Unconventional Legend Chapter 1165

"Birth By Transformation in the Mortal World has many magical functions such as purifying the mind and clearing spirit, but the risk is also great. The first thing to face is Birth By Transformation In the process of being in the Mortal World, the two of us are indeed without any military force, no matter the spiritual thought, the soul, the true origin of the body, or even the cultivation base cultivation boundary, everything is banned, and nothing can be used."< /p>

"In other words, even if you watch your difficulties, we can't do anything. Originally, oneself can solve the problem with one hand, but we can only stand by and watch you oneself fight."

Zuo Changlu said somewhat apologetically: "As far as the person involved in Birth By Transformation in the Mortal World is concerned, it is a matter of reason and lack of power is also a reality; but from the standpoint of a parent , But it is indeed wronged both of you."

Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian both blushed their eyes, and shook their heads at the same time: "Don’t be wronged, with your words today, we will not be wronged at all. Now."

This is the truth.

Originally, maybe there was a little bit of resentment in my heart: You two are the Peak of the world, this world is a great power, but as your children, we do not enjoy the slightest privilege benefits...

< p>But with Zuo Changlu's grievance, the little emotions in their hearts are really vanish like smoke and disperse like clouds in that instant, and they no longer exist.

Whose children did not come here?

Do children of great character have to enjoy privileges?

That makes no sense!

The two oneself succeeded in oneself in an instant.

"At the beginning, we were most worried about Xiaoduo's aptitude and Xiaoduo's Phoenix Vein." Thinking of these two things, even Wu Yuting and Zuo Changlu sighed and sighed.

Because of these two things, it was something that the two of them couldn't solve at that stage at that time.

Zuo Xiaoduo's aptitude, even the current level of the husband and wife, can only be solved by making a big step forward again. However, Zuo Xiaonian's matter is a big step forward and impossible to solve.

"Xiaoduo aptitude, belonging to Innate, is extremely weird. So far we have not been able to find the context and the root cause. This is the first helplessness. Fortunately, you solved the oneself fortuitous encounter..." Zuo Changlu sighed then said.

"Xiaonian’s Phoenix Vein is the game of Heavenly Dao. We even want to intervene in the game and we cannot intervene. Once we intervene, we will not only be directly targeted by Heavenly Dao, but also make the original It’s even worse for the other side’s sloping situation."

Zuo Changlu said: "This is the second helplessness."

"We tried our best to try to bypass the rules. , But it is still limited to let you Uncle Wu and Uncle Nan, in the name of visiting Xiaoduo, each come once. And for Phoenix Vein, it is your Uncle Nan who arranges an expert to take care of it in secret..."

"If in the end, Xiaonian can't survive that round after all, the person who secretly cares for... will sacrifice oneself to save you out of the game, but after you escape, that person will be punished by Heavenly Dao and the spiritual soul will be destroyed... With you, Uncle Nan, you will also be chased by Heavenly Dao, life and death are unpredictable."

Zuo Xiaoduo hearing this complexion changed, interjecting: "So then Uncle Nan will leave Southern Border and come to Shangjing , Is planning to use the great array of Shangjing Qi Luck to fight for a larger space for survival?"

Zuo Changlu indifferently said: "Well, that’s the plan. You need the true biography of the He Yuanyue Old Principal qi-viewing technique. Naturally, I know the terrifying degree of Heavenly Dao's destruction. Only the place in the capital and the place where dragons are mixed can slightly cover the eyes of Heavenly Dao! This is what I and your mother have done for Xiaonian. It’s arranged."

"Apart from these two things, there are trivial things not worth mentioning."

Zuo Changlu picked up his teacup and took a sip. Said: "Then there are other things for you...I will tell you a little bit too."

Following Zuo Changlu's account, Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian both listened carefully.

Bai Yunduo next to him is full of admiration.

Sure enough, my son and daughter are different from the discipline. If I were replaced by me and Xiaohu, how could there be this kind of treatment... Don’t explain, it’s good not to be beaten...

But looking at Zuo Changlu while explaining while oneself felt uncomfortable, he continuously beat Zuo Xiaoduo......

Bai Yunduo also gradually became balanced in his heart.


Zuo Xiaoduo broke out, touching his head lifts the head: "Dad! Let me explain to both of us. I can understand if you are upset, hit us. I can understand...but why only hit me? Why don't you hit Niannian Cat? You are treated differently!"

Zuo Changlu said slowly: "Niannian is now a daughter-in-law, I am Father-in-law, how can you start beating your daughter-in-law? There is such a truth in the world?" Zuo Xiaoduo angrily said: "You can treat her as a daughter-in-law first, and then as a daughter-in-law after the beating. It's not too late, Niannian Cat is your daughter-in-law, I am still your son-in-law, are you the Mount Tai boss?"

Zuo Xiaonian: "?????"

< p>pa!

Zuo Xiaoduo took another hit: "Shut up! You're a husband like this! You even threw oneself wife out to protect yourself from the disaster. Isn't it less of a fight?"

< p>Wu Yuting also started.

Zuo Xiaoduo had to shut up and turned to look at Zuo Xiaonian, only to see Zuo Xiaonian pouting and turning his face away, ignoring him.


