Unconventional Legend Chapter 1187

Li Chenglong roared wildly: "Boss, hurry up, leave a useful body, and avenge us!"

while speaking, the remaining ten people simultaneously stand hand in hand 、Fuse together, fly through the air, and meet the strong coming bell in midair!

With a loud explosion sound, ten people simultaneously launched a self-exposure offensive, opening a way for Zuo Xiaoduo Zuo Xiaonian with their lives.

The aftermath of a violent and unprecedented explosion lifted Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian away ten thousand li...

But Li Chenglong and the others have disappeared forever, and the spiritual soul is gone. , See you again...

"Ah!!! Eastern Sovereign!!! Eastern Sovereign!!!"

Zuo Xiaoduo roared heartbreakingly.


In the eyes of Zuo Changlu and others watching heavenly tribulation……

I saw the dragon and phoenix first tribulation thunder fall down…… Zuo Xiaoduo roared wildly and rose into the sky, resisting sharply.

But as soon as they touched each other, Zuo Xiaoduo's leaping body was directly in the air, and was given a hold by the tribulation thunder!

Then, on Zuo Xiaoduo's sledgehammer, one black one white two inexplicably appeared one black one white two ……bottle gourd? I rushed into the tribulation thunder with a delicate posture...

The tribulation thunder flickered wildly for a while, and Zuo Xiaoduo under the heavenly tribulation from top to bottom was clearly extinguished, and it was completely transparent for a while It glowed, and the whole body was as black as ink for a while...

"The first thunder... was actually blocked by the two bottle gourd..." Zuo Changlu muttered, he couldn't believe it.

What bottle gourd is so awesome?

Wu Yuting is also puzzled, but his face is a little bit more gratified.

However, even if the cultivation base is profound like them, you can't see the illusion that Zuo Xiaoduo experienced.

Even in the eyes of Zuo Changlu, the first tribulation thunder has come to an end, and it has come to an end. I don’t know that the Grand Dao aftertaste is still operating silently...

People from the outside world saw Zuo Xiaoduo fighting the dragon and phoenix tribulation thunder. There was not much time, but at this point, Zuo Xiaoduo did not know how many illusions he had experienced!

With his mind, even in three investigations and five appraisals and other illusions, he can wake up quickly, but the illusion created by heavenly tribulation completely allows Zuo Xiaoduo to immerse himself in. among them.

This is the most dangerous manifestation of heavenly tribulation!

Once there is a deviation in the mind, the heart demon is hidden and will be fettered for a lifetime. It is not possible to slay the heart demon out until it becomes holy!

But since time immemorial, there are very few who have given birth to heart demon and can finally embark on the road of Saint Dao!

And Zuo Xiaoduo is going through this test!

This is Heavenly Dao's most instinctive torture of human nature!

Even if you are a little bit close in your mind, you make mistakes, that is, heart demon grows, consigned to eternal damnation.


As the second tribulation thunder fell, the two small bottle gourd rushed out again, rushing into the heavenly tribulation as before, and curbed the heavenly tribulation tribulation thunder. Coming; but this one is almost twice as much as the previous one. It is Little White, ah, working together with Xiaojiu, still failed to eliminate the momentum!

The remaining power was transmitted to Zuo Xiaoduo who was still in the air, and the flesh of his head suddenly turned into coke!

With a boom, the whole body was rushed heavenly fire flame package.

between Heaven and Earth, instantly filled with the aroma of barbecue.

"I..." Wu Yuting is about to charge ahead with tears in his eyes.

"Don't move!" Zuo Changlu grabbed it: "Duoduo's body is full of vitality!"

Although it is full of vitality, Life Aura is still alive, but he has witnessed oneself son from top to bottom Burning into a heavenly fire regiment, Wu Yuting's heartache made a heart cramp...

My biological son, who couldn't even give up, was so abused...

< p>And Zuo Xiaoduo, who is in the thunder tribulation, has doubled his posture and withstood the bipolar devastation...

Now it is not only the mental pain from the illusion, but also the external fleshy body pain. Both body and mind are under pressure...


He saw it again, he saw his parents’ soul imprisoned by Hell, he had to endure the torture of forever...

"I'm going to dismantle this Hell!"

Zuo Xiaoduo yelled and snarled frantically: "I must dismantle it! Ahhhh..."

In all the illusions I have encountered so far, All things Zuo Xiaoduo encountered, he chose one way to deal with it without exception: Hard!

If Zuo Xiaoduo had encountered these illusions, Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting would have been surprised and could not believe it.

Firstly, it is too much, and secondly, it is Zuo Xiaoduo's character.

When did that greasy head, run faster than rabbits when in danger, the stubborn and cheap Lil Puppy, actually changed his personality, in a way he would never choose, Frontal hard bars?

As everyone knows, this is the true character of Zuo Xiaoduo!

Zuo Xiaoduo's superficial character is the character he showed to the outside world until now. Although it is also his true character, it is only the part of the true character.

People like Zuo Xiaoduo, when faced with an overwhelming majority incident, will face it rationally, that is, they will respond after careful consideration.

