Unconventional Legend Chapter 1194

Think deeper, Zuo Xiaoduo has that many sharp assistance, which one dares to use?

Slaying divine spear, so fierce, can you dare to use it?

Black and white bottle gourd, blessings help, soaring battle strength, how can you first station in the Nine By Nine Catcat Hammer, you can’t use a hammer, and they are also useless!

Three Legged Golden Crow, just ignore it, the reason is the same as that of dry fire!

Then Zuo Xiaoduo, what else is there, um, there is a Spirit Cat Sword!

When it comes to swords, Zuo Xiaonian has always been very single. From start to finish, he has only one sword.

Whether it’s a battle or a life-and-death confrontation, this sword is just right, it’s just right, and there will never be any deviation. In this one, Zuo Xiaoduo is absolutely incomparable!

Zuo Xiaoduo wants to beat Zuo Xiaonian with a sip of Spirit Cat Sword after so many killing move is not used, that is nothing more than a dream!

Don't even say that you are flying now, even if Zuo Xiaoduo maintains this suppression to the Dao Fusion level, he dare not say that he can beat the current Zuo Xiaonian.

Looking at Zuo Xiaoduo who was eager to have a try, Wu Yuting could only sighed then said in his heart.

son, you think too much!

If you really can fight, and put it into practice, let alone the bridal chamber... it’s hard to kiss.

By the way, do you want to tell Nian'er that the new Phoenix Clan inheritance is about to increase in strength?

Forget it, don't dissipate his enthusiasm too much, I still want to hold my grandson!

"I support you!"

Wu Yuting gave her son a great encouragement and said: "Go and beat her, I don't believe it, you have been bullied by her for so long, so unexpectedly Flying can't beat a girl!"

Zuo Xiaoduo was refreshed and stride proudly ahead of the room.


Not only the problem of beating the Niannian Cat, but also the problem of hehehe... These must be solved.

Wu Yuting followed.

Flying Boundary is a must-see drama of the century where cats and dogs fight.

Especially the excitement after this kid hit Niannian Cat, it's even more obscure!

Emptiness Extinguishing Tower reopened, Li Chenglong and the others appeared in the yard before they had time to speak. Suddenly the sky flashed with thunder, and the tribulation clouds flew in. In an instant, The entire sky of Shangjing is flooded with multiple tribulation clouds, Heaven and Earth Might.

Zuo Changlu and the others clear comprehension instantly and stomped.

It's horrible inexplicably...it's awful...

This time is horrible!

Previously, Zuo Xiaoduo Transcending Tribulation was thoughtful of by Zuo Xiaoduo Transcending Tribulation, but he didn't realize that these little fellows were also on the verge of breaking through.

And they are in the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower, although it is only a little more than a night... But for these little fellows, they are already in Zuo Xiaoduo's Emptiness Extinguishing Tower, two or three fully cultivated Month time!

What I saw last night was a group of little fellows from Profundity Return Peak... I rushed out this morning, and it was a group of Flying!

And it's still a group of Flying without heavenly tribulation baptism!

These guys are different from Zuo Xiaonian. Zuo Xiaonian made a direct breakthrough and did not experience the addition of heavenly tribulation. It was only because Zuo Xiaoduo thundered for her.

But none of these guys can stand for them!

The chaos at this moment made Zuo Changlu and Lei Changtian such peerless powers dumbfounded, it was too late to say!

At this time, the tribulation eye in the sky has taken shape, and the first thunder tribulation is about to fall.

Zuo Changlu's heart inwardly shouted a terrible cry. Between the rolls of his big sleeves, he had already rolled up twelve people, grabbing at the moment the tribulation thunder came, and hurried to the side of Soul Breaking Cliff. .

Zuo Changlu didn't slack in the slightest along the way. He directly used his super-level cultivation base to instill everything into the minds of twelve little fellows. Then let them quickly prepare oneself's most powerful protection, the most handy weapons...

Then they will accumulate many Heaven and Earth Treasures oneself, especially those that can take effect immediately and heal quickly A copy of the medicine pill was handed out.

"Calm down, must be calm, your own cultivation base strength is far better than ordinary flying cultivators, flying heavenly tribulation is nothing to you!"

