Unconventional Legend Chapter 1164

Lei Changtian resolutely rejected it.

"Your breakthrough must be done outside in the open air, and you must also welcome Heavenly Dao baptism."

Zuo Xiaoduo was stunned: "It's not necessary, grandpa, Niannian Cat back then It was the breakthrough in the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower."

Why am I the exception?

"Niannian is Niannian, and you are you."

Lei Changtian said: "Niannian is a pure Yin Body, the body of the nine-nine Star Soul, and it is also blessed by Phoenix. She can choose to break through in the space. In your space, you have the life and growth qi of huge as a sea, Niannian breaks through there, twice the results for half the effort, but with a pure yang body like you, if it is Copying like Niannian's is very untimely."

Zuo Xiaoduo's heart is full of confusion, and his forehead is flooded with capital question marks.

What Grandpa said seems to make sense, but why doesn't oneself understand it?

Whether it’s air luck, physique, or Star Soul, Zuo Xiaoduo has asked himself that he has understood that no one else can match him in this world, but for Lei Changtian’s words, Zuo Xiaoduo said: I haven't heard of such a statement before, and I am totally puzzled.

"No way is no way, you have to break through the outside world."

Lei Changtian's attitude is unprecedentedly firm.

However, he could not give specific reasons to persuade Zuo Xiaoduo, so he could only be anxious.

At this moment...

Bai Yunduo fell from the sky: "Wait a moment, Master will be there soon."

Zuo Xiaoduo's breakthrough is For the major event, before Zuo Xiaonian broke through at Emptiness Extinguishing Tower, Bai Yunduo didn't know; but this time Zuo Xiaoduo broke through, Bai Yunduo immediately reported it as soon as he heard the news.

If you don't report again, she feels that oneself will be beaten...


When she heard this, Lei Changtian was shocked.

"I have something wrong, the cold is not healed, go hang some salt water..."

I gave a terrible reason, swish, Demon Ancestor Has disappear without a trace.

"Who is your Master master wife?"

"Your father, your mother."

"My parents are coming..."

< p>Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian would be a little embarrassed, but they became bold after they followed them.

"It is clear that they have kept the two of us for so long...what are we afraid of?! The guilty conscience is their couple!"

Zuo Xiaoduo was brave and trembling. The person said to Zuo Xiaonian: "Niannian Cat, let me tell you, the reason is now on our side, today you just need to stand on my side, and if we fight together, we will definitely be able to defeat the Demon King. There is no such thing in the world. Since ancient times, no father Mother has kept oneself son and daughter for so long!"

Zuo Xiaonian did not have the courage of Zuo Xiaoduo. Now he has become a ball, taking a deep breath, and said timidly. "Victory the big Demon King? You dare to think too much, I just hope our mother will not beat me, and our dad is better to say, our mother's level is really difficult..."

" Why are you so trembling, why are you so afraid of her?"

Zuo Xiaoduo encouraged her and said: "You are a daughter-in-law, you don't have to be afraid of her, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not good, then It’s the most important reason ever since ancient times. You have to learn to resist, learn to resist, learn to monopolize my heart..."

Zuo Xiaonian tremblingly said: "But that would really be beaten..."

Zuo Xiaoduo said: "As long as when the time comes, you are in front of you, my mother will not be willing to fight, after all, it is a mother and daughter..."

"But we Dad is willing to..."

Zuo Xiaonian shook his head if he rattles: "No, why don't you stand in the front?"

"If I stand in the front, it’s the one who gets beaten up. Am I..."

Zuo Xiaoduo as it should be by rights: "girl always has a little face."

Zuo Xiaonian said, "You can pull it down." , When did I have a face in our house... Too extravagant imagination..."

"Forget it."

Zuo Xiaoduo sighed then said: "I found you so Counseling daughter-in-law, hey..."

Zuo Xiaonian rolled his eyes: "If you don't counsel, you are going, you just know to move your mouth."

"Am I counseling..."

Zuo Xiaoduo sighed then said, very pessimistic.

I feel that I will be unable to lift my head from my parents in this life. Oneself seeks power to usurp the throne and becomes the probability of the new The head of the family...... As the identity of the father Mother is exposed, it seems to be more and more There is no probability anymore...

"I oneself counseled, I found a daughter-in-law, and the family counseled, and I was home..."

Zuo Xiaoduo rolled his eyes and glanced at Zuo Xiaonian. , I saw the panic on this girl's face, her eyes wandering and avoiding.

"We are oneself, what are you afraid of?" Zuo Xiaoduo was not angry.

"You...Are you afraid of what you shake!?" Zuo Xiaonian asked Nuo Nuo.

"I didn't shake..."

Zuo Xiaoduo's mouth was stiff.

With the scoffing a light sound, the space around Zuo Xiaoduo was as precise as a piece of cloth torn from the middle, and a spatial door appeared naturally.

Zuo Changlu took a step out of the door with a gentle and calm, as usual one, and then Wu Yuting followed him out with a smile on his face.

