Unconventional Legend Chapter 1188


Spirit Cat Sword rolled down from in the sky and embedded in the rock with a rub. Although the body of the sword was mottled, it was sword light, brilliant lights and vibrant colors.

Under this heavenly tribulation, the benefits of Spirit Cat Sword are unimaginable. Under the protection of the divine spear Yan Shisi, it is equivalent to being tempered once again by the heavenly tribulation.


The 4th thunder tribulation, mixed with boundless purple qi, slowly falls, and the power seems to be even better than the first three thunder.

The wind is whizzing, and even the meteors that are about to fall here are directly blown away without a trace. I don’t know where they fell...

Zuo Xiaoduo has passed through safely. The first three thunder tribulations!

While Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting were sighed in relief, they also looked at each other in blank dismay.

This...what is the origin of those two little bottle gourds, and what is the black light of destruction that is full of Demon Dao's arrogance and devilish energy?

When did Spirit Cat Sword become so powerful, it can actually split heavenly tribulation?

Even if there is the blessing of the three qi confluence, it shouldn't be so powerful!

It seems that I am very dissatisfied with the result that the 3rd heavenly tribulation will be split. The 4th thunder tribulation has come here outrageously, seeming to annihilate Zuo Xiaoduo in one fell swoop.

At this moment, a group of red light suddenly appeared on Zuo Xiaoduo, facing the 4th tribulation thunder.


A strange cry rang abruptly.

A three-legged crow emerged from Zuo Xiaoduo's head, with Little White standing on his left shoulder and Xiaojiu on his right shoulder. One is white and tender, eccentric, and the other is dark and naive.

The Three Legged Golden Crow's wings shook with a thud...

It turned into a Great Sun True Fire that rose to the sky, with unmatched flames rising to the sky!

In the Great Sun True Fire, a phantom of the Three Legged Golden Crow stands firm and has a leisurely attitude!

And the momentum of this sudden skyrocketing fire seems to be even bigger and crazy than the tribulation thunder that just came down from Nine Heavens!

In just a moment, Great Sun True Fire rushed into the tribulation thunder with Little White and the little wine...

Then it rang out with a burst of crackling The sound...

Only a moment of stalemate, Thunder quickly suppressed the Great Sun True Fire and continued to sweep down, covering Zuo Xiaoduo's body as before!

Zuo Xiaoduo’s body limbs, starting from the fingers to toes, are carbonized with naked eye visible, and then turned into fly ash...

All the true origins in his body are thus released Leakage, at the same time, the original vitality of the boundless in the sea of ​​consciousness moved...

So endless vitality also spewed out from the body...

The whole person is thundering In the tribulation, it turns into a green light group.

In the sorrowful cry...

The upper body has melted to the left and right shoulders, and the lower body melted to the position of dantian... The originally irreversible fleshy body was destroyed by the crisis, and was actually green light Life was curbed and forced to retreat.

Then, in the thunder tribulation, it was restored and reborn in the visible state of naked eye.

For a moment, both hands and feet became healthy again.

Dark clouds cover the top, dragon roar and Fengming, heavenly tribulation hanging in the air, Great Sun True Fire......

Clashing fiercely......

Zuo Changlu surface Shen Rushui, muttered: "It's too much!"

Wu Yuting is also angry, heartache, and helpless.

With the knowledge of the husband and wife, it can be seen naturally that the 4th tribulation thunder just now is the most extreme thunder of destruction!

This is simply rushing to kill!

Although from the current results, Zuo Xiaoduo has indeed gained a lot of benefits. The limbs and even part of the body that have been destroyed are tempered by Heavenly Dao to make them more tenacious, but this benefit, This clearly should not be something the Flying Boundary world needs to bear.

Having endured heavenly tribulation, naturally there are boundless benefits-but the premise of all this is that you have to endure it first!

If you can’t get past, everything will be turned into gray, what can you say? !

And the heavenly tribulation just now has already exceeded the limit of flying heavenly tribulation!

If it weren’t for the two bottle gourd, the bird’s three powers coexisted a little bit, if it wasn’t for Zuo Xiaoduo who had that unfathomable unfathomable vitality... Then at this moment, even Zuo Changlu wanted It was too late to rescue.

Zuo Xiaoduo, no doubt he will die!

"Six Paths are still available for such tribulation thunder?!" Wu Yuting muttered.

She really couldn't help it.

If it appears again, Zuo Xiaoduo will not be able to hold it, that is, body dies and dao disappears, there is no trace in this life!

But the problem is now. If you don't let your son try, it will interrupt his life's future here.

But let the son try, but the price of failure is consigned to eternal damnation, there is no way.

——Parents are always so contradictory.

Zuo Changlu frowns, carefully observe the group of Great Sun True Fire that rushes up in the thunder tribulation.

At this moment, even in the thunder tribulation, it can still burn!


Zuo Changlu frowns said: "It is fair and true, since ancient times, the famous saying, the cycle of cause and effect, the reported cause, heavenly tribulation will not be so deliberately targeted; if so Heavenly Dao is true to the public, then Xiaoduo still has a life-saving hole card that we don’t know about, which is enough to deal with the current situation. The vitality and greenery before is the proof."

"We don’t know, but we don’t. It hinders Heavenly Dao’s feelings and takes all those factors into consideration, adding in, and then the difficulty of Xiaoduo’s current heavenly tribulation."


