Unconventional Legend Chapter 1174

right Heavenly King only feels that oneself has been criticized ashamed and unable to show one's face.

For a long time, when I heard that the old man on the other side stopped getting angry, he cautiously said: "Father...this thing is really not on my head, you know, I am with Uncle Zuo. In front of Aunt Zuo... that is not a bit of face, I don’t think about it, your Senior is highly respected, and Zuo Shu and Aunt Zuo have always respected you... This is not talent..."

The emperor said angrily : "My virtue is my business, that is my virtue! Is it used to wipe your butt?"

But the voice is still a lot softer.

The emperor is still very proud.

After all, the whole continent recognizes that the only one who has the most face in front of Zuo Changchang is oneself. No one can compare this!

You Dongtian listened to the play and hurriedly said: "So...this matter...you have to..."

"I don't care!"

Emperor Jundao: "I order you! I will deal with this matter immediately and quickly! First, the marriage can't be pornographic! Second, your uncle and aunt left are going to calm down! Third, you oneself find a way !"

"Can't do it well, don't call me father in the future, I will call your father, you are my living father!"


The phone hung up.

As for You Dongtian's face now, there is really only one word to describe: such as prepare for there funeral!

The whole person fell into a silly atmosphere, and his temperament was lost.

"cough cough, there is not much major event, just a little thing made by junior clan... Right Heavenly King don’t have to care like this, when the time comes, I will accompany you to solve it." Dongfang Zhengyang volunteered.

"I'll go too! In front of Throne-sama, I, Nan, is still half-faced. I must help Heavenly King on the right..." Nan Zhengqian was unwilling to fall behind.

Looking sideways at these two with a face taking pleasure in other people's misfortune, and their foreheads are full of guys who hit a person when he's down, You Dongtian snorted in his nostrils.

How many years have I been?

Can I see what you guys want to do?


Will you be unhelpful?

If I believed you, I might as well find a piece of tofu and smash it to death!

You just want to watch the excitement, and then hit a person when he's down by the way, one or two!

"trivial matter, where do you have to do it!"

You Dongtian scowled: "Dongfang, your army’s defense is lax and morale is low; battle Strength back, you, as the commander-in-chief, cannot escape the blame. Hurry up to sort out the defense, but there are flaws, I must report to Throne!"

"Nan Zhengqian! Your Southern Army fought in the last battle. It’s riddled with blemishes, but you still have a face with big teeth and laughed happily! Hurry up and go back to sort it out."

Then extend the hand: "Gambling, won’t you give it to me if you lose?"

Dongfang Zhengyang's chin almost fell: When is this, can you still remember this?

It’s the Right Path Heavenly King!


You Dongtian took the gambling money and went away, hurriedly, sighing all the way.

Dongfang Zhengyang and Nan Zhengqian looked at each other.

"I went back to organize defense." Dongfang Zhengyang shook his head.

"I'm going back too, hey...work hard." Nan Zhengqian also left.

In half an hour.

On the way to open space and fly to Beijing. Two people feel that there seems to be space fluctuation?

So I took a look...

Nan Zhengqian smiled awkwardly: "What a coincidence?"

"Yes, it's a coincidence!" Dongfang Zhengyang's face was not embarrassed.

"Go with you?"

"Hmm, good. Go with you."



You Dongtian’s cultivation base is the top number of Heavenly King, which can be called the leader of Heavenly King series. How fast is the speed? Successive Tearing Space rushed back, but on the way back to You Family, Thinking about it, the more I think about it, the more angry I feel ten thousand zhang!

You Family, how come such a group of disappointing descendants?

favor the rich and disdain the poor, set up a fraudulent marriage, and actually lied to Throne!

One by one, they actually thought, without Uncle Zuo's knowledge, come to lie to the sea and make the marriage directly a fact!

This is a jerk.

I dare not do that.

"What a bunch of idiots! Not to mention that when the eye catches a glance, you can see that Uncle Zuo's play is taking advantage of the situation, and he is just thinking about it. When Uncle Zuo arrived in Beijing, as long as he wanted to hear and know the things he wanted to know, the entire Capital City was that you were hiding in the secret room and sound transmission. It was absolutely impossible to hide from him!"

"Even, Zuo Uncle Zuo, the wise aunt, has been thinking about it, and the idea has come true. The Adopted Daughter of Heaven Patrolling Throne is really so easy to cook mature rice with raw rice, so what will happen next? It is thunder rage at every turn. , A clan is wiped away with a wave, which is just a matter of waving."

"This kind of precedent is destined to be impossible!"

"If it is a high-level girl, you have a black box Operate, just get raw rice and cook mature rice to make in-laws... Then the world shouldn’t be messed up? Lao Tzu is obviously raising a group of pigs!"

"I think ordinary worldly sentiments can be suppressed. Is this world’s top powerhouse? I don’t know whether this World’s in the bones, or powerhouse is respected, or whose fist is the most reasonable?"

You Dongtian’s head is about to explode, fortunately he The speed is really fast, and it takes hundreds of breaths before and after. With a light sound, the others have already fallen into You Clan's compound and walked in.

