Unconventional Legend Chapter 1193

Zuo Xiaoduo's healing process was faster than Zuo Changlu expected, but by midnight, the body has fully recovered, and the true origin is also continuing to grow...

The dao charm on his body is still circulating, and people have not yet woken up...

Wu Yuting suddenly remembered something, prying the boy's mouth open, and digging out the mending heaven he held in his mouth. Came out.

"It shouldn't be such a waste. I'm afraid this stone will not be used a few times."

Looking at the already gray stone, Wu Yuting sighed then said.

She knew about the existence of this Spirit Stone before, and in the final stage of flying heavenly tribulation, she also saw Zuo Xiaoduo shove this stone into her mouth at the last moment, apparently with the help of this stone to contain huge vitality and heal injuries. Renewal of life is fulfilled like a god's efficiency.

Now, Zuo Xiaoduo can be much faster than Zuo Changlu expected, and most of them rely on the properties of this Spirit Stone, but this part of the consumption is wasted.

Because without this stone, the power of Heavenly Dao will be restored naturally.

This is not a critical moment, but the difference between day and day is hard to make up for the consumption of Spirit Stone.

Wu Yuting regretted the loss of the Spirit Stone and placed it on the edge of Zuo Xiaoduo’s pillow. Then he sat on the edge of the bed, staring at his son’s sleeping face, how cute it looks, this tender and raw It's...just like the time when I was born...

The little red mouth will move even when dreaming...

Yeah so cute...


If it had always been so cute, how good it would be.

It's a pity that this kid, as soon as he opens his eyes, he changes his body and becomes regardless of the law and of natural morality.

I don’t have enough trouble every day. I can be called the evil fairy. When I was caught, I started acting cute and pretended to be foolish...

"Hey...I really don’t know which life I owe you. That..." Wu Yuting couldn't help but sleeping Zuo Xiaoduo nodded on his forehead, cursed in love.

Outside Zuo Changlu and Lei Changtian are already drinking.

Zuo Changlu aloof and remote was sitting on the sofa, Lei Changtian moved a small horse to sit on the opposite side, and both of them drank happily.

After all, this will be really happy, very happy, having fun, Tao Ran forgets worry, everyone feels that oneself has witnessed history, and all feel that oneself is very powerful.

Bai Yunduo, the Supervising Envoy adult, is now acting as a maid. There is a cup that is full when it is empty, and a black line from the beginning to the end is still working with a gentle smile.

"Boss, I thought we were in Blackwind Canyon..."

"Second, I didn't say you..."

"Boss was right , Let's go one."

"Go one. The second one, you said that you were there..."

"What's this? Hehehe..."

"Wang Feihong's battle back then, if it weren't for your independent seeking death, and the Raging Fire battle with both sides suffer, and you almost lost both sides...the one who replaced Wang Feihong on the field, ninety-nine percent of them would be you."< /p>

"If you want me to say, it's really better than me, Wang Feihong's strength at the time was worse than me by more than a lot. If I were to go, or I could get lucky, there might not be such a thing now! Let's talk about it! It’s not that I am oneself seeking death, it’s because I found it and I was helpless..."

"It's all fate, who would have thought that the Raging Fire couple would get divorced and angered at that time. Flame hair leaks on your head...what are you doing? Raging Fire doesn't find someone else to fight you desperately?"

"I didn't do anything!"

< p>"Isn’t Raging Fire specifically looking for you? It’s been so many years, why don’t you talk about it now?"

"It’s really nothing, you also said that it’s the past. What are you doing here!"

"Really nothing? You say it again?"

"Cough cough, actually Raging Fire, his wife and Raging Fire battle Qi ran out , I happened to meet me; provocatively provoked me, then I can let her? We fought a lot, when the battle was in the break, I used a Thousand Hands Heavenly Demon Claw, that It's my special skill, I can use it for no reason..." Lei Changtian coughed.

Zuo Changlu stared wide-eyed, and then covered his face: "I see, your masterful skill has scratched people's clothes?"