Wu Yuting sighed then said.

"To be honest, I only now understand a little bit about the cause and effect of Xiaoduo's body..." Zuo Changlu sighed.

"Do you doubt the origin of the bottle gourd?"

Wu Yuting said.

Zuo Changlu's dignified gaze: "If my vision is correct, then the origin of the bottle gourd... really as I thought... if it really is... then the cause and effect of Xiaoduo's body can be It's really big... at least it's a big break..."

Wu Yuting pondered for a while: "But in the legend, there are only seven bottle gourds, and each has its own master. Regardless of the image power's attributes, they are totally different from those two little bottle gourds, or are they just coincidences?"

Zuo Changlu pondered nodded, and said: "These are what you consider...makes me a little... …I’m not sure."

Wu Yuting understands this question.

Relatively, Heavenly Dao can't be sure...

"Now I finally know the origin of Monster Clan's luck..."

Zuo Changlu looked at the Great Sun True Fire burning in the thunder tribulation, his eyes were solemn, and he even sighed: "That three-legged bird...looks like a crow, right?"

Wu Yuting Awe-inspiring: "Three Legged Golden Crow?"

"Yes, it is Three Legged Golden Crow."

"But Three Legged Golden Crow is Monster Sovereign bloodline... How did Xiaoduo get it ?"

"This...I don't know..." Zuo Changlu said as he spoke, his eyes condensed suddenly.

The two looked at each other, and suddenly they simultaneously blurted out: "...Crown Prince Academy?!"

"If you say so..." Wu Yuting was shocked: "This is how... The fallen Monster Clan Crown Prince?"

Zuo Changlu only felt a bit of toothache: "This...I dare not say."

Wu Yuting patted his forehead.

"By the way, what are those green lights? That is the ultimate Life Source gas. We know that Puppy has many secret methods. The weird stone before was one of them, but it didn't expect There is also such a back-up, if we trace the source from the original, infer that the source of the green light is truly powerful, I am afraid that we are all..." Wu Yuting said.

"After the Transcending Tribulation is finished, a good review is, that is our son, what else can't be tried?"

"Well, I think it's left."

"By the way, the black light seems to be the cause and effect of Demon Clan..." Wu Yuting immediately remembered this.

Zuo Changlu twitched the corners of his mouth and said, "That thing also reveals evil nature, I am afraid that it not only represents Demon Clan, but also represents...Demon Ancestor..."

" My father?"

Wu Yuting immediately knew that oneself would be wrong, stared wide-eyed: "Ancient Demon Ancestor?! Divine spear?!"

"should not be wrong!"

Zuo Changlu nodded: "Only a little black qi can derive such a weapon of slaughtering qi, so fierce and fierce, the magic flame is so great, and since ancient times, only one weapon can have such a unique might "

"It is the divine spear known as first under the heavens slaughtering qi!"

"Even the legendary Origin Slaughter and Immortal Executing are in the killing and ferocious nature All are inferior."

Wu Yuting became more and more speechless.

Lil Puppy has so many treasures on his body. It is really not wrong for Dragon and Phoenix to beat him so much.

Ancient legend, Ancient Times, dragon and phoenix Qilin Sovereign Heaven and Earth, and later the battle of dragon and phoenix was the beginning of the dragon and phoenix robbery.

However, the end of the battle between dragon and phoenix is ​​that both sides suffer. It is precisely because of this that the rise of the ancient Monster Court and Shaman Clan, and the dragon and phoenix from that one After the war, he was devastated.

What happened in it is unknown, and it has long been difficult to verify, but whether it is the ancient Demon Ancestor or the Monster Sovereign brother...In the original that world great tribulation, they have settled and promoted The war between the two clans is for sure!

Then, more or less, subtle causal ties are inevitable.

Now that the dragon and phoenix robbery is coming, the weapons of Demon Ancestor have appeared, and the Crown Prince of Monster Sovereign has also appeared...

The dragon and phoenix robbery on that day has not yet gone. Strike to death, will you keep your baby?

"This Lil Puppy..." Wu Yuting is helpless...

"Let's watch..."

Zuo Changlu sighed then said: "I guess Now, there should be other surprises coming out...after all, this is only the 4th."

At the end of the 4th thunder tribulation, Zuo Xiaoduo's body recovered in the air, and the green light gradually dissipate.

A dragon roar, a phoenix sound, simultaneously the sky rang, the rays of light flickered, and the fifth tribulation thunder arrived as scheduled.

Having the last experience, Xiaoxiao carried Little White and Xiaojiu was not afraid, once again turned into Great Sun True Fire and rushed up...

But this time , But it didn't even top one.

As soon as he rushed into the tribulation thunder, Xiaoxiao let out a miserable yell—on the side of the tribulation thunder, the incomparable Phoenix suddenly opened his mouth, and a cloud of red light spurted out.

The hateful crow, there is also a... Nirvana you! ……

Xiaoxiao suddenly from top to bottom was wrapped in red light, burning, and falling down full of the aroma of barbecue...

Instead, it was Little White and Xiaojiu Rush into the tribulation thunder by inertia!

Xiaoxiao, who was tragically engulfed by the red light, hovered obliquely in the air, the red light flame continued to rise, the red, the red was magnificent... the red was dazzling!


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