Zuo Changlu will When people let go, the first heavenly tribulation has already fallen.

At this moment, Zuo Changlu has not left the time when the twelve people’s thunder tribulation tribulation cloud is enveloped. The first heavenly tribulation hit Zuo Changlu directly on top of the head, obviously intending to punish, if Zuo Changlu should deal with it Inappropriate, will be regarded as a part of the thunder tribulation, then, the life and death of Zuo Changlu is still uncertain, but Li Chenglong and other twelve people are bound to die. There is no fluke.

"Soul greater teleportation!"

Zuo Changlu loudly shouted, and immediately concentrated all his energy to the sky tribulation eye: "In order to avoid loss of life, this is the twelve Someone sent the Transcending Tribulation. For my kind act, Heavenly Dao is kind to Heavenly Dao."

Immediately, Zuo Changlu himself moved beyond the several hundred li, this "spiritual greater teleportation" and even Heavenly The advanced cultivation technique of Origin Escaping Technique, exhibited by Zuo Changlu at this time, is more than a hundred times more effective than Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian, even though Heavenly Dao thunder tribulation can't catch up.

boom~ boom~ ……

Heavenly Dao tribulation thunder reluctantly chased Zuo Changlu for several times, and directly drove Zuo Changlu out of the category of heavenly tribulation, and Then cast the soul greater teleportation three times in a row, and then it is considered to stop.

Then, Li Chenglong and the others, who just came to understand the current situation, watched the densely packed tribulation eye in the sky, only heard the sound of the thunderclap, and multi-channel tribulation thunder, all of them hacked. Falling down...

"Mother, my..."

This scene is really shocking.

Most of Li Chenglong and the others are born in small places, and the rest of them have never had Flying Boundary practitioners at home. The so-called Flying Boundary practitioner’s extraordinary thunder tribulation has little knowledge.

Furthermore, they entered the country too quickly. First they got the Heart Washing Saint Fruit, ascending to the skies with a single leap, simultaneously reached the summit of the Profundity Return, and Zuo Xiaoduo graciously loaned the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower to them. The further study also caused them to miss the truth about the deep tribulation of Flying Boundary practitioners. Zuo Xiaonian’s flying breakthrough gave them a relatively wrong perception that they gave birth to Emptiness Extinguishing Tower or exempted from thunder tribulation. idea.

But Zuo Xiaoduo’s thunder tribulation is far beyond the ordinary Flying Boundary practitioner’s thunder tribulation. Zuo Changlu Wu Yuting fears that they will give birth to a heart demon after observing, and it will be difficult for them to enter the country, so they simply banned it. They watched Zuo Xiaoduo's Flying Boundary thunder tribulation refinement, all of this caused the current embarrassment!

Li Chenglong and the others have seen such shocking scenes before, and every one of them yelled out, but they never neglected, and did their best to deal with the thunder tribulation.

In this turmoil, tribulation thunder is still the main performer, bombing wildly, and doing everything...

hong long long kacha 嚓...

The earth shook and the mountain quivered, deafening!

Wu Yuting Lei Changtian Bai Yunduo and Zuo Xiaoduo Zuo Xiaonian are also immediately rushed to protect the law...

But Zuo Changlu and other four great abilities, everyone It's a black line in the forehead.

This matter, they really neglected, and they were not distracted by Zuo Xiaoduo heavenly tribulation, so that they no longer have the power to distract him... Finally, the current embarrassing situation appears, this responsibility , I can’t push it no matter how arrogant it is......


Soul Severing Cliff.

The demonic beast consumed the original force and healed the injury. The injury has only just recovered. Suddenly, the whole body is stiff again, and a familiar but terrifying sensation is growing, and the two big eyeballs are instantly full Tears...

I fuck...here again...

Is it here again? !

Besides, this time, they are also collectively, piled together, and together? !

This is the first time I heard that Transcending Tribulation still has a group...

I’m afraid that oneself didn’t die fast enough, right?

But can you choose another place to book the venue...

How can I harm me by myself...

You, where is your conscience!

Where is Heavenly Dao authentic? !

Where is Heavenly Dao? !

But it’s a foregone conclusion that this place will be a place of right and wrong again. The demonic beast, who knows so well, immediately moved the cocoon and drove it down for three hundred miles...