"cough cough... Yes... Actually, I didn’t really scratch the clothes. I just tore a piece of the skirt and just one piece... It showed half an arse egg... But it’s just that inch, Raging Fire is there. It was time to look for it, and it happened to see this scene. This guy couldn’t stand it at the time... After all, it was Raging Fire. The psychological endurance is too bad. What is it..."

"Understood ..." Zuo Changlu sighed up to the sky.

Just say why things were so weird back then.

so that's how it is.

So this is the truth!

"At the time, I explained to Raging Fire in every possible way. I said that although I tore your wife’s skirt, I really didn’t do anything... The most important thing is that we were still fighting when you came over. , It’s not that you were caught in the bed... Why are you so anxious? But Raging Fire doesn’t listen, and my eyes are red."

Lei Changtian angrily said: "With Shaman Clan that gang stupid big fellow, just talk irrational, and then fight hard, I can still be afraid of him!"

Zuo Changlu sighed with a sullen glass of wine, "This is... not just Shaman Clan." , Any man in the world, at that time, said such a truth, it is doomed to make no sense."

"Then...it had to be played by Wang Feihong...At that time, Raging Fire had already been defeated. His daughter-in-law carried it back, and I was in a coma. I didn’t wake up until you finished fighting for half a month... This guy, you are so cruel, why is it so!"

Lei Changtian also feels sorry for the past. , Regret not at the beginning.

In the first battle, if oneself were present, the situation would have changed a lot, but it turned out that something like this happened. Who do you think you should make sense?

Who would have thought that the Raging Fire Great Shaman couple would be awkward at that time, making troubles and making oneself into trouble!

It's simply an innocent disaster.

"Who would have thought that Raging Fire went so coincidental? I just tore his daughter-in-law's skirt, and he arrived... If it weren’t for the Shaman Alliance guys, they wouldn’t have enough brains except for fighting. , I doubt whether the couple gave me an immortal jump and deliberately blocked my fight..."

Lei Changtian was extremely depressed.

"..." Zuo Changlu was speechless, cursing: "Any regular couple, will not use this to play immortal with you! What is in your mind, unexpectedly gave birth to something like this Brain circuit?!"


After drinking three jars of wine in a row, the two of them talked about the old things that year, and they became more and more emotional.

"Remember at that time, I entered the team with raindrops. At that time, it was really young and young, everyone was young and frivolous, haha, I pointed to you and said that it was you Uncle Zuo... "

Lei Changtian drank too much.

"Stop it! Stop it!" Zuo Changlu reached out and stopped: "How are you doing with these old past events!"

"My fault, my fault, I Self-punishment."

When I was drinking the happiest...

Wu Yuting came out of the room, frowns: "Drinking again?!"

"It's just a drink."

Lei Changtian said: "Look, you see, we have just drunk one altar, and this second altar has just opened and is still full."

The more than 20 jars that were emptied before have long been put away by two people who are familiar with the business. As a perennial habitual offender, it is definitely not one drop of water can leak out. At least it should be better known to others. There is room for justification.

"I believe in the ghosts of you two!"

Wu Yuting snorted, as smart as her, will naturally not believe the two people in front of me, but I obviously don’t want to pursue it, yes. Zuo Changlu beckons with the hand: "When you come in, I will tell you something, let my dad drink oneself first, and wait for you to come again. I won't restrict you from drinking tonight."

"No Restriction? How about an unrestricted method?" Zuo Changlu and Lei Changtian both had their eyes bright.

"Of course you can drink as much as you want."

"Hao Le."

Zuo Changlu stood up and got into the room with Wu Yuting.

I heard that there is no restriction on drinking. This sentence immediately gave Lei Changtian an unprecedented courage, and said to Bai Yunduo: "Why are you so dumb? You have been drinking for so long, but there is no Seeing you prepare a few small dishes...Hurry up and prepare them."

Bai Yunduo rolled his eyes and went hurriedly.

She knows Demon Ancestor's behavior as a person and doesn't take it for granted.

