Unconventional Legend Chapter 1190

This is the final blow, the final test, and the final baptism!

Next, success!

It's detachment!

If you can't take it down, you will die!

It is body dies and dao disappears!

Everyone understands this truth!

But this thunder tribulation has so far assembled the mighty, visually observed formidable power, even Zuo Changlu feels threatened!

The energy in the tribulation eye is still gathering, becoming more and more huge, the birth and death of the light and dark, flickering and uncertain, the power of the sky is sucked into the tribulation eye!

Zuo Xiaoduo clenched the teeth, standing firmly on the ground, holding the Nine By Nine Catcat Hammer, locking the Spirit Cat Sword in mind, and pressing the small piece of mending heaven stone directly under the tongue, trying to be strongest Even the super-normal situation confronts!

Little White and Xiao Jiu swish into the left and right double hammers at once, while Yan Shisi managed to keep it in place, holding on to the Spirit Cat Sword.

Seeing that his own state has reached the current extreme, Zuo Xiaoduo great eloquence, he stopped shouting: "Fight!"


Xiaoxiao staggered He walked over, raised his head, and pitifully flickered two bald wings without even a feather, revealing a bald butt...

Signed: Mama, I am really interested now Kill the thief, it's powerless...

Looking at Xiaoxiao who was scorched and black, if it weren't for these two small round eyes, Zuo Xiaoduo felt that this guy could just eat it by sprinkling some cumin.

The taste is crunchy, and the taste may not be good. After all... the visual inspection is full focus, the focus is over!

In view of this, Zuo Xiaoduo thoughts move and has already taken Xiaoxiao into the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower.

And this in an instant, at most half a breath of time, the sky’s thunder tribulation tribulation eye has skyrocketed by at least 30% on the original basis, and a sphere on the original basis, an increase of 30% is a What is the concept? Although Zuo Xiaoduo's mathematics is not bad, it cannot be fundamentally different for a while, but the threat must be increased by more than 30%!

Instinctively sighed by Zuo Xiaoduo, who had a dim sum, he brought out the Sovereign Wa Sword summon.

This time the Sovereign Wa Sword did not retreat, because the last thunder tribulation ignores everything; it is said that after the previous one, the heavenly tribulation has ended, and this additional one is the largest Good Fortune, the biggest opportunity.

As long as it can be carried, any weapon or life participating in the confrontation will have a great return!

go up to heaven or down to Hades, a thunder!

Little Dragon's body was covered in mist for the first time, and it hovered around Zuo Xiaoduo's body.

Zuo Xiaoduo thought for a while, but still felt that it was not enough...not enough insurance!

I took out the treasures of heaven, material and earth that Wu Yuting gave, regardless of whether it was wasted or wasted. There are more than a dozen sticks that fall into the belly of the jujube, let it ferment!

Oh no, release spirit qi quickly.

The Flying Boundary world eats one medicine pill that can completely recover, and even swallows a handful of eight pills in one breath. It feels like it’s not enough, so he swallows ten like jelly beans. Come!

After asking for the consent of Little White and Xiaojiu, the huge sea-like original life energy in the sea of ​​consciousness was also drawn out a little bit.

Well, it’s not that Zuo Xiaoduo doesn’t want to draw more, it’s that this thing is too high-grade, and Zuo Xiaoduo itself can’t control it at all. Even with two small aids, you can use this.

But at this point, Zuo Xiaoduo still feels uninsurable. In order to be safe, he took out the green wooden token given by Elderly Wan, muttered: "Elderly Wan, boss, this time you must help I..."

Before the voice fell, I squeezed the green wooden token hard, and a group of green light rose up...

In an instant, covering the mountains and plains was all done. Grasshopper vegetables invade!

Well, the current title should be Portulaca oleracea!

Several thousands of greenery spread out quickly, and in an instant, several thousands li walked out, and even the feet of Zuo Changlu and the others were covered with grasshopper vegetables.

The leaves are thick and growing, and then there are the Little White flowers and small red flowers, which suddenly bloom!

Although the scent of the single red and white flowers is not strong, but with so many flowers in full bloom, the concentration of the scent combined together is still naturally refreshing, which is intoxicating.

Seeing the grasshopper vegetable under the feet grows bigger and bigger, blooms continuously, continues to grow continuously, after a while, he simply climbed up Zuo Xiaoduo's body, turning his whole person into Green...

After counting the breath time, Zuo Xiaoduo's body also began to bloom, began to bloom, and began to diffuse, refreshing...

The change in this scene, not only came The abrupt changes in the elbows and arms, mainly because the changes are also magical, or it is too weird, that is, in the sky, the tribulation eye can't help but be sluggish for a moment.

I stopped turning for about half a second, and even though I started turning right away,...this short pause is clear.

Obviously Heavenly Dao tribulation thunder is speechless...

The kid below...Do you know what you brat is doing?

If you were obediently and honestly let us hack one last time, it would be over, but now you have assembled so many bits and pieces...what do you want to do?

If we slap you lightly...I am afraid that these things you arranged by oneself will explode oneself...

Wipe, how scared of death it is ……

Is this really the same person as the brave kid we conditioned before?

The pride of ten thousand zhang, fierce and unafraid of death, the sword is never returned, and the people who exterminated the world...Where did they go?

