Unconventional Legend Chapter 1180

The four people Zuo Changlu found, Zuo Changlu and his wife and Demon Ancestor Lei Changtian, are naturally not afraid of the negative emotion of the so-called heart demon; they are purely from family members, but White Cloud Fairy Maiden Bai Yunduo, but still not completely assured.

Because of such a perfect breakthrough, Bai Yunduo, who has reached the Heavenly King grade, may also be jealous.

But right now there is no more suitable fourth person!

Flood the Great Witch’s cultivation base is naturally competent, but if this matter is actually called Flood to come over...

It’s too...

A little bit It can't be said.

Well, among them, there is also Zuo Changlu who did not expect that the situation will change to this point. After all, he underestimated the extent of Zuo Xiaoduo's trouble, and it would trigger such a mammoth cause and effect. There are also nine heavenly tribulations, sincerely. Unexpectedly!

Suddenly, ten vortex clouds in the sky were simultaneously suppressed from a position of 10,000 meters high.

Heavenly tribulation is overwhelming, death is imminent!

This sense of sight made the face of Zuo Xiaonian, the fifth guardian nearby, turned pale!

That extinct heavenly tribulation, the distance from Zuo Xiaoduo, seems to be about a kilometer away.

Well, or to be more accurate, that is... nine hundred and ninety-nine meters!


At the moment when the tribulation cloud in the sky suddenly pressed down...

Or, I should say, suddenly carrying Zuo Xiaoduo in Zuo Changlu The moment I flew here--

Under the Cliff of Broken Soul.

The huge demonic beast, with a face full of lose one's head out of fear, flashed out of the cave for half of its head.

Two big eyes, all lose one's head out of fear, and...unspeakable grievance and depression.

"Why, grandma... How did this thing get on top of my head? This... Isn't this... Isn't this the beast sitting in the house, and the curse comes from the sky?!"

This monster is extremely depressed.

Almost crazy.

It's not such a fool!

I just noticed that there is such a huge heavenly tribulation far away. This demonic beast has been taking pleasure in other people's misfortune in my heart, and almost laughed out loud.

hahaha, such a fierce heavenly tribulation, let me see who can save it! hehehe ...It's a pity that I can't go over to watch the excitement, it's really a pity...

Which one knows that the emotion of taking pleasure in other people's misfortune has been confiscated, and this heavenly tribulation has actually long legs and came directly. On top of oneself's head!

I...I haven't been here for hundreds of thousands of years...Can you be a little conscientious!

I haven't hurt an earthworm in these years. Why?

Since ancient times, since I was born, I have been the Calamity God commonly believed in the world. Disasters will happen wherever I go...

I am the pure Mourning Sect star.

But what is going on today? Whose luck is so strong? What a special one has become my Mourning Sect star!

You want Transcending Tribulation...Can you find a special place? Better place?

I have to have Transcending Tribulation on my head?

You are sick, you!

I feel the vastness of Heavenly Might falling directly like the sky, this demonic beast just cried...


Thousands of thousands Wan, don’t affect me...

It’s slowly...with the slowest speed, slowly retracting oneself’s head, condensing all the breath of the body, converging All spiritual thought...

"Don't notice me...Don't notice me..."

Pray continuously in your heart.

My mouth was so scared that my saliva overflowed, dripping continuously, and showering the tattered person next to my mouth again and again...

I really don’t blame him for being timid!

It is the place where Zuo Xiaoduo Transcending Tribulation is located, right on top of this cargo. As long as Heavenly Dao discovers its existence, he will immediately regard him as destroying the existence of heavenly tribulation!

When the time comes heavenly tribulation, it will immediately strengthen!

The Zuo Xiaoduo of Transcending Tribulation above is no luck, but the one below will never be spared. Even after Zuo Xiaoduo is split into fly ashes, heavenly tribulation will never stop, but...until the goods are also split into scum!

"What an enchanting Transcending Tribulation... even the holy tribulation since ancient times... There is no such nine Heavenly Dao, perfect thunder tribulation... What a fucked dog... …"

Monster was so scared that he was about to convulse.

"I was so wronged... I was so wronged..."


At this moment, Zuo Xiaoduo only felt that he had just finished The suppressed spirit qi burst out again, following the meridian, circling extremely fast, in the blink of an eye, it was ninety-nine weeks, and after that, it rushed toward the Flying barrier, brazenly!

Zuo Xiaoduo turned his mind and quickly put on a waistcoat made of Heavenly King-level demonic beast leather, then put on a jacket, put on a coat, put on leather shoes, put on a helmet, deng deng legs, and moved his hands and feet. .

Fill a whole bottle of medicine pill given by Wu Yuting directly into the mouth.

Only then did it have time to look up at the clouds that look like within reach in the sky, and suddenly a very curious and great sense of accomplishment came into being.

This is the first time for Young Master to cross heavenly tribulation, but with such a big scene, doesn't it prove my great achievement!

This...this is really awesome!

I, Zuo Xiaoduo, awesome Klass!

There is no one before, no one afterwards, I, Zuo Xiaoduo!

Great Master Zuo!

Iron Fist Young Master!

Glistening Cat Zuo Xiaoduo!


Just two words can describe me!


