Unconventional Legend Chapter 1200

Zuo Xiaoduo laughed heartily.

Zuo Xiaonian finally grinned, "Thank you, Mom and Dad."

Hurry up, and then glanced at Zuo Xiaoduo, snorted with air.

Have you seen it, I have it too!

Zuo Xiaoduo rolled his eyes and said: "Silly girl, you are promoted to father, and that is the one who wedges to death! My parents are playing with the right hand, and the fat water will never Outsider Tian, ​​if you gave it to you, it was still given to our family, which is equivalent to giving it to me! Your proud tail is so high!"

"You control me! I have it anyway! Mom and Dad! I have me in my heart!"

Zuo Xiaonian snorted: "What's wrong with being promoted to father, my parents will position me, I am your man!"

Seeing unprecedented sturdyness, unexpectedly Zuo Xiaoduo was speechless for a while as Niannian Cat who was to be oneself "man".

When did I become a woman...

Isn't this Overturning Heaven and Earth?

I was about to speak, but Wu Yuting had already gotten a head start: "Hurry up and continue to explain, don't look around, delay time, don't you know that an interval of time is worth an ounce of gold?"


Xiaoxiao This will be held in her arms by Wu Yuting, loving him in every possible way.

Wu Yuting's mood at this time is very strange.

My mother has a grandson, although she is a crow...

But holding it in her arms, it feels good...

Well, because of this crow Grandson, oneself seems to have another pair of sons and daughters, oneself son becomes mother, Nian'er son-in-law?

Oh my God, why is the relationship in my family so messed up? !

Then it was Sovereign Wa Sword's turn to appear, and with the appearance of this product, Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting were rare couples standing up and saluting them.

The merit of Sovereign Wa mending heaven has benefited the entire mankind. Facing the Sovereign Wa portable device, the two of them did not dare to neglect and gave extremely high courtesy.

Sovereign Wa Sword also reciprocated, with the sword slightly curved and trembling three times, in return.

Zuo Changlu Wu Yuting is not only the pinnacle of Human Race, but also a great contributor to saving Star Soul Human Race from being enslaved by foreigners. Faced with such a character, even if they look at themselves as apex, they have no idea. Sovereign Wa Sword didn't dare to neglect, and was very respectful.

After that, Zhurong True Fire was unwilling to come out...

But it’s nothing. Both Zuo Changlu knew the existence of true fire, and they didn’t reluctantly-came out a ball of flames. How to communicate?

So it is still free.

After that, it will naturally be Little White and Xiaojiu’s turn. These two little first incarnations become a female doll and a male doll about the size of a finger. Jumped out.


The two little ones called out crisply.

Zuo Xiaonian's face turned darker, fiercely twisted Zuo Xiaoduo a hand, and said angrily: "Puppy! You oneself secretly gave birth to so many children, not only birds, but also kids. There are girls, where are the children!"

"..." Zuo Xiaoduo rubbed his thighs, his face was speechless, he wanted to talk and he wanted to talk.


Can this be my birth?

Do I have that function? !

"These two are..." Wu Yuting saw it in his heart, so he and Zuo Changlu started turning the ring again.

Fortunately, the oneself husband and wife have a lot of money at the end of the year, and the pockets are still rich, otherwise...... Xiaoduo is a group of outgoing people, and the average grandfather grandma really can’t afford such a high-end meeting ceremony. .

After paying for Little White and Xiaojiu, Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian also stretched out their hands eagerly...

Zuo Changlu had black lines on their faces, so Give another round.

"How do I feel that my three-foot-tall name is getting worse..." Zuo Changlu was a little surprised.

"Do you still want the sky to be three feet tall with oneself son?" Wu Yuting held Little White and Xiaojiu in the palm of his hand.

These two child looks are really delicate.

It would be nice if it could be bigger...

It seems that I can feel what Wu Yuting is thinking...

Little White and the volume of Xiaojiu He grew up in an instant, and his fingers grew to a normal baby size in an instant. Little White wore a white dress and flew back and forth like a little angel. Xiaojiu wore a red belly and flew with Little White...

Sprinkle a crisp smile all the way.

"Ouch...don’t fly...my eyes are spent..."

Wu Yuting was so happy that he could not help but ask: "Xiaoduo, these two are so cute Where did you touch your child?"

When asked this sentence, Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting were praying in their hearts: Don’t be the two bottle gourd... Don’t be... even those bottle gourds, don’t be what we thought...

"It's also a coincidence, a Bottle Gourd Vine entrusted to me..."

Zuo Xiaoduo's words ruthlessly interrupted Zuo Changlu's and Wu Yuting's slight hopes, and their illusions suddenly fell into vain.


"You see these two Xiaoduo are cute, just for this cuteness, can I bring it out... let alone they are both Absolutely good baby, it helps me a lot." Zuo Xiaoduo said.

"mama! We are not good babies, we are good children!" Little White pouted and screamed aggrievedly and began to act like a baby.

"Okay, yes, yes, a good child." Zuo Xiaoduo hurriedly changed his words, his aunt smiled very lovingly.

Zuo Changlu's expression became extra cautious, and Wu Yuting's face became more stiff by three points.

