Unconventional Legend Chapter 1175

Outside the gate, Dongfang Zhengyang and Nan Zhengqian stand tall and tall in front of Bai Yunduo.

Bai Yunduo looked surprised.

"The two of us came to Shangjing for business, knowing that the boss is also there, don’t we come to see the boss..."

Nan Zhengqian and Dongfang Zhengyang are also wondering in their hearts, they Is it true that didn't expect that Bai Yunduo is also here?

The cultivation base of the two of them is more inferior than that of You Dongtian. It is said that it is extremely difficult to walk into You Dongtian's head, but You Dongtian needs to go home to deal with housework first, which gives them a chance. As long as you head straight to Zuo Changlu, you will be here. Naturally, you won't miss the drama of the century.

Sit back and wait for the rabbit, it may not be a derogatory term!

In the previous Zuo Family family banquet, Nan Zhengqian and Dongfang Zhengyang, as long as they heard it, must have gone as far as they would go!

In fact, there is more to them, but anyone who has experienced Zuo Family family banquet will ignore it as a tiger-wolf den, a forest of swords and guns, and it is absolutely impossible to get out without peeling off the skin!

But this time, the two of them took the initiative to find the door.

The two of them are very ruthless in their hearts. As long as they can see the drama of the century and see someone's decay, even if they owe a lifetime debt because of the ruin of the meal, they will recognize it!

Who made You Dongtian such a mess is really bullying!

If you missed the gossip of this scene, you will truly die, and you will regret it!

Especially here, with Throne backing up, you can watch the show more confidently, and you don’t have to worry about revenge on the spot!

As for the future...I dare to come to the army to find trouble, believing or not, I directly mobilize the army to encircle you!

Right Path Heavenly King is amazing, I'm still the head of the army!

See if you are not willing to start!

"You...have come so coincidental..." Bai Yunduo couldn't help but wipe his sweat.

"Is the boss here?" Nan Zhengqian stretched his head.

"Come in...I'm eating." Bai Yunduo sighed then said.

"It just so happened that we were hungry when we came along the way, and the helper added two pairs of chopsticks..."

The two were also welcome and squeezed in.

Bai Yunduo said sincerely, I have never seen Nan Zhengqian and Dongfang Zhengyang so bold!

Today, I’m so courageous...

Not only can I see at a glance that I don’t want to leave, but I dare to command oneself to add two pairs of chopsticks... You two Command me?

But this is a bit strange.

You Dongtian won't talk about this everywhere, right?

But how did these two know...

Surely they knew about it, or why would they deliberately make do with the Zuo Family family banquet?

This is really strange.

The two walked in. Li Chenglong and the others turned their heads instinctively.

At the gate, two big men walked in arrogantly.

The two people are almost the same in stature. They are two meters up and down, walking like a dragon and stepped like a tiger, coming like a dragon and stepped like a tiger, just like two big mountains.

These two people are all dressed up in casual clothes. Only one of them is straight. Even with a tie, it is difficult to conceal their originality. They walked like ten thousand horses and thousands of troops at the same time. Majestic mountains and rivers, majestic all over the world.

Not only was everyone surprised, even Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting were surprised.

"Why are you two here?"

"Isn't this... you want to be a boss. And it just happened to be on business..."

The two are full of faces Honest and laughed, Dongfang Zhengyang is a bit cautious, and Nan Zhengqian is a bit embarrassed.

Two people scratch their heads at the same time, one with the left hand and the other with the right hand.

Wu Yuting faint smiled at the two people: "Go on business? Just made it together?"

"Yes, yes...It's a coincidence." The two smiled at the same time.

Wu Yuting rolled his eyes and said: "Have you eaten yet?"

"I haven't eaten yet!" The two said in unison, the words were not at all polite.

If you say that you have already eaten it, and you are told,'Then you go, we haven't finished it yet. '


Wu Yuting frowned: "Why haven't you eaten so late? Then don't you hurry home to eat? What should I do if I am hungry? Anyway, I am a petty official, so why don't you care about oneself? Come on Go home."

"This..." The two men looked at the table full of vegetables in a daze.

"There are so many people on the table, you two have large intestines, and the few meals we prepared are not enough to fill your stomach!"


The two were stunned.

Sister-in-law, you...you don't play cards according to your routine, right?

We are all ready to go bankrupt in the second half of our lives, so we will come to eat your meal. Will you send us away if you meet?

What logic is this?

When there is nothing to do...


Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian are simultaneously cheering: "Uncle Nan! It's Uncle Nan!"

The two of them have not forgotten, this Uncle Nan is really a good person . The most precious first gift I received in this life was given by Uncle Nan.

The voice of Uncle Nan, for Nan Zhengqian, is a blessing from the heavenly official.

Nan Zhengqian immediately smiled, and laughed: "Ahhh, this is not Little Duoduo and Little Nian'er, Uncle Nan hasn’t seen you for a long time... Let me take a look, Xiaoduo is like this As it gets taller, Little Nian'er has become more and more beautiful..."

Nan Zhengqian, who finally had a step, walked over with a kind face and looked at Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian. Feel happy and pleased.

Nan Zhengqian directly ignored Dongfang Zhengyang's gaze for help.

I only need to stay with oneself. As for you...oneself, think of a way, anyway, I am definitely afraid to say more.

