Unconventional Legend Chapter 1182

hong long long kacha 嚓……

The anticipated fourth round of tribulation thunder has arrived as scheduled, and from this fourth round, Zuo Xiaoduo feels for the first time To the pressure.

The tribulation thunder still looks as thick as the original, but the inner color is getting deeper and deeper. The bright radiance inside is getting brighter and brighter and shimmering more and more.

Through confronting perception, the strength of each tribulation thunder in this round is more than ten times stronger than the previous three rounds!

Zuo Xiaoduo still holds the Nine By Nine Catcat Hammer in a head-on confrontation. Every pass is a tough collision, just as before!

But Zuo Xiaoduo clearly feels...oneself may not last long.

It is clear that the spirit strength from the outside world is still pouring into the body, but every time you fight the tribulation thunder, it consumes an unusually huge amount of true origin spirit qi, and the original qi in the body that is originally filled to burst will follow. With such high-intensity consumption, there are gradually signs of unsustainability.

The three medicine pills pressed under the tongue and the medicine pill that has already been swallowed and wrapped in spirit qi , Zuo Xiaoduo wants to use it.

But...now, not when the time comes.

Before the most dangerous time, you can't move!

That's a hole card...

At this moment, Zuo Xiaoduo couldn't help but reflect, now what oneself is doing...is it a bit big! ?

But looking at the protection on oneself, I immediately put down most of my heart... The protection is basically complete, except for a pair of boots that have been all split up and in pieces, everything else can be supported One brace, especially the helmet of Raging Fire Great Shaman, is really an unusual fit with oneself. It is more solid after being poured by oneself with the original fire true qi...

Calculated like this, the confidence is still I keep a lot, but I don’t know if I can contend with the remaining thunder tribulation...

In this fourth round of tribulation thunder, Zuo Xiaoduo is not too difficult to deal with it. The fifth round of thunder tribulation is no better The fourth round strengthened a lot, and I felt a little strenuous to deal with the past, but the spirit qi was consumed even more.

However, the next sixth round doubled that of the fifth round... After Zuo Xiaoduo spent a lot of effort supporting it, it feels... If it increases in this range, oneself looks like... …It’s completely possible to survive without injury...

Although it takes a lot of effort, these rounds of tribulation thunder baptism have made oneself one after another bear the dao profundity perception, and the cultivation boundary is again Great progress has been made.

With oneself's equipment rationing, combining your own strength, and those little fellows who have not yet helped the soldiers in the fight, the real pressure is not great!

So, what's the matter?

As soon as he thought of this, Zuo Xiaoduo couldn't help but feel cocky's emotions surging.

"hahahaha......merely this!"

After six rounds, Zuo Xiaoduo face upwards and laugh.

After the sixth round of tribulation thunder, in the sky Winds and Clouds Exchange gathered, the top ten tribulation eyes are all slowly rotating, and no new tribulation thunder has fallen.

Zuo Xiaoduo's heart is getting more and more after seeing this, he said, is it over?

Isn’t that nine rounds?

Zuo Changlu’s sound transmission came in time: "Special types of heavenly tribulation, mostly three-three progressive... The first three rounds of thunder tribulation formidable power, the difference between each round is not too big , Almost all repairers can resist, you can use this to polish the fleshy body; the middle three rounds, tempering skeleton; if you can survive, it will be infinitely beneficial, but for the next three rounds, starting from the seventh way...every way , All are Annihilation Thunder! A bad thing not only annihilates the fleshy body, but also the spiritual soul, consigned to eternal damnation!"

"You must not be negligent, you must be more careful to deal with it. Use all the protection, all the treasures of the heavens and the earth, the ones that can be used, take advantage of the effort to quickly take them out... Put them in your godfather’s ring, after the eighth round, you can use all the things you can use, you can eat them. Eat it all!"

"Because of the ninth round of heavenly tribulation, you have no chance to open the space ring. Even if you hide in the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower, the tribulation thunder will instantly increase a thousand times might, directly Destroying the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower, there is absolutely no way to escape, you must bear it head-on!"


Zuo Xiaoduo hearing this shivered in a cold war, and suck in a breath of cold air.

At this moment, the tribulation eye in the sky stopped spinning, and it was obvious that the seventh round of the thunder tribulation was here!

between Heaven and Earth, horribly bright, a tribulation thunder, breaking through the sky!

That is a new accumulation from the previous tribulation thunder. The whole body is gorgeous and bright, the white light is blazing, and there is a trace of purple qi lingering inside. The purple light walks on the tribulation thunder, and it will come down!

This tribulation thunder, with the thickness of a water tank, is like a big stick reaching heaven and penetrating earth, which is stabbed down fiercely!

This time not only came abruptly, but also the speed was much faster than before. Zuo Xiaoduo had no time to beat the hammer, so he could only lift it up, and the tribulation thunder hit the Nine By Nine Catcat Hammer with a bang!


The whole earth shuddered in a jumping manner because of this blow!

Zuo Xiaoduo also felt dizzy, an unprecedentedly powerful force came, and the whole body was like being piled, wedged directly into the hard rock layer for more than ten meters!

The hammer hit the nail!

And Zuo Xiaoduo is the nail!

Nine By Nine Catcat Hammer... even that nail hat!

Zuo Xiaoduo kept the words of Zuo Changlu in mind, and did not dare to neglect at all. When this force finally disappeared immediately, he jumped out of this big pit immediately, opened his mouth, and spit out a long... curled black Smoke...

