Unconventional Legend Chapter 1201

Zuo Xiaonian was so embarrassed that he twisted and ran away. Zuo Xiaoduo naturally... eagerly caught up...

The laughter continued all the way.

Then, Little White, Xiaojiu and Xiaomistress started to run behind Zuo Xiaoduo’s ass, Zuo Xiaoduo chased Zuo Xiaonian, Zuo Xiaonian flees from the world, but behind him always With a string of tails...

Lei Changtian and Bai Yunduo looked at them and couldn't help sighed then said.

"It's nice to be young."


Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian, who are frolicking at this moment, don’t know what oneself has turned their parents’ worries into Looks like, just playing in a frenzy......

Heaven Patrolling Throne and Mrs. Throne, two great big shots, sat down in the room at this moment, and felt weak. It seemed that the body was emptied for a long while. Say...

"This son... is clearly here to collect debts. It really deserves to have your genes. Where is he not to be trifled with? It doesn’t matter when he is done, typical Ignorance is a bliss."

Wu Yuting slumped on the chair and said weakly: "But the things he provokes, with our two old bones, we can't hold it..."

Zuo Changlu also has a toothache, and said: "If you can't hold it, you have to carry it. Who will let us give birth to him?"

"Think of whom we have to face. "

Wu Yuting muttered: "I feel boring when I think about it now..."

"There are not many people."

Zuo Changlu said. "It's just facing the legendary Dao Ancestor, the Three Purities ancestors, Monster Sovereign Di Jun, and Asura Netherworld River Old Ancestor; and then Sovereign Wa Your Majesty..."

" Well... if the legend is right..." Zuo Changlu sighed: "You have to deal with the seven people mentioned above when you are full of money..."

"he he he...just..."

Wu Yuting rolled his eyes: "Master Throne, your heart is so big, so big that your concubines look at me."

Zuo Changlu shrugged: "The heart is not big...what can I do? The trouble has been provoked by my son, don’t you recite it? Okay?"

Wu Yuting drooped his face and said: "Anyway, I can’t help it, I gave birth."

"I can't help it, it was born by me."


"Others are stronger...especially Sovereign Wa Your Majesty, maybe it's still very good Maybe it’s easy to talk, after all, Sovereign Wa S The word is in Duoduo's hands... It can be a bit incense... The hardest thing is Monster Sovereign Your Majesty..."

Wu Yuting felt melancholy when he thought of it: "Let's put Everyone’s son has become our grandson, and we have to bottle gourd with him again......this......"

Zuo Changlu also feels that this is the most troublesome, paused, after thinking about it, he rubbed his hands. Said: "If Monster Sovereign Your Majesty is willing, you can also ask Xiaoduo to worship him as a godfather or something, won't that generation get it back..."

Wu Yuting rolled his eyes: "Do you think these Peak powerhouses are all stupid big fellows like Flood? "

The two discussed for a long time, but still feel helpless and helpless.

The two are still melancholy, and suddenly saw Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian both rushing in.< /p>

"Dad, mom! "

"What's the matter? Zuo Changlu has a black line on his face: "How come you rush in without knocking on the door?" How polite? "


Zuo Xiaoduo scratched his head, gave a smirk, and said, "I remember one thing, and think it is necessary to talk to your cock. "

"What's the great major event?" Worthy of such an energetic and bustling! "

Wu Yuting, who heard an "old" character, suddenly turned black.

The look in his eyes is very bad.

This kid will not only get into trouble. , Actually think he’s old?

Suddenly want to punch.

"I still have something to say. It’s a big thing, but it’s a small thing. It's not too small! "

Zuo Xiaoduo hesitantly said.

"What the hell is going on?" Say it! "Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting instinctively sat upright, showing a little nervousness.

The dignified Heaven Patrolling Throne couple, the temperament that has been tempered for countless years, have been The things that my son has done, even after a lot of work, are now about to become a frightful bird!

Since this kid is talking about big or not, but small but not small, it is definitely not a trivial matter. After listening to the bottle gourd reunion and the wish for family reunion, the nerves of the two are exceptionally fragile.

