Unconventional Legend Chapter 1197

"In fact, from a long-term perspective, Niannian Cat’s foundation was stabilized by the suppression of the Air Transport Bureau that day. At that time, I estimate that Heavenly Dao Bureau suppressed her at least. The true origin compression equivalent to more than fifty times was far beyond that realm. At that time, she was able to withstand the true origin suppression limit..."

"For this reason, this round, we can Reverse operation, not only does not slow down, but also allows Li Chenglong and the others to reach Flying Peak as quickly as possible. Heavenly Dao air luck helps suppress the true origin. Consolidate the foundation and stabilize the foundation!"

"Especially in that case, the Heavenly Dao Air Luck Bureau actively helps us compress the true origin, instead of having to endure the usual pain of oneself compression. In other words, we are ahead of schedule. Earlier, if you lay a solid foundation, you will get more benefits!"

Zuo Xiaoduo said confidently.

Zuo Changlu didn’t understand, so he looked towards Dongfang Zhengyang: "Is that so?"

"Yes, yes, Xiaoduo makes sense. I overlooked a key point." Dongfang Zhengyang was blushed with shame.

Actually, this can’t be considered Dongfang Zhengyang’s calculations. After all, he has not been a true scripture. He has experienced Phoenix Vein’s soul-washing game, and he does not know the specific impact of Zuo Xiaonian’s body in the game. There is nothing wrong with this, even his original idea is the complete strategy of experienced and prudent.

However, Dongfang Zhengyang didn't expect Zuo Xiaoduo's level to reach the point where he could make up for oneself, and his heart became more and more enthusiastic.

"Xiaoduo, you, Uncle Dongfang, just discussed with me to teach you what he has learned in viewing Qi."

Zuo Changlu said with a slight smile: "This is you Uncle Dongfang’s life’s hard work, you give you Uncle Dongfang kowtow."

"Thank you Uncle Dongfang, and even more for Uncle Dongfang’s blue eyes!"

Zuo Xiaoduo hearing this is overjoyed, nothing else Said, immediately on the ground dong dong dong knocked three heads.

He has always felt that oneself lacks Qi Viewing Technique's cultivation, and now he has to meet a master, who is still Qi Viewing Technique's leading master in the world, he is naturally overjoyed.

"Okay, okay."

Dongfang Zhengyang's voice was trembling with excitement, and he glanced at Zuo Changlu with grateful eyes before taking out the nine jade pendant.

"This is my unique core method and cultivation method of viewing qi."

"This is some senior inheritance experience of my sect."

"This is Star Soul all Qi Viewing Grandmaster handbooks..."

"This is the Shaman Alliance's viewing qi experience summary..."

"This is the Dao League..."


"This is what I collected, some fragmentary viewing qi methods, including Spirit Clan, and Monster Clan..."

"This is..."

One by one, he handed it over to Zuo Xiaoduo and said with satisfaction: "With your cultivation base, as long as you have these inheritances in your hand, you don’t need to teach on-site. You only need to see it, and you will understand, but it’s up to you. In his spare time, Duoduo comprehend, especially the many senior cases in viewing qi cases, he has his own experience, and his diligence is just around the corner."

Zuo Changlu was a little surprised: "Orient, you look very anxious."

"It’s not that I’m in a hurry, boss. Since the Heavenly Dao bureau is set up, we won’t be allowed to disrupt the situation here...so, in the near future, it’s bound to be A lot of things have happened that prevent us from staying in the capital. Heaven's will is like a knife, but it's not just nothing serious... So, if you want to lay out your back hand, you must start now."

" This is reasonable."

Zuo Changlu looking thoughtful.

Li Chenglong and the others have already been cleaned up, and now they just lie down and wait for them to wake up. There is nothing more for the time being.

Lei Changtian and Bai Yunduo take care of it.

Then Zuo Xiaonian and Zuo Xiaoduo, who were flirting with each other, were carried into the room by Zuo Changlu and his wife one by one.

Zuo Changlu pinched Zuo Xiaoduo's neck, and Wu Yuting pinched Zuo Xiaonian's neck.

The two husbands and wives, like one carrying a cat and the other carrying a dog, carried them in, followed by the arrangement of soundproof barriers, which looked like a very confidential model.

Two little Mazzas were easily made, and the two of them sat upright on it, and then the judge left and the presiding judge Wu began to raise the court to ask the case.

"Let's talk about it."

Zuo Changlu said very majestic.

"What are you talking about?" Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian glanced at each other, their faces full of ignorance, as if they were in the Wuli fog, not knowing what to say, I don't know where to ask!

What's the matter?

How come you were interrogated suddenly?

"Say what? Just talk about the things in your hands... Explain, where did they come from? Could it be that they fell from the sky?" Wu Yuting glared, it was tiger roaring at mountains and forests, full of feelings.

Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian actually shivered simultaneously.

The majesty of the mother is still hiding the sky and covering the earth, and it is still the first threat that cannot be ignored in life!

How could someone else be the presiding judge?

"Specifically...what?" Zuo Xiaonian would have become a group, but she really didn't know where the mother's question came from and how to answer it.

"We don’t know what, so just say what you say, even if you really tell me it’s falling from the sky, as long as there is one thing, as long as you say it."

Wu Yuting and Zuo Changlu are very experienced in dealing with Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian.

