Unconventional Legend Chapter 1181

hong long long ……

The tribulation thunder crashed down again!

Zuo Xiaoduo held his head high and greeted proudly, just as before!

But this time, with a bang, Zuo Xiaoduo only felt as if he had been hit by a Thousand Souls Nightmare Hammer on his head, a sense of dizziness from in the depth of one's soul rose. , Couldn't help but wave his head.

Strong force penetrates the top of the head, rushing madly all the way.

Kacha sounded.

Under my feet, a pair of Heavenly King-level demonic beast leather boots have all split up and in pieces.

On top of the head, the Raging Fire Great Shaman helmet, which was completely undamaged after the initial tribulation by the strength of oneself, will already be scorched!

If the helmet is alive, I would have already cursed at this moment.

I'm awesome and defensive power is strong, but I can't just be so stupid and beaten up.

This fuck is heavenly tribulation!

Since ancient times, I have never seen a cocky under heavenly tribulation. It is really an eye-opener today-this sentence is suitable for anyone, including Zuo Changlu Wu Yuting, etc...


Zuo Xiaoduo saw that something was wrong, and his heart began to feel a little hairy.

This unfolding...it's not quite right!

On the way here, Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting repeatedly explained to him the seriousness of this time heavenly tribulation.

It’s a pity that Zuo Xiaoduo is more on guard, but he still doesn’t pay enough attention to it, especially during the initial tribulation, the Fire Shaman helmet is so powerful...

And this A thunder, but suddenly made him sober a lot.

This is different from the life I expected to lie down and win. It seems that standing up like this is not enough, it needs further action...

Zuo Xiaoduo's mind turns, Nine By Nine Catcat Hammer suddenly started.

Dare to hack me, heavenly tribulation, this young master fights with you!

Zuo Xiaoduo's thoughts are different from dodge, he is ready to be tough...He thinks oneself can be too tough.

Many years later, I hugged a large group of milky and creamy little dolls born by Niannian Cat. Boasting: I think you dad back then... I am also a person who insists on resisting heavenly tribulation!

I even thought about the tone and posture of when the time comes...

Imagining the adoring eyes of the dolls, I seemed to hear tender calls in my ears: " Baby, Baba is so amazing~~~”

Zuo Xiaoduo suddenly felt a little airy...


The next heavenly tribulation is violent thunder. More power than before!

"Let's go!!"

Zuo Xiaoduo is full of air, with a hammer to the sky, with the most unrestrained posture, he slams up!


Lei Changtian covered his eyes with a hand, and was full of emotion in his heart.

I haven't served anyone except the left boss in his life, but today, there is a second one, but absolutely didn't expect this second person to be the son of the left boss!

It's so kind!

Since there is a cultivator in the world, no one has ever dared to force a tribulation thunder!

Always, dodge, hide, and really can’t hide, this is the only way to stand up for a while, when it comes to taking out weapons and fighting heavenly tribulation hard and tyrannical...

It's really unprecedented. The goods in front of me are parting heaven and earth Number One Person!

you brat is really fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth!

Zuo Changlu and the five others watched Zuo Xiaoduo raise two sledgehammers and clashed with the tribulation thunder in the posture of fierce and unafraid of death!

Suddenly, the entire night sky is like a huge firework!

Endless overflowing electric lights, starry sky explosions generally rush to all directions!

Zuo Xiaoduo's counterattack with this hammer, unexpectedly gained the upper hand. While feeling the itchiness and crispness again, the clear dao profundity feeling poured into the body again , It is the kind of extremely comfortable.

Zuo Xiaoduo succeeded with a hammer, and continued to hold the hammer to the sky, posing an invincible in the whole world posture, really handsome and imposing manner grace, laughed heartily: "Cool! Come again! Come again!"


this young master has found a way to deal with heavenly tribulation, so cool!

Nine-nine Catcat, who just underwent thunder tribulation baptism, was blasted with electric light on the right hammer, and another electric light burst and fell!

The left-hand hammer also raised, and smashed it again!

Then...the left hammer is also shining brightly, extremely gorgeous.

With such tribulation thunders one after another, the connection continues to fall, Zuo Xiaoduo rises up and sees others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again, even a long whistle, flying in mid-air, strong volley tribulation thunder, one hammer to the left, one hammer to the right, another hammer...

boom~ boom~ ......

The entire night sky is like continuously someone The grand fireworks are being set off, and they are still tens of thousands of times the size of ordinary fireworks...

Looking at Zuo Xiaoduo, who was busy and happily, Lei Changtian was speechless.

Boy, just do it!

Do you really think...Heavenly Dao has no feelings, no emotions, and no anger?

You are wrong, Lil Puppy!

Big mistake!

tribulation thunder is just step by step to play with you... If you really want to kill you, an Annihilation Divine Thunder will come down and you will be ashamed...

Look at you Jumping so lively and cute as a bitch...

The second wave tribulation thunder tribulation thunder is over!

Zuo Xiaoduo is still unharmed, and he feels that oneself's body is more solid than before, with true origin in the body, becoming more concentrated and thick; even a trace of Nine Heavens spirit spring water The subtle impurities that can't be forced out are squeezed out of the skin bit by bit under the continuous baptism of the tribulation thunder!

The true origin in the body continues to rumble and run, between Heaven and Earth there is an endless spirit qi, continuously enters the meridian, the true qi is full of the body, if you don’t try to vent it, maybe it’s because Unable to load and explode in general.

