Unconventional Legend Chapter 1186

in the sky is so dim that I can't even see a little bit of sunlight.

Even Dongfang Zhengyang and Nan Zhengqian in Capital City now can’t see anything. Although You Dongtian with a higher cultivation base can still see some clues, he dare not at all. Come join in the fun...

Not only did these three people not come to join in the fun, they spontaneously laid another line of defense in this direction.

Defensive line guarded by these three personally.

I have to say that Zuo Xiaoduo's breakthrough in this time is the ultimate luxury!

But it's just those guardians, which are extravagant that is almost hard to replicate...

Ah, I won't list them one after another here.


The wind on the ground gradually climbed to level ten, and the wind in the sky has surpassed Level 14, and reached a kind of unimaginable in the world. Unbelievable.

It’s a pity that this little wind, for Sky Dragon and phoenix, is completely improper, and always maintains a slow downward pressure, all kinds of brilliance, all kinds of magnificence, all kinds of dazzling , And more!

The remaining tribulation eye is between the dragon and phoenix, and then descends, gradually coming to the vicinity of a kilometer low...

At the right time, the golden dragon's huge body, Suddenly coiling around the tribulation eye, leaving only a dragon head, and Phoenix is ​​flying, stumbling... and slowly inhabiting on the tribulation eye.

Zuo Xiaonian looked intently.

It is also the first time that she has witnessed such a magnificent sight with her own eyes!

I don’t know why, when he saw Phoenix’s majestic eyes, Zuo Xiaonian vaguely gave birth to a sense of intimacy...

Although the tribulation eye stopped falling The momentum is still spinning, and the speed has gradually increased.

A huge sense of danger, instantly enveloped everyone present.

Zuo Xiaonian heartbeat is like a drum, he instinctively put his hand to his mouth and shouted: "Duoduo, be careful!"

Zuo Xiaoduo's body floats and sinks in the wind, Nodded still heavy.

At this moment, he clearly felt the greatest malice from between Heaven and Earth.

Everyone present, including Zuo Changlu, did not notice. When Zuo Xiaonian yelled out this...in the air, it had already rotated to Phoenix, whose outline was only left, and his eyes opened suddenly, like lightning. Take a look here.

This look is directly in front of Zuo Xiaonian's anxious look.

The girl’s extremely pure eyes, only the concern from the bottom of my heart, and...the urgency that I wish I could not replace her with her body.

Immediately, the eyes of heavenly tribulation suddenly rose, and the rays of light flashed in one light and one dark inside, and a huge thunderball suddenly took shape!

Immediately, the entire sky was brightened, but then it went dark again!

The thunder ball will fall down suddenly!

Zuo Xiaoduo a long whistle, the medicine pill that has been kept in the stomach and wrapped in true qi should melt away, the vast and irresistible powerful spirit qi, exploded and poured into the limbs Hundred bones!

Not waiting for the thunder tribulation to fall, Zuo Xiaoduo has already wielded two sledgehammers lively dragon and animated tiger, and the evil deeds soared into the sky!

With two hammers in hand, the world is mine!

An imposing manner of hard to describe, suddenly rises from Zuo Xiaoduo's heart.

"You can smash me down!"

Zuo Xiaoduo screamed: "But you can never stop me from rushing up!"

The sky rolled down, it was a giant thunderball the size of a mountain.

Under the huge thunderball mapping, Zuo Xiaoduo is like an ant holding two tentacles, so small.

But even if it is as small as an ant, Zuo Xiaoduo is still not afraid, and rushes towards the big thunderball, without returning!

The thunderball came in a flash, and hit the Zuo Xiaoduo hammer hard with the momentum of the mountain topping!

At this moment, Zuo Xiaoduo also happens to unfold Thousand Souls Nightmare Hammer first style...

hong long!

The whole mountains, rivers, and land are all for it. Trembling.

As soon as he came into contact, Zuo Xiaoduo felt bad. The spirit qi that he tried his best to carry it out, under the first catastrophe of dragon and phoenix, is like a snowflake meeting a blazing sun. The room for countermeasures dissipates directly and disappears without a trace.


At this moment of contact, Little White yelled tenderly: "Oh..."

Little wine is also milk Milky: "Ahhh!"

The two simultaneously rushed out of the Nine By Nine Catcat Hammer, and rushed into the thunder ball dancing and dancing!

The thunder ball broke through the double-hammer defense line, as if unaffected, continued to slam Zuo Xiaoduo's body violently. In an instant, Zuo Xiaoduo only felt that oneself's three immortal souls and seven mortal souls , Was broken up!

body protection true origin, facing heavenly tribulation, there is no resistance at all, it is exhausted in an instant, and then sucks bones and marrow, wanders around the body, Zuo Xiaoduo's soul is separated from the body, Even "see" oneself's body, in this brief moment, completely transparent!

Whether it is muscles, skeletons, internal organs, every inch of skin is presented in a clear and transparent posture!

Zuo Xiaoduo knows that he can't mess around with himself at this moment, he guards a little bit of clarity in his heart, purely controls the double hammers with will not to fall, and lifts them up desperately!

At this moment, he only felt that his soul was suffering thousands of times!

All kinds of life and death, all kinds of pain and trouble, the pain of the sharp blade battle axe, are endless...

