Unconventional Legend Chapter 1167

Although I didn’t say it clearly and wouldn’t say it increased Zuo Xiaoduo’s pressure, both husband and wife knew that Zuo Xiaoduo’s game was extremely dangerous and critical!

If it is purely to prevent someone from making trouble, one of these four people will be dispatched at random to ensure that there is nothing wrong.

However, Zuo Xiaoduo's breakthrough was an extension of the Heavenly Dao game, and the implications are no longer limited to humanity!

Even if Zuo Changlu and his wife protect the law personally, they cannot guarantee that there will be no accidents in this breakthrough.

If only the Heavenly Dao will of Shaman Alliance and Star Soul Alliance, it would be nice to say.

But this time, there are probably other strange things, there will be inexplicable variables!

The reason is simple. Zuo Xiaoduo took the initiative to bear all dragon and phoenix disasters with one person, which has already increased the risk factor several times.

This is the disaster of dragon and phoenix!

between Heaven and Earth, the second great tribulation!

Whether Zuo Changlu and his wife can survive perfectly, the heart of Zuo Changlu and his wife is not sure at all.

If you just want to make it through, it’s 10,000%. Even without any guardian, Zuo Xiaoduo oneself can get through it.

But the key lies in the word "perfect".

Because... once this breakthrough starts and a perfect start, it will come out... 1st Step outside Heavenly Dao!

In other words, there is hope in the future, beyond Heavenly Dao.

And this kind of achievement, even Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting, have never heard of it, someone has done it!

This kind of achievement is only a kind of guessing, a kind of guessing of the pinnacle of this world!


"If possible, I want to break through tonight."

Zuo Xiaoduo said.

He is already a little unbearable, the feeling of "I want to act cool" that he can't wait to make the bones of this stuff turned into white clouds; if it weren't for a bunch of falling under his hips, I'm afraid Now it’s drifting to the sky...

"No, not today."

Wu Yuting said: "Tonight is not the time, the fastest time for you to break through, I have to wait until tomorrow night."


Zuo Xiaoduo was puzzled at this point in time.

"Because you still have leeway, you can also make the preparations more in place."

Wu Yuting touched oneself's space ring and said: "I have a lot here. Tiancai Dibao, I originally planned to make a meal of leek pie. But now you use it as a breakthrough opportunity, it can be regarded as making the best use of it and complementing each other."

Take it out, Bai Yunduo's eyes are dizzy at the first glance...

"This is the Hurricane Crab of Shaman Alliance...this is Water and Fire Bamboo shoots...this is..."

"This is Quiet Lotus Root of Daomeng...When should you eat it...and this..."

"This is..."

< p>Wu Yuting has collected so-called "foodstuffs" for so long and finally came in handy today.

Then there is a long talk, a tireless explanation, such as what to eat before the breakthrough, how much to eat, if you encounter white thunder and lightning, what to eat first, and red thunder and lightning, and then what to eat...encounter...< /p>

Then began to dig out various protective Treasure Items.

"For your breakthrough, your dad and I spent a few days looking for those hidden demonic beasts, and after several hard work, we found a Heavenly King-level demonic beast. Under friendly negotiation, this demonic beast contributed a piece of leather..."

"Although there is only one piece, the weight is still enough, enough for me to make you a pair of shoes, a pair of gloves, and a top A hat, a waistcoat, a vest, and a coat..."

"I originally wanted to make a suit for Niannian as well. Isn’t it the most fashionable couple outfit for young couples, but Your dad feels sorry for the demonic beast, saying that it shrinks the body, and the skin of the whole body is enough... If you do it again, it will inevitably have to grow a layer again. If the formidable power is not enough, it seems that we are too bully intolerably. , Let’s be kind to others, and we can’t be too ignorant of the martial virtue..."

Wu Yuting feels a little regretful, patted Zuo Xiaonian’s shoulder and said: "But it’s okay, the demonic beast said, wait for us to finish. Now, you can go to him again. He takes us to find the other demonic beast with the same level as him, so that the other side will contribute one or two. By the way, this demonic beast specifically said that the other side looks beautiful and has more fur lines. Suitable for making clothes."


Bai Yunduo raised her face, she was really powerless to complain.

How can this demonic beast be bullied to reach this point?

That is the demonic beast of the Heavenly King series...

The real battle strength must be above the ordinary Heavenly King series... But in the hands of the master, it looks like More like raising an obedient little kitty?

"There is also this helmet, which is the body protection baby of Raging Fire Great Shaman. I originally liked his armor, but I am a thin-skinned person. It is really sorry that I want to come over, so I only need one. Helmet, make do with it..."

"This shield is Daoist Feng’s personal spirit treasure. He owes so much to our family. This shield alone is definitely not enough. The right is used as interest. You don’t need it. There is any psychological burden..."

"This is..."

In an instant, body protection treasures such as helmets, shields, and mirror armor...Zuo Xiaoduo is full Twenty or thirty pieces have been received, and each one is a rare heaven grade fancy product, a dream thing.

