Unconventional Legend Chapter 1162


Faced with You Xiaoxia’s surprise, I saw this Old Ancestor's expression of helplessness and kindness: "crazy child, we Making such a big scene is just to test your loyalty to love... You are the future Family Head, so naturally you have to bear the pressure far more than other clan children! Hehe, our You Family is the first company in the continent, But when do we need to use marriage to enhance the strength of clan? Even more how, or the kind of dirty trade that sacrifices the happiness of younger generations..."

"Old Ancestor is great!"

< p>You Xiaoxia's eyes are full of tears of happiness.

"Cough cough, Old Ancestor is right. We were just testing your loyalty to love! Cough."

"Old Ancestor said that love is life The major event must be loyal and tested."

"Be assured of pursuing your happiness, we will never have any objections."

Statement: "Yes, as long as Mo Xuanyi does not object, then she is our You Family's future Mrs. Family Head."

"Well, take time to meet with Xuanyi's parents."

You Xiaoxia’s father said kindly and kindly: "Your mom and I invited someone to dinner. It can be regarded as... formally get to know and confirm the relationship."

"Don’t be wronged by other girls, always Remember your promise, only be nice to her, girl needs to be cared for."

"Yes, Xuanyi is really a good girl."

"It's also a hard-working child. …Hey…It’s so pitiful, we will take good care of them in the future."

"Yes. I'm afraid that Little Fatty will be muddled and bully others..."

"when the time comes, you must look at this Little Fatty, how can you bully other girls?"


"But there is one thing to consider, since you have recognized your identity, Then, security issues need to be considered. After all, living too far, and going to Beijing is so complicated..."

"Yes, Xuanyi’s parents are said to be in poor health. We, You Family, are relatives with them. Show me your care..."


Old Ancestor turned his head and said: "fatty, you will get two Longevity Pills and two Return To Heaven Pills in a while, Send it to Xuanyi’s parents. Hey, how did you become a son-in-law... You can’t even think of this?"

"Just take care of your father-in-law and old mother-in-law, so the daughter-in-law can still Did you run?"

"The fierce lady is still afraid of getting tangled...I mean, if there is a will, it will be done!"

For a time, the Old Ancestor in the whole hall stood up from the horizontal eyebrows and turned It is kind for charity, and now, they have started to make suggestions for You Xiaoxia.

You Xiaoxia only felt that oneself had been hit in the head by the big pie.




I want to cry happy.

Satisfied want to cry.

I want to yell happily.

What kind of preferential treatment the sky has given me, so that I have such a group of reasonable Old Ancestor...

Xuanyi, I am here, there is no obstacle between us... …

Roar roar!

I am so happy...

I am so happy!

I’m so lucky!

"Thank you Old Ancestor..."

Little Fatty holding a heaven grade medicine pill, walked out of the house with one foot high and one low, still feeling his head dizzy and ignorant... ...Like a dream.

Finally, in order to prove the happiness, fiercely grabbed a hand on oneself's thigh.


"ao..." screamed.

"It turned out to be true!"

Little Fatty scratched his head: "I'm dropping the sky... It's not a dream..."


"Xuanyi Xuanyi...I'm going to tell Xuanyi quickly...tell her the good news!"

Little Fatty jumped high, like a wild horse that suddenly broke free from the reins Generally, the smoke and dust billowed away.

"Guard keep up...Go some more!" An elder yelled at the back.

"Protect Xuanyi's family."

"Who...see if there is a large yard nearby, pick a good one and buy one...and then think of a solution , Let Mo Xuanyi's parents win a prize, the prize is the big yard... understand?"

"Speed ​​to do it."

"This matter is about the life-long major of Family Head in the future event, pull yourself together."

"If anyone leaks the news, I will take his skin off!"

"Other clan? This..."

< p>"Hey, when is the marriage major event of the children, free love, and the old concept of Ancient One? Isn't this a good thing to say?"



Mo Xuanyi's house.

"Impossible!" Mo Xuanyi said flatly.

Not for anything else, just for this period of time, You Family members frigid irony and scorching satire, constantly talking strange things around oneself, even with a little threat...

How could a big change happen all at once?

Either there is fraud, or there is no plot against!

"It is true! All the previous tests were all the tests of the elders in the family, mainly for my future Family Head, as well as you, the future Mrs. Family Head!"< /p>

Little Fatty You swears: "I lie to you, I am the bastard!"

Mo Xuanyi's face suddenly became cold: "get lost!"

"hehe… …I’m not a bastard, not a bastard..."

"Hurry up!"

"I am a dog, I'm a dog if I lie to you, all right! Bark, bark..."

"You are barking now, and you said you didn't lie to me..."

"Then if I lie to you...Heaven beats five thunder Bang..."

"What thunder can kill you..."

"If I lie to you..."