Isn’t it a split personality, or is it a one-piece combination of two souls?


Hear the roar of hong long long again...

between Heaven and Earth, filled with endless white light, white light, purple light, multi-colored light at this moment... …

Flying in all directions, Heaven and Earth are blazing...

Even if Zuo Changlu is both blind, they can’t see!

It's so bright!

An unprecedented huge thunderball, the mountains also fell down...

In just an instant, it fell to Zuo Xiaoduo's head.


At this moment of collision, Zuo Changlu was also dumbfounded, and even his body began to shake!

At that moment, he clearly saw that all the grasshopper dishes of several thousands li were flying from the ground, and the prosperity was facing heavenly tribulation. Although it mayfly shaking a tree, it was doing my part. , Go forward!

Well, but in terms of momentum, it is really not inferior to Heavenly Dao thunder tribulation!

Some plants, normally the most common grasshopper vegetable, can actually explode with a power comparable to the Heaven Realm thunder tribulation. You have not seen it with your own eyes, can you believe it? !

Zuo Changlu wants to say, I didn’t believe it when I saw it with my own eyes. There are such mad and cool grasshopper dishes in the world. Is it going to be against the sky?

Then, the spirit front, full of Sovereign breath, rushed straight into the tribulation cloud!

There is also the Spirit Cat Sword, which is mixed with the essence of magic energy and is blessed by fierceness. The magic flames soar into the sky, blasting the tribulation cloud!

Two handles of Nine By Nine Catcat Hammer, which also rotate in turn, are like a black and white Yin-Yang Symbol, impacting the tribulation cloud!

It seems that there are other rays of light that flicker...

In short, there are countless brilliance, which simultaneously exploded and burst...hong long long...

From the extreme impact of Heaven and Earth, Soul Severing Cliff, as a foothold, collapsed suddenly and completely collapsed because of no load.

A massive amount of rubble rose into the sky, many even charge ahead tens of thousands of meters in one breath...

kacha, there was a blast of thunder and the whole sky was overcast, and it was raining crazy. Come!

The raindrops were directly connected into a line, but in an instant, a vast ocean had accumulated on the ground, as if Tiangong suddenly became angry. He picked up a basin of water on it and splashed it directly.

Or the Tianhe suddenly ruptured, and countless rain fell on the earth, instantly becoming a country of Zee!

However, heavenly tribulation is over!

The tribulation eye in the sky disappeared after the last tribulation thunder fell.


Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting saw the heavenly tribulation come to an end, they screamed simultaneously, and started to rush towards Zuo Xiaoduo...

They can finally move, and that is, both of them feel that their son's Life Aura is still there, but very weak.

The excitement at this moment can hardly be added!

Wu Yuting took two steps, stopped suddenly, and turned to look at oneself's daughter strangely.

Zuo Xiaonian's performance at the moment was even more sluggish, dumbfounded; and that hair... why did it blow up?

I saw Zuo Xiaonian's beautiful hair, and now it is like a chicken coop that has been madly shaved by seven or eight chickens. It's a mess...

It can be said that if... …If there are 30 million hairs on the head, then Zuo Xiaonian’s 30 million hairs are moved towards 30 million directions...


< p>Wu Yuting was stunned: "What's wrong with you?"

Zuo Xiaonian's aggrieved mouth was flat, and he cried: "I don't know what's wrong... Just the last That tribulation thunder suddenly came out, and it hit me...it hurts."

Wu Yuting was shocked, and his heart was horrified.

Have you a blow?

Why didn’t I find out?

Clearly by my side, I didn't realize that my daughter was struck by lightning! ...

This is simply...

"Are you okay?" Wu Yuting asked hurriedly.

"It's okay..." Zuo Xiaonian was completely unprepared and suffered a bit, feeling extremely aggrieved, and his image was shaken, but he did not suffer any damage.

Lil Puppy’s heavenly tribulation, why do you want to hack me?

"By the way...the thunder tribulation seems to have given me something..." Zuo Xiaonian scratched his head and muttered to himself.

"What is it?" Wu Yuting was stunned for a moment, not knowing what he thought of, and couldn't help but extend the hand and touched oneself's daughter's ass.

"Mom, what are you doing..."

Zuo Xiaonian ran away like an electric shock, rolled his eyes and pouted, "It's vague, still finishing..." ...But what does it seem to be called...Xuefeng Divine Phoenix..."

"Xuefeng Divine Phoenix?" Wu Yuting muttered to himself, this seems to be something that I have never heard of...

"Xuefeng Divine Phoenix?" p>

What's the matter?

"What did you say specifically?"

"No..." Zuo Xiaonian stretched his neck anxiously and looked at the other side: "How is Duoduo?"

Wu Yuting was stunned. He seemed to be thinking about something. His eyes were full of remembrance, and he didn't even hear Zuo Xiaonian's questioning.

Zuo Xiaonian restored to sobriety and calmness, while tidying oneself's hair, he rushed out.


[Still writing; there is a third update, only a little later. Thank you everyone; the double is over, and it is indeed very tired. However, everyone helped me, and we can’t do it without doubling. Or the writing is not good, or there may be water in some places, but I’m always working hard. Strive to be worthy of you. Thank you brother sisters for your tolerance. 】

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