When the husband and wife two people received the news from Bai Yunduo, knowing that Zuo Xiaoduo was about to break through Flying, where he could still stay outside, he hurried back.

"Dad! Mom!"

Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian rushed up with cheers.


Wu Yuting hugged Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian one by one, looking at this face, looking at that face, said with a slight smile: "The past few days are you two good-looking?"


Zuo Xiaonian raised his little face and said: "I'm the best, mom, Xiaoduo said I'm looking for you to settle accounts and bring down the big Demon King... He said that the big Demon King of your world."

It was actually a sentence that sold Zuo Xiaoduo cleanly!


Zuo Xiaoduo stared wide-eyed suddenly, his body stiff, turned his head to look at Zuo Xiaonian, his eyes were full of incredible colors, even you You don't accompany me to rebel, but you can't be a traitor so quickly, isn't this a blatant betrayer and begging for glory!

Wu Yuting was very skilled in grabbing Zuo Xiaoduo's ears, "Ah, Puppy, are you going to rebel? Down with the Demon King, who is the Demon King, your father, or your mother?"

"No...Don't dare..."

Zuo Xiaoduo has a humble face, begging for mercy, flattering, and getting together. He has a rich look and a sincere expression: "Mom, how could I make you and Dad’s rebellion? We are a family, this is not Niannian Cat. She feels that her status has improved from a daughter to a daughter-in-law. She wants the right to speak...cough cough, let me test her...Big Demon King, big Demon King is you, grandpa is Demon Ancestor, you, Demon Ancestor's pro-daughter, what else can you be if you are not the big Demon King? I am the little demon, and Elder Sister Xiaonian is the little demoness......"

" Mother, don't listen to nonsense, I am not like that." Zuo Xiaonian twisted his body in Wu Yuting's arms.


Zuo Changlu patted the back of Zuo Xiaoduo's head and said: "Except for you brat who wants to be The head of the family every day, what about Xiaonian? Have such thoughts? What demoness of the Demon King, you are all demons, what am I?"

Zuo Xiaoduo touched the back of his head, daring not to say: "...you two Keeping it from us for so long...huh, it's too much to say."

Of course, the voice is very low.

But how can you hide Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting no matter how low it is?

The two felt a headache immediately.

These two guys were obviously afraid of being like this, but they still brought it up. This shows that for these two guys, they still have ideas in their hearts.

"There is a reason for this."

Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting took their sons and daughters into the room.

Li Chenglong and the others are cultivation in Emptiness Extinguishing Tower. Outside, there is a family of four.

Well, Bai Yunduo also followed, with a gentle smile on his face: "little junior brother, little junior sister."

"This is your sister-in-law. Bai Yunduo."

Zuo Changlu faintly introduced: "Well, you guessed it right, Left Path Heavenly King Yun Zhonghu, is the discipline I received back then, Xiao Duo is your mother’s discipline, outside of Fenghai The Star Soul Jade powder was made by your sister-in-law for you. Do you think the sky can really drop that stuff?"

"so that's how it is, many thanks sister-in-law Hard work, such a lot of trouble..."

Zuo Xiaoduo understands everything with his heart; thank you again and again.

"You just understand." Zuo Changlu said.

"Well, it turns out that the senior brother and the sister-in-law came here too? My parents did not start with the two of us, but our family. The usual tradition, so that's how it is, so that's how it is......"

Zuo Xiaoduo paused and let out a sigh of sudden realization.


Zuo Changlu has a black line on his face.

This kid has such a sudden realization that it is actually a comprehended one? What is this comprehension?

Bai Yunduo laughed dangerously.

Half a day later, Zuo Xiaoduo, who had suffered another lesson, sat obediently on a small stool, and Zuo Xiaonian sat on a small stool next to him; naturally on the double sofa in front of them It was Wu Yuting and Zuo Changlu, Bai Yunduo accompanied on the single sofa on the right.

This kind of formation...it feels a little like going to class.

"First of all, I want to explain to you two of the reasons why we hide our identities..."

Wu Yuting said, but once again I saw that both of them were sitting upright. With all four ears upright, it really looks like a cat and a dog sitting in front of him seriously, can’t help but smile: "pu..."

Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian have innocent round eyes. : "......???"

What's wrong?

"Oh, let me talk about it." Zuo Changlu couldn't help but love it in his heart, so he knocked two more brains on Zuo Xiaoduo's head, and then began to explain.

Zuo Xiaoduo touched his head: "???"

What's the matter... Why did you hit me again?

"At that time, your mother and I encountered bottleneck in the cultivation... It’s been a long time since we can’t go further, and our old enemy has already begun to make breakthrough attempts. If we can’t make a corresponding attempt, once the old enemy successfully breaks through and returns, it will be Star Soul calamity, even a full fall is not impossible."

"But when it comes to going further, easier said than done, if it is easy, or has a breakthrough direction, wouldn't we have already started it, but The matter is imminent. We are in desperation and helplessness. We have no choice but to ban the body, separate the body from the soul, and then separate the soul from the spiritual consciousness... In the way of Birth By Transformation in the Mortal World, we try to break through the probability. ."

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