Hey, the heartbeat sound in this cocoon is getting stronger and stronger. It seems to be quite perceptive to the external thunder tribulation, very intentional...


Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian are on the periphery, stretching their necks to look at the center point.


Zuo Xiaoduo saw Zuo Xiaonian familiar with his mobile phone...


This operation... actually there are such operations? !

Zuo Xiaoduo's eyes widened suddenly, seeing others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again, which means be eager to have a try.

But at the next moment, Zuo Xiaonian put the phone away by himself, and said very calmly, "This wave is not worthy of being included."

Nothing to watch?

Not worth including?

Look at your experienced and knowledgeable aloof and remote tone. This is Transcending Tribulation...

Do you think such a big scene is not worthy of being included? !

Is it a bit too much?

Then what is worth including? ——Zuo Xiaoduo suddenly had an ominous premonition in his heart...

Looking towards Li Chenglong and the others struggling under the tribulation thunder, Zuo Xiaoduo sighed: "How much did Swelly do? Things that hurt the heavens and reason...heavenly thunder chasing after the hack...tsk tsk tsk...As their boss, I express my sincere shame for their actions, and I am ashamed to be with them!"

Wu Yuting and Zuo Xiaonian simultaneously turned their heads and glanced at him, their eyes gleaming strangely.

This Lil Puppy really dare to say... It looks like you don't remember that you were hacked just now, and it's much more powerful than these.

How embarrassed to say so devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence?

How can people be so shameless? !

But think again, this is just Zuo Xiaoduo's habitual attitude of playing bad. The mother and daughter have been used to it for a long time. They are not surprised, but they are just playing normally. What kind of complaints do they have?

But when the 4th tribulation thunder fell, Zuo Changlu, who had been paying attention to the thunder tribulation, couldn’t help but stare...

In the thick clouds, the heavenly tribulation continued to erupt. , The engraving of thunder tribulation...

There is a faintly transmitted starlight, and the gradual confluence forms a beam of light.

Although the beam of light focuses and shines, not in the direction of heavenly tribulation, but in another direction, this is also something that should not be beyond imagination...

A total of twelve flying repairers participated in the thunder tribulation. What a major event is this. No matter what happens, it should be postponed or given way. How can the starlight shine through?

Could it be possible that there was an accident that was comparable to or even surpassing the twelve flying thunder tribulations? !

Zuo Changlu thoughts move, and Wu Yuting instantly exchanged the guardian positions, and released an Avatar flashing out like a lightning, flashing towards the Capital City.

"Duoduo." Zuo Changlu continued to resist the turbulent Evil Thought causality, one after another smashed it, and said solemnly: "You use the qi-viewing technique to observe the starlight in the sky, See if it’s strange?"

Zuo Changlu’s cultivation base Heaven Reaching, but everyone has their own speciality. He only knows a little about Qi Viewing Technique and doesn’t really understand it, if it’s about himself or even his own speciality. Blood relatives can also sense with their own internal qi, and at this time, they will become elbows and armpits. It is not that he can clearly understand.

After Zuo Xiaoduo was reminded, he looked up at the sky and discovered that above the thick clouds, a starlight was passing through, and it had formed a considerable scale...

The nine starlights, like nine sharp arrows penetrating the clouds, shoot straight down the south-east direction where the gaze can’t be extreme......

Zuo Xiaoduo concentrates his luck and carries the viewing qi core method. , Looking very hard, immediately heart shivered with cold

"This...this is monster qi..."

Zuo Xiaoduo murmured: "Dad, look like this, It is the Northern Dipper nine stars gathered together. The Star Lords are connecting with the Star Monarch. What are they doing with their strength... It is very likely that there will be a battle coming."

Zuo Changlu eyes shrank: "Are you sure? "


Zuo Xiaoduo said: "Skyline astrology has formed a killing array. The endless monster power is surging. The game has been preparing for a long time, not good, now it is pouring..."

"It's terrible!"

Zuo Changlu turned his head to look at the court with serious eyes.

Junior Transcending Tribulation such as Li Chenglong is only halfway past. They have already missed the best time, and the scale of the tribulation thunder and the formidable power have increased due to the twelve people uniting the Transcending Tribulation. a lot of.