"It’s not a bad thing. Zuo Xiaoduo said triumphantly: "I just forgot that I have something for you. "

"en? What good stuff?" "

Zuo Xiaoduo laughed, after taking out the huge mending heaven stone from the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower.

This piece is a complete piece, the size of a human head, the whole body It is round and full of colorful halo.

Zuo Changlu's eyes wink, coldly said: "Stop! "

But Zuo Xiaoduo is taking out the mending heaven stone immediately, the flying cultivation base of the initial promotion exploded for the first time, and with the bang, the colorful mending heaven jade in his hand has become many pieces. .

Each piece is baby fist sized, and it is fully divided into twenty-four pieces, twenty-four equal parts!

Although it is the initial promotion, use control and control, It’s still in place!


The couples Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting, who witnessed such a tragic scene with their own eyes, stood up in shock.

Looking at the mending heaven jade that has been shattered, I only feel that the brain is blank...

This kind of legendary divine object, a super baby that can heal any injury, instantly replenishes all life origin qi baby... …I was just broken by Zuo Xiaoduo?

"What are you doing? ! "Wu Yuting is out of breath with heartache, and his eyes are red.

Zuo Changlu is also angry, eager to have a try, be eager to have a try, obviously he will not be able to control his temper and beat this wasrel A meal, you have to fist to the flesh, fiercely fix it.

"I...I didn't do anything..."

Zuo Xiaoduo was taken aback and said in horror. "I just feel... We are often not together. This thing... You and my mother each carry one piece, and each of us also keep one piece. Beware of emergencies. This good thing is just for use..."

The anger disappeared in an instant.

The husband and wife stood in a daze, and for an instant they only felt warmth in their hearts.

It turned out that the son was worried. We are sending us the baby...

"There is no need to smash it..." Wu Yuting warmly wanted to cry, but regrettably heartache, said: "No Is there another small piece? "

"There is not much connotation in that piece, there is still enough. "

Zuo Xiaoduo brought mother's hand over, put two pieces of mending heaven jade on top, and said: "These two pieces, you and my dad are one piece." "

"Niannian Cat, you also take a piece, this thing saves your life, it is easy to use, and it is also very resistant. "

Zuo Xiaoduo also put a piece on Zuo Xiaonian's hand.

Then he thought about it and took out ten more: "And the senior brother sister-in-law them, also There are grandpas, and others... Dad, you are giving points. "

Zuo Changlu took a deep breath and said: "Where did you use so much? This is a mending heaven stone. What else do you want to have? ! "

"If you give it to you, you can get it, so look at it. "

"So I still have eleven yuan in my hand, which is enough. "Zuo Xiaoduo put the rest into the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower space again, ten pieces were buried under the mountain range, and one piece was placed in the space ring at any time.

After the allocation was completed, Zuo Xiaoduo clapped his hands. Hehehe said: "The world is unpredictable, our family has this mending heaven stone body protection, so we can be at ease! "

"You foolish child. "

Zuo Changlu laughed gratifyingly, took a baby fist sized mending heaven stone, his palm was slightly firm, shua~ shua~ shua~ with a single wave, already a whole piece of mending The heaven stone is divided into ten pieces and each piece has a jade token with a thickness of one centimeter. I felt the energy reserve inside. Said solemnly: "It's such a piece, enough for your senior brother to recover five times at this level! "

"Where did you use that many." "

"If you can't escape or defeat after five times of recovery, then five hundred times of recovery is the same death. "

Zuo Changlu said: "I will arrange it at my discretion. Leave three yuan for us. It is enough. If you have more, you won't be able to use it. "

"If you don't need you and my mother, just keep it alone. "Zuo Xiaoduo said: "Anyway, if I send it out, it won't be recycled again." "


Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting laughed warmly, looked at each other, and said: "Okay. "

The son’s filial piety made both the husband and wife feel comfortable, especially in their hearts; it felt like a moment... even for the son's saints... it looks like... hey, I still don’t think so. Moving...

After measuring the origin energy reserve in the mending heaven stone, Zuo Changlu couldn't help but figure out that the number of jade tokens cut into such a jade token is still limited, but it is provided to the upper level of Star Soul... …Is enough!

Under the commander... it depends on the specific situation. It can’t be rationed by one person. Among the four major Legions of East, West, North, and South, four It’s enough to leave a slice for the whole of Legion for one man.