Or you can go.

It’s nonsense that being alone is not as good as everyone else’s music. If you can enjoy the drama of this century, why bother with others!


Dongfang Zhengyang touched his nose and walked in: "Are you eating? It's so fragrant! I have long heard that Zuo Family's family banquet is rich and well-received." , Brother, this..."

Wu Yuting icy said: "Isn't this eating, what are you doing? Is there a banquet to respect Heaven and Earth? What the hell? Only your boss is in my eyes? There are other things. People?"

Dongfang Zhengyang smiled with a smile on his face: "sister-in-law you are like your biological parents to me... I have been thinking all these years that sister-in-law is kind to me As heavy as a mountain, how should I repay the sister-in-law...... No, I tried my best to get some sister-in-law things for the sister-in-law that may not be dear... but the sister-in- Law must give me face...but don't dislike it!"

As he said, quickly hand out a purple red space ring.

Wu Yuting took the ring and opened it on the spot. He said, "Oh, you have come all the way. Your boss and I are no different from this pair of chopsticks... Hurry up and sit down. Come in, you came here by coincidence. Our family has a happy event today, and you are also very happy."

"Hey, hey, thank you sister-in-law." Dongfang Zhengyang was covered in white hair. sweat.

Especially when I saw Wu Yuting actually open the ring on the spot to check it... I was very grateful, fortunately I was really prepared... Fortunately, my family property is basically worn on my body, so it is unavoidable to be swept out and served. It's dangerous.

Nan Zhengqian has such a vision, laughed and handed out the space ring: "sister-in-law, sister-in-law, you are really getting more and more beautiful... and give me a pair of chopsticks."< /p>

Looking at Dongfang Zhengyang with squinting eyes, it was like looking at a low ratio.

With Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian's affectionate'Uncle Nan' as the base, Nan Zhengqian feels that now oneself's status has completely surpassed Dongfang Zhengyang!

We are a family!

You, Xiao Dongfang, that's an outsider!

Dongfang Zhengyang didn't move in his heart. He has already scolded Nan Zhengqian's ancestors, the eighteen generations.

Of course he recognizes Zuo Xiaoduo, the peerless heaven's chosen of Hidden Dragon High Martial......

But he can't even dream of it, this kid turned out to be Throne's son!

Nan Zhengqian, this guy, has concealed such a big and hot news for so long.

This dog day is really not a human!

If I had known...I would rather hit and die if I couldn't mix with the enthusiastic'Uncle Dongfang'!

It is rumored that Nan Zhengqian always likes to eat alone. Seeing it today, the rumors are true!

After waiting for today, I will ask you to settle the account again.

It’s not that it’s close, Lao Tzu’s qi-viewing technique is the most contemporary. I heard that Zuo Xiaoduo inheritance of Phoenix City Second High’s former Principal He Yuanyue’s qi-viewing technique, but at Xiaoxiao, his attainments must be shallow, etc. Laozi's stepping stone will definitely replace Nan Zhengqian's position as a servant!

The East is destined to overwhelm the South!

The Mo Xuanyi family saw a stranger coming, and they were so majestic, they couldn't help being a little restrained. Zuo Changlu warmly introduced: "This is our brother, one surnamed Dong, the other surnamed Nan."


"My name is Dong." Dongfang Zhengyang said.

"My name is Nan." Nan Zhengqian.


Neither of them are stingy people, they are very up-to-date and sent a circle of gifts, Mo Xuanyi's family, Li Chenglong and the others, everyone Both received double copies.

Then Bai Yunduo came slowly with two pairs of chopsticks, banged to the table and rolled two eyes, "You two, do you want to drink?"

< p>"I want it, I want it! It's hard work, it's really hard work for you..."

The two were wiping sweat.

I almost forgot that this is the wife of Heavenly King...

So I added two more wine glasses, without a trace, two space rings were in Bai Yunduo's hands.

Bai Yunduo is closed without the slightest smell of fireworks.

Master said to add two pairs of chopsticks, but did not say to drink, you two want to drink?

hehe, when my wife of Left Path Heavenly King, the continent first Supervising Envoy, and the army’s first Disciplinary Investigation Envoy, are I a maid?

I brought you the chopsticks and the wine glass?

If you don’t have these two rings today, tomorrow my old lady will picket your army!

As a successor of Wu Yuting's Legacy, the nature of receiving gifts is naturally of common origins, and everything is done smoothly and without a trace!

If Zuo Xiaoduo sees this scene, he must sigh again and again, this is the real Yan Guo plucking, my cultivation is still not perfect!

As soon as Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian moved in two big chairs graciously, and let the southeast two sit down, the two talents finally sighed in relief.

Finally sat down, there are seats, chopsticks, and wine glasses, enough!

What kind of dinner plate is needed? I don’t need all the mess!

Too expensive!

Compared to the Mo family, Li Chenglong and the others became faintly restrained with the arrival of the Dongfang two.

These two people are here today. Nan Zhengqian may be a bit strange to them, but Dongfang Zhengyang has been to Hidden Dragon High Martial.

Furthermore, I have also met in the trial in Star Glow Mountains.

This is obviously Great Commander Dongfang!

Can Great Commander Dongfang actually be the old man of the left boss's father? brother?

So who is the father of the left boss?

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