Unconventional Legend Chapter 1191


Zuo Changlu, Lei Changtian and Bai Yunduo, almost immediately disappeared in the thunder tribulation tribulation eye, appeared in the position of Zuo Xiaoduo Transcending Tribulation,< /p>

Then with a wave of his hand, countless pieces of rubble, no less than hundreds of millions of pieces, all flew out.

Then I saw the thousand-meter-deep pit below, Zuo Xiaoduo is located right in the middle of the pit, from top to bottom, it's charred like charcoal, fallen dust, life and death are unknown... …

And all the things that helped him Transcending Tribulation before, are all gone. The grasshopper vegetables that originally pervaded several thousands li's radius, dripped and disappeared.

The pouring rain in the sky continued on its own, and a large amount of rain poured into the pit that had just been emptied...

Zuo Changlu waved his hand, and the whole pit suddenly became dry. Just like a drought for ten years, the rain around Ren is hard to come by.

Zuo Changlu can’t wait to jump down, cautiously picked Zuo Xiaoduo up, and his expression loosened, his eyes flashed with ecstasy, and he returned to normal and said calmly: "Go, go back!"

Well, the daily Lord Throne is back again, but seeing his body for a flash, he has reached the Capital City, and after another flash, he is already in the Zuo Xiaonian small courtyard, beside the bed in the bedroom, Put Zuo Xiaoduo down gently and place it properly.

In the process of returning to Beijing and even Zuo Xiaonian small courtyard, Zuo Xiaoduo's body has been wiped with the holy medicine for healing, even the oral medicine pill has been stuffed into it, and it is a helper to circulate the Cultivation is catalyzed, and the end is that the caring father goes online, and every detail.

Lei Changtian hurriedly rushed in: "How?"

"It's okay, I passed it in peace!" Zuo Changlu smiled at the corner of his mouth and said, "As expected of my son. , Such a fierce heavenly tribulation, I was stupefied by the strength of oneself."

Lei Changtian smiled from ear to ear: "As expected, I am my grandson, and I have the good genetic blessing of Lao Tzu."

Zuo Changlu's face turned black immediately, coldly said: "en?"

Lei Changtian's face suddenly turned white in his heart, and hurriedly said: "I mean, the boss gave birth to the most Well, the little Duoduo’s Laozi is the most amazing, hahaha..."

Wu Yuting also came back with Zuo Xiaonian and Bai Yunduo. Before entering the house, he said when he didn’t even hear anything. "Old Zuo, can you not bully my dad..."

Zuo Changlu immediately trembled with anger: "When did I bully him? Why did I bully him!"

< p>Lei Changtian nodded bowed down, cautiously: "The boss is right, no bullying, no bullying... Rain drop, how can you be suspicious like those secular women? It affects the relationship between husband and wife... You see, my face There was no injury at all."

Wu Yuting silently rolled two eyes, and then rushed to the bedside: "Duoduo, how is my Duoduo?"

"It's okay I've been through it safely, but the injury is a bit heavy and I need to take a good rest. I have taken care of the injury. At most one night, I promise to return you an eldest son of a lively dragon and animated tiger." Zuo Changlu smiled, very pleased.

"Haha..." Wu Yuting laughed, and praised: "Lil Puppy can still be wrong, that is my own son, with my excellent gene blessing!"

Everyone :……

When you were nervous just now: My son Duoduo……

Now relax, Duoduo becomes Lil Puppy……

This There is no trace of speech conversion at the end, and the tone conversion score is extraordinarily natural and extremely smooth.

Bai Yunduo can't help but imagine, if Xiaohu and I have a child, what should we call it? Little tiger?

I always feel that bringing a "da" looks very auspicious...

Wu Yuting confirmed that Zuo Xiaoduo's life is safe, paused and asked nervously: "How about the catastrophe? Is it..."

In fact, she already had the answer in her mind, but she always felt that the idea of ​​oneself was too good and wishful thinking that she was a little afraid to say it, and she had to get confirmation from her husband.

Zuo Changlu slightly smiled, speaking clearly, surely, happy, and flatly said: "...perfect!"

With a proud face.


Wu Yuting was so excited that he went crazy immediately. He made no secret of it, let out a burst of laughter regardless of the image, and even if Zuo Xiaoduo was still in a coma. Lying down, he rushed up and kissed Zuo Xiaoduo's face for a while.

"My son is great! As expected to be Lil Puppy with my excellent genes! Hahaha...very good, perfect flying heavenly tribulation!"

"Perfect...to Since ancient times, there is no one, and it’s still Flying dragon and phoenix...Oh my God, it scared me to death...but...my son did it! Perfect time!"

Wu Yuting The sense of accomplishment and pride at this moment is simply overwhelming.

At this moment, she could not wait to announce to the whole world.

My son, perfect Transcending Tribulation!

Fly heavenly tribulation!

Envy it! Be jealous! hahahaha...

Zuo Xiaonian managed to squeeze in from Wu Yuting's side, watching Zuo Xiaoduo on the bed with concern, but Wu Yuting wanted to touch him, so he worriedly said:" Lil Puppy, okay?"

"It’s okay, my mother promises that I will return you a healthy and intact Husband tomorrow." Wu Yuting relaxed at the moment and started jokes with her daughter. , Straight is to release oneself.