And Yun Zhonghu Bai Yunduo You Dongtian and the others, their weight.< /p>

After all, everyone is a leader. If someone is injured or fatally injured, just take out the colorful stone and save it. This thing is naturally a good thing, but it should not be distributed too widely, and it should not be known to everyone, otherwise it will It has caused a lot of unnecessary trouble...

In this case, Zuo Xiaoduo gave oneself a total of twelve stones, and there are at least nine stones left in his hands.

This is a top-level resource. It’s not as a last resort, so if you don’t need it, you don’t need it.

Seeing Zuo Changlu splitting the mending heaven stone, Zuo Xiaonian, who heard the sound of the string, said with delight: "This is very good. With this, the major Legion will have the number of casualties in the future..."

"You think too much, this thing is good, it is also a well-deserved top resource, but it is not Renewable resources must be restricted and used in a range. "

Zuo Changlu rolled his eyes and said: "...If there are no strict restrictions, it will be directly delivered to the army... Believing or not, which four ramming goods will be able to make light in one day?" Then I turned my head and asked you again. If you say no, they still don’t believe it. They have to make trouble for you. Even if they understand the rarity of this thing, they won’t care much, and if you use it, you can use it, or if you don’t have it. There is no more. After all, the benefits have been used and people have been saved! "

"But when it came to the critical moment, I regretted it again and caught it blind! "

"This point must be considered again and again. ”

Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting are both meditating carefully.

Sun and Moon Pass killed tens of thousands in one day, and no one is willing to lose any battle, but this is mending Although the heaven stone is useful to anyone who is dying, it can't really be used by everyone who is dying!

The choice among them, I am afraid it will become a major conscience torture in the future!

A person’s own value, especially at this critical moment, becomes extremely important!

Human World has never been fair, even more so in the face of life!

It is also terminally ill, severely injured. Some people can recover as before, and some people can only wait to die.

But this is not fair, Zuo Changlu has to create it by himself. After all, mending Heaven stone is not a cold medicine...

Zuo Xiaonian also learned from Zuo Changlu and cut oneself’s mending heaven jade into ten pieces, and oneself carried one piece with him, and the other nine pieces. They are all treasured and put away.

"This thing is more precious than a token of love. How can you still learn from your dad and get it away." "Wu Yuting glanced at Zuo Xiaonian and joked.

Zuo Xiaonian didn't blush at all, and said with his head upright: "If you give it to me, it's mine. How I deal with it is my business, more than a token of love." What about the token of love, I will accept it and dispose of it! "

Wu Yuting laughed, pretending to be evil, and said: "You, this girl, have already received Duoduo from our family. I am afraid that this kind of token of love has already been received. There are thousands of pieces, shouldn’t it be time to give my son a bit of sweetness? "

Zuo Xiaonian flushed and twisted his body unhappy: "Mom, who are you with?" "

Wu Yuting snorted and said: "My son just gave me such a gift. Of course I have to be with my son now. Even if I don’t think so in my heart, I have to say that in my mouth. Take People are soft, don't you know the truth girl? "

Suddenly Zuo Xiaonian spoiled.

After a while.

"Is the treatment finished?" "Wu Yuting asked Zuo Xiaoduo.

"It's all set! "

"Just set it up, you can proceed to the next project! "

Before speaking, Wu Yuting brought Zuo Xiaoduo over without blocking his cultivation base, and put it on his knees, skillfully raised his hand, and slapped it down with a crackle. .

Wu Yuting is who, and the strength of the cultivation base has reached the pinnacle of this world. With Zuo Xiaoduo’s shallow cultivation base but Flying, how can you resist it, naturally you can do whatever you want, and you can’t seal it. It’s superfluous to seal the cultivation base or something!

Zuo Changlu cheered on one side: "Strong! Beat this wastrel hard! "

"Such a good thing was slapped to pieces by this little bastard! I saw this scene just now, I didn't lose my breath! It's simply that the prodigal loses murky heavens dark earth! "

"What is wasrel, this kid is just that, the sun and moon of the ruined loser! "

"Not good good lesson, when will the prodigal problem be corrected!" "

"I don't know the little gangster who lives hard!" "

"Little bastard! "

"Little turtle lamb! "

"Little melon! "

"Little lamb! "

"bang bang bang bang......"

