Unconventional Legend Chapter 1177

Fortunately, you two will be the best!

You Dongtian's nose is not a nose and a face is not a face. He said: "Happy meeting."

Wu Yuting snorted, said: "Oh Heavenly King You, why is your face so ugly? Could it be that who made your Senior angry?"


You Dongtian was refreshed in an instant.

In an instant, my mouth is sweet as honey: "Auntie, I miss you the past few days... I finally saw it. I have said that my aunt is as kind to me as a mountain, better than a biological mother. , I must be filial to my aunt in the future..."

"...and my uncle left..."

"Uncle Zuo, Aunt Zuo, this matter, from beginning to end, It's really, and it's all my family's fault. I have severely punished those disappointing things! Those little bastards, after enjoying it for a few days, are too normal, so I picked oneself up, I don’t know the immensity. of heaven and earth, my father and I were born to death outside, and it is a great sin to let these assholes appear in the house, or to be born in nests!"

"Thanks to Uncle Zuo this time Aunt Zuo, helped us find hidden dangers and clean up the family tradition! It’s really the immensity of heaven and earth... If it weren’t for Uncle Zuo and Aunt Zuo’s righteousness, could I, You Clan, still forever exist in the world? A stale home for deceiving the world... The thought of these gangsters doing these things makes me mad!"

"Look at the current Wang Family, how horrible to see, how much It’s heartbreaking...You Family. Now these people, if they continue to behave, that is the second Wang Family. They didn’t run away..."

"It's too terrifying, it's sad!"


"I just learned about it, so I rushed back and scolded them all! And formulated new house rules...The first is...the second is...the third is..."

"All the parties involved, I have already made serious punishments. They are..."

"I am here not only to represent myself, but also to represent my father, right Uncle Zuo and Aunt Zuo said many thanks. Originally, my father was going to come in person, but you two also knew that my father was thin-skinned. Before I came, he told me that he told me that Uncle Zuo and Aunt Zuo this time It’s been a great help to our family...These things are not a rapport, a friendship between life and death, who will take care of other people’s troubles?"

"That is Uncle Zuo, Aunt Zuo, Yi Bo Yuntian, he didn't take us as outsiders, so he would act rashly and get rid of the chaos anyway."

"Uncle Zuo, Aunt Zuo...Thank you so much..."

You Dongtian His mouth, like a heavy machine gun, suddenly opened the insurance , Pulled the trigger.

Crash-bang consists of hundreds of shuttles in a row.

"This time it was a sudden occurance. I came in a hurry... My nephew didn't have much preparation..."

You Dongtian took out a space ring and stuffed it into Wu Yuting's hands.

"It’s not a valuable thing, it’s just some beauty, beauty and skin care products... Aunt, naturally you don’t need it, so don’t dislike it. Besides, I bought some wine for Uncle Zuo... It has been preserved for thousands of years...the quality is still decent..."

Great Commander Dongfang wants to mutter: Rub, that wine belongs to Laozi's house, and it has been in the cellar for more than thousands of years, but Seeing what You Dongtian looks like now, do you dare to say.

It’s definitely not sympathy for him. This guy’s mouth is bigger than anyone else’s open smile because of the lively laughter of others. There is nothing worthy of sympathy, mainly because I’m afraid that this guy will settle accounts after the fall and be able to see this. The drama is worth the fare...

"In addition to Xiaoduo Yu and Little Niannian, I also prepared..."

You Dongtian said while watching Zuo Changlu's Complexion.

When I saw Zuo Changlu, there was no change in his expression, so the right Heavenly King's face became whiter...

Originally, da da da's speech speed like a machine gun also quietly gradually gradually changed. Slow down, I almost stammered afterwards...

You Dongtian really knows the Zuo Family couple very well. Any major event in the Zuo Family must be decided by Zuo Changlu and trivial matters. As far as Wu Yuting is concerned, although Zuo Family has not had any major events for a long time, Zuo Changlu’s real person is always Zuo Changlu.

At this moment, You Dongtian loves to know that oneself has made Wu Yuting clear, but still can’t pass Zuo Changlu, it’s still in vain!

Zuo Changlu indifferently said: "I asked you to come here. Did you come to give a gift? Do you think that your aunt left and I really covet something from you?"

< p>"no no... My nephew definitely doesn't mean that. My nephew has always respected Zuo Shu and Aunt Zuo, and I can’t wait to take it down from time to time..."

You Dongtian pleadingly looked at Bai Yunduo, brother and sister. Say something for me!

Bai Yunduo's anger has not disappeared, and snorted turned his head, too lazy to pretend that he hadn't seen it.

You have offended a woman and you want her to help you say good things. Is there such a good thing in the world?

"You Family, it’s really awesome right now! It's not only the first one in Beijing, but also the first one in Star Soul. You can count all three continents, but you really open your eyes. You What kind of family has developed up and down? Originally I just wanted to see how this matter can be solved, small punishments and big admonitions, but the spiritual consciousness only discovered your huge clans after your You Family took a turn. Now It’s like Wang Family’s rottenness."