Immediately, many light and shadow changes emerged in front of my eyes— —


Zuo Changlu's body is bruised, and his body is covered with blade and sword. The weapon is leaning on a tree with his back. It seems that he has no breath, and the enemy's blade and sword sword, was still smashing down on his body with a whistling force.


Zuo Xiaoduo was shocked when he saw this, and couldn't help but let out a terrible cry...

Seeing that the sharp blade was about to slaughter Zuo Changlu Suddenly a white shadow appeared in front of Zuo Changlu’s corpse, but it wasn’t Wu Yuting who was it...

But this way, it was only replaced by a blade and sword, puff puff The puff fell on Wu Yuting's body; the mother's dying eyes swept across oneself, seeming to tell oneself: "Duoduo, run..."

Zuo Xiaoduo trembled and didn't know where it came from With his strength, he rushed forward almost instinctively, his eyes were red, and he stood in front of his parents with oneself's body.

"puff puff puff......"

He felt that countless arrow weapons were falling on Oneself, so dense and endless......

"My parents support me, even if the enemy wants...I don't hesitate!"

Zuo Xiaoduo muttered, using oneself to protect the remains of his parents, even if he knew it. There is no help, and there is no hesitation...


The scene changes suddenly.

Zuo Xiaoduo saw someone grabbed Zuo Xiaonian and threw her delicate body up in the air...

Below, thousands of soldiers will bend bow and place arrow , The goal is directed at Zuo Xiaonian, there is no meaning to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex...

At that moment, countless sharp arrows have penetrated Zuo Xiaonian’s loving body, and it’s like blood without money. Rushed out.

Zuo Xiaoduo roar, rushing forward, hugged Zuo Xiaonian's body, oneself also turned into a hedgehog.

"Duoduo...you...really stupid..." Zuo Xiaonian, who was still breathing, looked at him with despair and heartache.

"Stupid...just stupid..." Zuo Xiaoduo smiled and said: "Even if the enemy is chosen up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades, it is not as good as this time... I hold you for a second! If I don’t accompany you, I’m afraid you’re afraid."


The scene is still changing, and the wind is crying. Zuo Xiaoduo rushes into the battlefield and rushes to help.

At this moment, the war is over...

However, the situation of the battle is-the enemy has left the army. In the pool of blood at the other end, Li Chenglong Long Yusheng and Gao are lying down. Qiao'er Wan Lixiu and other dozens of corpses, each of them died in a terrible state, die without a whole corpse.

A pair of dead and hateful eyes that refuse to close their eyes, glaring at the sky...

Zuo Xiaoduo only felt that his blood was solidified at once, and the whole mind suddenly exploded!

Without thinking, he just picked up the sledgehammer, roared and rushed to the front, toward the enemy's tens of thousands of neat army formations!

a debt of blood must be paid in blood!

a debt of blood must be paid in blood!

He lost his reason and fought hard, shouting and fighting, and countless enemies turned into meat under his double hammers.

But until the oneself true origin is unsuccessful, the enemy is still densely packed like a tide, and the manpower is sometimes poor, and the strength of oneself is still difficult to fight against tens of thousands of enemy forces. He roared and started to break through. And make an oath——

This hatred is absolutely irreconcilable, as long as I am not dead in this life; today's hatred is revenge by slaughtering the enemy country!

Tossing and rolling out of the encirclement, then constantly practicing, constantly fighting, and taking revenge whenever I have the opportunity, so back and forth, I don’t know how many years and years it lasted...

Finally, finally, Finally in the final battle, the enemy was wiped out in one fell swoop, invaded into the capital of the enemy country, smashed into the Imperial Palace, and killed the emperor of the enemy country in one fell swoop. Zuo Xiaoduo laughed wildly: "Swelly! Look! Are you here? Who dares to bully us!"

"Who dares to bully us?!"


It's another battlefield.

Oneself fought side by side with Zuo Xiaonian and took the lead. Li Chenglong and the others followed the oneself couple and killed the enemy's blood flowing into a river with equal momentum.

Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting are in the rear warlord, rushing to help at any time. Seeing a big victory, they are already at hand.

Suddenly black clouds appeared in the sky, and the pressure was unprecedented. An Imperial Palace appeared above the black clouds, majestic and solemn.

Two people wearing imperial robes and crowns walked out at the same time, with murderous intention overflowing.

When Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting saw this, they simultaneously loudly shouted: "You guys run!"

Before the voice fell, I had already rushed out, rushed to the sky, and started with the two During the war, the two Sovereigns each held a scroll, and the scroll unfolded, they directly involved Zuo Changlu and his wife...

and the other was holding a clock in his hand, it seems dainty and Delicate, but as it gets closer, this clock is getting bigger and bigger. There are countless divine beasts engraved with mountains and rivers on the body of the clock. When they are not far from each other, countless divine beasts have already turned into surging patterns on the body of the clock. The immeasurable Monster God, the Tianhe rushes like a rush...

Zuo Xiaoduo and the others put up a desperate struggle, put up a desperate struggle, and stayed in support for a while...

Seeing the situation stalemate, the clock Sovereign seemed impatient indifferently said: "The pearl of rice also shines."

Suddenly the finger flicks on the clock...< /p>

Only a clear sound, Long Yusheng who was fighting actually collapsed in his fleshy body, bursting instantly, and even his soul was not spared, all annihilated; Wan Lixiu cried out, but with another bell ringing Make dust......

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