visit friends with you today?"

"I didn't hear what I said just now What? The left boss and Xuanyi have been friends for a long time...They met in Phoenix City and they are very good friends. Otherwise, how could Xuanyi take the initiative to follow me..."

< p>You Xiaoxia cried out of strength, both eyes spiritless, and said: "Why? Why...why why..."

The old fogey in the hall was winking at each other.

All of them looked embarrassed.

What's the matter with this...

After a long time, people have now transformed into an adopted daughter of Throne...

That is not us now The things that are willing or unwilling have become things that can't afford to climb high!

cough cough, just now, oneself and the others were both informed by reason, moved by affection, and threatened to oppose, and brought life and death threats...

What to do now?

Why is this kid's luck so good!

I recognized a boss and turned out to be Throne’s son; talking about a free love is actually Throne’s adopted daughter......

But now it’s not the time to be surprised, but to hurry up The topic turned back...

An old fogey urged each other in his eyes.

"You come."

"No, it's still you."

"You come, you come..."

" I just made my objection clear just now, this...can't be transferred..."

"Ah, I also..."


For a long time Rear.

Old Ancestor coughed and said: "You Xiaoxia, do you really love this woman so much? Unswervingly until death?"

"Yes!" You Xiaoxia nodded.

Old Ancestor snorted, said: "For her, are you really willing to die?"

You Xiaoxia was stunned, and then said: "Really dead?...This... I never said that!"


Old Ancestor was stunned.

Are you special...

Don't play cards according to the routine!

If you answer one sentence now, for her, I will not even care about life and death. We also use Poxia Donkey to complete you...

"You don't want to die for her? We don't agree. Are you willing to die?"

"Live well ......Why are you going to die?" You Xiaoxia face deathly pale as paper, with fear in his eyes, his heart stopped, and he was actually dying?

"I mean...then are you willing or not?"

You Xiaoxia heartbeat, like a drum, an ominous premonition rise in the mind, suddenly burst into tears: "Old Ancestor...I haven't lived enough yet..."


This fuck!

The whole hall is flooded with black lines.

Looking at this fatty who is sobbing, crying, snotting and tearing, everyone has countless divine beasts and whistled past!

When I needed you to counsel you just now, you were just great.

Now I need you all of a sudden, and in the end you persuaded you faster than anyone else! ……


You Xiaoxia's father is almost unable to stand, all old fogey's eyes are staring at oneself, if the eyes of the divine ability kill, now it is estimated to be oneself It is already riddled with holes.

Obviously, everyone let him get ahead.

You are the Little Fatty father. In these embarrassing times, who is your head?

In the hall full of gazes about to kill people, You's father looked sad, and slowly knelt down: "Old Ancestor..."

"What's the matter?" Old Ancestor and All the elders looked puzzled: "Why did you kneel? What's the matter?"

You Xiaoxia's father only felt a moment of chest tightness.

Let's stop calling Heavenly King clan from You Family. Let's change the name to clan clan. Look at you one by one... all of them are old dramas!

"You have seen this child. He really likes the girl...Even we have tested it with life and death. It seems that it is true and correct..."

Little Fatty’s father said tragically: “As a father, it’s really...unbearable. So, I beg Old Ancestor to fulfill this child once...”

Little Fatty was shocked I forgot to pretend to cry!

This...Is this my father?

This is the thing for me and Xuanyi. As long as he sees me, he beats me wail like ghosts and howl like wolves?

Just now he whips me to death...My dad?

Isn't it someone who gave him the upper body? !

My father is impossible to me so good?

Or, my father in the bones actually loves me so much...wu wu wu...moved...

Father love is like a mountain... Father love, always It was speechless, and all loved me so silently. When he encountered a hurdle that I really couldn't get through, although he didn't agree, he still stood up to fight for me.

My old father...the one I love the most...the sweetness of the world is very sweet, you only tasted three points; I have not done enough to be your son and daughter in this life...please In the next life...I will be my father...

At this moment, You Xiaoxia overwhelmed by emotions is full of excitement.

Looking at the Old Ancestors eagerly.

I saw that the Old Ancestor's complexion softened one by one, and many Old Ancestors were sighing, and their faces were pampered.

"Hey......crazy child......"

"that's all that's all......"

Old Ancestor just sighed then said, there was someone robbing the scene next to it , Had already made a long sigh and said that's all that's all; suddenly feeling upset, he glanced sideways.

Then he sighed and said: "crazy child...that's the case...I wait...it won't be great to fight mandarin ducks...We, You Family, for the benefit of trifling, we should really abandon it. Happy third-rate clan for children and grandchildren..."

"Although clan will be so...hey, forget it...you Family can't afford it!"

Old Ancestor A face of sensibility and a bit of tragic and solemn said: "clan, this is to protect the existence of your own children and grandchildren... You are a true love, naturally you want to fulfill yours..."

You Xiaoxia Suddenly exclaimed with excitement: "Really...really?!"


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