In the room.

Wu Yuting pulled Zuo Changlu in, closed the door, put down a sound-proof barrier, and said, "I patronized Lil Puppy before, and I wanted to tell you something. Do you still remember how you picked it up? Is it Niannian Cat?"

Zuo Changlu wondered: "How come I picked up the Niannian Cat? Didn’t we pick it up together? At the beginning, we were born in Birth By Transformation in the Mortal World, walking around the world, Traveling around, looking at mountains and rivers, and wanting to see the beauty of rivers and mountains from the perspective of ordinary people, did you find the Niannian Cat while wandering in the mountains near Qi King's Tomb?"

" Wasn’t it the first thing you saw at that time? There are that many feathers in a bunch of dead branches. You turned over and found a small meaty egg."

Zuo Changlu said:" I said...Why are you coming over to ask me this at this time? Can you make me in the cloud and mist?"

Zuo Changlu is a bit dissatisfied.

I was delayed in drinking...

"Isn’t the situation like this at the time?" Wu Yuting thought for a while, and said: "I will ask you, what did you say at the time? Can you still remember?"

"Remember, I said at the time that this family must be too poor and didn't even prepare a baby for the child." Zuo Changlu said.

"Yes, that's the sentence." Wu Yuting's brows suddenly stretched out: "Then what?"

"Then you and I checked, the bloodline of the little girl, or something, They are all normal human beings; they are not demonic beasts, nor are they Divine Immortal reincarnation...Wait, even if you and I were in the state of Birth By Transformation in the Mortal World at the time, they did not bring a cultivation base, but their eyesight The experience is still there, is there any problem?" Zuo Changlu was full of confidence when he said this remark.

Wu Yuting slowly nodded.

Indeed, if a little baby girl can hide from the eyes of oneself husband and wife, it would be really weird!

"Do you remember when you said that this little girl had feathers on her ass?"

Wu Yuting said: "I remember two pieces?"

Zuo Changlu laughed and laughed: "Isn't that stained...Two bird feathers are stuck to the tender butt egg...Is it off with a hand?"

Wu Yuting nodded: "en."

"What happened to you today, inexplicably mentioning these old events, what happened?"

Zuo Changlu asked .

"There is indeed a little bit of change, I didn't have time to tell you, it was when Duoduo's last thunder tribulation...Heavenly Dao tribulation thunder split out and smashed Little Nian'er all at once." Wu Yuting Tao.

"Huh? This happened? Little Nian'er is okay?" Zuo Changlu was taken aback at hearing this and asked urgently.

Immediately I knew that oneself was stupid. Oneself had seen Zuo Xiaonian before, and it was clearly intact and nothing unusual... Well, the hair is messy, not as neat as it is normally.

"Then the tribulation thunder might is no longer lethal, the true meaning of the theme is actually passed to Little Nian'er an inheritance......Phoenix Clan inheritance." Wu Yuting said.

"Ah? How could this happen?!" Zuo Changlu was really shocked this time.

That's heavenly tribulation!

Heavenly tribulation cannot have any selfishness!

If the heavenly tribulation is for favoritism, then Heavenly Dao will not exist... At this moment, with a diversion thunder, secretly passed Zuo Xiaonian an inheritance?

This change really subverted Zuo Changlu's current perception!

"Absolutely not fake!"

Wu Yuting said affirmatively: "Little Nian'er has now begun cultivation and inheritance. If the cultivation is successful, my son, I am afraid that It will be a long time before we can really marry a daughter-in-law, and the bridal chamber will be even more distant indefinitely. Unless Nian'er releases the water."

"...This does not need to be considered, Niannian will definitely release the water..."< /p>

Zuo Changlu shook his head: "Heavenly tribulation is passed down to inheritance...this...this...Ting'er, do you believe there is such a thing?"

"Crap! Of course I don't believe it! But the facts have already happened. It happened to our girl. What's the use of Believing or Not?" Wu Yuting rolled his eyes.

"This...I just...I just..."