Zuo Xiaonian not only does not dissuade him, but also takes pleasure in other people's misfortune, clapping his hands and cheering: "Mom! Hard! beat him! Shall I come too? ……”

“pa pa pa, puff puff puff ……”

Wu Yuting continuously slaps, Zuo Xiaonian’s sneak attack from time to time on both feet……

< p>"Mom! dad! I am a piece of filial piety, the Pure Heart of boxing..."

Zuo Xiaoduo struggled: "I did this to make a contribution to our clans. What a prodigal, this is a huge contribution. I am a hero of clan..."

"Don't try too hard...I will still shoulder the great mission of inheriting our family lineage..."

"I have merit, I Dissatisfied! Why hit me, this is not fair..."

"Mother, you are too unreasonable! "

Zuo Xiaoduo gets more angry as he speaks, and he becomes more unconvinced as he speaks. He speaks eloquently, and he retorts loudly and loudly.

"Oh, there are so many reasons, so many Grands. Dao, I just want to beat you. This reason is insufficient, not enough? ! "

"Even if you dismantled the baby for the sake of filial piety, but...but we feel so distressed, so distressed to death, just because we have this distress, we must beat you to vent and relieve I can't wait for a moment! "

"I said I dismantled it for our family..."

"You can’t dismantle such a big baby, just reckless waste of natural resources, even if it is given to us, it still feels bad, so I will hit you, what the hell! "


Zuo Xiaoduo asked the heavens speechlessly.

That's it, this is completely finished. Is there no place to make sense?< /p>

Obviously it was my good stuff that I contributed. I didn’t praise, I didn’t praise, I didn’t praise it... and I got a beating...

A long time passed...

Wu Yuting and Zuo Xiaonian happily stopped and let go of Zuo Xiaoduo. Zuo Xiaoduo stood up sadly, clutching oneself’s already swollen butt, and his eyes were speechless: "Dad, you didn’t host it at first Fair, you have to be reasonable in everything..."

"Hehe, it's family affairs now, do we need to be reasonable in family affairs? No, at least not in our house! "

Zuo Changlu said: "Actually, you should be thankful. For the sake of face, father can only watch them beating you with blank eyes. I'm really sorry that oneself couldn't make a move. I can't live with the addiction, I just have a good eye, where can I do it myself, come and enjoy it. "


Zuo Xiaoduo wisely shut up.

With oneself’s shallow cultivation base, let’s not say in the lifetime, at least in receiving For many years, I still can’t get rid of the shadow of the black hand of Lord Throne...

"a wise man submits to circumstances, bear with calm and tranquil for a while, take a step back! ”

Zuo Xiaoduo quickly became complacent.

I am worldly-wise and play safe, and I am also a great man.

I gave away my things.

I was worldly-wise and play safe.

Zuo Xiaoduo, who was relieved, just cut the piece on oneself's hand into thin slices like Father Zuo, and prepared a slice for Li Chenglong and other couples. Even the Big Four Legion has it. How can he not have his own brother?

"Dad, you said that if I give them Li Chenglong, how many promissory notes are appropriate? You discerning eye, know the market, I really am a Little White in this respect, don't lose it! "Zuo Xiaoduo asked a little bit undecided, with a very humble attitude.


Zuo Changlu flew Zuo Xiaoduo out with one kick!

How much promissory note is appropriate?

How many times do you like to play...

I am angry now when I hear that I am going to deliver...

This is an ironclad trade at a loss...

There are two people in the room. Wu Yuting can't help but look at the mending heaven jade in his hand, his eyes are a little red: "My son gave me a life-saving thing, my son, don't care. No matter how precious things are, I can be willing to do it for my parents. "

"It's not in vain. "Zuo Changlu's heart is also extremely warm.

When I think of Zuo Xiaoduo without the slightest hesitation crushing the mending heaven jade, Zuo Changlu's eyes are full of gratification and warmth, but he still cursed in his mouth: "It's too wasteful." Up! "

"...beautiful old bastard! "Wu Yuting rolled his eyes.


