Unconventional Legend Chapter 1189

Xiaoxiao mournful scream, the Xiaoxiao wings on both sides fluttered frantically, the Great Sun True Fire in the body kept pouring out layer by layer, but it was still unable to break through the red flame blockade...< /p>

Until the Great Sun True Fire, it has accumulated to the point of almost bursting...

Finally...a blazing flame breaks through the red light...More Great Sun True The Fire came out, blazing, and the red light gradually disintegrated...


Great Sun True Fire all burst out, like a huge sun Soaring into the sky!

Xiaoxiao fell to the ground dying, and the feathers from top to bottom were roasted, and the whole body was numb. It was cleaner than a bald chicken in a pot of boiling water.

Three feet rushed in the direction of Zuo Xiaoduo, rattling in his mouth, his eyes flustered and fearful.


It was roasted directly into a bald bird.

Just a little bit, I was roasted...

mama mama, I am so painful, I am scared to death... I have to hug and hug me... wu wu ……

Unexpectedly, unexpectedly, I also had a barbecue one day? !

"Hey..." Zuo Changlu sighed then said: "Nirvana true fire...Sure enough, Phoenix has made a move...Phoenix is ​​in front, even the Three Legged Golden Crow will have a strategic withdrawal!"< /p>

"Talk nonsense what?" Wu Yuting was immediately unhappy, and said: "You haven't seen it, this is the little crow that hasn't grown up yet. It's better than Phoenix when it grows up!"

Wu Yuting and Three Legged Golden Crow have never been in contact, but since they belong to their sons, they are naturally good.

Zuo Changlu, you actually belittle my son’s pet...

Zuo Changlu smiled calmly and said, "It makes sense, I think so too."

His face was unremarkable.

Under the tribulation thunder.

The fifth thunder tribulation hit Zuo Xiaoduo’s chest faster than the 4th thunder tribulation. In an instant, Zuo Xiaoduo’s chest and back dantian melted and disappeared, inch by inch. Without any delay...

The vigorous greenery reappeared, quietly falling on Zuo Xiaoduo’s already tempered limbs, the green light is always strong, even if it is continuously burned into blue smoke, it can always The limbs were kept intact...

After the fifth thunder tribulation, Zuo Xiaoduo's body reunited as before, repeating the human form...

Following the 4th thunder After the tribulation, the endless greenery came to life, and the fifth thunder tribulation was also dealt with!

"ao ~~~~"

Until now, Zuo Xiaoduo finally made the first long howl. Face twisted, muscle cramps.

It hurts too much!

I haven’t called out since I came in...

Puff, in the sky, one white and one black, two little fellows fell down, and entered the spiritual thought space in a flash, obviously The two small groups have reached their limit, and it is difficult to sustain them for a while.

But the tribulation thunder is so violent, Little White and Xiaojiu can move forward and retreat freely.

However, the Six Paths dragon and phoenix tribulation thunder is still whistling and falling from the sky.

Zuo Xiaoduo still can't move.

This time, there is no Great Sun True Fire, and there is no one white and one black.

However, the rays of light flashed and sword qi rushed into the sky.

Another sword appeared on Zuo Xiaoduo's head in a splendid and magnificent posture, standing in the sky, the sword glow flickering on all sides, just like Monarch Overlooking The Whole World.

The Six Paths thunder tribulation was reduced to half, and the sword was about to be cut. There was an unprecedented situation. With the pu' sound... a turn... I missed it!

tribulation thunder bang straight down ten thousand zhang abyss!

The sound of boom~ boom~ is heard from all the mountains and valleys, and it lasts for a long time...

Thunder tribulation, is it wrong? !

Seeing this scene, Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting stiffened. The eyes were dull, and they all felt very illusory...

This was completely beyond the common sense of the two of them.

Thunder tribulation without the intervention of external forces, there is no possibility of breaking off!

Nowadays, I actually missed...


It was obvious that after seeing this sword, he took the initiative to miss...

In other words...thunder tribulation scruples about this sword! ? Dare not hack? !

Damn, that's... what kind of sword is that?

Whose sword is it?

Why is there such a prestige?

More outrageous ones have come one after another. The seventh thunder tribulation is actually too biased, just don’t say hello to the sword? !

"Could it be a lightning rod?" Zuo Xiaonian asked innocently.

"Lightning rod..." Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting have been unable to complain.

Girl, how did your IQ rise to today’s cultivation boundary?

Can you say such a low-powered rhetoric?

If there is such a powerful lightning rod in the world, it is estimated that Flood will be in need...

"This should be a merit item..." Zuo Changlu sighed and gave his opinion The only answer in the knowledge.

Without a word, subconsciously touched the forty-meter-long sword in the ring, and then looked at the sky that reigns in all directions, and the Sovereign Wa Sword who despised Heavenly Might, could not help but give birth to a little bit of shame. meaning.

I have spent my whole life, reaching the summit for most of my life, and when it arrives, it is not equal to me. There are so many good things for my son...

The name is not as good as my son... From now on I will be called Zuo Changlu.

Long Road...Sound better than Xiaoduo... right?

Zuo Changlu sighed for a while, but saw Little White and Xiaojiu all flashing green, and once again lively dragon and animated tiger rushed out, one left and one right, hanging on the Sovereign Wa Sword, moving Trembling, seems to be urging something.

Sovereign Wa Sword desperately, with two children, took the initiative to rush into the eighth thunder tribulation!

