Unconventional Legend Chapter 1198

Based on Zuo Xiaoduo's understanding of his parents, he must know something and set a target, and then this big trial can happen!

But the question is...

What do you guys want me to explain?

Press here to let you explain. This is the Public Security Bureau's way to deal with criminals. Okay, don’t ask anything, let you explain oneself first...

How do I know what to do? Explain, why don't you need to explain, think I am a Niannian Cat, so scary?

This Creation Plate, the Azure Dragon Temple that Niannian Cat explained is a source...

Zuo Xiaoduo feels that this should not be a rare thing.

So the first thing was thrown out.

"Huh? His..."

Sure enough, something new!

"Creation Plate?!"

Zuo Changlu suck in a breath of cold air, and put another layer of soundproof barrier: "A corner? Why is there a corner of this thing? Take it out and have a look."

"That's it." Zuo Xiaoduo took out the corner of the Creation Plate he got from Azure Dragon Temple and gave it to Zuo Changlu...

Zuo Changlu's face Shocked and speechless.

We originally asked what those things that came out of the Transcending Tribulation were...As a result, before they started to explain, we took the initiative to explain a Creation Plate...

This is a totally unexpected joy...

We thought that Creation Plate was incorporated into the spiritual soul by you brat, so we had the divine ability, which turned out to be... Get a horn?

Does that mean...

This is simply subverting the world, okay?

Let it go, the husband and wife looked back and forth, constantly communicating with each other in sound transmission, looking cautious.

Creation Plate!

The husband and wife have searched for things that are thousands of years and tens of thousands of years, or the entire Star Soul Human Race has searched for things that don’t know tens of thousands of years...

This thing, We all know that maybe, maybe, maybe... yes, but we never know what it is.

Now... Zuo Xiaoduo throws a glass ball just like a corner.

Feeling the majestic and endless mysterious atmosphere inside, Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting both decided at first sight: This is definitely not fake!

Because of this, the profound Heavenly Dao breath is absolutely impossible.

After watching for a long time, even Zuo Changlu felt vaguely that oneself's Grand Dao road was a bit shocking.

This shock made Zuo Changlu's heart a horror!

Wu Yuting has the same feeling.

The two looked at each other, their eyes solemn.

The road to Grand Dao is shocking, showing that oneself’s road to Grand Dao and the road to Grand Dao from Creation Plate still have shortcomings.

This in itself is a huge flaw.

Creation Plate, Grand Dao 3000, all in it.

According to the legend, there is a perfect Grand Dao hidden in the Creation Plate 3000 Grand Dao, and this Grand Dao, even Dao Ancestor did not find it.

By the time Dao Ancestor wanted to seriously comprehend, this Creation Plate was already broken...

Now, the legendary Grand Dao seems to be right in front of oneself?

Zuo Changlu closed his eyes and stabilized his mind.

Wu Yuting also closed his eyes to stabilize his mind.

Both husband and wife have the same idea: this kind of great opportunity, the son has already embarked on this road, how can oneself as a parent compete with the son?

So, the two of oneself must give up!

"To Xiaoduo!" Wu Yuting opened his eyes, staring at Zuo Changlu.

"To my son!" Zuo Changlu opened his eyes, looking at his wife firmly in his eyes.

Then the two looked at each other and smiled.

Then handed the Creation Plate back.

Always put it in Zuo Xiaoduo's palm.

"Take it away!"

"From now on, this thing cannot be seen by anyone, including us and you, Elder Sister Xiaonian."

< p>"From now on, this matter cannot be known by anyone!!"


The two of them looked extremely serious at the same time.

The son can directly take it out. The thing about Grand Dao is really shocking to the biological parents.

But this kid is so stupid that he just takes it out. The others are not your parents...

You must be reminded!

"Wait for your spiritual soul to be complete, we two will watch you merge and protect you." Wu Yuting said cautiously.

This is a major event, not at all sloppy.


Zuo Xiaoduo was a little puzzled when he saw his parents' extremely cautious expression, but he still obediently put it away. Xindao, what is this, there are still three corners waiting for me to take it back...

Actually, this is a prop, I didn't use it as a good thing...

It's just...a horn.

What's the matter?

Zuo Xiaoduo was very disdainful in his heart. We have this thing!

Seeing Zuo Xiaoduo cherished and put it away, Zuo Changlu and his wife are finally relieved.

He breathed a sigh of relief.


Just listen to Wu Yuting indifferently said: "By the way, who did you listen to...This corner of the Creation Plate needs to be in the realm of Flying to try fusion? "

This incident means that Zuo Xiaoduo has also shown it to others.

This is a hidden danger.

You must ask to understand.

And... that person didn't even grab it, that's our absolute hardcore ally!

You must also ask to understand.

"Ah this..." Zuo Xiaoduo coughed.

Sure enough, if you say too much, you will lose it. This time, Elderly Wan must be exposed...

"This is a bit of a long story. It is probably the last time I was caught Grandpa took it to the Shaman Alliance, and got the inheritance of Ancestral Shaman Zhurong under the Karma Association, and was teleported to a place called the Forest of Heaven..."

