Unconventional Legend Chapter 1179

"don't be impatient." Zuo Changlu's eyes were deep and he patted his wife's shoulder with his palm: "It's just a heavenly tribulation of the seven tribes, or better, at least the worst than I expected The result is better..."

"Huh? The worst result you presupposes is more serious than this?"

"Xiaoduo has many causes and effects, and there are many of them. Most of them are caused by him... he is arrogant and unconventional..." When Zuo Changlu said this, he also had several points of toothache.

"But what the hell did he do, how could it involve so much cause and effect?"

"What did you do? Think about it, he was born in Star Soul, the Dao League He himself is a peerless genius, and the heavenly tribulation of the two clans can’t run away... and he later worshipped Flood as the Adoptive Father. Flood is now the Shaman Clan number one expert, so naturally it is involved in the Shaman Alliance Heavenly Dao... …"

"This time I went to Shaman Clan, I also got Ancestral Shaman Zhurong inheritance, which is inseparable from Shaman Clan Heavenly Dao. After that... he relayed it to Spirit Clan and Demon Clan I’m afraid that there is still a great cause and effect that we or even oneself don’t know about. This way, it’s the five tribe heavenly tribulation."

"Even if there is Spirit and Demon Clans again, but now The situation is that Monster Clan’s Heavenly Dao is involved, so what do you say?!"

"I’m also puzzled by this, but our son has always had a lot of fortuitous encounters. Maybe he is because of some Some reasons provoke Monster Clan. Maybe..."

"Even so, there are only six races...Where did the cause and effect of Western Cult come from? You said he was because of something. Because it has something to do with Monster Clan, I also agree, but Western Cult has not seen any information for several millions of years, and it is not even published in the ancient old legend. They have something to do with it?"

Wu Yuting's question This is exactly where Zuo Changlu's question lies. Both of them feel that... This thing is really weird. Immemorial is weird. What is the relationship between my son and Western Cult?

How come together the seven Heavenly Dao of unfathomable mystery!

Does this make people feel better?

"By the way, you just said that there is a worse probability, what else could be worse than it is now?"

Wu Yuting asked nervously.

Zuo Changlu gave a wry smile: "How do you omit a lot of information about our son, or don't you care? He doesn't have a big name in Phoenix City, and the name of Great Master Zuo is so popular, is it vain? He? Pointing to the maze of sentient beings with divine ability, it is true. I don’t know where he came from, but the point of pointing to the maze is to rehearse the heavenly secrets, steal the heavens for my heart, and see the future. Wouldn’t it be a relationship with Heavenly Dao? Causality."

"What's more, he used the divine ability and the qi-viewing technique to almost turn things around and help Nian'er resist the huge cause and effect of Phoenix Vein's soul flushing. If it is the most When a serious situation occurs, these two causal backlashes are the most terrifying..."

Wu Yuting complexion changed, and trembled: "Fortunately, fortunately, now there are only seven heavenly tribulations, Without the two levels of causality that you pre-set, there is always a glimmer of survival......"

"No...and...there is actually..."

Zuo Changlu's complexion changed, their eyes focused, and their bodies were actually stiff.

I saw the eastern horizon, suddenly rushing into a cloud, the cloud formed a Golden Dragon, suddenly rushed out, circling ten thousand li in an instant, covering the sky; at the same time, at the end of the western sky, a colorful head Phoenix spreads its wings!

In one thought, one dragon and one phoenix turned into a big vortex above the capital......

"Wipe, it was the ancient God Clan Heavenly Dao who came to join in the fun... …"

Zuo Changlu's always determined eyes showed a panic for the first time, as well as a smell of gnashing teeth.

Wu Yuting twisted his hands together and cursed: "This little bastard is really an evil fairy... How can such a heavenly tribulation be perfect? ​​Looking at the current situation, I'm afraid... …It’s impossible to save your life...it’s already impossible!” Before Wu Yuting’s voice fell, another tribulation cloud resembling a ghost mist rushed up, converging with the many tribulation clouds in the sky.

Wu Yuting's face changed drastically.

Zuo Changlu's body also stiffened instantly.

"It's all here!"

"It's actually nine Heavenly Dao, perfect thunder tribulation!"

Zuo Changlu's face turned pale.

"My son...This is the creation of history!... But I am very surprised, where is his ability, causing so many causes and effects?"

Silhouette flashed, Lei Changtian fell from the sky.

"My dear...what the hell did you two give birth to? So many cause and effect heavenly tribulation...this is to be split into scum...I see this momentum, let alone perfection However, I am afraid that even the chance of reincarnation..."

"Shut up!" Wu Yuting turned his head sharply, looked at oneself's father, and let out a fierce roar.


Demon Ancestor suddenly drooped his head and couldn't open his mouth anymore.


Just when Wu Yuting and Zuo Changlu Lei Changtian were astonished to the extreme...

In Zuo Xiaoduo's Emptiness Extinguishing Tower.

Sovereign Wa Sword appeared in mid-air with a sound, sword light shot in all directions, monster qi ascended, swished out of the space, and entered Zuo Xiaoduo's spiritual soul.

Since the divine spear Yan Shisi followed closely, the magic flame soared up, turned into black mist with a swish, and flashed away.

Little White and Xiaojiu have some somersaults, and they also jumped out.

