Unconventional Legend Chapter 1196

In a few words, the two have returned to the small courtyard.

Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian also rushed back. Zuo Xiaoduo saw the success of Li Chenglong and the others Transcending Tribulation, and finally let go of his hanging heart.

Even if I saw the faces of a few people early and knew that everyone was moving forward unimpeded, but when things came to an end, after all, I felt uneasy, and it was safe at this moment.

As soon as someone let go of his mind, his mind immediately shifted to another place, so he winked at Zuo Xiaonian along the way.

Then continue to sound transmission.

“Niannian Cat, Niannian Cat ……hehehe Niannian Cat ……”

“Little cats, little cats...I like to lick cats...”

"Niannian Cat, I'm flying, roar, think about what we haven't done yet..."

"roar roar...gā gā gā, Flying, flying, good, Flying wonderful, flying beautiful gu gu called, Flying can find a daughter-in-law, Flying can meow meow..."

"dang dang dang, be a legrand..."

Zuo Xiaonian's heart is dry, and he wants to ride him and beat him wildly to show intimacy, but his face is stern and coldly ignores him.

It's very cold and reserved.

Zuo Xiaoduo constantly sound transmission, provocation, tease, molesting......

Zuo Xiaonian always ignores it.

Huh, it's actually Flying...Catch up with me, I guess, in terms of battle strength, is stronger than me?



Lil Puppy's tail can't be up to the sky?

Furthermore, this guy has been looking forward to Flying, and there is another thing. Now it's here... how to fix it?

Every time he thinks about this, Zuo Xiaonian is on fire, he is a little yearning, and a little scared, and at the same time he is so unwilling to be succeeded by someone like this...


"Melancholy..." Zuo Xiaonian struggled.

I want to be reserved again, and I feel that the time is up...

What to do, ask Mom after going back, and see what her Senior says.

I listen to her Senior, even if she asks me to do anything, I will... I will follow her Senior's meaning...


< p>Go back to the small courtyard.

Spread quilts on the ground and put them on one by one. There are too many heads and the bed can’t be laid out. The only choice is to put the girls on the bed first. Those rough boys , A quilt is enough.

Wu Yuting and Zuo Xiaonian and Bai Yunduo are taking care of the girls.

Outside, Zuo Changlu and Lei Changtian are chatting, and Zuo Xiaoduo is working to take care of these difficult brothers and sisters.

I saw Zuo Xiaoduo take out his mobile phone and continuously filmed the images of the miserable faces of the people, chuckling happily while filming.

These are all high-quality materials.

I wanted to sneak in and pat the miserable look of Gao Qiao'er Wan Lixiu and the others, but was ruthlessly suppressed by Wu Yuting, and then thrown out by Zuo Xiaonian...

Feed each medicine pill with a sigh and kick a few feet by the way.

I wanted to use the mending heaven stone, but Zuo Changlu held his neck and rolled his eyes: "bastard thing, that's a good thing for life-saving! Now they don’t have a mortal danger, and there are still people. Protect it, what does it matter if you respond slowly?"

"This mending heaven stone is a god-defying baby that can recover from defeat in a critical moment and recover from defeat. You want such a waste of no reason. Drop?"

Zuo Changlu really found it difficult to understand his son's generosity.

Isn’t this stingy before?

I don’t know that Zuo Xiaoduo is stingy, but compared with stingy... Zuo Xiaoduo is actually more afraid of troubles-things that can be restored with a mending heaven stone paste, but I want to be the boss of me. For a long time, there is such a truth in the world...

At this moment.

Dongfang Zhengyang came and hurriedly landed in the yard.

"Boss, I have something important to discuss with you."

"What's the matter?"

Zuo Changlu's expression suddenly became solemn.

He knows what Dongfang Zhengyang is. Dongfang Zhengyang is proficient in qi-viewing technique. Every time you speak, it will be true.

Seeing Dongfang Zhengyang hesitating to speak, Zuo Changlu immediately disappeared with Dongfang Zhengyang, and placed a sound-proof barrier.

"Boss, my viewing qi seems...Heavenly Dao game is already open." Dongfang Zhengyang said.

"I already know about this." Zuo Changlu calmly nodded.

"So there is something, I have to remind me."

Dongfang Zhengyang said: "Before June, Xiaoduo and the others will definitely not be able to break through Dao Fusion!"< /p>

"What time is it now, the past few days are so ignorant, I can’t even tell the time."

"It’s the fifth day of the second lunar month, the third day of the Gregorian calendar. The seventeenth." Dongfang Zhengyang said: "According to the Gregorian calendar, May 20th is the day of the yang pole, and the group of dragons seize the vein should be on that day."

"I watch the Heavenly Dao game, and it should be that day."

"And the variable I foresee is Xiaoduo and the others... Before this time limit, Xiaoduo and the others are The variables in the Heavenly Dao game can rely on the power of their people to shift the direction of the Heavenly Dao game. Now, the Heavenly Dao game has been established, and it is no longer a situation where we can rashly intervene. If a strong external force interferes, it will be determined. If Heavenly Dao fails, it will inevitably backlash Heavenly Dao, Grand Dao turbulence, Monster Clan and other races drifting outside, will follow this direction and return more quickly."