If oneself leaves at this moment, the quartet of solid defenses will inevitably have a gap. Those turbulent Evil Thoughts will flood in. If this group of children are invaded by heart demon, there will probably be at least three or four people. Falling under heavenly tribulation...

"This timing is really too inch. It is a dilemma. If it is the current situation, people who are interested in planning for this moment must reassess. The opponent’s savvy level plots against the control of the human heart. It is terrifying and appalling!"

Zuo Changlu was speechless. Fortunately, based on the sudden situation just now, he immediately distinguished. An Avatar went to find Dongfang Zhengyang, so he hurriedly sent a message from the bottom of my heart.

"Let You Dongtian patrol the southeast!"

Although it is said that and the arrangement goes on, Zuo Changlu knows in his heart that whether it is You Dongtian or Dongfang Zhengyang, wait for the past. , I’m afraid it’s too late, the other party’s arrangement has been completed, and the desired purpose has been achieved.

Northern Dipper Nine Stars unite, directly connect to the Star Monarch to construct a killing array, use the power of the stars to kill the powerful enemy, a moment is enough.

But I chose to act today, and I have a good plot against... I am afraid that the other party also has a mighty figure in the trade!

Zuo Changlu's face is heavy. He knows that oneself has lost a lot today...

In Capital City.

When Zuo Changlu's Avatar arrived, You Dongtian was already at Dongfang Zhengyang's home.

"There is a major change!"

Dongfang Zhengyang: "In the south-east direction, on the way to Phoenix City, pay attention to the high mountain jungle along the way."

You Dongtian left the Tearing Space without saying anything, hoping to make up for it, it was not too late.

Zuo Changlu took a look and said, "You and Nan Zhengqian will go over and take a look, even if multiple helpers are good."



The two did not hesitate, and the silhouette disappeared in a flash.

In the sky, the beam of light starlight has begun to shrink and is about to disappear. Obviously, the other party's layout plan has come to an end.

However, above the clouds, the Northern Dipper nine stars are still starlight and brilliant, and the monster qi is still thick and heavy, and it seems to be sending out some kind of summon...

" Based on the foundation of the ancestral land, the alliance of the stars; spit Qi of Heaven and Earth, and lead all heavens to return..."

A weird language that no one in the lower realm can understand, and no one can I heard the summon of the mysterious... spread from afar, shaking in the starry sky...

In the distant starry sky...

A Demon God phantom that covers the sky and the earth suddenly flashes. , The killing of the divine spear circling back and forth...

"Over there!"


You Dongtian hung himself on the White Dragon slope, as far as the eye can see, the whole body trembles involuntarily, the body is like sieve chaff.

The entire White Dragon slope, at this moment, has been completely ruined. The original height has been cut down by more than 700 meters!

In the realm of several hundred li, there are countless corpses lying down, and there is not a living mouth.

The people who came out of You Family are all annihilated here; there are also Lu Family, Liu Family, Nian Family... Thousands of people, thousands of experts, all of them fall quietly here ...

The limbs are everywhere, the head is everywhere.

Several hundred li around the world, there are spiritual thought forces that have been disrupted and destroyed!

The pits symbolize the tyrannical power of the stars, which is extremely raging...

Not one of the various cultivators who perished here is mediocre, but But here, everyone was slaughtered.

You Dongtian made a quick turn.

Look carefully to see the remaining traces everywhere...Some places are clearly where the clans are ambushing, the traces are obvious, and you can see them at a glance.

In other words, they are waiting here to ambush who...but they were used by the other side to plot against.

There was no trace of the enemy left on the scene, and some only had some scattered flesh and blood; the aura emitted was completely different from the people here.

You Dongtian made a decisive decision, and with a wave of his hands, he had already compressed all the air in several hundred li, and then his spiritual consciousness suddenly unfolded.

Stand up, fly up to a thousand zhang high sky, follow the aura to investigate...

But what he saw was only fragmented by the starlight, and he couldn’t find anything at all. Something of value.

"Shaman Alliance Star Sect!"

You Dongtian furiously shouted: "This Heavenly King must pull you up by the roots, completely wiped out!"

Dongfang Zhengyang and Nan Zhengqian, who came to the half step later, fell into shape quickly.