Zuo Xiaoduo slapped his thigh, knowing that oneself made a big mistake and regretted that he wanted to hit the wall.

"Mom and dad, aren't you harming me..." Zuo Xiaoduo grumbled infinitely: "I will break through Flying immediately, and I will be able to bridal chamber if I break through... but at this time, you dig a hole. I'm offending her... How is it done?"

"How is it done?"

Wu Yuting held his arm and light as a feather and said: "I've been a child I put my daughter-in-law in the quilt. If you do this, you still can’t figure it out... Then there is nothing for you. Go and hang up the southeast branch!"

Zuo Xiaoduo was dumbfounded: "..."< /p>

"Mom!" Zuo Xiaonian quit.

Zuo Changlu explained everything in the shortest terms, and the husband and wife were also relaxed.

It’s not that you have to explain to Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian, but that there are so many things, pressed in oneself’s heart, and it’s also hard work. When you say it, your children understand it, and oneself’s heart also feels sick. Mood completion is perfect.

Zuo Changlu told the story in an unusually plain tone. The two of them were born in Birth By Transformation in the Mortal World. Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian were full of ups and downs.

Raising a child, through childhood, how many things? Can these few things be summed up?

Born, slanted with joy, sick, frowning and worrying; unable to cultivation, melancholy in all sorts of ways, cultivated, fearful of life or death, went to school, eagerly looking forward to wearing limpid autumn water, not tired tired? Is it bitter? Does it hurt?

I'm behind, hate iron for not becoming steel, and if I make progress, will it be too tired?

Especially, I have raised a pair of martial artist children like Zuo Xiaonian Zuo Xiaoduo...

They can be cultivated, and each one is only waiting for a day. The aptitude is superior, but ...The life-and-death crisis is relatively more, I dare not say and dare to ask, I can only wait for the return......

Oneself clearly has the great ability and divine ability of Heaven Reaching, But if you don’t need it, you can only rely on child oneself to work hard...

Phoenix Vein rushing to the soul... What a dangerous thing, what a sinister situation!

My parents knew about Phoenix Vein’s rushing soul early in the morning and sealed Phoenix Residence in the study room, waiting for the day when my daughter broke the game and soared into the sky...

This kind of arrangement, countless calculations... It's all about being a parent, and it's really broken!

Zuo Xiaonian's eyes are red, and tears are streaming out.

"Dad, Mom, thank you." The two simultaneously stood up and bowed respectfully.

The little bit of Xiaoxiao's grievances that my parents had hidden their identity in my heart, I didn't know where they flew.

Wu Yuting's eye circles are red, but he groans: "With oneself parents, do you want to say thank you?"

"I want it!"

Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian said in unison at the same time: "My parents never owe us, we owe them. Although we can't do anything for them, we always have to say thank you."< /p>

Zuo Xiaoduo felt even more emotional in his heart, saying: "Now that I think about it, I certainly have a lot of fortuitous encounters, but after thinking about it carefully, if I don't have the resources and contacts arranged by my parents early, with my little effort, With a little luck, how can I be promoted to the present day? This is absolutely impossible."

"Although parents kept saying that they can’t do anything for us, in fact, But everything is done for us."

"Without parents, there would be no assistance from Uncle Nan, without parents, there would be no assistance from Uncle Wu, no parents, Sister-in-law How can Yunduo raise so much Star Soul Jade powder for me...Without parents, there are too many and too many things, it’s not our turn." Zuo Xiaoduo said seriously: "So, Dad, mom, thank you!"

Zuo Changlu said with satisfaction: "In fact, your mom and I are already very satisfied. Most parents have done everything oneself should do to the extreme, but their children still don’t To become a talent, we still have to live up to it. You and Niannian have already made us feel that we are also among the best in the ranks of being parents, and we are proud of it."

In this sentence, Zuo Changlu said with great feelings. deep.

Zuo Xiaoduo can feel this. Zuo Changlu is very happy. He just feels the hard work of these years, and the moment is nothing.

I took a look at Zuo Xiaoduo, and said to my heart, Lil Puppy, you still missed one thing, it's your godfather's chance. Without Lao Tzu’s plan, you would not have the luck to get the great killing tool hammer technique first under the heavens.

Of course, if I didn’t have Laozi and Flood, we wouldn’t have such good luck. For no reason, I picked up a godson and an adopted daughter.

Zuo Xiaonian lovable body rolled, got into Wu Yuting's arms and snuggled.

Now that I'm done talking about business, I can naturally act like a coquettish.

Zuo Xiaoduo glanced eagerly, and wanted to get in and act like a coquettish, but after thinking about it carefully, he decisively gave up this unrealistic and irrational approach.

If it is really untimely to move forward, waiting for oneself will probably be inhuman's mixed three dozen men and women.

"About your breakthrough..."

Zuo Changlu's face suddenly became serious, and Wu Yuting embraced Zuo Xiaonian and became serious.


【This chapter is a perfect seal of Phoenix Vein's rushing soul, and it is also the real beginning of the second Heavenly Dao game in this book. Until now, too many readers said that Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting didn't do anything to the child and they didn't understand it. Hey... Parents can never do enough for children, but we often don't even say thank you in this life. 】

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