Zuo Changlu frowns thought hard and said: "How can this kind of thing happen?"

< p>He lowered his head and thought for a long time, and said: "Can you say it is another possibility... That inheritance was actually sealed in the depths of Xiaoonian's memory... That thunder tribulation was actually just eliminated for her." Seal?"

Wu Yuting said with horror: "Um...this is not impossible."

"No, it's still wrong."

Zuo Changlu said: "After we picked up Little Nian'er at the time, we checked carefully. There is absolutely no seal on her body, she is just an ordinary Human Race baby girl, at least in our It seems that it looks like this."

"Yes, we've confirmed it again and again..."

"Now I want to come, such a cute little child, without a baby. , Only a few feathers to carry with him... Then the ninety-nine Star Soul, the talent is the first; the long nature Phoenix Vein follows, and Phoenix Vein rushes the soul..."

"Do you mean why others If we can’t find it, we picked it up in the past... It’s not necessarily that the girl is lucky! It’s that we are too lucky? Or is it... our luck with each other?"

Wu Yuting looked at Zuo Changlu with probing eyes.


The husband and wife are frowned.

Although they didn't say anything, it is clear that... the two people are actually suspicious of the same thing, that is: Zuo Xiaonian, a bloodline descended from ancient Phoenix Clan!

But as the probability of each item is denied, it makes this matter even more confusing.

"If Nian'er is really the legacy of ancient Phoenix Clan, how could her image be the baby of Human Race as soon as she was born?" Zuo Changlu's tone was full of doubts.

"I can't guess this level either."

"And if Phoenix Clan inheritance is really involved, unless it is the Saint layout, waiting for the idlers to make plans and make decisions. It’s inevitable to keep it from us, let alone keep it for so long! But does Saint have such a game? Besides, ancient Phoenix Clan... does not seem to have Saint’s top-notch power?"

" Say, I can’t figure it out, the feeling in the clouds and mist is even thicker..."

Zuo Changlu thought for a long time, calmly said with a smile: "Furthermore, whether it is or not, even if there is a Saint layout Even if it is really Phoenix Clan inheritance, she is still our baby girl, our apple of one's eye. This, even if Heavenly Dao jumps out, can’t deny it."

Wu Yuting finally laughed , Said: "This is a good thing. The background is not the last part. What is her background and what does it have to do with us?"

"Yeah, don't worry." Zuo Changlu smiled and patted Wu Yuting's shoulder, said: "Everything has me."

"Our daughter, no one can take away, little Duoduo's daughter-in-law, no one can take away!"

Wu Yuting also let go of the worry about gains and losses, and said: "Of course."

Listening to Zuo Changlu's words, Wu Yuting also felt open.

Yes, no matter what identity, Zuo Xiaonian is now oneself’s daughter and oneself’s daughter-in-law. No matter what happens in the future, it is a fact that will not change.

In that case, what are you wondering, guessing, and fearful?

"I understand."

"Well, then I went out for a drink. I haven't had a chance to get drunk for a long time."

"You two are still Drink less."

"Hey, based on our cultivation base and the amount of alcohol...it’s hard to get drunk, things everyone knows..."

"hehe... Whether you are drunk or not, but you will still spray the odor from the sweat pores from top to bottom. You don’t care, I do!"


"He Grandpa smells a little bit too much, and nobody cares anyway. If you stinks, stay away from me. Don’t blame me for not telling you in advance."



In the early hours of the morning……

Zuo Xiaoduo wakes up, just opening his eyes, he feels like oneself light as a feather is about to fly, the eyes are still Before opening, he called out: "Niannian Cat, I'm flying, this time I see where you are going..."

As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw the face of Wu Yuting faint smile:" Puppy, I really grew up, I just remember my daughter-in-law, and forget my mother."

"How can..." Zuo Xiaoduo piled up with a flattering smile: "Mom, I keep on Dreaming of you."

This sentence is not a lie.

The illusion of this night is the most tragic scene of the family.