"When you see the Chang Family world, just step on it! When you see clan, which is stronger than oneself, I squeeze the child with raw rice and cook mature rice... this is What’s your You Family’s family style?"

"What’s more, in the past thousand years, the upper-level benefit distribution of Shangjing, a single You Family actually accounted for 20% of the share!"

"You have a high authority and are more involved in general affairs. You should understand and know better than I am. What does a clan occupying 20% ​​of the capital's profit resources represent and what it means!"

"It's you You Dongtian plus your dad, or you are eligible to take the two percent, but if you ask yourself, if you can't help it, will you feel that oneself eats more and takes up more! But the current situation is, just Those descendants of you stay in clan, they will occupy the 20% share, why are they!?"

"Only, their ancestor is the emperor? Is it the Right Path Heavenly King?! "

"How ridiculous! How ridiculous! How ridiculous! How frantic!"

"You Family is You Family, what is Heavenly King clan? According to your statement, if it is Xiaoduo and Xiaonian will get married in the future, do you still need to establish a Throne clan?!"

"At that time, your You Family, will you work together and mediate to ensure that the glory of your so-called first clan does not fall? Do you still have to fight Xiaoduo Xiaonian and the others?! Or even kill them and trouble will completely vanish?"

"Don’t tell me, I think too much, it’s me who worry about the world. It's me who is whimsical!"

You Dongtian's face was wet with cold sweat.

This is really a shame...

No answer is right.

But one thing is certain, that is...Uncle Zuo and Aunt Zuo will never let Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian form a clan!

Since I have a child, I have been hiding it for fear of being known, but how can I set up a clan......

"Uncle Zuo......"

You Dongtian looked at Zuo Changlu beggingly, but he met Zuo Changlu's cold lightning eyes.

Dongfang Zhengyang coughed, leaning forward and said: "Boss...right Heavenly King...I know it is wrong, and this attitude is already...boss, don't you think..."

< p>Nan Zhengqian also bowed and said: "Boss, You Family, after this treatment, as long as the descendants of the next generation do not overturn the Heavenly King resolution, there will be no problems for at least three thousand years. Besides... after clan has multiplied for ten thousand years, Sons and grandchildren...have always been something that anyone or any clan can’t avoid..."

"Even if it is Divine Immortal...I am afraid it is...after all, the hearts of the people..."

Zuo Changlu sighed softly, "You understand my mind. In normal times, I would not say it so seriously, let alone say it so seriously, but...Wang Feihong, but my brother back then! Wang Family, ah, I watched and saw that when I arrived at this step, I was already Brother Cheng Xiaoqiang, how could it not be a lesson from the past, as it is."

"horrible to see!"

"Now You Clan , There are such signs. Even your two-born clan may not have such signs of breeding!"

"We fought hard and fight the world, if we finally find out, we have sacrificed our lives and fought for a lifetime. , The Star Soul Continent, who has been protecting for countless years, was actually harmed by our oneself descendants...Even if we are really on the altar, how can we accept the worship of the people over the years with peace of mind?!"

"Fighting for a lifetime, our original intention was only to see the beauty of this World; we can kill anyone who destroys society, but I never hope that when you wield a butcher knife one day, it is actually us. Oneself’s bloodline descendants!"

"This kind of heart-wrenching pain, that kind of absurd disappointment and confusion, is something you cannot bear! Even if the descendant under the knife, you have never seen it before, it is after all Your bloodline inherits, you will always remember that his surname is You, You Dongtian’s tour!!"

"You Xingchen’s tour!"

Zuo Changlu's voice is not very harsh , But You Dongtian, Dongfang Zhengyang and Nan Zhengqian Bai Yunduo stood upright with all their faces and listened attentively.

This is undoubtedly a statement from the bottom of the heart, not an outright statement.

As for Mu Congjun and Mo Xuanyi on the same table, including Zuo Xiaoduo Li Chenglong and the others, they can't see this scene, nor can they hear any sound.

Speaking of Wang Feihong, Zuo Changlu feels a little uncomfortable. The Shaman and Dao Alliances who killed the Shaman and Dao Alliance with a single sword back then, the bloody Lone Goose Heavenly King, smiled at oneself before leaving the station...< /p>

You Dongtian and others also came from that time. Although the cultivation base was only small shrimp at that time, how could you not remember the feat of Lone Goose Heavenly King?

Look at the current Wang Family again...Look at oneself's home again, all of them are in cold sweat.

After a long, long time...

Zuo Xiaoduo saw You Dongtian turned to sit down with a gentle face, picked up the wine glass, toasted Mu Congjun and his wife, smiling, and said "I’m You Xiaoxia’s... parent, um, our You Family has a larger population, and the seniority is a bit messy. I look young, but the seniority is slightly older; cough cough..."

Zuo Changlu looked at the sky with blank eyes, and Wu Yuting squinted.

Long seniority? Oh...you are really older, your younger generations don’t know how many generations, marry my goddamn daughter, then we two want to call you Old Ancestor?

But You Dongtian can't help it, it's really no way!

"There are different things, all things..."

You Dongtian's neck is thick, and he struggles to say.

"hahahahaha......" Nan Zhengqian burst out laughing.

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