At this time, the tribulation thunders fall one by one, but they provide Zuo Xiaoduo with a channel for venting!

Under the gaze of Zuo Changlu and the others, the third round tribulation thunder arrived as scheduled, falling down like an overwhelming mountain.

This wave still seems to be as thick as a bucket, which is no different from the second wave's secondary tribulation thunder, but Zuo Changlu and the others are so insightful that they can't see the difference.

The inside of this tribulation thunder has clearly increased the intensity, and the bright and extinguished flickering inside is showing that the intensity has at least doubled!

Zuo Xiaoduo still holds the Nine By Nine Catcat Hammer in his hand, continues to jump up and down, and have a heroic confrontation with heavenly tribulation!

Amidst the flashing lights, one person is holding two hammers and fighting the sky!

What a heroic spirit!

"Mom... Lil Puppy is awe-inspiring..." After the initial tension and the wave of thunder tribulation with the twin hammers just now, Zuo Xiaonian's heart was put down for more than half, and his eyes were red at this moment. Flickering, holding heart in both hands, looking like this, it is clearly fascinated.

Too much love...

My love, my man, dare to fight against the sky, and he still stays true to the wind, really handsome!

For a time, Zuo Xiaonian's sense of security is overwhelming, and Heaven and Earth is also worry-free!

At this moment, Zuo Xiaoduo smashed a thunder tribulation again with a handsome hammer.

Amidst the thunder and lightning, that Ying Ting's silhouette, handsome posture...

"very handsome..." Zuo Xiaonian both eyes jumped up with the stars.


Wu Yuting squinted at his girl.


Look carefully, this Lil Puppy who is seeking death is oneself seeking death, how long will he be handsome...

Anyway, I am really not optimistic about being a mother!

But you can rest assured that... the expected perfection, under the seeking death of Lil Puppy, it should be gone.

But life is still not in danger.

After all, a Heavenly Dao game here is still waiting for him, he can't die.

"Hey, in this way, it can be regarded as merit completion... Originally we were a little too greedy..."

Wu Yuting and Zuo Changlu looked at each other, and they all saw Helplessness in the eyes of the other party.

In this world, how can there be any perfect heavenly tribulation...... I think too much.

Furthermore, even if it was a perfect time, after the provocation of this little slut, it is impossible to perfect...

The clay figure still has three points Rustic, even more how is the Grand Dao that controls everything?

Heavenly Dao has always dealt with all kinds of dissatisfaction!

Under the Cliff of Broken Soul.

The monster from top to bottom is trembling. Originally, looking at the three continents of Star Soul from Witch Dao, there are very few things that can make him fear, but it is because of the recognition of heavenly tribulation. , And the inherent instinctive fear, the fear in my heart actually soared to the extreme.

Here comes heavenly tribulation, which in itself is scary enough!

A more unexpected thing, it can be a perfect heavenly tribulation!

If it’s just perfect heavenly tribulation, that’s all, you, as a Transcending Tribulation person, should be fine, obediently and honestly Transcending Tribulation, don’t hurt the pond fish, even if it’s just flowers and grass. that's not good!

But who can think of, who can't think of...this is so special that the person who is in Transcending Tribulation is actually a lunatic!

"What's so... Give me a break, I can't stand it... I haven't been hacked to death by heavenly tribulation, but I'm already going to be scared to death by the lunatic above..."

"Battle against heavenly tribulation! What a special thing is that you are facing up against heavenly tribulation..."

"Can you be more seeking death..."

"Lao Tzu Enough...fuck has been hiding for so many years, and you can still meet such a madman..."

"Master Dao Ancestor is here, I really didn't mean it...please enlighten me! Please! You must Mingjian! I have been sleeping here, just sleeping, it was this guy who voluntarily ran to my bed for Transcending Tribulation...wu wu...it’s not to blame me..."

" I'm really innocent, I'm innocent..."

"I know I shouldn't tremble...but I can't stop it, how can I stop it..."

"Spare me...I will be more honest in the future, and I will sleep here from now on, I promise I will never snore again..."

"Be sure to trust me..."

< p>……

Zuo Xiaoduo, like an arm, have the words at hand, plus lively dragon and animated tiger through the third round tribulation thunder, the posture is still chic, the attitude is still calm, various acts Cool postures are endless.

"Heavenly tribulation is a baptism, to a certain extent. To survive, there are endless benefits!"

I don’t know anything else, but this endless benefits... …Zuo Xiaoduo has felt it.

Sure enough, heavenly tribulation is a gift from heaven.

It’s great.

This feeling makes me want to stop!

Zuo Xiaoduo holds two hammers and stands fiercely.

Looking up, roar towards the sky, strong and intense.

I, Zuo Xiaoduo, gave up the dust and dirt of the world, and walked through the million li Lu Yunheyue!

Finally came to this moment, one step forward is Transcendent Saint!

Don't wait for a while, the young man is white, empty and sorrowful!

Heavenly tribulation, don’t wait, don’t wait! Come on!

The fourth round of tribulation thunder, come quickly.

"Left Lord’s sledgehammer is already hungry and thirsty!"


Others Transcending Tribulation, they all say this: passed 3rd tribulation thunder.

But Zuo Xiaoduo is... the first few rounds.


The word is placed here, it can be said to have exceptional spirituality plus lubricity.

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