Although Zuo Xiaonian is an elder sister, he has always been the one who frightened him the most, and it scared him into a quail when he stared at it.

As for Zuo Xiaoduo, since he was a child, he has been a lot harder, and he has to go to big punishment every time before he is willing to recruit him.

So every time we interrogate together, we always use Zuo Xiaonian as a breakthrough point, first set an example, and then Zuo Xiaoduo will confess obediently and honestly, and it has almost formed a routine...

Now the old tune is repeated, and it is still like this.

It seems that the trick is not new, it works, and no matter how old the routine is, it will be inertia after all!

Zuo Xiaoduo still has the same expression from the beginning, seemingly stunned, but in fact he is putting up a desperate struggle, hurriedly planning a countermeasure.

But Zuo Xiaonian has already started to pour beans in a bamboo tube and took the initiative to confess...

"I didn’t get any good things... I only had one Ice Whitesoul, which was won by Xiaoduo that day. That, just because of fate, I will swallow dozens or hundreds of ancient Ice Whitesoul, as well as frost essence. It was the unexpected opportunity that Duoduo took me with me when I went to White Mountain City last time..."

Wu Yuting and Zuo Changlu have a calm face, showing that "everything is under control", but they don't know what to say in their hearts.

'There is only one Ice Whitesoul, and then by fate, I will swallow dozens of hundreds of ancient Ice Whitesoul...'

Listen, listen, listen, what it says is Human words?

If Ice Dark Great Shaman heard this remark, he would have to spray a mouthful of old blood for hundreds of meters!

These two little fellows didn’t realize what chance oneself got...

"...and Xiaoduo took me with me and accidentally discovered Azure Dragon Saint The palace of Monarch, I got the inheritance of Lunar Fairy Maiden... Well, Xiaoduo also got part of the inheritance of Azure Dragon Saint Monarch, and some spiritual objects, such as Laurel Honey..."

Zuo Xiaonian is an honest girl who obediently and honestly said everything like a bamboo tube and pouring beans.

And in a few sentences, I habitually mentioned'Xiaoduo with me...'

So, the affiliation of the two masters and accomplices is obvious at a glance.

Zuo Xiaoduo feels nothing strange about this...mainly through childhood. I have experienced this too many times, and I have long been used to it, and I have become accustomed to it.

What mistakes did the two brothers and sisters make? Zuo Xiaonian always said, "Xiaoduo pulled me, and then Xiaoduo said to do so, and then Xiaoduo...'

Backing the pot has become a habit. If Zuo Xiaonian doesn't say that one day, it will be strange. It will be strange whether Niannian Cat is sick, has a fever, his brain is broken, or... it was taken over by who possession and replaced!

This situation continued until Zuo Xiaonian became a cultivator and was still cultivated to Innate...then it improved.

Because Zuo Xiaoduo at that time was unable to take Zuo Xiaonian to get into trouble.

Zhan Wu Zha brought an enter the dao cultivator, or a profound cultivator known as a genius, this combination is out of fashion!

However, to this day, it is obvious that Zuo Xiaoduo has recovered that ability and qualifications, so the pot is logically put back on his back.

"...there is nothing else, that is the past few days Xiaoduo always runs to my room, sometimes kiss...touch that haha ​​cough cough cough...cough...nothing, say It's over."

Zuo Xiaonian hurriedly covered his mouth, his face flushed and shy.

Under Wu Yuting's prestige, Zuo Xiaonian habitually confessed all, shouldn't say what should be said to explain a bottom, and almost explained how Zuo Xiaoduo took advantage of oneself...< /p>

Although I stopped the loss in time, I was still embarrassed and unable to show one's face.

Wu Yuting and Zuo Changlu looked at each other, and they all saw that they didn't know whether to cry or laugh in each other's eyes.

This girl is also honest, this is also an early decision to give Xiaoduo, if you give it to someone else, how can the old couple feel relieved...

Well, this kid Lil Puppy is How can he be assured of a fairy who is in trouble!

Well, children are all debts. They are a hundred years old and have a long worry of ninety-nine. Once they are spread, they have to admit their fate!

Damn, what are we thinking about? Is this the time to think about these details?

"Where are you?!"

Zuo Xiaonian quickly finished explaining, and it was Zuo Xiaoduo's turn.

This is a tired lazy, oily loach, proper Hundred Refinements hob meat, or uninhibited copper peas, in short, it is not easy to deal with, as long as you can't hold him down, don't think He took a truth from his mouth.

"I don't have much to say. Elder Sister Xiaonian just said everything that should be said, and what shouldn't be said, did I have anything else to say." Zuo Xiaoduo said in an innocent tone with a simple and honest face.


"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure!"

"Are you sure?"< /p>

"Uh..." Zuo Xiaoduo hesitated. Why does it seem to have really mastered something?

So I thought...

"Honestly, tell me!"

"Actually, it's nothing...I was at Azure Dragon Saint Monarch last time. , I also got something that Niannian Cat doesn’t recognize. It seems to be a corner of the Creation Plate... But I haven’t merged yet. I wanted to try again after Flying..."

Zuo Xiaoduo face At the top, it seems calm, but at the bottom, it is still very daunting.

I had to choose something that I thought was not very important, or something that Zuo Xiaonian had already exposed.


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