After sending Little White and Xiaojiu into the tribulation thunder, Sovereign Wa Sword disappeared voluntarily.

It is a special existence that should not appear in heavenly tribulation.

On the Sovereign Wa Sword, there is the mending heaven merit; the heavenly tribulation is not that you can't hurt, but you don't dare to hurt.

Because of being kind to Heavenly Dao.

For this reason, it either does not appear at all, or it is blocked at all times!

But Sovereign Wa Sword finally chose to stand up and block the two tribulation thunders, because he now understands the temper of the new owner of oneself and is in the position of merit item. It makes sense not to go out and resist, but now there are other All of my babies have gone out to resist heavenly tribulation... If oneself insists on its stand and insists on sleeping here indifferently...

It is conceivable that oneself will be treated in the future!

It is estimated that this product can do something like... directly soaking oneself in the cesspit forever!

This is really possible! In the eyes of this kid, oneself’s status is probably far inferior to his oneself pair of hammers...

After considering the consequences, Sovereign Wa Sword made a decisive choice and temporarily put down his stand. , Xiaoxiao's contribution!

Seeing that the Sovereign Wa Sword disappeared, the eighth heavenly tribulation finally rushed down with relief, and strongly clasped Zuo Xiaoduo's head...

At this moment, Zuo Xiaoduo has already experienced it. The illusion of reincarnation for hundreds of thousands of lives.

But the choice is still, or it is always an intestine that leads to the end, a road to the dark and reckless past, the past!

Under the blessing of the extinguished greenery, Zuo Xiaoduo once again experienced from being to nothing, and then from nothing to something...

A bald brain like an egg just out of its shell , Appears under the flashing thunder tribulation.

The pain that Zuo Xiaoduo endured has also reached its extreme at this moment!

With the return of Little White and Xiaojiu, the ninth heavenly tribulation is impatiently following.

This trailing ninth Heavenly Dao thunder tribulation is surprisingly more terrifying than the previous eight thunder tribulations combined. It stretches like a dragon, almost similar to the first appearance of the Golden Dragon. , Huge and unparalleled, like Heavenly Might, even if the greenery is still endless, can the lunch really resist it?

Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting also raised a heart to their throats. Zuo Changlu made up his mind even more painfully. In case it is really bad, oneself will still follow the original plan and discard the Throne body. Blow up the last dragon robbery!

Don’t mind at this last moment, there is another huge dragon body formed purely of fog, winding out from Zuo Xiaoduo’s body, suddenly ten thousand zhang long, surprisingly different from the dragon in the sky Up and down, compared with the previous Golden Dragon and Phoenix, it is also the top three.

A silent dragon roar resounded through the void.

This is a sound that all creatures can't hear, but all creatures know and sense it. There was a dragon just now, roar towards the sky!

Above the thunder tribulation, the eyes of the Golden Dragon coiled on the tribulation eye flickered...

hong long long ......The endless thunder tears the fog dragon to pieces......

Land on Zuo Xiaoduo's head again!

It is still clear and extinguished, full of greenery, from scratch...

This process may take a long time, or a long time, or a moment or three, after all, it’s still the past. Up!

Suddenly, Zuo Xiaoduo only felt the indestructible Flying barrier inside his body, suddenly like a piece of glass being smashed by a hammer, shattered, and no longer sustainable!

The endless spirit qi, immediately rushed past like a mountain cry out and sea howl!

The whole person also disappeared after the ninth heavenly tribulation, light as a feather flew up.

All the wounds on the whole body are recovered in an instant!

The whole body is full of unsatisfactory feelings, and a feeling of comfort and refreshing to the extreme emerges suddenly, overflowing the whole body.

"I'm Flying! Flying, ao ao ao..."

Zuo Xiaoduo couldn't help laughing heartily, roar towards the sky, dancing with hands and dancing, incoherent words: "Cool death It’s so cool. I succeeded. I have carried the heavenly tribulation. As expected, I am still me......"

Wu Yuting became anxious and angry: "Stupid! Yes...it's not over yet..."

Zuo Xiaoduo hearing this was taken aback, he thought that his own breakthrough meant that the thunder tribulation was over.

There are even more? !

When I looked up, I saw that in the sky tribulation eye was not only still there, but it also seemed to be a bit bigger than before, and it started to rotate slowly.

This wave of rotation is very slow and very condensed.

The endless spirit qi rushed into the tribulation eye, obviously brewing the next wave of offensive.

Golden Dragon reappears, the huge dragon head is looking at Zuo Xiaoduo beside the tribulation eye, and Phoenix is ​​also visible, hovering on the other side of the tribulation eye, and also paying attention to Zuo Xiaoduo.

Somehow, Zuo Xiaoduo always feels...The look in the eyes of this one dragon and one phoenix seems to have several points of complicated meaning?

What's the matter?

At this moment.

A dragon roar and a phoenix chirping sounded at the same time. Then, the Golden Dragon soared into the sky and hovered in the air with Phoenix.


At the same time, it turned into the most pure energy, injected into the tribulation eye at all!

in the sky, suddenly ten thousand li cloudless, only a huge tribulation eye is left, ready to go!

Obviously, this will be an unprecedented blow!

Zuo Xiaoduo was taken aback, feeling the pressure of destroying heaven extinguishing earth, he was immediately panicked.

This one, by oneself, is now absolutely unable to take it down!

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