Zuo Xiaonian followed Zuo Xiaoduo out. Zuo Xiaoduo looked at no one on the left and right, and suddenly said with a solemn expression: "Niannian Cat, your Ice Why didn't Whitesoul see him again after Flying? "

Zuo Xiaonian said: "There is no fight, why did you see her?" "

"This mending heaven stone has a big taboo, you must pay attention! "Zuo Xiaoduo said seriously.

"What taboo? "Zuo Xiaonian suddenly became nervous: "Could it be possible to harm Xiaoxiaoduo?" "

Zuo Xiaoduo took a deep breath, looked around, and said: "It's not convenient to talk here. Come with me. I will tell you in detail. "

After that, Zuo Xiaonian, who was concerned, entered the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower.

Now the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower is empty...

What's the secret of Lil Puppy?


"Your son...hey. Zuo Changlu sighed again and again: "Niannian Cat is too honest!" Sooner or later, there will be nothing left that will be deceived by him. "

Wu Yuting twitched his lips: "In the end, it's not obediently and honestly to give birth to your Zuo Family and raise children as oxen and horses... Just like me, if you have a father, you have a son, a man. It's not a good thing! "

Zuo Changlu quickly changed the subject wisely: "What are you eating tonight?" "

"Eat your head! "

Wu Yuting got up angrily and left.


Zuo Changlu touched his chin, and went out, looking at him Lei Changtian from Li Chenglong and the others greeted: "Second, come here. "

"Here is the boss. "

Lei Changtian swiped over and said, "What's the matter with you?" "

"Come with me for a drink in the evening, let's have a good chat...By the way, I'll give you something to save your life. "Zuo Changlu said: "You go and let Ting'er cook some side dishes." "

"Good! Guarantee to complete the mission! "

Lei Changtian said that oneself is very excited, and the boss has become more and more pleasant to me during this time.

So hurriedly went to Wu Yuting: "It's raining, you do more at night A few dishes, the boss and I have a drink. spirit beast, get more meat, especially the tendons......"



A stir-fry scoop flew out, almost It hit Lei Changtian's head.

Lei Changtian looked dumbfounded:...

"Drink every day, drink, Hah! You can't use your brain! I pit my girl and my grandson, and I was used as a tool when my grandson came back and was being used as a tool. You turned your head to pit your girl. Can you still do something serious, can you..."

Wu Yuting is already trembling with anger His voice came from afar, deafening and thought-provoking.

"Zuo Changlu! You can do it with you, and call father-in-law to deal with oneself wife... You play this trick very well, you have a good time! In the world since ancient times, you are also the first one! "


For a while, Heaven Patrolling Throne and Demon Ancestor were both covered in dirt and were scolded for a long time.

Both are A black line.

"This temper..." Zuo Changlu's weak sound transmission sighed.

"Boss..." Lei Changtian's nervous sound transmission: "These years... It’s you..."

Zuo Changlu looked helpless and very sad, as if he had been wronged over the years.

Lei Changtian felt more and more troubled: "Hey, both I'm used to..."

"Then you can talk about her, it's not too late to correct it now..."

"...Don't dare. "

"Then you say an arse. "

"The boss is right. "


After scolding for a long time, Wu Yuting finally remembered one thing, a very important thing: "Hey, I know drinking and chatting, but I can’t remember it at first Do something serious. I'll lay the foundation for Puppy in a while and watch him refining that... that. "

Zuo Changlu understands: "I know. "

"What the hell?" "Lei Changtian scratched his head: "What's the matter and what's the matter?" Can't even I know? "

Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting looked at him sideways together, their eyes were very strange: "You don't need to know, when the time comes, you just need to work." "

Don’t tell me anything, I am not qualified to know, but I am qualified to be a long-term worker for you two?

Does that mean?

Lei Changtian Angrily in my heart: someone else’s son-in-law is the father-in-law’s long-term worker, and I turned it over to me. I don’t know if I should say something about mmp?


【Today That's it. Today is a special day for me, a wedding anniversary. My wife said to make me spare ribs, beef, and chicken thighs. She also bought half a duck, a few greens, and made leek pancakes. Let me go back soon. A drink is allowed tonight. Celebrate.

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