For the sake of his parents and Zuo Xiaonian, Zuo Xiaoduo had to fight tens of thousands of times when he came down this evening...

Now I am awake, I feel like I am everywhere. It hurts, especially the heart and head. I don’t know how many times my head has been smashed in one night, and I don’t know how many times my heart has been penetrated. The bones of the whole body are torn apart and torn apart, torn apart and torn apart...

Looking back now, I still have lingering fears.

Wake up now to see the smiling face of mother, Zuo Xiaoduo not know how satisfied in the heart is.


It’s good to be alive!


"Where are my dad and Niannian Cat?" Zuo Xiaoduo lifted the quilt and ran out.


Wu Yuting shouted: "You brat is still naked!"

"Oh oh oh..." Zuo Xiaoduo hurriedly whizzed He went into the bed with a naked butt, and was wearing pants under the bed...

"You are still shy with your mother..." Wu Yuting despised: "through childhood, your bare ass I don’t want to see it, you and your elder sister are not your mother, I’m feeding the big one with a poop of shit and a pee?"

"Oh, Mother, can you change your oral language, it’s too detrimental You are graceful and elegant...this will make people misunderstand that we guys eat..."

Zuo Xiaoduo hehehe smiled under the covers, put on his pants, stood up, put on his coat, and took a picture in the mirror. , Sighed then said, saying: "Every time you become bald, you become stronger..."

"If you want to become stronger, you must be bald first...This is really no cure."

< p>Wu Yuting laughed heartily.

Zuo Xiaoduo said nothing wrong.

Due to the cultivation technique, he really has every breakthrough, accompanied by a from top to bottom. Barren, barren, hairless!

After being bare, it really becomes stronger, beyond imagination...

"Flying, completely out of the ordinary, do you feel like it?" Wu Yuting asked Tao.

"It doesn't feel much, it just feels like I am beating Niannian Cat now, it should be like playing." Zuo Xiaoduo cocky said.


Wu Yuting smiled and said nothing.

With her eyesight, it is natural to see that the strengths of Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian are indeed the same.

Zuo Xiaonian broke through Flying first, and now the cultivation base is about to reach the Flying middle rank, but it hasn't arrived yet.

And Zuo Xiaoduo is now the Flying initial rank. It has just broken through, and has not had time to accumulate, and the foundation is not solid.

But the difference between the real strength of the two is very small.

Regardless of the difference between the initial rank and middle rank of the general flying expert, the strength is almost one heaven and one earth, but Zuo Xiaoduo has suppressed more times in each realm than Zuo Xiaonian, some realm, even Many times.

Accumulate little by little like this, and narrow the gap little by little, so that the real gap is really not much after calculation.

Even if it is a life-and-death struggle, Zuo Xiaoduo’s battle strength may already surpass Zuo Xiaonian.

To truly decide life and death, the result must be Zuo Xiaonian vanished fragrance and crumbled jade, and Zuo Xiaoduo suffers most internal injuries, which will never endanger life.

Wu Yuting knows this well.

But if it's just two people competing...

The results have to be calculated backwards, Zuo Xiaoduo must be completely defeated without discussing it-I can't break Zuo Xiaonian!

This is also something without any suspense.

Zuo Xiaoduo blade, spear, sword, halberd battle axe hook and fork city, hidden weapon is also proficient, but it is the focus, in fact, there is only one, that is the hammer!

In the case of Zuo Xiaonian, it is simple to learn, Zuo Xiaoduo's hammer is cumbersome, and he neither dared to hit it, nor was he willing to hit it.

Including his hidden weapon, Six Tipped Star must be divided into life and death if it is shot, and the injury cannot be recovered, so I dare not use it.

As for other jade hidden weapons, it doesn’t even count as tickles when hitting Zuo Xiaonian...

and his Burning Sun True Scripture, Origin Fire Art, Zhurong True Fire... …All can’t be used, dare not use it.

What if Zuo Xiaonian’s hair really burns?

You don’t have to burn it, even if it’s just scorched... You can't live without it?

Do you still want to do it? !


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