"This...you didn't promise anything, right?" Wu Yuting cautiously asked.

"You don't know me yet, can I promise some major events at will?" Zuo Xiaoduo replied: "I think everything carefully."

"That That's fine, that's fine." Wu Yuting patted oneself on the chest, finally relieved.

"I just promised the Bottle Gourd Vine. If there is a chance, I will definitely let them and their seven big brother elder sisters, the family reunite, and satisfy the old bottle gourd's wish and it will be over. Close Happy family, family reunion... just such a small matter, not worth mentioning, no effort at all."

Zuo Xiaoduo laughed and waved boldly: "What's the worth of such a little thing!"< /p>



Fortunately, Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting did not drink tea at this meeting, otherwise Zuo Xiaoduo's face would have to be quenched Tea, this is so, the body is still unavoidably stiff.

The four eyeballs looked at a heroic face, and he waved his hand chicly and said that this was the son of a trivial matter. He only felt that a billion alpacas were running whistled past!

In an instant between Heaven and Earth is fuck your mother!

What's the worth of this little thing? !

The fact that the nine continents add up seems to be not as big as this thing!

What a horrible cause and effect is this...

"You...you just agreed? You agreed very calmly and smartly?" Wu Yuting's gaze has revealed a few things. Fen looked at his son desperately.

"A few trivial matters, not enough to mention it, so what is it."

Zuo Xiaoduo hehe said with a smile: "What is unacceptable to this? Just to help a few bottle gourds gather together Well, I didn’t say that all the staff must be gathered, just see one every three times. Mom, mom, are you okay? Mom......"


Wu Yuting rolled his eyes. Falling on the sofa, face pale, short of breath, stiff body, sweating profusely...

The old lady doesn't want to live anymore...

How could the old lady raise such a troubled fairy? !

You said that you are doing that's all in Star Soul Continent, you also went to Shaman Alliance to do it...

You also provoke Demon Clan, you also provoke Spirit Clan...

If that's the case...it's still...that's all, but you actually agreed to the Heavenly God from ancient times to the present. No one dares to agree to the Buddha, and even dare not even think about it. Major event...

Do you still want these bottle gourds to reunite and gather all the members?

Even if you only see one each other every other time, is that something you can't do at all, okay?

Wu Yuting closes his eyes. I am afraid that these bottle gourds have not yet seen each other. Our family has gathered together in Jiuquan simultaneously...son!

Listening to two tender voices lying in oneself’s ears, "grandma, grandma, what's wrong with you..."

After listening to these two shouts, Wu Yuting suddenly Restored courage.

After all, this matter, I still need to help my son carry it out. The matter is human. How can I be desperate now, then how can I carry it out? Besides, as long as you work hard to cultivation, Saint...may not be invincible!

Oneself, even Birth By Transformation in the Mortal World such a difficult cultivation experience... When thinking about this, Wu Yuting felt guilty of his heart, but he still had the spirit of fighting and sat up and watched Zuo Xiaoduo finally couldn't help but sighed long: "Puppy, you are really a good son of mother! Mother can give birth to a son like you in this life. In my previous life... How many sins did that happen..."

Zuo Changlu said dissatisfied: "What is it! What is the last life?"

He sighed then said: "It should be... the accumulation of karma for countless lives... The ancestral grave is smoking. ……”


The interrogation presided over by Father Zuo Mother Zuo was shocked by the appearance of Little White and Xiaojiu.

Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian at this meeting are surprised and even more daunting.

In their young couple’s cognition, oneself father mother is a comfortable person who has nothing to worry about. Even now with the blessing of Heaven Patrolling Throne and Mrs. Throne, it’s just a profound enter. The identity of the dao cultivator is nothing more than. Throughout this world, there shouldn't be any people or things that can make them so moved, or even lose self-control in this way.

Seeing his parents enter the room to discuss matters, Zuo Xiaoduo also confiscated the three children, and let these three little fellows run around in the yard...

Then I turned my head and talked to Zuo Xiaonian big eyes staring at small eyes.

"It looks like... Mom and Dad saw the three grandson granddaughters suddenly, and they were a little out of order..." Zuo Xiaoduo said.

"he he he ......"

Zuo Xiaonian as cold as ice and frost, with a cold aura all over his body, sternly said: "You really can live."

"hehe...what are you talking about, is this what you should say as a father? Besides, although they are pretty good, they are not as good as you gave birth...You are the one who gave birth to us. My own..." Zuo Xiaoduo salivated his face.

"...talk nonsense what!" Zuo Xiaonian was ashamed, anxious and embarrassed: "Who is going to give birth to you!"

"You give birth to me!"

"I don't want to give birth to you!"

"Just give birth to ten. I don't want a football team that many!"

"No way, too More! How about you being a piglet?"

"Eight, no less."

"No way!"

"Six , Six are okay? This time, I really can’t be less."

"Still too much!"

"Then I will make a big step back...at least, at least. Two, one man and one woman, make up enough for a good word, this is my bottom line, don’t trample on my bottom line again and again."

"...two...this can still be considered ……"

"Wow ka ka...you promised!"

"...Bah, I didn't promise...I didn't...I didn't...you bully people Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 】

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