But the Lord Heavenly King looks like a young man at this moment. He walked in like a big thorn. The outer guard of You Family didn't know him at all. He saw a stranger suddenly appeared in the inner courtyard of You Family. , How to stop shouting: "Who? Stop! If you dare to move, execute without any mercy!"

Before the words fell, they rushed up, murderous-looking.


"get lost!"

Everyone fell into one bottle gourd.

This is because You Dongtian thinks that they are responsible for it, and it cannot be regarded as a fault. Otherwise, with his current unhappy state of mind, this group of guards would have long since died into scum!

Turning a corner, before the main entrance of the hall, a group of Old Ancestors were already kneeling respectfully.

"Congratulations...Old Ancestor..."

You Dongtian slapped his hand, directly slapped the front old man seventeen times, and said angrily:" I am not your Old Ancestor, you are my Old Ancestor, living ancestors!!"

Looking at the Old Ancestor who played the top in midair, the members of the You Family trembled one by one, like a chill.

"Fuck me in!"

You Dongtian flicked his sleeve and strode into the main hall.

After another moment, the hall was filled with crackling sounds.

"You all go to the front line one by one! All of you are idle at home, and Xian has become an ancestor! Xian has become a layman! Why do you think You Family has the scenery in front of you? You use it Politics and diplomacy, using those rateless means to trade? Is it your alliance?! I have been fighting for thousands of years, but it has made you enjoy Good Fortune in the rear and lie down to win your life! From now on, You Clan Yiying's children , All must rely on the ability of oneself, whether in business or in politics or in the army, each depends on ability to make a living, and anyone who dares to move the family relationship, immediately expel clan!"

"from now on, You Clan closes the door and retires; no longer participate in the so-called Shangjingda clan ranking, let alone all the cake-sharing actions of Shangjing!"

"from now on! For all the children of You Clan who reach the Soul Transformation cultivation base or above, You must go to the front to experience a battle that lasts no less than three years! No distinction is made between men and women! Life is luck, and the future is your own personal glory; death is fate, buried in the ancestral grave, and you don’t lose the children of You Family!"< /p>

"From now on, You Family whole family must not talk about Star Soul politics anymore, close the door and close the house, and the family will be hidden!"

"As long as I hear You Family people again The bullying and bullying outside is not bullying the men and women to encroach on others... Before I personally come back to deal with it, if it has not been cleaned up, I will deal with all the people responsible for handling the matter!"

"Look at Wang Family , Look at you guys again! Ask yourself, what is the difference between in the bones and Wang Family when you come up with this one after another? There is a Heavenly King in the family, and you are proud of each one. How can you think one by one? Oneself is the Heavenly King?!"

You Dongtian's roar was not concealed in the slightest, and it almost shook half of the trip to Beijing, like thunder and deafening!

"Kneel! Kneel all to me! Kneel in front of the ancestral tablet and reflect on it!"

You Dongtian suddenly became irritable: "Bah, just kneel here, Lao Tzu Not dead yet! Do you have any ancestor tablets..."

Angrily said: "I haven't been scolded by the emperor for 10,000 years... You gang of unscrupulous descendants... You are my ancestors. !"

"A bunch of embarrassing things!"

"I knew that I had raised a group of you, I might as well have been..."

Before it fell, You Dongtian had already walked away without any trace.

This matter is just a lesson to oneself. It's not an endless thing at home!

Even, this is just the first part, the easiest part to solve!

On the other side, the Zuo Family family banquet is still going on.

After You Xiaoxia left, the atmosphere changed abruptly and became more enthusiastic. Zuo Changlu’s eloquence can be described as excellent; from start to finish control the situation, not too fast or not As for being too slow...

The meal presents a relaxed and lively atmosphere from the beginning to the end. The laughter is nothing difficult, and there is a big laughter from time to time, and everyone enjoys it.

Wu Yuting gave two spirit pills to Mu Congjun and his wife and melted them in the wine. By persuading the wine, the two of them were allowed to take it. Naturally, the digestion was completely clean, and everything went on quietly...

Zuo Changlu is talking with Mu Congjun about how it feels to be a father; the two laughed heartily or sighed together from time to time.

Whether it is an expert of Transcendent Saint or an ordinary citizen, when it comes to fathering, the mood is the same.

Occasionally, I have been instructed by Zuo Xiaoduo and Li Chenglong. The rivers and lakes are sinister. You must be careful in everything. Don’t take yourself too high...

, Time passed unconsciously, but the atmosphere was so happy and harmonious, everyone was reluctant to end the meal too soon.

Only Bai Yunduo understands it best.

Master master wife This is and the others, deliberately prolonging the time of this family banquet.

If You Family still has a brain that is not blocked, then You Dongtian will definitely come tonight!

After tonight, things will be big!

At this moment.

dong dong dong ……

Someone knocks on the door, the sound is scattered, neither fast nor slow.

"I'll open the door!" Bai Yunduo immediately stood up.

Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting simultaneously rolled their eyes secretly, go, I want to report the news in advance, I will disappoint you.

Bai Yunduo opened the door and saw the two in front of him at first sight, and was stunned: "Why... why are you?"


[It's three changes today. I'm furious! 】

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