When I think of the look, oneself’s parents don’t mean to lose a child in middle-aged age...

hehe, Laozi’s divine ability has never failed, and this time it will be no exception. , It must be safe!

This though arises, I feel even more proud and triumphant, and actually poses in a sorrowful posture, hooked his fingers against the ten vortex in the sky, twisted his butt, loudly said: "Come on Hack me, come and smash me..."

"Don't provoke!"

Wu Yuting saw this scene suddenly hit his head.

this bastard, actually provoke Heavenly Might at this time!

You are already dangerous enough, know, how...

If this kid weren’t Transcending Tribulation, Wu Yuting would definitely rush over and beat him up, or maybe Ten beats, one hundred beats!

Seeking death is not what you did!

Do you know?

In the sky, as Zuo Xiaoduo bounced and clashed, the vortex cloud in the center suddenly stopped spinning, and then, a thin blazing white thunder and lightning struck straight down!

Facing the initial tribulation approach, Zuo Xiaoduo has a cool expression, and he does not move. The Raging Fire Great Shaman helmet on top of his head has already automatically and consciously carried down this tribulation thunder.

This helmet from the Raging Fire Great Shaman is not only different in texture, but also the most compatible with Zuo Xiaoduo. Although the thunder tribulation initial tribulation seems to be very powerful, it is not at the beginning of the thunder tribulation. might be limited.

If it takes a lot of effort to deal with this thunder tribulation, and even a lot of effort, the thunder tribulation behind will not have to be crossed, just wait for death.

With the help of the power of the Raging Fire Great Shaman helmet, try to block the power of the thunder tribulation initial tribulation, and the powerful aftermath of the force overflows in all directions.

Zuo Xiaoduo felt that an inexplicable force rushed into oneself's body and merged with the original fire true origin of the whole body.

This force is not its own original force, nor is it the feedback force of the Raging Fire Great Shaman helmet, but a kind of weak, but very clear, and there is a part in it. The unique sense of dao profundity......

At this moment, Zuo Xiaoduo feels the happiness benefit of being a top cultivator's second generation: under the helmet protection of Raging Fire Great Shaman, there is no I felt a little bit of vibration, no scars, basically, the only thing that is completely is to accept the benefits.

This...this is the correct way to open heavenly tribulation!




"If so, let the benefits come stronger!"

"Let heavenly tribulation come stronger! Heavenly tribulation, nothing more!"

Zuo Xiaoduo laughed wildly, like a fool, very mad!

"Don't provoke!"

Zuo Changlu has followed in the footsteps of Wu Yuting and is also a black line for his forehead.

This product is really act recklessly...

Under the sky-filling tribulation eye, Zuo Xiaoduo is fearless, laughed heartily, high-spirited and vigorous, standing tall on the top of the mountain Place, motionless, with fluttering clothes, waiting for heavenly tribulation to strike.

This is the first time in Zuo Xiaoduo’s life that he has experienced heavenly tribulation. With the blessing of his own countless resources and materials, in his opinion, heavenly tribulation is nothing terrifying at all, it's just simply sending benefits. !

This will be my first show in my life as a top cultivator's second generation!

So that he can’t wait to expect heavenly tribulation to come...

Then, one after another tribulation thunder fell from the different tribulation eyes in the sky and landed on Zuo Xiaoduo On his body, on his head...

Zuo Xiaoduo poses in an extremely arrogant posture.

Well, in the bones is carefully chewing the faint but clear and peculiar dao profundity. Zuo Xiaoduo still has a deep understanding of when to do something!

Lei Changtian yelled from afar: "You brat, so you hide! Give Heaven some respect..."

The voice hasn’t fallen yet, the first round’s thunder tribulation initial The tribulation has passed.

However, the end of the initial tribulation also means that a more intense secondary catastrophe has arrived-the tribulation eye in the middle suddenly shines, and a tribulation thunder that is as thick as a bucket will come down with a bang!

Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting hit the drum simultaneously when they saw it.

Wipe, second is so cool, shouldn’t it be step by step?

Will this give people a way to survive?

According to Zuo Changlu's estimation, to reach this level of tribulation thunder, it would have to go to the fourth or fifth calamity no matter what. Now it actually fell down during the second robbery, it's horrible!

For a time, I couldn't help but feel more worried.

Zuo Xiaoduo’s heavenly tribulation is different from the average person. The average person only needs to cross the threshold between man and heaven and reach the realm of Flying, but Zuo Xiaoduo’s perfect breakthrough requires a full ten Second thunder tribulation......

Compare the two, it is completely incomparable!

Don’t talk about anything else, just talk about the last thunder of destruction. Most people will survive a wave and it will be over, but Zuo Xiaoduo still needs to survive nine times of destruction tribulation thunder, even Level 1 More tyrannical and violent than Level 1!

Calculated like this, just thinking about it, Wu Yuting feels that oneself is a little suffocated...

My Duoduo dog...How can this kid be so pitiful...


The most pitiful thing is...This bastard doesn't know anything now, and his momentary pride has led to his provocation in that cocky...

You never know what your provocation is. !

When you know it, you will regret it......son!

You act recklessly Lil Puppy, I really want to rush to beat you...

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