It is the so-called plan and then move, but if he encounters a strong stimulus, some sudden major event, his choice is to give up his life, desperately, and face hard!

Phoenix Vein rushes to the soul. When Zuo Xiaoduo faced the huge power, he went back with such a desperate attitude. He was so timid to avoid it?

Hidden Dragon High Martial, facing that many crafty plots and machinations, stormy sea, Zuo Xiaoduo also did not hide, but also just went back!

White Mountain City, there is still no plot against plot, straight-through hard!

Including this time to go to Shaman Alliance. In desperate circumstances, Zuo Xiaoduo's choice is still without fear, that's it!

In the Demon Clan site, accidentally seeing Zhan Xuejun being arrested is the best expression of his character.

In that case, if you change from Long Yusheng to Li Chenglong, ninety-nine percent of them will not help. This is not to say that they are greedy for life and fear of death, regardless of affection, but knowing that they have not rushed out Use the rational choice, keep the useful body, and don't show your spirit for a while.

But Zuo Xiaoduo's choice is different. When things happen, he chooses to be hard, always hard, and hard to go up!

Usually, Zuo Xiaoduo would choose to retreat temporarily, avoid the disadvantages, and avoid disadvantages if there are 10% dangers out of 10%.

But as long as it comes to a critical moment, an urgent juncture, as long as he feels that this is a oneself thing, even if one point is possible for success, he will go up!

In all fairness, Zuo Xiaoduo's character has great flaws, and it is by no means suitable for the future or any decision-making person!

All the slick scumbags are wrapped in a heart that never returns!

It's better for jade to be broken than for tiles!

Just like what he said in the illusion.

"My parents raised me, even if the enemy wished, they would not hesitate!" So he would rather choose not to take revenge, but also to be filial at the last moment, even if it’s just Zhou Hu’s parents’ bodies. One breath every second!

"Even if the enemy is chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades, it is not as good as this moment, holding you for a second. I will not be with you, I am afraid you are afraid!"

So in the second illusion, he chose to die with Zuo Xiaonian.

Li Chenglong and the others were killed. Zuo Xiaoduo at that time completely lost the so-called justice, good and evil standards.

I just want revenge, I don’t care how many innocents I kill!

Your country killed my brother, so let’s be buried together!

As for the reputation behind you, has anything to do with me?

Did you give up revenge for the brothers just because someone said a few words and comments?

Zuo Xiaoduo's goal has always been clear, even simple.

For the people he values, he does not normally have that many intestines, not to mention the profit and loss, and he does not consider being worldly-wise and play safe; if others didn't offend me, i will not offend others; if anyone offends me, I will kill your whole family and the whole army!

seek luck and avoid calamity, he knows better than anyone; he can see where it is safe and where it is dangerous.

However, when he made a oneself decision, he always had no hesitation and never returned.

He knows the truth better than anyone else. But when things are coming, all the truth is not as good as the inner obsession: This is my parents, I protect!

This is my wife, I protect!

This is my friend, I protect!

This is Zuo Xiaoduo.

A person who is usually very greedy and stingy, slick and cheap, but in the bones is a tendon, just care about the present, regardless of the future... a person who has a huge flaw in his personality!

This Zuo Xiaoduo with a major flaw in his personality is the most authentic Zuo Xiaoduo.

"Even if I can save Gu Lingjin in the future, I only see the front, so I only care about the present!"


< p>3rd tribulation thunder continues to rumble down.

Little White and Xiaojiu’s meeting has already had several points of powerlessness, but they still chose to go against the trend, but this time they are twice as strong against the tribulation thunder, finally Screaming...

The tribulation thunder is of great benefit to both of them, but the two of them are still in their infancy and might be relatively limited, especially when they have to accept the benefits and also bear the benefits at the same time. How easy is the boundless pain in the process of benefiting!

Fortunately, at this time, there was another strong aid. Suddenly the rays of light flashed on Zuo Xiaoduo's body, but the Spirit Cat Sword flew out.

On the tip of the sword, the black light is condensed like a substance, a huge imposing manner full of destruction, which suddenly diffuses Heaven and Earth!

Faced with such an extreme destructive power, Heavenly Dao tribulation thunder has to avoid the edge for the time being!

The sword light trembled continuously in the thunder tribulation, and the black light was always solidify. With the momentum like a hot knife through butter, it rushed to Little White and Xiaojiu nearby, two small and one left. On the right side, he immediately climbed up to the sword body, and then, the three Qis flowed in parallel, bursting into an unprecedented violent posture, and countered the trend.

This sudden emergence of sword light actually splits the 3rd thunder tribulation, and splits it clearly.

Spirit Cat Sword flashed with sword light and rushed straight above the clouds, but after losing that black light, it inevitably became weak and fell down.

A magic light, a white light, a black light, the three qi combined and divided, returning to Zuo Xiaoduo's body.

It’s not that Yan Shisi doesn’t want to try his best, but he is really weak.

Before making this blow desperately, Confluence Little White and Xiaojiu, who are being forged by Wan Lei, broke through the 3rd tribulation thunder, and after they brought them back together, they had no power anymore. Now...

At least...Today, he is incapable of making any more moves.


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