Unconventional Legend Chapter 1163

Behind Mo Xuanyi, Little Fatty followed one foot high and one low, as if stepping on the cloud.

His feeling is completely different from Mo Xuanyi. He never accepts oneself at all. This time he actually accepted oneself gift, then it proves that there is a show...

The relationship has gone crazy A big step for the wild.


As if drunk and stupefied, Little Fatty is already fantasizing about amidst flowers and in the moonlight... I don’t even feel the flower girl in front of me, now I can’t wait to swallow oneself, Actually still humming a small tune.

When I started, I was jumping up and down...

He was very lively.

At the same time, it's very similar...the feeling of fulfilling a long-cherished wish!

Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick


So... the two of them smoked, and the other was beautiful...one after the other, walk back...

< p>...

The online trend is still in full swing, with waves rising one after another.

The entire Star Soul Continent, with Shangjing as the center point, sweeps all directions, arguing and torn fiercely, rebelling against the general trend of the Wang Family, and all its industries are in rapid collapse. There are no exceptions...

This imposing manner is like a new nationwide movement. Everyone is referring to everyone...

There are even some places, Wang Family’s The office buildings of the enterprise were all pushed, and the unfathomable mystery burst into collapse...

A huge business empire, countless survival chains... just collapsed and burst in an instant.

In addition, in the city, in the wilderness, in the rivers and lakes of Grand Dao, it can be seen everywhere!

For those who belong to the Wang Family, unless their identity has not been exposed and has not been recognized, as long as they are recognized and identified, they may fall into a state of siege at any time. ……

Students of major High Martial, graduates of various classes, myriad with three teachers and nine ranks, all walks of life have...

This kind of thing is too easy to cause the same hatred.

Targeted posts on the Internet are still hanging high, which makes people feel angry at first sight, and both eyes are red.

"If you have fulfilled your lifelong mentor, and the grave was digged after death, what would you do?!"

There is almost no other reply below this post .

All of them are: fuck!


Spell it!

I and him desperately!

Countless martial arts school teachers, after seeing this craze on the Internet, were excited and inexplicable. When a teacher was in class, he once said with emotion: "If I had After one day of death, the tomb was planed. If there is one of you who is angry...I will feel worthy of this life, nine deaths without regrets."

Countless High Martial teachers, in When teaching students, mentioning He Yuanyue is an envy that can hardly be concealed.

"Being like He Yuanyue!"

"As a teacher, to be able to have such an achievement is worthy of this life, not in vain!"

"Her students, because of her grievances, are even subverting the entire world and shaking the entire continent! If I were He Yuanyue, I would also be smiling at Jiuquan!"

"All my life, to such a student , Glorious and glorious!"

"As a teacher, there is such a student, it is worthy of this life!"

Principal Gu Qianfan of Water City No. 1 Middle School, directly thrown out in Shangjing In a word: "He Yuanyue Old Principal is the most respected person in my life! Her grave will be planed, which means that after my Gu Qianfan's death, the grave will be planed too! Boys, how would you give it to me? I take revenge?"

Wang Family An Old Ancestor exhausted suffering untold hardships. The trustee found the Right Path Heavenly King. Please Heavenly King come forward and say something. Can you let Wang Family go this time?

On the right, Heavenly King only asked: "I also have a teacher! I respect him very much! If someone digs his grave, I will definitely retaliate, regardless of the cost of my identity, or Regardless of the other party’s status and price, must seek justice for my teacher!"

"If I intercede for you in this matter, I will feel sorry for my teacher, right? The teacher who lives in the whole world."

"But for the sake of Senior Wang Feihong, I will not attack you. This is the limit of my patience."

"You Wang Family, let’s do it for yourself!"

Southern Army Marshal Nan Zhengqian directly scolded Wang Family’s intercessors: "After doing such a shameless thing, you dare to come to Lao Tzu to intercede, you shameless, Lao Tzu You need a face. You should be fortunate that I am no longer the Finance Department Head of Shangjing now, otherwise, your Wang Family would have been living on the streets long ago, and there would be no chance to scream in front of Lao Tzu!"

Wang Family, wind and rain are already shaking, and the building will tilt.

At least on the surface, it seems that it is too late and there is no spare energy to find Zuo Xiaoduo's troubles.

Zuo Xiaoduo and a group of people are trying to cultivation in Shangjing for time. They come out during the day to wander around, collect information, and see the progress of the situation. At night, they all enter the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower to practice exercises.

Everyone is holding a sigh of relief, competing with each other and comparing each other.

Break through Flying later than anyone else. Now everyone is at the tipping point...

It’s not good to say something. Now even if someone says aloud or can’t hold back an arse, it’s possible to directly break through Heaven and Earth. Bridge, enter the Flying Boundary world!

Whoever enters the latest, it means whoever has a deeper foundation and a more profound background.

Zuo Xiaonian also accompanied a cultivation, and everyday all instilled the feeling of Flying to everyone.

Let everyone, at the level of Profundity Return Peak and half step flying, fundamentally understand the realm feelings related to Flying, as well as their perceptions and feelings...

