Unconventional Legend Chapter 1166

"Your breakthrough must be made outside and contact with Heavenly Dao internal qi in order to break through. In this regard, your grandpa's persistence is not at all wrong."

Zuo Xiaoduo said in a puzzled way: "Although grandpa has an explanation for the so-called reason, I did not understand why Niannian Cat..."

"Your Elder Sister Niannian is different from you, except for the difference in physique Beyond..."

Zuo Changlu indifferently said: "There is another more important reason-the group of dragons seize the vein this time, which is similar to the previous Niannian Phoenix Vein's soul flushing. The nature of the game."

"The so-called Heavenly Dao game."

"In other words, in this game, we are still limited in what we can participate in."

< p>"Heavenly Dao game?" Zuo Xiaoduo stared wide-eyed, and Heavenly Dao game again?

"I even suspect that this round is a continuation of Phoenix Vein's soul-rushing round." Zuo Changlu said.

"Xiaoduo, you have thoroughly studied the qi-viewing technique of He Yuanyue Old Principal. You have deep attainments, and you are deeply cherished by the mysterious divine ability. In viewing qi, you are blessed by heaven. , Can recall carefully, that day Phoenix Vein’s soul-rushing game, if it weren’t for the Fire Dragon to rush up, and the paradox of blessing Phoenix, would the follow-up Phoenix still be able to calmly rise, will it be an undecided day? from start to finish, Fire Dragon Circling, blessing all around, causing Phoenix to have no distractions, just one thought can fly, does this coincide with what?"

"Happily? You mean, it coincides with our fate." Zuo Xiaoduo was shocked in his heart. Tao.

Zuo Changlu seems to wake up the dreamer with a word, Zuo Xiaoduo's past thoughts flash back, Father Zuo's words are concise and concise, but they point directly to the key point, yes, Phoenix Vein’s game of soul rush is extremely dangerous, However, the pressure of overwhelming majority is actually on Zuo Xiaoduo, the supporter of the plan.

Instigate all the manpower, deal with all influence, and turn the situation that was originally in danger and life into a situation that is beneficial to oneself, and this has the final success.

"If Niannian is the one who doesn’t care about anything, just oneself flutters and soars the beautiful Phoenix, then Duoduo is the guard who protects all around, regardless of the size, boundless wind and rain. Fire Dragon."

Zuo Changlu focused on the looking thoughtful Zuo Xiaoduo: "Now, do you understand?"

Zuo Xiaoduo was in a daze, and suddenly remembered, On the night of Phoenix Vein, oneself and He Yuanyue, Elder Sister Lan and the others were at the top of Phoenix Turn Head...... Heaven and Earth natural phenomenon.

Phoenix is ​​wandering, waiting...

Wait until the Fire Dragon rises, shake the head and wag the tail, and head straight for Nine Heavens...

Then Phoenix soared up in peace and ascended to Nine Heavens.

From start to finish, the huge body of the Fire Dragon, connected to Heaven and Earth, has always hovered Phoenix in the support of oneself.

Even if the wind and rain outside are obscure, the sky is moving, and the thunderstorm is heavy, but...it hasn't affected Phoenix itself at all. All crises, all attacks, and all dangers are all by Fire. Dragon resisted.

Phoenix is ​​only in charge of skyrocketing, it is only in charge of beauty.

The rest are carried by Fire Dragon.

Zuo Xiaoduo thought about it, suddenly smiled, and said: "So, this group of dragons seize the vein is aimed at my Heavenly Dao game?"

< p>"This should be the case, it can only be said that Heavenly Dao has the basis, causal recruits itself." Zuo Changlu said.

"And the reason why Niannian Cat can break through Flying everywhere is because I have already taken over all the disasters that belonged to her? So, she only needs to be able to break through with peace of mind, but When I break through, I have to accept the baptism of the Heavenly Dao game? Or, in other words, this is actually a kind of backlash that Heavenly Dao used to forcefully disturb the Heavenly Dao game with my human force. I can get through it, everything is safe, but I can’t get through it. , Consigned to eternal damnation?!" asked Zuo Xiaoduo.

"The meaning is almost the same, but you have missed one item, which is also the most important item, which is air luck."

Zuo Changlu said: "Dragon phoenix qi luck, This is the walk the heavens-defying road. Now that Phoenix Vein has successfully ascended, the follow-up will continue to rise all the way, but after all, Dao Protector is needed to assist the breakthrough."

< p>"Dao Protector itself must bear the luck of oneself and the luck of Phoenix."

"Because this is already his responsibility, since he was involved at first, both I can't separate it anymore."

"It's just like...you had all the layouts, and even set up a game in Phoenix City..."

Zuo Changlu indifferently said: "You connect Phoenix Vein's luck with the national fortune.... And this, as far as Nian'er is concerned, is naturally a good thing, but when you break through, the great tribulation is approaching, because there will be a double Heavenly Dao punishment fell, but among them, it is not only the backlash of Heavenly Dao, but also the backlash of humanity."

"You don’t know, Flame Martial Empire, the core of the national movement, the center of humanity, where is it? Where?"

"Going to Beijing!?"

"Yes, it is going to Beijing!"

"And now, you are now in Flame Martial. In the center, it happened to break through Flying, and I wanted to completely break free from the shackles, and from now on freely beyond heaven. If you don't bear it, who will bear it?"

