Unconventional Legend Chapter 1168

Moreover, Zuo Xiaoduo’s Wife Guardian madman attribute is too extreme, so he took the Phoenix Vein’s soul flush with oneself strength of oneself, and the most direct result of doing this is Let the two fate completely intertwined; a series of coincidences, it seems to form the current dragon and phoenix robbery!

Who do you want to make sense?

Think about Zuo Xiaoduo's journey, first the young dragon hibernates, then the Hidden Dragon is born, and then he worships the Flood witch as a godfather, and he has the Shaman Alliance Star Soul and two continuous peaks. Counting the long-standing alliance between Star Soul and the Dao League, that is the three-way aura, converging one person.

The first game out of the mountain was the Kill, Destruction, and Wolf Star Monarch Heavenly Dao game of Monster Clan.

Then walked step by step, all the treasures of Heavenly Dao's luck were all up and down, and now they came to the land of Beijing, but they were actually guided by the Wang Family's conspiracy. A conspiracy was led by Southern Dipper Northern Dipper. Guided by Heavenly Dao backlash game.

Perhaps, more than that.

Because this kid...has been tainted with spiritual and devil...

As a result, this situation makes Zuo Changlu extremely troublesome.

"I've been first under the heavens in my whole life, and I have not enjoyed this kind of treatment in this world...This kid is so young..." Zuo Changlu sighed in his heart. I don't know what to say.

If oneself's guess is correct, he has been troubled by Zuo Xiaoduo aptitude since childhood, and it can help him soar into the sky... That thing should be...Creation Plate!

If we add the air luck of that thing and its attributes that can carry air luck, the follow-up may...

Zuo Changlu feels that oneself's heartbeat is gradually speeding up.

Even though oneself can already be called the first under the heavens person, there is no certainty in my heart as to whether Zuo Xiaoduo can safely protect Zuo Xiaoduo through this Dragon and Man Tribulation...

Because at the most critical time, Zuo Xiaoduo oneself must always face it.

At that time, if oneself intervenes, heavenly tribulation will only suddenly increase the formidable power by ten thousand times due to circumstances, and Zuo Xiaoduo will be killed by oneself’s own father.



Zuo Xiaoduo didn't know the melancholy of his parents, he just saw that his parents are very oneself. Happy, and very concerned about the look of oneself.

Some even personally protect the law for oneself...

Furthermore, when Niannian Cat broke through, let alone thunder, there was no wind. The so-called breakthrough. The other cultivation boundary breaks are the same, no difference!

Even though Wu Yuting's Chunchun told him, Zuo Xiaoduo repeatedly promised that oneself would pay attention and be cautious.

But in fact, he really didn't think much about it.

On oneself's current equipment, Zuo Xiaoduo feels that oneself can completely hit Shaman God Mountain!

Look at the faces of my parents, um, it is clear that there is no such tragic thing as a middle-aged bereavement. That is to say, not only will I be fine this time, I will be fine afterwards.

I've seen Niannian Cat's face again, oh ha, there is no sign of widowed face...

This time once again proved that Zuo Xiaoduo is safe.

Thinking about it, I felt foolproof, refreshed, and suddenly remembered something, he said: "Dad, Mom, I forgot to tell you some good news."

< p>"What good news?" Zuo Changlu couldn't help being curious.

"Well, it's Niannian Cat, and I recognized you with an adopted daughter, hehe, a happy event?" Zuo Xiaoduo graciously rubbed his shoulders for Wu Yuting, and Zuo Xiaonian graciously beat Zuo Changlu. leg.

This is a consistent way for the two to please their parents. It is unsatisfactory after all attempts.

Zuo Changlu shook his neck, Wu Yuting shook his legs: "Who is that?"

"Who, Mo Xuanyi...That's it..."

Zuo Xiaoduo said it again and said: "Then You Clan is too much, it actually looks down on people. Such stale clans are actually the first in Beijing...so we just..."

" ..." Bai Yunduo covered his face on one side.

You Clan is not doing well this time. It is estimated that You Dongtian will have to pick up the skins one by one...

Who can stand up to such an ear wind?

Sure enough, Zuo Changlu was furious and shouted: "You Family has become like this now? Tonight, ask your elder sister to kowtow and make sure. Then pass my words out, yes I’m not very satisfied with this marriage! You Clan, the grade is too low, can you afford our girl!"


Bai Yunduo knelt with a plop Down: "Elder Brother You is not easy..."

"It has nothing to do with Elder Brother You...If you don't beat and beat, the younger generations of You Family may become the same as Wang Family! "

Zuo Changlu said: "And Yunduo, your Bai Family, also take a warning!"

"We fought hard all our lives, not to let oneself clan ride on Everyone is tyrannically abused power! If only this is the case, it would be enough! These junior bastards are so accustomed to one by one...how they are in style. The remediation of big clans starts with You Family!"

