Unconventional Legend Chapter 1173

The phone is full of stammering voices.

"...Old Ancestor, it's like this... Xiami talked about an object before, a civilian family. After considering the pros and cons, the family members felt that the two were not suitable, and the identity gap was a bit big. I tried to stop it a few times. Xiami is a kind of love, and he insists on not doing it, but he is a junior, and he doesn't have the right to make up his mind about this matter..."

You Dongtian said solemnly and solemnly: "En? Then what..."

Suddenly I feel bored.

Youngster fall in love...what do you do with old bastard? I told you a long time ago that you shouldn't have a sense of the door...

But just keep your temper and listen to it. What's going on?

"...Then, recently, it was discovered that the civilian's daughter was an old friend with Throne's son Zuo Xiaoduo, which has several points of communication..."

You Dongtian hearing this The son was stunned.

both eyes stared suddenly, and a foggy word almost blurted out.

Looking around in this world, among the three people he avoids the most, the first is naturally Wu Yuting, the second is his old son You Xingchen, and the third is Zuo Xiaoduo's turn.

Of course, Zuo Xiaoduo itself is nothing, that is, it's just a messy fairy. At most, it's quite terrible.

But no matter how powerful my old lady is, she is still a super mad devil who protects her calf, so Duoduo naturally avoids taboos!

Let’s put it this way, is Zuo Changlu Flood strong? You Dongtian didn't list them in the top three of those who are afraid of. How intimidating the top three are against You Dongtian, right?

The two feet on the coffee table were involuntarily collected back: "...this...has become a love rival with Throne's son? This is no good!"

"... …It’s not…"

"Oh…" The Heavenly King on the right immediately breathed a sigh of relief. That's good, that's good.

"...Just today, that Mo Xuanyi, that is, the civilian woman, has become sisters with Zuo Xiaonian..."

"en? That's not better."

You Dongtian is a bit cocky, isn't You Family becoming in-laws with Zuo Family? At least they are in-laws!

Kiss and kiss.

"Just today... Throne and his wife held a family dinner..."

"Family dinner!"

You Dongtian couldn't help but hit Shivering. Subconsciously touched the space ring.

"The family of Mo Xuanyi...and officially announced that they will accept Mo Xuanyi as the Adopted Daughter..."

"This is a good thing, you are here to tell me the good news. Yes, it's worth it..." You Dongtian's voice became more calm. Suily glanced at Nan Zhengqian and Dongfang Zhengyang.

These two goods seem to want to slip?

That won't work! Lao Tzu is enjoying the win...

"Then Throne said...Our little family is not worthy of him as a girl..."

"en? What?"


You Dongtian froze, and couldn't help standing up.

At this moment...

Originally, they were already about to sneak to the door. Dongfang Zhengyang and Nan Zhengqian suddenly stopped, then they looked at each other and brushed excitedly. He sat back all of a sudden.

You Dongtian, who heard the bad news at first glance, was stunned. After thinking about it for a while, he came back to his senses, holding the phone with one hand, and looking fiercely at Nan Zhengqian and Dongfang Zhengyang with his other hand. Point out.

The meaning is clear: get out! !

Nan Zhengqian and Dongfang Zhengyang shook their heads neatly together.

We will not go out!

At the same time, he grabbed oneself's card on the table again, frowned and studied it, and the meaning was very clear: Are we not playing cards with you? Can we not afford to lose, or if you win, you will run away ?

Hit your sister!

You Dongtian threw the card on the table, both eyes staring, like to eat people.

Dongfang Zhengyang and Nan Zhengqian are quick and quick, and they carefully put You Dongtian's cards aside, so that they will not be messy with oneself.

The meaning of that action is very obvious: you continue, we will continue to play after the event, and then we will decide the male and female.

You Dongtian breathed heavily.

These two shameless things are actually taking advantage of people's dangers, hit a person when he's down!

But the person on the phone didn’t know what was going on, and kept saying: "...Throne said, our family is too low...too ignorant...clan is too young to be on stage. In a vain attempt to climb high branches...so the marriage... was canceled..."


You Dongtian loudly shouted in anger: "What are you doing! You guys are doing it well! What is it all about?"

There is already no body over there: "...It seems that before...we disliked things about the Fang Family life, let Throne-sama know, that's why we have today's... …"

You Dongtian is now ignorant of being angry with Dongfang Zhengyang and Nan Zhengqian, and furiously said to the phone: "Children’s marriage, pay attention to the opposite, pay attention to the one you love and I wish, you blindly interfere What's in it? In the future, it’s not that you are looking for a daughter-in-law by yourself! The view of the door is the view of the door every day. When you are looking for a daughter-in-law by oneself, you don’t understand? Now that you are old, you are fainted?"

" Is it embarrassing to lose?"

The opposing side sullenly suffers from the training, and does not say a word for a while.

After a long time.

On the other side, the only cowardly voice said: "We have discussed for a long time...it seems... Throne-sama didn't really mean to cancel the marriage, but this matter... we can't talk now... "

"Of course you can't speak! What qualifications do you have to speak..."

