Unconventional Legend Chapter 1172

Of those present, which one is not a human spirit? In the ups and downs of the crowd for a lifetime, what can't you understand?

On this matter, I just thought about it for a while, and it became completely clear.

In any case, even if all the Aristocratic families of the three continents are gathered, the comprehensive rankings, even if you are not come out first, You Family will at least be in the top three. With this confidence, as Star Picking Thearch, Right Path Heavenly King Clan's background, always owned!

This has also led to You Clan, in any case, can not be named such as "Xiaomenxiaozu" Too low" not on the stage "Panggaozhi".

But now, this kind of prestige has appeared, and the appraiser, You Family also recruits “cannot afford to offend”, and cannot refute it.

On the one hand, people are telling the truth, even if they go too far, they are still telling the truth!

On the other hand, people tell the truth with their strength, no matter how much you can do, you can only listen with wide-eyed eyes!

After all, it was oneself who did the wrong thing first.


Old Ancestor was sighed for a long time, and said with regret: "Master Throne, this is obviously dissatisfied with our You Family..."

"In the beginning, if you let the flow go early, don't obstruct it arbitrarily, there will be such a thing, not only will you have a reasonable reputation, but also will naturally climb the towering trees..."

"People are in the rivers and lakes involuntarily, and people are in the temple. They are all favors. How can we be willing to beat the mandarin ducks, but this is the case in the world, or Lord Throne is not wrong at all. We, You Family, are also stale!" /p>

"Tell me about you...one by one, pointing fingers at the marriage of younger generations, have grown old and become more and more ignorant?"

"Why don't you think about when you were young "

Old Ancestor blows his beard and stares with anger.

A bunch of old fogey dociles are being trained, but they are slandering in their hearts...

Everything didn't start with you, and now they have the face to turn their heads and blame us.

You are the root of everything, OK!

But now, this matter has suddenly risen to the point where the entire clan people were alarmed.

Throne is dissatisfied, this is very serious!

Especially serious!

It is so serious that the person in front of You Family can't handle it, can't handle it, and dare not handle it!

This is no longer what they can handle at their current level.

"What's going on now? This marriage...is it so yellow? Such a good thing..."

"Are you still thinking about marriage now? Hehe...estimate When this matter comes to an end, we people, with each one, have to be stripped of skin."

"Should the skinning be the next thing...I feel sorry for this marriage, so Good marriage is gone?"

"Nothing? Do you dare to say something no, you try? It's not a matter of peeling the skin... Do you think Throne really wants to cancel? This It has nothing to do with marriage..."

"Then...I can't even think about it, and I can't say no, what's the follow-up?"

"What's the follow-up...I want Do you know how to deal with the follow-up? As for being so worried, anyway, this matter... is no longer a category that we can solve and deal with."

The old fogey sighed, complained, and regretted all of them. Up.

This is really a sentence. I knew this before, so why bother in the first place.

"Now this matter, I can only report it to Old Ancestor..."

"This is an obvious matter. Since Lord Throne has said so, it is an obvious way to Old Ancestor is here to rectify the family style... It's still up to you..."

"You are smart, what did you do earlier?"


Finally Old Ancestor sighed then said: "Throne is what it means, can you stop talking nonsense..."

The family looked at each other in blank dismay, everything Dejected and discouraged.

Who can think of it, originally thought it was a god-sent good marriage, a great marriage, but oneself and the others' extra-junctions, so many things were born,

"That It’s up to Heavenly King Old Ancestor to decide..."

"But...who is going to tell Heavenly King?"

When it comes to this question, everyone looks away. , Silent for a long while.

Whoever says who is the first hapless person, there is no doubt about this!

No matter what the matter is, the swearing and curse that comes up will not get away anyway!

Naturally no one wants to touch this mold!

To be fined together afterwards is better than oneself having a meal first.

"Everyone still wants to start. The crux of the problem now lies in the current family style of our You Family. Throne's focus is also on this. It's not that we really look down on our family. Marriage, the two children have their own minds, how can Throne really break them up?"

"The adults just used this to beat our house...This must be explained by Old Ancestor, let’s take the initiative Speaking, it is proactive confession, this attitude is must."

"If we don’t even say it, then we’re really dead!"

"About this In the follow-up, our qualifications are definitely not enough..."

"You mean to let Old Ancestor go out and embarrass himself..."

"...I don’t Say so!"

"Then what do you mean?"


Everyone quarreled for a long time, and bucked each other for a long time, but this However, things cannot be pushed away after all, they must be faced, resolved, and follow-up must be followed.

As for who will report to Heavenly King, it is naturally expected. The Old Ancestor, currently the oldest qualification of You Family...who else?

Countless old fogeys turned their heads neatly and looked at Old Ancestor whom everyone expected...