Wu Yuting thought for a long time, and looked up at Zuo Changlu, which obviously meant: Is there anything else you want to add? Have I missed ten thousand, and would you make up for the missing?

Zuo Changlu sighed then said, even though his temperament has reached its level, he still can’t help rolling the eyes at this moment.

"These things you have prepared...I feel that my Transcending Tribulation is enough..."


Wu Yuting scolded, and then suddenly he took out a bunch of small bottles as if he had just thought of it: "As long as there is a little physical weakness, the spirit qi true origin can't keep up... I just squeezed one and threw it in my mouth."

"In addition, don't use the stone that can quickly recover in your hand. You should use it at the most critical time. If you don't use it, don't use it, you know?"

"Mom, how do you know that stuff?"


Wu Yuting has finished the arrangement. After frowns has been thinking about it for a long time, he confirmed that there are no omissions, and then said: "Have you figured out where to break through? Where is the most certain?" Zuo Xiaoduo tentatively said: "If it is more special, it makes me feel more secure...I want to be in the last time Qin teacher broke through on the cliff where he fell. The boundary is very special and weird, but it makes me feel at ease."

Wu Yuting flatly said: "No! No way!"

< p>"No way?"

Zuo Xiaoduo stared wide-eyed: "Why?"


Wu Yuting was speechless for a moment and said: "I think it's too remote... this time you make a breakthrough, you need to get the right time and place, and to count luck. Our strength of harmony is quite abundant, but the power of luck assistance is slightly insufficient..."

She thought for a while, and said: "Or break through the sky over Capital City...Well, the nine-five-year aura above the Imperial Palace can offset part of the heaven's destiny robbery..."

< p>Zuo Changlu is speechless: "The direct result of doing so is that the imperial family's air luck is greatly depleted. There are few people in the Imperial Family who are lack of air luck. They will be exhausted due to the decline of luck, and the middle way will die. Good luck. Most of the Imperial Family has to be overthrown in this place!"

Wu Yuting rolled his eyes and muttered: "...It doesn't matter... right?..."

Zuo Changlu pondered for a moment, and said, "It's okay to break through that cliff. It's a Danger Land over there. Not only is it good for the land, but it can also be fed back by the energy of death!"

Wu Yuting feels upset, according to her idea, it is still in Im Perial Palace has the best breakthrough.

Emperor Qi of the past dynasties, True Dragon qi in the world, and the sovereign aura of supreme emperor, plus the national luck of Flame Martial, the collective gushing luck of Star Soul Continent...come to the heavenly tribulation.

This is the best choice.

Although Heavenly Dao settled after the event, thunder shook, and luck was greatly reduced. It is likely to cause a lot of damage to the people in Imperial Clan. It is not impossible to cut off children and grandchildren... But those are not in Wu Yuting's considerations. Among.

In her opinion...trifling Imperial Family...cough.

Perhaps Zuo Xiaoduo did not make a mistake in the judgment of oneself Mother, the daughter of Demon Ancestor is of course the big Demon King!

But under Zuo Changlu's persuasion, she finally gave up this oneself that seemed to be the most perfect plan.

The location is confirmed.

The rest is easy to say.

"Mom, Li Chenglong, they want to observe my breakthrough..." Zuo Xiaoduo asked: "Look at..."


< p>Zuo Changlu, Wu Yuting, and Bai Yunduo said in unison.

"Do you think it's a movie? You actually organize a group to see your breakthrough?"

Wu Yuting points a finger on Zuo Xiaoduo's forehead, and he staggers him. .

Then it felt too easy, so he bent his fingers and hit his brains by the way.


"Your breakthrough process is destined to be different from everyone else."

Zuo Changlu said: "What's more, after seeing your breakthrough, they are very You may lose the confidence that oneself can break through Flying safely."

Wu Yuting nodded, sighed then said in my heart.

Although when breaking through Flying, there is a real gap between immortal and mortal, it is destined to usher in the so-called'heavenly tribulation'.

If ordinary people break through Flying, it’s just a baptism that is slightly different from heavenly punishment. But now Zuo Xiaoduo’s breakthrough at this time is true. Heavenly tribulation in the sense!

And it's the Dragon's Tribulation!

The so-called Dragon Han’s Tribulation is between Heaven and Earth, the second great tribulation; it is also the first great tribulation after the initial judgment of Heaven and Earth!

The danger in it...

I still don’t know anything, looking forward to it, even Zuo Xiaoduo, who be eager to have a try, Wu Yuting sighs. , But couldn't help but flustered and exasperated, with a finger on his forehead.

This child, can you save some snacks!

Who would have thought that this kid would walk step by step, and step by step would be Heavenly Dao rounds, and step by step beyond Heavenly Dao rounds!

Zuo Xiaonian is a Phoenix Vein bearer. Regarding this cognition, Zuo Changlu and his wife knew about this when they first picked up Zuo Xiaonian.

But even the Zuo Changlu couple didn’t expect that...oneself’s biological son would actually be a hidden dragon fate!


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