Little mistress jumped on her legs and turned into a fire with a swish.

The little dragon, the little dragon of luck, also emerged from the mountain range, soaring silently, and hurried away......


The Zuo Family is worried, and the terrifying and inexplicable super heavenly tribulation is ready to go.

But the person involved, Zuo Xiaoduo, didn’t know the calmness of calamity outside, or even the godsons of oneself, who were simultaneously sent out, and he just felt the various insights in his mind.

Suddenly fell into the sudden enlightenment state of forgetting the external and the self. Fortunately, the whole process only lasted for a short period of one minute, but there were too many insights, and it was an influx of brains at the same time. Then, my brain was upset and uncomfortable, as if it was about to explode, and under overwhelming burden, I woke up immediately.

At the moment when his mind repeats Qingming, Zuo Xiaoduo was stunned to discover that oneself’s true origin has appeared to be violent, and at this stage, even if there is another super-level cultivator’s help to suppress it, or What kind of magical spirit medicine is of no avail, we must face this breakthrough, a breakthrough to the realm of Flying!

With a force like a hot knife through butter, it flies toward the Heavenly Pass with a force like a hot knife through butter, and goes strong. It already touches the doorway, and it can be penetrated with just one touch. The realm barrier, at this moment, is as strong as a barrier, extremely strong, as straight as indestructible, unbreakable!

Zuo Xiaoduo originally thought that the step of where water flows, a canal is formed unexpectedly happened. From the strange inner view, I can see the other side of Guanai, mixed with a variety of colors!

What is going on here?

We don’t have to wait for Zuo Xiaoduo to tell the truth. The pressure in the sky is already overwhelming, and the body’s true origin suddenly bursts into full swing...

Zuo Xiaoduo only feels five Burning inside, unable to calm down, he blurted out: "Dad! I'm going to break through..."

Before the voice fell, Zuo Changlu, who had been paying attention to his son's every move, appeared by his side. He grabbed his neck, and disappeared in a swish.

After that, Lei Changtian followed, Bai Yunduo flew under the clouds, and Wu Yuting took Zuo Xiaonian and went away.

Zuo Changlu is so fast, father and son are already on top of the Cliff of Broken Soul in an instant.

Zuo Changlu suddenly loosened his hand and Zuo Xiaoduo fell on the cliff.

"Put on the protection your mother gave you, prepare all your medicine, press down a few medicine pills on the tip of your tongue, and your heavenly tribulation is not strange, you have to deal with it with all your strength. Don't be negligent in the slightest."

Zuo Changlu said solemnly.


"Don't forget the key points of Transcending Tribulation that I told you, and be careful." Wu Yuting's voice also came, like a twilight drum in the morning, All things reminded of Zuo Xiaoduo were once again imprinted into Zuo Xiaoduo Divine Sea by means of spiritual consciousness empowerment.

"I remember, mom, don't worry!"

Zuo Xiaoduo yelled, and immediately dealt with the true origin of the storm, and tried to consolidate it and bring it into formality. .

After a while, ten huge vortex in the sky came to the top of the head again.

From slow rotation, slow rotation to rapid rotation, intense rotation... and then, almost invisible...

The ten thousand li radius, a huge spirit qi in all directions , All at the fingertips for an instant, I was exhausted by the ten tribulation eyes in the sky, trickle!

The indifferent Heavenly Might, descends mighty!

Grand Dao is ruthless, causal reincarnation!

This officer dares to guard against the sky, he must be scorched outside and tender inside!

Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting, standing a hundred miles away, are cultivation base profound. Like their couple, at this moment, they don’t dare to move in the slightest and focus half of their attention on In the son's body, the other half of the energy is placed on the periphery, to prevent external forces other than Heaven Realm from interfering with probability!

Zuo Xiaonian and Wu Yuting are on one side, with one hand clasped tightly on Wu Yuting's arm, his expression is extremely tense.

Lei Changtian and Bai Yunduo are separated from the north and the south, and they are also heavily guarded.

The appearance of this guard array is a bit scary.

There are four guardians of the law. Even if the Twelve Great Witches and Dao Alliance Seven Swords join forces to attack, Zuo Xiaoduo can be foolproof and safe in a moment.

But the four of them are experts in cultivation. How can they not know that the main point of their defense is not the destruction of any human enemy, but the Evil Thought hidden behind every tribulation thunder at the time of Transcending Tribulation.

Perfect breakthrough, easier said than done.

Since ancient times, even heaven is not perfect, Zuo Xiaoduo wants to break through the man and heaven dividing line with a perfect posture, and it is bound to attract the biggest Evil Thought backlash between Heaven and Earth.

Yes, in this brief moment, even Heavenly Dao is jealous of Zuo Xiaoduo!

The jealousy of the entire world!

All cultivator, there is no one who is not jealous.

The anger of Heavenly Dao is a natural disaster and can be vented by thunder tribulation; after the natural disaster, there will be man-made disasters.

After the thunder tribulation, the after-rhyme will arouse the resentment of countless martial artists, surging in in a manner of encircling all sides and violent winds; as long as they rush in and land on Zuo Xiaoduo's body, a heart demon will be formed!

Once a heart demon is formed, it can't be considered a perfect breakthrough!

And Zuo Changlu and the others, is to cut off all heart demon invasions!


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