Zuo Changlu said.

"But I only felt the Heaven and Earth tide, and did not feel the relevant weather of the Dragon Vein skyrocketing. Dad, the Heavenly Dao Bureau you mentioned, as the person of the target, so far, I have not It seems that it doesn't make sense, right?" Zuo Xiaoduo felt quite at a loss at this point,

Ordinarily, this shouldn't be the case. .

"Although you have studied the qi-viewing technique, your experience is still too shallow. Dragon Vein has not formed the image of Flying. Why did the Heavenly Dao weather appear?"

Zuo Changlu indifferently said: "Qi Luck, this thing, never breaks out of self-help, but is permanently attached to a certain person. With the rising winds, scudding clouds of this person, will it happen at a certain time. Click to shake the luck of Nine Heavens and disrupt...Star River's good fortune."

"So, you are puzzled by everything now. After you really break through Flying, you will suddenly become clear and understand everything."< /p>

"And now, the entire Shangjing Heavenly Dao game is actually in a state of silently waiting for the rain to come... Everything has to wait for the moment you break through Flying, this game will be truly Open!"

"A peculiar situation that integrates time, location, harmony, vitality and luck!"

Zuo Xiaoduo suddenly realized, "so that's how it is, it is This is the truth!"

Zuo Changlu indifferently said: "The so-called Soaring Dragon Dancing Phoenix, from a certain perspective, is that only the dragon can have the phoenix dance; the so-called dragon and phoenix are auspicious... "

Speaking of this, I suddenly moved in my heart and said: "...Perhaps this Heavenly Dao game is Dragon and phoenix Chengxiang game."

Zuo Xiaoduo said:" This is not right... Dragon and phoenix are good words and mean good things, but this Heavenly Dao game is clearly a killing game, a killing game against Tamron!"

"Everything is in the world. There are both pros and cons. Killing the game can also be dragon and phoenix. Don’t you know that the crisis is also a turning point. If the murderous intention is eliminated, it is naturally a good opportunity. After the killing, the Dragon and phoenix are naturally happy, dragon and phoenix Chengxiang; can't survive...For those who stand against it, it may not be dragon and phoenix. Chengxiang: both dragon and phoenix fall, and the auspicious luck that is left goes to the enemy!"

" This is also a dragon and phoenix Chengxiang? "Zuo Xiaoduo was stunned.

"Of course. For the enemy, this is dragon and phoenix. "

"So your breakthrough, as far as it goes, is especially important. Because if your breakthrough this time goes well, it will inevitably lead to the great Heavenly Dao tide, which is not a good thing for the other party; based on this argument, the best way is to interfere with your progress so that you can break through, but It can't be the most complete state, but the kind of breakthrough with a little imperfection is best. "

"If it succeeds, it will lead to a flawed situation; Heaven and Earth is incomplete, and there is nothing perfect in this world; for Heavenly Dao, it is also a state of acceptance...now Heavenly Dao is also an incomplete state. If you are promoted in a perfect state... it will only become more and more beyond its control. "

Zuo Changlu said here, suddenly in midair thunder was faint. One after another dull sound, rolling around in the clouds.

The whole piece of Heaven and Earth, majestic and solemn , Seems to be warning something.

Zuo Changlu frowned, turned his head and looked at the sky outside the window, and shouted in a low voice: "Noisy! As a father, I teach my son to be fair and honest, do your things! "

The sound is not loud, but it goes straight into the clouds.

In the sky, the clouds dissipate, and the blue sky will be restored again.

"Father, you are so awesome! Zuo Xiaoduo said with extreme adoration.

With only a few words, the wind and clouds changed color, and ten thousand li clear skies appeared. This cultivation base is terrifying and terrifying!

< p>On the one hand, Zuo Xiaonian and Bai Yunduo also showed a look of worship and shock.

Such a thing to repel Heavenly Dao’s will is not only unprecedented, but unheard-of at all.

"Nothing is awesome. "

Zuo Changlu shook his head: "Everything can't get through with a word "reason". I teach my son and point me to the righteousness. It's human relations. Father teaches my son. No one can say anything. Even Heavenly Dao can't say no words, so he can only give in. Are you saying that the "Heavenly Dao" I am talking about is just casual? But because of this, Heavenly Dao will never give me face when you break through, even if I am already the pinnacle of this world, I still do! "

Zuo Xiaoduo took a deep breath: "Then I will break through outside." "

"Well, for your breakthrough this time, four people, your mother, your grandfather, and your sister-in-law will protect the law for you! "

Zuo Xiaoduo was dumbfounded: "This...this battle is a bit too grand, right?" "

Don’t blame Zuo Xiaoduo for being surprised.

But a Xiaoxiao’s Flying breakthrough, he actually worked the Heaven Patrolling Throne couple, Demon Ancestor and the wife of Left Path Heavenly King to protect the law personally!


This is simply......

Zuo Xiaoduo instantly feels that oneself is floating, and floating to the sky is not finished, the kind of floating that is still floating.

Wu Yuting said with a slight smile: "We protect the law for oneself's son. Isn't it fair and true? It's understandable! "

When I looked at each other with Zuo Changlu, they all smiled knowingly and didn't talk anymore. Deep in my eyes, there was no nervousness or anxiety.

But husband and wife two people But there are waves of tension in my heart.

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