Old Ancestor pinched the phone, his face twisted.

Why do I have so many younger generations who push their elders to die...

It's just...

A bunch of bastards.

Should Throne say that You Family’s family style is not right, isn’t that right? It's so wrong!

But when things are coming, you have to proceed. Now, shaking and pressing down the phone that is regarded as god...

The face is like prepare for there funeral.


The call is connected directly.

Everyone shuddered all over, turning their backs subconsciously, only their ears were erected, listening attentively to the sound of the phone, lest they miss a word...

< p>Everyone is enter the dao cultivation expert, and the sound of the earpiece can be heard clearly at any distance.

But on the surface, they all pretend that "I can't hear anything, this matter has nothing to do with me."

The voice on the phone rang.

A majestic voice came.

"What's the matter?"

This voice is solemn, upright, adhere to principles, reserved!

Yes, Old Ancestor right Heavenly King is this image.

"Old Ancestor...It's me, little stone..."

You Family, the Old Ancestor holding the phone, had a trembling voice, and his body instinctively squatted down: "Now at home...Say hello to Old Ancestor."

"Oh...the stone."

Heavenly King's voice came very peacefully, serious and kind. : "Why do you suddenly remember to call me? Is something wrong at home?"

"Yes...something...I want...Old Ancestor is in charge..."


Heavenly King’s voice is solemn and majestic: "Let’s talk about it, what's the matter?"

"It’s like this...about the future Family Head...this, You Xiaoxia...is the major event of Xiami’s marriage The problem...something went wrong..."


The voice of Lord Heavenly King has several points of Little Qi.

What can go wrong with the marriage of You Family's offspring?

Isn’t there any clan children or the younger generation of Imperial Family rushing to rival for love?

Master Heavenly King's voice is a little bland.

After all, at this level, including the entire three continents, there are basically not many things that cannot be solved.

Don’t panic.

Master Heavenly King didn't panic at all.

On the other side of the phone, Lord Heavenly King’s two legs overlapped on the coffee table, the phone was sandwiched between his neck and shoulders, his head tilted, and the deck of playing cards in his hand, facing him. It is Nan Zhengqian and Dongfang Zhengyang, the three are fighting the landlord.

The little days have a good time.

Nan Zhengqian's face has been painted with Xiao Wangba, which is the handwriting of Lord Heavenly King.

This is a coincidence. The three of them happened to be together.

Master Heavenly King idle pain in the balls, came to fight the landlord.

And a fair bet is stipulated.

If Dongfang Zhengyang loses, he will have to contribute the wine that his family has passed down for five thousand years. When the peasants lost one altar, the local leader lost two altars, and doubled if there was a bomb.

Great Commander Nan lost to draw a tortoise.

If Lord Heavenly King loses, lose 100 Star Origin Coin.

Fairness, fairness and fairness.

Under the threat of Lord Heavenly King, Nan Zhengqian and Dongfang Zhengyang had to accept this so-called "fair" gambling agreement after being beaten each other.

Now, Dongfang Zhengyang has lost several games under the superb card skills of Lord Heavenly King.

This is no way, 34568 Straight, 45679 ran away...

222A is a small bomb that can manage Heaven Reaching...

When he was a farmer, he had 11 out of 17 cards and he was out of cards...

This kind of card skill, no one can withstand it.

So far, several new cards have been changed.

The two marshals accompany the Heavenly King to play cards with their faces'happy', and they seem to be very keen on this sport.

Hehe smiles on my face, my mother sells batches...

This fucking You Dongtian is really fucking and not a person...

At this moment, Heavenly King The adults answered the phone, and the two of them breathed a sigh of relief, their eyes turned around, winking at each other, and they were ready to slip away...

You can’t slip away, this right Heavenly King is really shameless. Now, Nan Zhengqian and Dongfang Zhengyang held the four bombs that broke the dragon in their hands and also squeezed Wang Bo. This right Heavenly King was able to throw the cards and beat them for a spring...

"It's really not a thing... I just want your wine, but I still want to catch Lao Tzu here to draw a tortoise. This is something that humans can do..." Nan Zhengqian sound transmission.

"You look at him like this, your feet are up to the sky, how can you look like a Heavenly King, there is such a shameless person in the world, there is no eye in the sky..." Dongfang Zhengyang was very angry.

My family's wine, this product comes every day, not to blackmail, or to fine, or to play cards like this kind of idiot.

If you play cards like this, you might as well just grab it...

"Calling his younger generation, listen to this tone... the honest and kind elder... Bah !"

"We have to slip away..."


The two exchanged eyes, ready to retreat...

But at the next moment, their ears stood up.

My grass, there is gossip!

Big gossip! !

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