"Heavenly King right, what's the situation?"

"Northern Dipper killing array!"

You Dongtian gritted his teeth and said coldly: "Those along the way Ambush to capture Wang Family's manpower sent to Phoenix City to dig graves...Those...I don’t know why they were all attracted here, and the other party deployed a Northern Dipper killing array here, killing them all in one fell swoop, all of them were wiped out, and no one was alive..."< /p>

Nan Zhengqian and Dongfang Zhengyang hearing this simultaneously were shocked and inexplicable.

Immediately Dongfang Zhengyang flew into the mid-air viewing qi, while Nan Zhengqian stayed and searched on the ground. You Dongtian also fully launched a search for spirit strength go up to heaven or down to Hades...

The three of them worked in different ways for a long time, but there was no half-nodded thread.

"How could the other party be so fully prepared? And it can also grasp the timing so skillfully, if it is a layout plan, the planner's methods are extraordinary and sharp!" Dongfang Zhengyang was surprised.

"And the retreat is so timely, everything is revealed, the other party decides and then moves, every detail of each step is within its calculation, everything is carried out in an orderly manner!"

"But how did the other party count?! It is normal for a wise man to act after he decides, but the wise man is not a god, but he avoids omissions to the utmost extent. It is inevitable that there are thousands of people who fall into the trap here. a fish that escaped the net, is this too afraid right?"

To know that Li Chenglong and the others broke through this matter, let alone You Dongtian, etc., even Zuo Xiaoduo, Zuo Changlu and the others They were all overlooked, it was purely accidental.

In other words, even if the other party takes advantage of this, there is no possibility of any inner ghost on the one's own side.

So Dongfang Zhengyang used the word'calculated'.

“There must be another reason.”

“Immediately block Beijing!” Dongfang Zhengyang said.


You Dongtian gave the order immediately. He didn't ask why. He knew that Dongfang Zhengyang said so, and there must be a reason.

"This Northern Dipper killing array is not easy to construct and cast. When cast once, the Star Lord of the main array will suffer different degrees of backlash, or suddenly blind, or suddenly deaf, or suddenly Can’t distinguish the taste, or suddenly there is no cultivation base..."

"And this kind of sensory abnormality, signs of temporary cultivation base, the lowest is the lowest, and it will last for two or three days. This is the current situation. The only clues left to us... In two or three days, whether these people can be found will be the key."

"I have passed the order."

" , This matter must be related to Wang Family, there is no doubt." You Dongtian said coldly.

"Wang Family...I'm afraid not necessarily."

Dongfang Zhengyang smiled bitterly: "Wang Family is certainly related to this matter, but they are definitely not the decision maker... …This is for sure. No matter who organizes such a conspiracy, they will not let oneself’s important chess pieces know so much."


Nan Zhengqian is a little bit gosh.

"Wang Family is a clan for many generations no matter how you say it. No matter how self-willed to fall, it will never be reconciled to be regarded as a pawn? Or is it a member of abandoned children?"

"It may not be impossible. People, as long as they ask for something, have weaknesses. Even more how Wang Family asks for is not a trivial matter. As long as you aim at the weakness and introduce it into the sleeve, you will naturally be led by the nose and walk all the way. In the end."

Dongfang Zhengyang said with a sneer: "Not to mention that people are deliberately trying to cheat them. In fact, if I want to do something based on their mentality, with no difficulty When they got the bait, it was plot against that they were consigned to eternal damnation. The nine tribes were extinct, but it was just a plot and a setting up."

"This kind of arrogance, but not enterprising, only If you want your ancestors to do meritorious service, you will always be the best clan in the world for generations. It’s not easy to dig holes for them."

You Dongtian touched his nose. How could this sound uncomfortable? What...

Seems like you are talking about me, You Family?

Well, it should not be, because their Dongfang Family...before the reorganization, there were already such signs.

This can be regarded as... empathy, or sympathy?

Wipe, now is not the time to care about this.

"Then what should we do now?"

"Let's see... this round, can we enter and whether we have the ability to intervene."

Dongfang Zhengyang used the Qi Viewing Technique and looked at the heaven and earth's luck, muttered: "This game... is actually limited."


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