This The result is that at this stage, everyone starts to figure out the feeling for themselves, and vaguely confirms...

According to Bai Yunduo's statement to Zuo Xiaonian: In the Profundity Return Realm, the final suppression stage, you can feel it. The more the better the more the better, the more profound the better!

Based on this recognition, everyone is working hard in this direction.

Zuo Xiaoduo has now reached its limit.

According to his judgment, oneself's pressure at this time has been up and down seventy times. This is not only an unprecedented achievement, but also Zuo Xiaoduo's current limit category!

But this cannot be said to the outside world, even to Zuo Xiaonian.

"I'm going to break through, we have reached the limit, it is impossible to suppress it anymore..."

Zuo Xiaoduo sighed, he quietly took Nine Firmaments Spirit Spring water and did it. The final preparations before the breakthrough, I looked at Zuo Xiaonian squintingly, thinking in my heart, now I am playing with Niannian Cat...

I dare not say anything else, but a tie should be possible... right? ?

But... facing Niannian Cat, a tie is still equal to loss.

Because there are many places that cannot be played, many moves cannot be used, and many weapons cannot be used...

So, the loss is certain, and these factors are removed, then waiting for oneself, It was still a violent beating.

"If you want to completely defeat Niannian Cat, it is estimated that you will have to go one step further, and you will have to cultivation all the way to Dao Fusion to achieve your long-cherished wish... But at that time, you can just put her into three. One hundred and sixty different poses..."

Zuo Xiaoduo touched the chin, with a look of fascination and immersion.

These thirteen people fight like pigs in the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower every day. Most of the time, everyone is a pig head and pig face...

But everyone The strength of the company is showing a trend of rapid growth.

Since seeing Zuo Xiaoduo’s cabin, everyone has changed it like this: the walls are all high grade peak grade Star Soul Jade, pillow beds...all are peak grade Star Soul Jade... …I am absorbing energy frantically all the time, making great strides.

"Break through."

Zuo Xiaonian watched Zuo Xiaoduo sneakily looking at oneself, thinking that this guy was worried about the breakthrough: "You are now origin qi Full of fullness, breakthrough has become a matter of where water flows, a canal is formed, it does not exist, and it is impossible to have any failure probability."

Zuo Xiaoduo grinned, I never worried about it."

Zuo Xiaoduo grinned. Problems that cannot be broken.

I’m thinking about how to pose after I’ve beaten you...

But this sentence can’t be said: "Well, I’ll take care of it, tonight It will break through."

At this moment when Zuo Xiaoduo made up his mind, he was inexplicably excited.


What does Flying stand for?

Flying represents... Mother's recognition, when I officially leave the single dog queue!

From then on, I also...hahaha...

While thinking, I looked at Zuo Xiaonian's body and couldn’t help the power of Burning Sun True Scripture. Unable to control it, suddenly... a little indecent protruding...

Xiaoxiao flapped her wings and flew, looking at Zuo Xiaoduo's crotch with her round eyes, suddenly feeling very magical.

Hey, why did a piece come out here?

So...the little beak instinctively stepped forward and pecked.

"ao ~~~~"

Zuo Xiaoduo screamed, his face changed, and he grabbed Xiaoxiao and gnashing teeth: "little bastard... you... are you special? …I’m going to pluck your hair!"

Between Zuo Xiaonian thoughts are revolving, he already blushed and turned and fled: "Rogue!"

Zuo Xiaoduo turned around as soon as he turned. I rushed to the room, opened my pants to check, and breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Xiaoxiao was just curious, and didn’t exert any effort, and there was still pants...

Weishi was not injured, just the way he was shot...

If Xiaoxiao just sip Solar True Fire sprayed up......

Zuo Xiaoduo shuddered, pointing to the angry at Xiaoxiao and said: "Here, I can't peck in the future! Understand!"

Xiaoxiao's body was caught by Zuo Xiaoduo clenched it in his hand, only revealing a jet-black head. Two eyeballs were spinning around, busy and nodded, all ignorant.

Sovereign Wa Sword turned into a phantom and flew around, full of emotions of taking pleasure in other people's misfortune.

Oh, Seventh Crown Prince, Seventh Crown Prince, when your cultivation base arrives one day, you will unlock the seal and restore your memory... You will feel like you want to die...

I actually pecked at that place...hehehe...

When the time comes, if you forget, I will remind you, never forget!

That night, Zuo Xiaoduo prepared a large number of high-quality materials early on, and began to try to break through the Flying Boundary world.

Well, the "attempt" should be removed. The so-called breakthrough Flying is just a cutscene for the current Zuo Xiaoduo!

But he is sure to make a breakthrough in the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower.

Because... Zuo Xiaonian broke through in the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower.

"Are you going to break through Flying?"

Lei Changtian's eyes were round.


"Planning to break through in your space?"


"No, Absolutely not!"


[It won’t break out today, but you have forced you to set up a falg, and you will drag this old and weak disease next month. The disabled body is complete... so I beg to keep a copy tonight. Tomorrow, it will be updated on time at 11 o’clock on the 1st, ready to explode... Hey, the May Day holiday is over again...

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