Unconventional Legend Chapter 1170

Mo Xuanyi's family filed in. Wu Yuting and Zuo Changlu greeted them with smiles, and Bai Yunduo Zuo Xiaonian followed.

"This is Xuanyi, right? This child is really beautiful...this is the wooden brother...and younger brothers and sisters? Come, come and sit in the house."

Mo Xuanyi's family There is an inexplicable feeling that the men and women in front of you are graceful, kind from the inside out, there is no arrogance at all, it is a peaceful mood from the bottom of my heart, a good feeling that comes from the bottom of my heart, suddenly surges. Up here.

Between three and two sentences, it was as if the biological brothers who had been lost in the war for 80 years reunited.

Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting are the ultimate powerhouses at this time. Apart from comprehending Birth By Transformation in the Mortal World, between their thoughts, their prestige is condensed, and they are completely indifferent.

It is no different from Father Zuo Mother Zuo, who was an ordinary person in Phoenix City in the past. It is not at all like the so-called "accessible" of the superiors, but is truly an ordinary person.

Through the accumulated experience of the two people through countless years, the Mu family instantly gave birth to the feeling of a oneself biological brother.

(Mu Congjun and his wife have changed to'Mu Xuanyi' for their daughter after their daughter returned; the familiarity in the book requires a sense of familiarity, so I still typed'Mo Xuanyi', as everyone knows.)

Then there is no nonsense. Under the testimony of everyone, Mo Xuanyi and Zuo Xiaonian kowtow to their parents. The two sisters give gifts to each other, and the parents of the two parents give gifts to the Adopted Daughter. This is a very simple ceremony process. , Ceremony is complete.

After that, Zuo Xiaoduo Li Chenglong and the others sent congratulatory gifts to congratulate the two sisters for making golden orchids...

The whole process is simple but solemn and simple. Cumbersome.

It makes people feel that everything is so logical, where water flows, a canal is formed, as if water flows, a canal is formed...

Then everyone went to the hall and sat around Around a large table, everyone was seated simultaneously.

The meals are already prepared early, just take them out of the space ring.

The four jars of wine were opened at the same time, and the aroma of the wine was overflowing...

Four seniors were sitting upright, Bai Yunduo was next to Wu Yuting to accompany, Zuo Xiaonian and Mo Xuanyi were sitting together At the start, Zuo Xiaoduo did the brothers and ranked four.

"Family banquet, from the beginning, today is an authentic family banquet. It is good for everyone to have a good time without any restrictions, hahaha." Zuo Changlu seemed very happy.

Mo Xuanyi's parents are even more happy.

Mu Congjun even feels a little bit emotional.

The two couples of oneself are ruined, and they are already two wastes. I heard from my daughter that although the Zuo Family couples are also ordinary persons, their children are all good, and they are the leaders of the young generation. , Oneself’s daughter can become attached to it, and the future will naturally benefit Duoduo.

Strictly speaking, this righteous knot of Jinlan is still a high level of their own, but the Zuo Family couples are amiable to oneself. They are very close and sincere, which makes the husband and wife. The two people are like a spring breeze. They couldn't help but say a lot of things in their hearts. When it comes to emotions, tears are falling.

Wu Yuting sighed.

This...It's really pitiful to the parents of the world...

Until I sit down...

You Xiaoxia, who has been stiff for a long time, wakes up like a dream , I... How did I do nothing from start to finish?

It’s clear that no one stopped me, but...how come I didn’t find a chance to show up, talk, step forward, give gifts, or bless me from beginning to end. ...

What's the matter?

I’m not such a stupid person...

Until everyone has picked up chopsticks to eat a few bites...You Xiaoxia only found out...

Oneself turned into an invisible person!

Is my sense of existence so low?

How does this work?

So he quickly piled up a smile: "Xuanyi, left boss...uncle and aunt..."

Zuo Changlu frowned slightly, looking at You Xiaoxia, a little hesitant, some Perplexed, he said: "...Is this young man...?"

Wu Yuting also frowned: "I haven't seen it yet."

Mo Xuanyi's parents said with a smile "This is Xuanyi's...Well, it's the boyfriend you're talking about. Xiaoyou, the young man, is pretty good, he is also very hardworking, and his family is good."

Zuo Changlu's face suddenly appeared. Get better, smile: "It turned out to be Xuanyi's boyfriend..."

Somehow, Mo Xuanyi wanted to shyly agree, but looked up unfathomable mystery and said, "He's not yet."

As soon as I said this, I was stunned.

Why would I say that?

Zuo Changlu hehe smiled, and said amiably: "Sit down, young man."

Turning his head to Mu Congjun and his wife, he said, "This, Brother Mu, we are also I’m a family. I’m a little older than you, and I’ve experienced more things. If you don’t know if you should say something wrong?"

"Big Brother Zuo, you are too kind, we are a family People, what else shouldn’t be said, just say it."

"Yes, Big Brother Zuo is Xuanyi’s Adoptive Father. What do you think about the child? My own daughter."