Bai Yunduo, who caught fire, bowed himself to be taught, with a look of sympathy, and the sympathy was for You Dongtian.

Big Brother You, I have tried my best, so please ask yourself more...

That night.

In Zuo Xiaonian's yard, Zuo Family has a long-lost family banquet.

This seat was naturally opened to witness the meeting between Zuo Xiaonian and Mo Xuanyi Jinlan sisters, as well as the two parents.

This news is irrelevant to Capital City, as few people know it.

However, You Xiaoxia, who has been cheeky following Mo Xuanyi, naturally knows.

I went home in the afternoon.

Mo Xuanyi is going to take his parents to Zuo Family small courtyard. I definitely don’t have time at night, and I still have to clean up oneself in the afternoon. Naturally, I don’t have time to deal with Little Fatty.

Leaving Mo Xuanyi's side, Little Fatty feels boring, and there is no other place to go, so he returned to clan unhappy.

While he went home, he was surprised and surprised to find that there were a lot of Old Ancestors, and they didn't go to retreat to sleep or anything...

Since oneself yesterday, what happened? , It seems that the Old Ancestors all seem to be free one by one.

Every time I come back, I see old fogeys walking around with their hands in front of oneself one by one, and no matter how they hide, they can encounter: "Hey...Xiami, how is your object?"< /p>

You Xiaoxia all feel that you are not crazy one by one, right?

So opposed before, now... I'm afraid I can't catch up, as if I can't afford it.

I really don’t understand this change!

However, if you feel it personally, this oneself's treatment is much better than before.

Since entering the house, seven old fogeys have asked: "Hey...fatty, how is your object?"

All pretending to be intentional or unintentional, It happened by chance, with a face of'good luck', the questioning blurted out. If there are similarities, it is not a coincidence at all. At most, the individual words and sentences are slightly different.

You Xiaoxia at first still felt flattered, and gradually it didn't feel right, but afterwards, it felt completely frightened.

Because in front of oneself, dozens of bright old fogey wandered around with their hands behind their backs, it was very obvious, and they were all waiting to'encounter' with oneself.

"What the hell is going on? What exactly is the detail that I missed?"

You Xiaoxia's head is almost broken, but still at a loss.


An old man seems to have discovered You Xiaoxia'inadvertently', and he also asked very similarly and very smoothly:

"...Hey...Xia Mi, what's wrong with your object?"

You Xiaoxia suddenly got a toothache, all of you are like repeaters, what do you want to do?

However, the identity of the person in front of him is quite different, and he can only hold back his breath, and muffled helplessly: "It's still going..."

"It's not going to work. "

This unique old man is the grandfather of You Xiaoxia, pro grandfather, and he is naturally more privileged than other elders, so he simply ordered: "Don’t go, tell me first The situation will go again."

When I heard that, suddenly, in the garden, in the nursery, by the pool, by the rockery, under the corridor, in front of the house, in the hall...

One by one, the old fogeys pretended to be doing nothing and stepped out.

In short, in an instant, You Xiaoxia's surroundings became in droves.

You don’t have to make excuses for being late: "Ah, why are so many people gathered here? What are you doing? Is there any big news?"

It made sense to lean over and stare at You Xiaoxia for a moment...

I understand that the ancestors are very concerned about the major event of the marriage of this younger generation in front of them.

"Tell me...what's going on right now?"

You Xiaoxia's grandfather rely on age to show of age, using the identity of oneself pro grandfather to catch Little Fatty , Strong interrogation.

"It's still like that, grandfather."

"Which is it like that?"

"It's still not cold, not hot, not warm... Hey..."

"Why don't you take the initiative to take the initiative..."

"If my pursuit is not active yet, I really don’t know what else is called initiative, but the atmosphere between us is neither lukewarm nor lukewarm..."

You Xiaoxia sighed: "grandfather, can you please leave me alone? , I'm so easy to talk about a relationship with my heart... Hundreds of old fogey followed... What is this thing..."

"Niezha! We care about you, what's the matter? ?"

"Yes, the old man has passed in a few years. Ask what happened?"

"Yes, the old man is so old, I just want to watch it Look at Xiami to find a daughter-in-law."


For a while, You Xiaoxia only felt unable to complain. It was unreasonable and hard to tell.

You all have been like this from hundreds of thousands of years ago... to now you are still lively dragon and animated tiger. It is estimated that after hundreds of thousands of years, even I will be gone, you all To be alive, you have to talk to future generations and grandchildren... It’s really a shame that you have the face to say such things now.

"What the hell is going on?"

"Hurry up and talk about it, we are all over here, how can we help you out."

So, wait After You Xiaoxia spoke for a while, the old fogeys blew their beards and stared.

"Why do you talk about love like that? Are you stupid?"

"Two, it's okay."

"It's silly, it's okay."

"You should be like this... and then when you should kiss, when you should touch... Why are you so honest?..."

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