Zuo Xiaonian twisted his waist and wanted to squeeze, but he was attracted by Zuo Xiaoduo’s skin at the moment, and said with admiration, "Puppy’s skin is really white and supple now Ah, I don’t even have any hairs, how can I get this..."

Wu Yuting and the others hearing this were all stunned for a while, looked at it simultaneously, and saw Zuo Xiaoduo on the bed, as expected. Bai Nen is at the extreme.

In a short period of time, the scorched appearance of heavenly tribulation has changed.

It's like the water tofu that just came out, and the boiled egg that just peeled the shell...

It's really...so smooth.

Bai Li is red and distinctive.

Don't talk about the hair, even the eyebrows and eyelashes are gone...

Well, to put it bluntly, it is an oversized egg!

As everyone turned their minds, they couldn't help but burst into a burst of laughter.

"Let him rest well, and when he wakes up, everything will be fine!"

Zuo Changlu said solemnly.

"en. ”

Zuo Xiaonian felt uneasy, raised his hand and said: "I want to stay and watch him."

Wu Yuting said:" You have to take a good look, girl, let me tell you that Lil Puppy will be the real flying, and the previous restrictions will be gone. You can have a bridal chamber... Niannian Cat, um... daughter-in-law."

Zuo Xiaonian's face flushed immediately, as if he was about to bleed.

I twisted my waist... I rushed into the oneself room like a gust of wind while holding my steaming face, and I couldn't get out of it.

"Hey! Don't you want to stay and watch your Lil Puppy?" Wu Yuting shouted.

"Don't watch it! I don't watch it! Who should look at him, let him stay away from me!" A shy voice came from inside. It's boring, it seems to be hidden in the quilt...

"hahaha..." Everyone laughed, all immersed in the joyful atmosphere of the children, Tao Ran forgotten.

In all fairness, although Zuo Xiaoduo has survived heavenly tribulation, his injuries are not minor. The bones from top to bottom are almost broken by 80 to 90%. It is a secular view that this person is immortal. Have to be paralyzed for life.

But from the moment he was picked up by Zuo Changlu, he had already broken through a large number of healing medicines, and combined with the self-recovery power of the high-rank cultivator of Flying Boundary, now he is lying on the bed, all over his body. Color rays of light flicker, occasionally red light purple qi alternates, occasionally white light black qi surrounds, showing that the injury is improving and the bones are gradually healing.

The re-growth of bones that healed is also extraordinary. It can be clearly seen that there is a sense of jade and a faint purple light flashing, and the circulation is endless...

< p>In fact, it's not just bones, but meridians, meridian, bloodline that should grow again... all have faint purple rays of light flowing around.

This is the gift of the power of Heavenly Dao, and the benefit of the power of Grand Dao is also the great Good Fortune bestowed by Heavenly Dao after the heavenly tribulation!

He just lay on the bed like this, his body gradually recovered completely, his injuries got better and better, and some light gray things kept leaking out of his pores...

This is the past When washing the essence and cutting the marrow, it enters the bone marrow, and the medicinal power origin force is hard to reach the slight impurities in the place, and it is forced out by the mighty power of heavenly tribulation.

In addition to the bone marrow, there are also internal organs deep in... even the impurities in the cerebrum and cerebrum...

In short, through this time heavenly tribulation baptism, Zuo Xiaoduo got from it. Outside, it has been completely renewed in a true sense.

Of course, if this guy eats and drinks like ordinary people, new impurities will form. This is a situation that is unavoidable at any stage of the cultivation base.

Even if you don’t eat or drink from now on, you still have to breathe and cultivation, and there will still be a lot of impurities that invade the fleshy body.

Cite the simplest example to illustrate that the cultivation base was extremely pure before Flying; but after Flying, it became full of impurities, because the pure spirit origin true qi, It is inevitable that some slight impurities are mixed in, and this little impurity is already unbearable to match the Body of Immortal Spirit.

If you want to be truly dust-free, you have to go to the legendary Saint level to be truly spotless and pure!

To borrow a more popular saying as a metaphor... even a little fairy, that is to poop...

His body is automatically adjusted and discharged in a coma. ......

Everything is natural, this is the gift benefit of heavenly tribulation, and it continues.

Wu Yuting stayed and looked at Zuo Xiaoduo.

On the other hand, Zuo Changlu looked indifferent, as if he didn't care about oneself son at all, and invited Lei Changtian out for tea.

Bai Yunduo naturally followed to serve...

Wait for Bai Yunduo to leave...

Wu Yuting quietly opened the quilt and checked Zuo again and again After confirming that the rest of Xiaoduo's body was correct, he let out a sigh of relief and covered the quilt.

Well, everything is fine.

Everything is intact, it is really good.

Looking at Zuo Xiaoduo, who is sleeping with hu hu, Wu Yuting's eyes are full of affection. Hey, how can I be so good at giving birth to one so good, so good, so good, so good son!

And also so handsome, so handsome, so obedient, so honest, so honest, so cute, so simple, so honest, so genius son!

In this world, who would dare to compare my son to me?

Who dares to compare my husband?

Who dares to compare with me...cough, forget it, father doesn’t have to compare. But...who dares to compare to my daughter? Than son-in-law? Than daughter-in-law?

Better than discipline?

Wu Yuting suddenly felt that in this world, oneself is really the biggest and biggest winner, and the true perfect life can't help but become more and more proud.


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