Zuo Changlu hehe smiled and said: "Speaking of which parents, it’s really not easy. You said it’s such a small thing, never knowing anything about a small group of meat. Raising all the way to the big, raising till now...what shouldn't you worry about? Hey..."

Wu Yuting said on the side: "I still remember these two little debt collectors, they didn't understand anything when they were young, right? I grew up feeding on shit and pee..."


Li Chenglong almost choked out a sip of wine.

More than a dozen people spontaneously gave Zuo Xiaoduo a thumbs up: The food is really good.

But it fell to the ears of Mo Xuanyi's parents, but they felt very empathetic. This topic has always been a common topic of parents all over the world, and the conversation on this topic suddenly became more and more emotional.

"Now that the child is old, we are also old..."

Zuo Changlu sighed: "But he started to worry about their lifelong major event, lest they meet others , I’m afraid of being bullied, I’m afraid of being disappointed, I’m afraid of... Hey, I really broke my heart. I used to hear that I was a hundred years old, and I was worried about ninety-nine. It was an exaggeration of the ancients, but now it falls on oneself. It’s the most true portrayal..."

Father Mo trembling hands, took up the wine and drank it, his eyes flushed: "Big Brother Zuo...you really said what I was saying, you say, When we are parents, when can we stop worrying about it?"

Zuo Changlu sighed, focusing on the wine in the glass, and whispered from the heart: "...maybe, it will be there. When we close our eyes... we won't worry about it."

As soon as this word came out, the surrounding air suddenly puffed up.

Immediately, the four elders simultaneously sighed softly and drank their glasses.

Other people also have their own feelings, feeling that oneself can’t be filial in front of their parents, which is really unfilial.

"Compared with the two of you, we can say that we are a little less worried."

Zuo Changlu said with a slight smile: "Xiaonian this girl is me holding back from the outside Yes, it was raining, and the baby girl in the swaddle was like a wet kitten, just after the full moon..."

Wu Yuting smiled and said: "I never thought of that wet kitten, long When I got older, I actually became a big beauty, and also fascinated my son. Such a good girl actually made my sweet brat cheaper..."

Zuo Xiaonian's eye circles are red, and again I am grateful and shy, stomping my feet and twisting my waist and pouting: "Mom!"

Zuo Changlu also looked at his daughter spoilingly, and said, "merely this, my Zuo Changlu not only has complete children," There are more Jiaerjia son-in-law, but one less worry..."

Mo Xuanyi's parents expressed their envy.

Seeing a pair of children, all of them are like fairy dew pearls, and childhood sweethearts, growing up together, knowing the roots and knowing the bottom, are they not the best sons-in-law, and the happiness of life in the future is already predictable. .

For parents, this situation is indeed very satisfying, very reassuring...

It’s up to you, and then think about oneself. , Could not help but arouse thoughts...

Xuanyi and this You Family Young Lord...the identity gap seems to be too big...

This future life will be spent together...and again how?

As soon as I thought of this, I couldn't help but feel sad and frustrated.

After a long while, I said sincerely: "I really envy you..."

Wu Yuting said with a slight smile: "I see this from Xuanyi... well, this The chubby boy still looks quite stable..."

For some reason, Mo Xuanyi's mother suddenly felt uncomfortable and couldn't help holding Wu Yuting's hand. Some helplessly said: "sister -in-law You don’t know...this child is a good child, but...the family is not right, the adults in their family are not very satisfied with our family..."

Wu Yuting frowned "What kind of family background would you dare to be dissatisfied with our family?"

"This child was born in the You Family of the Jingwang clan, and is the clan from Heavenly King You... Hey... With us being a commoner, Where can I climb high..."

On one side, Bai Yunduo watched the topic under the guidance of the Master. The journey went smoothly, smoothly and smoothly in the direction that he wanted to guide, and slid over, immediately. Subconsciously holding his forehead with one hand, he quickly took a bite of the dish and was shocked.

Elder Brother You, it’s really not that I don’t help you... It’s really the opinion of your family now. It’s too serious, too stale, plus conceited for too many years, I really don’t take pleasure in other people’s misfortune. Meaning...

"Clan from Heavenly King You..."

Zuo Changlu looking thoughtful said: "...Then, it is indeed a little bit different from ours."< /p>

"Who said no..."

Wu Yuting twitched his lips.

"Yes, I thought it was a big clan. Everyone's great cause... It turned out to be You Family..."

Zuo Changlu frowned, "Where are these small families? She's worthy of our girl..."

"And she's still so naive..." Wu Yuting said.

"In-laws, younger siblings, you really have to think about this. Child is a good child, but he was born in clan too low... His vision is really bad..."

"It's about a child's lifelong major event... It must be considered carefully, and can't be fooled by rhetoric." Wu Yuting said gracefully.

"Xuanyi is so exceptionally intelligent and Heavenly Immortal, how can he casually betrothed to You Family?" Zuo Changlu said.

"You two, the standard for picking a son-in-law is too low." Wu Yuting said.

"This marriage, or forget it." Zuo Changlu gave a final word.

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