"I'll go..."

Zuo Xiaoduo is a bit timid at this time. Just now, it was basically oneself's full power!

But now, this is only the seventh round...

He worked hard to run the spirit qi in his body, but he still did not swallow the three in his mouth, nor did he unlock it and enter The one whose belly is wrapped in spirit qi must not be easily refining!

This is the hole card, the hole card of the turn.

At least for now, I can’t move!

If you are forced to move now... it's over!

Another white and purple tribulation thunder, but fell...

Zuo Xiaoduo was once again wedged into the ground more than ten meters.

In addition to the ten tribulation thunders of the seventh round, Zuo Xiaoduo from top to bottom is in tatters. The coat has been blown away. There is only a pair of shorts in the pants and a waistcoat on the upper body. , The helmet of the Raging Fire Great Shaman was the worst, completely turned into fly ash, and fell to Zuo Xiaoduo's head.

From head to toe, there is a black qi everywhere.

Puff in your nostrils, open your mouth to exhale, and all that comes out are black...

tú tú sudden...

That feeling, just Like a tractor with a cylinder...

"The eighth round is coming..." Wu Yuting and Zuo Changlu, four of them, used oneself's huge spiritual thought to suppress all the spaces around!

And it is the kind of suppression that even space suppresses!

So that the turbulent Evil Thought, before it had time to come nearby, it was crushed by four people directly between Heaven and Earth, trickle down!

At the right time, a rainbow descended from the sky, coming extremely fast, leaving traces everywhere, extremely gorgeous.

The reason why it is said to be a rainbow is that this lightning contains nine extremely clear colors!

A tribulation thunder in nine colors including red, orange, yellow, green, azure, blue, purple, white and black!

This is...this is the nine tribulation thunder!

Nine kinds of Heavenly Dao, mixed and heterogeneous tribulation thunder.

Ah, not the ninth round!

The volume of this tribulation thunder, naked eye can be seen up to five meters in diameter!

At this moment, it was as if a substantial pillar suddenly fell from the sky, and with the momentum of the mountain pressing the top, it fell on Zuo Xiaoduo's head!

Yes, just smash it.

Well, or it should be... Ram!

There is a poem about this formation: it is the Tathagata’s backhand that the monkey is crushed by the five phases mountain; why do you need to ask about the cause, because it was too cocky at the beginning!

Zuo Xiaoduo only had time to let out an obedient sound, piercing both arms in the blink of an eye, and the hammer with both hands lifted up, one by one against the huge thunder tribulation!

With a bang, the tribulation thunder has already hit the right hammer of the Nine By Nine Catcat Hammer. The right hand hammer seems to have no ability to resist. Above the left-hand hammer, there is a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering sound!

Then, the left and right double hammers turned upside down and hit Zuo Xiaoduo's head...

Zuo Xiaoduo worked backwards and shrank his head in time without being hit by the double hammers. , But still unavoidably being hit by two sledgehammers on both shoulders.


Zuo Xiaoduo feels that oneself's whole body is about to explode...

Vajra's iron bones are also boundless by formidable power The tribulation thunder is forcibly pressed into the rocks!

Between the internal organs, an inexplicable breath suddenly poured into...

It was multi-colored, full of all kinds of destruction and reconstruction, and in a word, it was mixed feelings. ……

Zuo Xiaoduo’s entire internal organs are swollen...

In a flash, the Heavenly King level demonic beast fur left on his body is in this Under the tribulation thunder, everything turns into fly ash!

Zuo Xiaoduo up and down, from head to toe, nothing left, nothing left!

Clean and slick...Well, it's burnt and clean all over, it's even more unsightly!

But the substantive nine-color tribulation thunder on his head, the formidable power has not disappeared completely, and it is still continuing to drop down!

It's like a person who has been holding back for a long time, finally found a chance to vent hysterics, desperately, full of a certain kind of pleasure, continuously smash it!

I smashed!

I smashed!

I'm smashing!

Far away...

The five people including Zuo Changlu, who are watching this scene, looked dullly at this tribulation thunder falling from the sky!

Colorful colors, majestic and inviolable, just smashed down...

Just a clear and crisp...After the melodious sound spread all over the place, Zuo Xiaoduo was like a red nail slapped into the frozen white oil...he disappeared all of a sudden.

The tribulation thunder is more than enough, like a substantial hammer, it hits the top of the mountain with a bang.

reaching heaven and penetrating earth, shining brightly, glittering with nine colors!


An even more unbelievable and unimaginable thing happened.

This tribulation thunder is like a pile driver that has found a venting point...

Pull up, bang! Fall down!

Pull up, bang! Fall down!

Pull it up again...


It's as if there is an ancient Immortal God in the sky, holding a huge colorful hammer, and raging to the extreme Constantly smashing, gnashing teeth while smashing at the same time...

With the tribulation thunder, they continued to slam on like venting their anger, Zuo Changlu, Wu Yuting, Lei Changtian, Bai Yunduo, Zuo Xiaonian...

All five of them looked sluggish, frantically bounding eyebrows, muscle cramps in the corners of the eyes, and twitching in the corners of their mouths...

This...what looks like Transcending Tribulation...it's just venting anger...


Where did you offend you? As for this...

I can even feel a clear resentment, that is--

make you cheap!

Make you cheap!

Make you cheap! ! !

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