Speaking generally, You Dongtian suddenly turned from furious to furious: "You can't speak..." …So I'm looking for me? That's Throne! I can talk? The woman is now Throne's wife, I have to avoid seven points, what can I say? What dare to say? You go find my dad!... …No, I’m looking for the emperor... or my father!... He can talk!”

Immediately, bang hung up the phone!

Push the pot out cleanly.

Whoever you love to go to... Anyway, this pot, I don't recite it.

My dad is always strong enough to carry on his back, look for him, that's right!

Nan Zhengqian and Dongfang Zhengyang can’t help but admire prostrate oneself in admiration!

As expected of the Heavenly King!

At this point, I can actually throw the pot on the emperor...

Speaking of which seems to have heard a sentence called cheating for a long time, and now, at this moment , Such living examples appeared in front of oneself, what a long experience!

"What did you hear?" You Dongtian looked at the two men fiercely.

"You didn't turn on the hands-free, what can we hear..." Nan Zhengqian grinned, smiling extremely happily.

Dongfang Zhengyang raised the card in his hand and asked: "Continue to fight the landlord, we want revenge!"

"I fight your uncle! Revenge your grandma!"< /p>

You Dongtian is going to get angry. Staring and rolling up the sleeves is about to start beating people.

I have always watched other people's excitement, but today I was seen such a big excitement!

Nan Zhengqian and Dongfang Zhengyang have already spared their lives at this time. Even if you are beaten to death and settled by the Queen of Autumn, this gossip must be seen from the beginning to the end, otherwise the old man will die.

You Dongtian was about to clear the scene, the phone rang again, grabbed a look, couldn't help but shiver, and immediately connected: "...Father!"

Dijun Your lord is calling!

The interest of the two people next to each other suddenly grew stronger.

The gossip has been upgraded!

On the phone, the flustered and exasperated voice of Lord Emperor came out full of annoyance: "Fuck your mother! Don't call me father! I can't afford to fuck! You are me Dad! You are my living father!"


Nan Zhengqian and Dongfang Zhengyang heard this, and they both had a happy face. Even if they only heard this sentence today, it is enough...

Even if you lose again More, it's a worthwhile life, enough for memorizing the rest of your life!

You Dongtian looked at the two in embarrassment, but didn't dare to hang up, so he could only gesture continuously with his hands, and his eyes were pleading.

The two of them lowered their heads, and made a pair of money that they hadn't seen or heard.

Do you want to fight the landlord?

Do whatever you want?

Now that there is embarrassment, you actually want to drive people away?

There is no such good thing in the world!

At the right time, the roar of the emperor came out like an overwhelming voice: "Your special mother dumped the pot on Laozi today!? Ah, you are so promising?"

"I raised you for so many years to help you back the pot?!"

"Why do you have a face to speak up! You were not allowed to engage in clan back then, did you brat have to establish a You Family? ! After the establishment, you will oneself let go and throw the pot to your son!"

"Then you are shaking it down from generation to generation...What's the point now that you can't shake the little one? Your special mother started to swing up again?!"

"What else can you do? What else can you do?! You Dongtian, you fucking in vain for your age! "

"When you were a kid, you got into trouble and dumped it to Yun Zhonghu, when you grew up, you dumped it to Yun Zhonghu! Later, you continued to dump it to Yun Zhonghu! Later, Yun Zhonghu found a wife and ran away; you fucking You have a promising future, and you are starting to dump the pot! What happened to Dongfang Zhengyang by you?! Nan Zhengqian was thrown into your left uncle's blacklist by you..."

"Shaking the pot everywhere, shaking the pot everywhere, your reputation as the Heavenly King on the right has finally continued the myth of your own Lao Tzu!"

"Now you even start to pit your Lao Tzu , Who do you want to throw the pot on in the future?!"

"The word cheating was created for you, You Dongtian?!"

You Dongtian was embarrassed. His face was black and faint.

One side...

Dongfang Zhengyang and Nan Zhengqian stared wide-eyed: I rely on... No wonder... It turns out that I was unconsciously dumped by this stuff...


What the hell was it? When did you get scammed again... why don't you know?

"You don’t know what your uncle left means? You don’t know? Are you stupid? Are you thinking of tofu with soy sauce? Do you still need a fried dough stick? !"

"Have your brain been eaten by a dog?"

"This is clearly for you to come forward to rectify your family style!"

"How did I get back Is it something I created You Family? Shake the pot to me, can you get it?"

"bastard thing!"

"What kind of virtue is the current You Family? You still have the face to watch the excitement of Wang Family? I tell you You Dongtian, you can’t clean up one of you well, and You Clan is the next Wang Family!"

"This is how your uncle left took the Adopted Daughter , To teach you a lesson, and to give you a vigilance! If you are really ordinary people, wouldn’t you be bullied to death by your cunts?!"

"If you really bullied people to death, then you Uncle Zuo will show up again, can you brat still be able to take the field?"

"Really asshole!"

The Lord Emperor is obviously furious, and You Dongtian scolds You Dongtian bitterly.

To tell the truth, I knew this kid was like a bear, so I should paint the wall back then!

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