"What the hell? Karma Association got Ancestral Shaman Zhurong’s inheritance? You got Ancestral Shaman inheritance, Venerable of Myriad Fires and All Flames, Fire God Zhurong’s inheritance?"

Zuo Changlu asked: "Which aspect? Last time you said in general, I didn’t ask too much..."

Zuo Xiaoduo slapped his head. Sure enough, the more he said, the more wrong he was, the more he said the more exposed...

My parents’ brains are not covered. , Just give them a little thread, and then pull out the big truck. It seems that oneself’s old bottom is going to be cleaned up...

"The so-called inheritance is probably the origin fire decision and Zhurong True Fire ...What..."

Anyway, my parents are not outsiders, Zuo Xiaoduo and Balabala said carefully.

Only halfway through, Wu Yuting has rushed into anger several times and wants to go out and beat Lei Changtian...

Even if you can’t beat Lei Changtian, you can at least fiercely scold him. , No, at least two or three meals.

Absolutely didn't expect, last time this old man took my son to Shaman Alliance, there were so many changes in it, so many things went through, and it’s almost always there. Go on the gates of hell!

Is there such a grandpa?

I'm just going to piss me off!

Although the son has gained a lot of benefits from this, and he has obtained many things that he can't dream of, but...the old bastard is not a lesson.

"And then?"

"What then?"

"When you were Transcending Tribulation...the grasshopper dishes...what happened? The backup that Elderly Wan gave you?" Wu Yuting asked.

"Yes, yeah, it's the Elderly Wan, in fact, he Senior gave me a lot of good things..."

Zuo Xiaoduo hurriedly grabbed a handful of seeds: "Parents, this is a kind of spiritual vine seed. As long as a Spirit Gathering Array is planted and planted, two or three can grow into a villa by oneself... and it is the main body, the courtyard wall, and the furniture... etc. Wait, everything can grow into the way you want it to grow... This thing is great, our family will live in seclusion in the future... It is useful! And after it grows, it can automatically absorb spirit qi to assist in the cultivation..."


Seeing so many good things, even though experienced and knowledgeable, Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting, who have always been rich in their pockets, couldn't help being stunned.

"Who...Elderly Wan, so generous? Give you such a hand? Such a big handwriting?" Wu Yuting looked at Zuo Xiaoduo's hand, and at least there must be a two- Three hundred seeds, right?

This expert of Spirit Clan is so handy, this kind of legendary good thing, has he given so much to his son at once?

"A handful?" Zuo Xiaoduo was stunned, and said: "What's the point here, Elderly Wan gave me a big sack at one time... Just talking about the number, at least There must be hundreds of thousands, right?"


When they heard this number, Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting were directly dizzy.

Is this giving you all the family property?

How do you think you are so pleasing to the eye?

"Lil Puppy, tell the truth to your mother, does that Elderly Wan have a granddaughter or something? Is he planning to hire you as his grandson-in-law or something?"

Wu Yuting asked a little strangely.

"????" Zuo Xiaonian who was on one side suddenly stared wide-eyed.

Mom, you have to make this clear!

Turning his head immediately, glare like a tiger watching his prey watching Zuo Xiaoduo, a pair of small tiger teeth, vaguely exposed.

Puppy, you must speak carefully!

"Huh? Mother, where did you want to go, Elderly Wan is alone, but he is Old Brother, he doesn’t even have a son or a girl, and he has a granddaughter. His Senior is simply looking at me... if there is anything else , I can't do it, just sell myself for this thing?"

Zuo Xiaoduo was extremely wronged.

I feel the gaze of Zuo Xiaonian glare like a tiger watching his prey, and I feel cold all over, hurriedly to prove his innocence.

"Just... this thing? Lost your export! Just the seeds Elderly Wan gave you. I don't dare to say that if there are too many seeds, the cultivators with more than 90% of the three continents have to cry Shouting and rushing to build a relationship with his Senior!"

"Ah, as for?"

"I told you brat, as for the great generosity, I I can’t get it out with you, you said it’s not enough?"

"Hehe... Doesn’t this prove that your son is a good character?"

"True No?"

"Really not!"

"There are no other conditions?"

Wu Yuting asked step by step.

Because this is really too big. Such a heavy cause and effect, if you say nothing is desired... Isn't it a lie?

So although Zuo Xiaoduo denied it many times, Wu Yuting still didn't believe it.

This is absolutely impossible!

Even if Dao Ancestor gives you so many things, there must be requirements. What else will I do for you? Although the old lady admits that you look handsome, but look handsome, besides your mother feels proud and your daughter-in-law feels crisis-ridden, what are the benefits?

I didn’t read the wind chime that wrote the novel...Because of the handsome looks, now I don’t even have the private money...

Zuo Xiaoduo recalled for a long time and said: "Elderly Wan is actually not without Requirement, but that requirement...I guess I may not do it..."

"What is required!?"

Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting stopped straight at the same time and focused on them.

Zuo Xiaoduo may not understand such a request, but how can he not understand?

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