"That has nothing to do with me. What does it matter? It doesn’t matter to me what the test is."


"Stop! Don’t scream, we are not very familiar, you want me to talk more Time..."

"Xuanyi ah...I am..."

"Go, don't block me from washing clothes..."

" ... By the way, this time I came here, Old Ancestor specially asked me to bring a few medicine pills, two Longevity Pills, and two Return To Heaven Pills to my uncle and aunt. You can’t steal it. Don’t you believe it?"

Little Fatty You quick witted in an emergency, I finally remembered the great killing tool.

"Longevity Pill? Return To Heaven Pill?!" Mo Xuanyi turned around in a whirlwind.

Longevity Pill can extend lifespan and improve aptitude. One medicine pill can increase the life essence of the user.

As for Return To Heaven Pill, it is a symptomatic remedy for Mo Xuanyi’s parents, which ruined their roots. Although they still can’t fully restore Star Soul, it can slowly improve and restore the effect bit by bit. .

In addition to the effect of Longevity Pill's life essence increase, it can ensure that the two seniors will live well to over one hundred years old without any disaster and disease. During this period of time, there will be no problems. Take time to think of other ways.

This is the foundation of You Family.

He Yuanyue's foundation was destroyed at the time, and he was originally cut off from life but was not forty years old.

But Lu Yingfeng personally came to You Family to plead, and at a huge price, he obtained a Longevity Pill and a Return To Heaven Pill, and served it to He Yuanyue. This allowed Old Principal to continue the life essence of a century. .

These two spirit pills have always been Mo Xuanyi yearn for something even in dreams.

Seeing these four medicine pills, Mo Xuanyi's heart is extremely contradictory. He wants to be more reserved, but this medicine pill... Mom and Dad really need it too much.

Seeing the look of Little Fatty turning his heart over, but feeling upset, as if oneself sold oneself for the four medicine pills...

The tangled and direct feeling is really something that can be described in idle pen and ink.

Receiving four medicine pills, Mo Xuanyi sternly said: "Your clan attitude is your clan attitude. You voluntarily gave this medicine pill to me. I never promised you anything... …"

"I understand, I understand." Little Fatty was nodded again and again.

Mo Xuanyi snorted, put medicine pill into his pocket, icy said: "I didn't promise that..."

With his hands in his pocket, I suddenly felt oneself a bit bitch .

While holding other people’s things, while righteously rejecting...this...isn’t this just standing and standing again?

"That's all...for the sake of...for the sake of these four medicine pill..."

Mo Xuanyi snorted, said: "I promise to be with you everywhere, No way, I am such a material woman. Your great generosity touches me!"

She wanted to say, "It's because you are sincere to me," but it feels like that. oneself seems to be more white lotus plus green tea: what did you say because of sincerity when you received something?

So simply point out.

Well, I am greedy for things, I am material, I am vain, I am such a person...

"It’s okay, it’s okay, what I fear most is that you are not material... …"Little Fatty speak without careful diction.


Mo Xuanyi hehe said: "Yes, I, an extremely material woman, it will be easier for you to attack in the future, right?"


"no no...no..."

Seeing Mo Xuanyi's face suddenly as cold as ice and frost, Little Fatty's heart jumped.

I said the wrong thing again...Why do I always say the wrong thing...

"You are not material, if you are material, would I have already..."

"You can do it a long time ago, right? Maybe you're tired of playing with it a long time ago!"


Little Fatty He was so anxious that he was sweating on his head.

Women are too difficult to serve...

Now I can’t even talk to her!

I have to ask the left boss again later, this...this doesn’t matter if you don’t learn two tricks, you really can’t deal with it...

Cough, the girl said oneself material When you laugh at yourself, you often wait for your rebuttal: you are not material at all. You are for honoring your parents, you are for......I knew you were a good girl...

Then the girl laughed and said: I am what I am. Then you say: You are not, you are not...After going back and forth like this, it will naturally rain and the sky will clear up.

Here is a wrong step, basically consigned to eternal damnation......

Little Fatty is now close to consigned to eternal damnation, almost close at hand.

Mo Xuanyi had to accept the spirit pill that he could not refuse and had to accept it. He already had a feeling of'selling himself'. As a result, Little Fatty's response was completely wrong.

Now that I see this stupid goose looking like a goose, Mo Xuanyi feels even more uncomfortable without telling me to coax oneself; after touching the four medicine pills in his pocket, he still can’t lift it. I have the courage to throw it back, and my heart will inevitably become more entangled...

In angrily, angrily snorted, turned around and walked home, walking, and crying aggrievedly.

For my parents, I sold oneself, and I sold it...

But this Little Fatty, I used to keep on saying how I like oneself, but now I actually put it on Come out a picture of the buyer, is it showing off, or is it picking and thin...


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