"Based on this argument, everything is You must act within the rules, and there must be no overstepping."

"In this way, Xiaoduo and the group of people, naturally, cannot break through Dao Fusion before May 20th, otherwise, they Heavenly Dao's identity as a variable in the bureau is no longer established."

Dongfang Zhengyang sighed then said.

Looking at so many people in the yard who just finished flying heavenly tribulation, Dongfang Zhengyang didn't expect oneself to be able to say this.

According to common sense, a repairer who has just broken through Flying does not have thirty to fifty years of precipitation, plus one hundred and eighty years of experience, and hundreds of several decades of hard work, so they just want Break through Dao Fusion?

Let’s dream!

Even, one hundred years, two hundred years...It is normal that Dao Fusion cannot be broken for two thousand years.

But the dozen or so little fellows in front of them cannot be presumed by common sense.

Be aware that these little things two or three years ago, one by one was only in the Martial Master Innate, so far, a total of enter the dao cultivation has not been a few days; but all the way Embryonic Breathing Core Essence Soul Transformation Cloud Transformation Spirit Controlling Profundity Return Flying ……

It takes only a little more than two years to spend all the time!

A detailed analysis, what a terrifying and sensational thing this must be.

Speaking of repeated five months, flying and Dao Fusion, at least in Dongfang Zhengyang's view, is not a surprise at all!

Based on this worry, Dongfang Zhengyang is worried that if oneself does not remind oneself in advance, this group of little fellows will have good luck, a lot of high-quality resources, plus Zuo Xiaoduo’s Emptiness Extinguishing Tower, every The conditions for a quick and diligent improvement are sufficient... If you suddenly break through Dao Fusion before May 20th, the situation will become terrible.

A bad Heavenly Dao game, when the time comes, you can only watch the caring people grab all the luck!

Zuo Changlu also thought of this, and seriously said: "Well, I understand, I will talk to Xiaoduo."

"It's better to call him over, after all... …Xiaoduo's qi-viewing technique is also…" said Dongfang Zhengyang.

"Um..." Zuo Changlu faint smile looked at Dongfang Zhengyang, Dongfang Zhengyang coughed, and said: "I know Xiaoduo studied under Phoenix City Second High, the late Principal He Yuanyue, and his accomplishments are quite different. It’s shallow, but in the way of viewing qi, I am confident that I am a person in this world, and I can compare with others. I have not found any descendants either..."


Zuo Changlu laughed and said: "So, then it will be...Tough Brother Fang."

"You are welcome, you are welcome, many thanks boss!"

Dongfang Zhengyang for a while excitement.

Zuo Changlu's sentence is equivalent to giving oneself a great cause and effect.

For Dongfang Zhengyang and Dongfang Clan to forge such cause and effect with Zuo Xiaoduo, it is a matter of far-reaching significance.

As the Qi Viewing Grandmaster, Great Commander Dongfang, how can you not understand the importance of this?

Although for now, it was he who gave the precious inheritance, but he still has to thank Zuo Changlu.

Because Zuo Changlu promises the future.

Slightly tilted, Zuo Xiaoduo is here.

Dongfang Zhengyang said this thing again.

Zuo Xiaoduo frowned in contemplation, and then boarded the sky with Dongfang Zhengyang, watching the weather, and calculating.

Soon after, the two fell down one after another.

Dongfang Zhengyang asked: "How?"

"It's okay."

Zuo Xiaoduo Weiwei frowns: "I don't think it should be necessary to slow down the cultivation speed , Normal cultivation is fine. Not only that, but speed up."

"But..." Dongfang Zhengyang was about to speak, suddenly clear comprehension: "You mean..."

"Yes, if I didn't guess wrong... Being in a Heavenly Dao game is equivalent to being in another world, a world without Heavenly Dao law, no matter how diligently you can break through. Uncle Dongfang, you say we are This is correct for the variables in the Heavenly Dao game, but if we can break through Dao Fusion soon, it’s too worthy of us!"

"Combining the current situation, I can basically conclude that Li Chenglong and the others The reason why they fly together heavenly tribulation is not only due to human factors, but also considerations of heaven's will. Even if they can smoothly Transcending Tribulation, it is also because Heavenly Dao used them to gather to break through the flying, and the power formed by them exploded and overflowed, which constituted Heavenly. The last link of the Dao game. They succeeded in breaking through Flying, and the Heavenly Dao game also completed the construction. They have the best of both worlds, but they have a secret connection with each other!"

"This also led to the fact that in Heavenly At the moment when the Dao round has been formed, Li Chenglong and I want to break through Dao Fusion. It is impossible to break through. We must wait for the end of the round before we can talk about the follow-up."

"On the other hand, I am This round...the real concern, but it has always been difficult to determine, is that I don’t know which Heavenly Dao will be deployed, and what is the final context."

Zuo Xiaoduo said:" Uncle Dongfang’s concerns are of course reasonable, but we don’t have to worry that we will break through ahead of time...Uncle Dongfang or I don’t know, when Phoenix Vein was in the game, Niannian Cat had the ability to break through the inherent bottleneck, but it was never able to break through. If the cultivation base is not there, it’s not that I didn’t realize it, but that I’m in the middle of the game... Stopped her breakthrough. "


[The third estimate is that it will be around nine o’clock in the evening.

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